Is it Sufficient to Practise Islam only Towards the End of Our Lives

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Are we as quasi experimental for like, if you have the opportunity to further your studies, people can predict the corrective at the same surveys, we have another six, four months, so we don't have to study right now, at the end of the one you can do it. So no need to do anything. So when as always,

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especially, you know,

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if I, if I understood your question correctly, that normally in the examination we say that we will work. In the end, the six months remaining last month, we can study, so, are you trying to do the Muslims can also enjoy life and work toward another life? If that's what the question is? Yes, so the Muslims can enjoy life now, and work towards the end of their life Correct?

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To do that, okay. My question is, which Muslim knows? How long will he live? I don't know whether lifted tomorrow or not? I don't know.

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Sister, do you know how long will you live?

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One year 10. Year 20 100. Do you know? Even I don't know. Allah says no Quran very clearly. In surah Lokman chapter number that even was done with a devil. No one knows the art may mean riches in when will a person die?

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What will the person earn what is in the womb of the mother? No one knows

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that there isn't a beloved promise. Allah Salam said they do live that you say that. You live.

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You live as though you're gonna die today.

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And be prepared even for a long time. If you know you're gonna die tomorrow, what will you do sister? Hypothetically, if you can't do nine tomorrow, what will you do?

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What we will? No, no, no. Suppose you as a Muslim man to please do?

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What will you do then to work hard?

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Do everything that you will pray you will do the hard job correct. So every Muslim, he should be prepared that he may die today or tomorrow.

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See dirty, it's easier to hear for eyes. Do the mister. So if you know if I think I'm gonna get tomorrow what I'm gonna do, I'm going to pray properly. I'm going to pray the Sunnah. I'm going to pray that God What if I die?

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And if I don't, again, tomorrow, I do the same thing.

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If I don't do tomorrow, again, even if I don't die, am I losing?

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If I don't die, will I lose? I just suppose you think you're going to die after 10 years. And you don't plan to die will you lose?

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You will lose what you lose that nah. So my will win win situation. Number one, when I'm praying, I get serenity. I get peace of mind this money cannot buy

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most of the billionaires they're not.

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People think you know, money can buy peace it cannot. It can't buy happiness. So when I'm worshiping Allah, I find peace.

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And believe me, if you believe in Allah, and the teaching, you will not really bother everything is hard. I'm

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a believer that when a prophet comes along the love and loss companies in the London Allah

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this inhuman

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and more the difficulty more you happy. Inshallah Allah will give me genitive for those. Like today, I'm gonna die. Then your mother's taking everything, the property, the wealth, I think and I tell my wife that we shouldn't be happy. Imagine, suppose I call if I'm doing business or lose my wealth? Who's to blame me? If outcomes and my house goes to benefit? If being a die if the enemies of Islam have taken over my property? What better benefit can I get in Africa? I'm very happy. Nothing better could have happened for my property than what the enemies of Islam have done. Very happy. more peace of mind. The thing that causing me trouble, they are fools. They don't know that Jana is my heart.

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Then neither my heart

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if they put me in jail of Allah subhanaw taala if they ignored me for contemplation, if they execute me I'll be commercial. They cannot take the agenda which is in my heart.

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So moment and the true believer he's always at peace.

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If you know Islam, you will enjoy every day of your life. It is the fool to think okay if I drink alcohol if I go to dinner well enjoy. Let me enjoy now and maybe I will pray after 10 years full.

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The ticket they get in the drug and alcohol will get million times peace and serenity in our salah.

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Are they free? They have to pay money. They have got health problems. When we pay our health becomes better.

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The serenity we get it

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It is all if you heard man talk I've given a talk on a Quran the guidance for creating happiness. All this is artificial happiness, images, the to happiness thing you live in Salah and the things some people like dancing, music

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some people like listening to Islamic lectures, read the Quran, it is you who decide what is good and what is bad happiness is a state of mind.

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You know like you like some people like Chinese food some people like Malay food some people like Indian food, food food

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it is subjective. Similarly peace and happiness in depending upon your mind now you train your mind

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if you train your mind

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to get peace in a very happy with it.

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But the prophet never said that you renounce the world

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like the hadith of Abdullah

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Mala. The Prophet said, I heard that you fast every day. And I heard that you pray the full night. He said yes. He said fast one day don't fast the other day, pray part of the night she part of the night because your body has right over you. Your wife has lied to you and your guests have lied to you. So Islam doesn't believe in excessive

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Islam doesn't mean renounce the world.

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So if you think you're going to pray the full night and fast everyday or go to Jannah that is against the Sunnah of the Prophet.

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Prophet Muhammad was the first everyday Prophet and says You pray the full night.

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So there is limitations is maximum if you do above that and become excessive. Allah says in the Quran in surah nisa chapter 4171 Allah says Allah Azza Luffy do not commit excesses your religion combating excesses also haram

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the minimum maximum minimums

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five times minimum

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minimums sound invested when the minimum

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then you can do you want to pay more okay 12 The cosmos perhaps Allah

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then no data cap it's tied to the the best Villa after the fight time salah is the night Salah that you do come first then would come to all the touch.

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Sunita mocha you won't read more okay for Salah to Doha Isha Salah want to pray more often not the girl mocha data can

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particularly well pray the full day

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for minimum okay fine you want to come to the mosque and pray that's the requirement if you come to the mosque and pray only five times okay you may require two hours a day if you want to promote argue that cetera and suddenly they get a mocha mocha maybe three hours yarmulke maybe for us

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limit minimum four and maximum you can do above that everything in Islam fasting you can't fast every day minimum fasting is the month of Ramadan for Indian no 30 days minimum you want to fast move the best after the first of Ramadan is the first of March after that the first of Assura you want to keep more okay the first

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10 days of the Elijah want to fast more shovel fast want to fast more okay.

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My days aim will be 1314 15 I want to force more Monday and Monday and Thursday.

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That for the profit. This is a sunnah if you want more than the first of the other day salaam every ordinary day finish beyond that you cannot do this is the limit. So everything in Islam minimum and maximum.

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But you only know if you have knowledge if you read the Quran, Hadith.

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So, if you think like those people who are fools, that I will only study towards the end, we ask them when is the end if you don't know. In this, you tell that person for you your examination is only one failure, our examination every day.

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The difference is their examination is one failure. So maybe you can fool the teacher and study only towards the examination. Our examination is every day, every hour, every minute

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of the answer the question system

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Thank you