A Minute with the Aware Academy #07 – Courage

Wael Ibrahim


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The only time we usually need courage is when we're facing difficulties in life. No one would actually need courage when things are going smooth and easy, right? The question now is how can we face our fear and develop our courage in order to get rid of this compelling addiction that we are facing in our lives that is ruining our lives on so many levels? First of all, we have to understand that fear will never cease to exist. It's going to be there all the time. Every one of us has something to fear in life, right? and courage is the solution to that is to live within those fearful moments yet, with the courage to change our situation. Remember that you will never be able

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to do anything unless you take an action and action will never be taken unless you're courageous enough. Still, the question remains How can we develop our courage and face our fear and addiction? Look, everything in this word, cause something right? So you will need to sacrifice something in order for you to gain or regain your freedom and strength sacrifice, those time that you spend on the internet sacrificed some, perhaps some money to purchase some software's that will block all these communities and all these filthy websites from all your devices, sacrifice something, and that is, my friends is the beginning of courageous lifestyle that would ultimately end your fear and

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