The Suffering of Bilal (RA) and How Allah (SWT) Repaid Him

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So today there are 1.8 billion Muslims on this planet.

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Which means in every corner of the planet there is a Muslim somewhere, which means the world population has become familiar with us. They know about us, they have heard off us and it's easier to be a Muslim than it used to be in the early days of Islam. And those days this concept was alien of one God,

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especially in Makkah, like a place that was occupied filled with 360 idols, for a man to come and proclaim that there is none worthy of worship save one mighty creator. It was an astonishing claim to make. So the first people to take up this call for the first people to believe in this and accept this and embody this day was not ordinary people.

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Like you needed a heart full of courage, backwards stamina, you more than anything, you needed to have clarity of vision that, you know, this path is so much better than the mess which we are used to. So one of those early visionaries one of those early courageous hearts one of those early people with stamina unsurpassed in human history as a man by the name of Bella Abner Raba.

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And the hadith of ignoramus Ruth says of the first seven people to declare their fates as this Bella Lipner Raba. So a visionary.

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But Bilal, Bilal wasn't like other people, beloved, was an Ethiopian slave, enslaved in Makkah.

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So while other people had difficulties, beloved difficulty was multiplied exponentially because he was in a foreign land he looked foreign, and our slave on top of that not a man of much influence and now he has accepted a new faith, different to the face of his masters. Because understand, he's a slave, not a servant. servants have freedom to choose, you know, you don't like this boss, you go find another one. You don't like this fight, you go find another place that pays you more. You have freedom, your wealth is yours. Your freedom is yours, you just work for someone. Slaves are not like that. Slaves are owned by a master. Your wealth is his wealth, your health as his wife, your

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children or his children, like your children or his property. So slight belied Radi Allahu anhu, a slave in Makkah. And yet, Islam enters his heart. And when it enters his heart, and He declares it,

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the whole society turns against him. And you know, the story is famous story of the torture and the punishment that bill went through.

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But I want to teach a lesson today and that lesson is as simple as this. That whoever bears difficulty for Allah, whoever bears difficulty for the truth of Islam, whoever suffers for the deen, Allah Allah Azza elevates him. So the same villain who is a slave.

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And imagine what's his biggest hope biggest dream biggest ambition of a slave. You would agree that their biggest aspiration their highest achievement is one day I will be free from the shackles of bondage. Maybe my children will grow up as free men and free women. The hope of a slave is freedom. They don't wish for a million dollars they wish for freedom.

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So now Bilal becomes a Muslim faith enters his heart and pretty quickly the tone thing and the torture and the punishment starts. So beloved, Radi Allahu Anhu bears the suffering.

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Beloved Radi Allahu Anhu suffers for the truth and suffers for Deen. And I told you, when you suffer for the truth when you bear difficulties for Allah, the only possible outcome is that Allah elevates you. So I want you to watch what happens to be learned. So Beloved, this day on the stones of Makkah being tortured and bashed. So Allah Buddha is the straightaway fulfills his biggest dream.

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And the dream of a slave is the Emancipation to be set free. So Allah Buddha is the center Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and go and purchase Bilal and then set him free. So, beloved of the Allahu Anhu became a free man.

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He got his biggest goal in life straight after he bought some difficulty for Allah, emancipated, set free and then his emancipation is not like any ordinary emancipation. You know, Allah Buddha could have sent any ordinary man to come and free Billa

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He could have sent, you know, even the disbelievers of Makkah, he could have put in their hearts to have some sympathy and empathy and Rama and mercy for this man suffering and set him free. But Allah Allah is the opt to send Abu Bakr Siddiq

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and Abu Bakr by consensus is the greatest of creation after the prophets were Hyrule color at Burdell Ambia. Diverse of the Quran states was a huge Jana boo ha ha. Olivia, your team, who yet Zeca Atka he is superlative of the person who has stuck to are the most pious by the verse of the Quran.

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You know, when you go to another country, usually people come to receive your the aeroplane or the airport. And based on who comes to the airport to pick you up is kind of an indication of your status. So if you're a prime minister Prime Minister comes to receive you if you're a president, usually past presidents come to receive you.

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So for bill out of the Allahu Anhu Allah Allah is the scent of Guba Chrissa D Do you see when I say hola elevates you hola elevated.

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And then the same bill al who yesterday? Just yesterday. These Arabs wouldn't sit with what and talk with with an eat with course. They were way below him. He was an Ethiopian slave. Just the next day after bearing this difficulty for Allah Allah is the next day he is sitting on the sofa with the best of the sons of Adam and say you do well or the Adam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gets to share the sofa with the Rasul of Allah is the honor beyond this.

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And through this gains, the honor of companionship, he becomes the sahabi

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and Subhan Allah today, centuries later, Kings of Arabia will not call his name except to say first Radi Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with him, or say you don't have to learn our master bill. Do you see when Allah honors, he honors and when you bear for Allah, Allah Azza you bear for the deen of Allah honors. And it didn't stop there.

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So the migration happened to Medina, and of all the Companions, the confidante and you know the person and trusted by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know in proximity you will notice and the hadith is this villain. He was the treasurer of the Prophet many holidays bill, I'll give this person this much money from Baitul mal Bill, Bill I'll take this person gave him this much money from beta. Why? Because entrusted by the prophets, a confidant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Do you see honor? And then the time came where the mosque is built and the call for prayer needs to happen. So Allah, Allah Azza of all creation, chooses this Ethiopian ex Ethiopian

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slave to become the caller of the call for the Muslim prayer. So today, the call is made from millions millions of massages across the world five times a day.

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And every time they uttering the words that Bilal uttered first

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so the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Manson So Nathan has enlightened fella who aduro was a German ameobi Hilario Milka Yama, whoever starts a practice.

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Whoever starts a righteous practice he will get the reward of it and the reward of whoever does not have to him till the Day of Judgment. So even today, he was beloved of the Allahu Anhu has died and as normal is still the rewards go into his account and still you revive and resuscitate his legacy and every Salah because Allah or Buddha is chose to honor him.

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And then Fatima can Fatah, Fatima cam, and the distinct honor not only to go inside the Kaaba but to climb on top of it and declare the Asante

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do you see when I tell you that whoever bears difficulty for Allah's Deen, whoever suffers for the religion of Allah, Allah Allah Azza will do nothing but honor you.

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And then time passes in Medina and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day tells him Bill and I heard your footsteps and Jana, like

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this world, he got the next world of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives him the glad tidings Billa and I heard your

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footsteps in Jannah and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam time passed and the Prophet passed away. And then Bill al Radi Allahu Anhu reaches old age and now he's on his deathbed and the wife is sitting next to him and you know, as gripped by sadness, because the husband is about to die and the companion of the Prophet is about to die and sad moment. So she says, or what sadness, what sadness, I'm about to become a widow, my husband's about to die, the companion of the Prophet is about to pass. So Bella looks up. And the clarity that Allah Allah is gives him at the point of the the peace and solace that Allah Akbar, Allah Isaiah has favored him with look at the utterance. He

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says, No, not a sad moment, the happy one, a garden. No

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more Mohamed Anwar hisbah Just tomorrow, just after this little hurdle, I will be together with my friend again with the Prophet and his companions. So you see, whoever suffers and bears difficulty for the religion of Allah, Allah, Allah Azza on us. So the ones today

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you and we are not a people I must clarify we are not a people that go seeking difficulty. Like don't seek difficulty and then say, you know, I am bearing this. This is not our purpose. But when difficulty comes, don't shy from it, Bear.

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So you're a young Muslim girl who is in a university and you might be the only one or there's just a handful of you when you want to wear the scarf and uphold your you know your religion. And then you see the society and no one's wearing it so it's difficult for you. And you might feel shy and you might feel nervous and you might feel some daggers looking at you. Some people given you the looks uncomfortable, but my dear sister bear, bear with like a badge of honor. So that you can say in the years to come to your little ones your mom was the only Muslim girl in the university who never took her scarf off. That's a good badge to have. And you might be at work environment and you might find

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that difficult to pray and there's no place so people look and you feel uncomfortable and yet you find the little safe corner and and do your duty and meet your obligation to God and you bear the difficulty

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and you bear the discomfort.

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buried there is nothing but honor from

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my Allah Akbar Allah Azza Ana you Allah elevate you Allah guide you Allah God jufa Call toma Holt INTERCO Hassan atom Furman Allah wa intercoast a atom from enough see Washington was salam. Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh