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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala ala Nabi Avada.

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Another Ruffalo Villa him in a shape on Iwo Jima Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. contoh Mahira Omar Martin have rejected in

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the Morona Rofi what Anna Hona

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said Allah will Azeem

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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and NASA Hanna, who what Allah,

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from the very inception of time has seen them be Alima Salatu was Salam,

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to guide humanity upon the right path can afford righteousness.

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This was from the time of Angamaly Salatu was Salam and continued through all the MBR Limoux Salatu was Salam until Allah Tala complete completed and perfected Dean was our beloved via Kareem so long in Salem. Hence Allah Tala says a yo McMahon Tula convener calm one month to Allah Mati Ravi Kumar, Islam Medina, Allah Tala has completed his papers upon us. Allah has chosen Islam as a dean as a religion as a way of life for humanity. Our beloved Kareem sallahu wa sallam completed and perfected deed he was the last of all prophets. Now, after completing and perfecting Deen, what was the way forward? And let me be it was Salatu was Salam quinceanera ki Hidayat on Kaneki Kira para Chana

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Jelani Kalia bijaya Yamane Salatu was Salam se shuru Hawker hamari Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Casa Naboo Atka St Thomas Amara Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam Hatami Ambia or hottie Middle School. Now, after nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the seal of all Prophets and the last of all prophets and there is no profit to come after him.

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Now the dean of nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not only supposed to be till the time of Nivea cream sauce, it was supposed to continue till the day of Tiamat. Now if there is no NaVi to come after Navia Korean sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is supposed to preserve and who is supposed to propagate and who is supposed to take the deen of Nivea Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam forward he is a man whose responsibility it is. It is the responsibility of every member.

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It is not only the responsibility of an audience, this is the responsibility of every Monday. The very fact that Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last of all prophets.

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Here, let me know what this whole at minimum what the sealer fall profits put upon us a great responsibility that we are supposed to carry the deal of Nivea creams that Allahu alayhi wa sallam forward after Allahu alayhi wa sallam cup of Surah de Tiamat that Kellyanne or anyone anyone know what a local killer has to kill maybe aquariums from Allah Allah wa Salam kubatko in me near the blood in Kissimmee, dari motivo para homematic Yo, per se Medellin. And to give you an example of this,

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what a beautiful example there is no endpoint for Elon. No one can say I got so much Elon Musk Dean, I don't need to learn more than this. There is no end point of Elon amongst our academy has it more than Amercia Kashmira McNally used to read great amount and sometimes they say he used to read 500 pages a day and after reading 500 pages of days to tell his students today after 500 pages I haven't heard and read anything new

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but of course it was his but there's no end point of what but there is a beginning point of knowledge. There is a beginning point of knowledge. Right So when Allah Tala makes mention of Tamil Allah doesn't make mention that make the play till you reach a you know Pokhari Sharif and you know Muslim Sharif and you know, so many sufferers know what Allah Tala says Balu Andy

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if you know what I

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make of the diet,

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he'll be de que su

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SME aka Illuma hustle comm to call

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him ask him ask him connect his

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SMA Lakin

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is hair dinky Shire ie sharp Corona via cream sauce similar for Maya. A key is up here.

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Mahoto easy it is collected public. So even if you no one it is your responsibility to make the name of it.

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Now when we look at our beloved cream sauces like in

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam told the Sahaba Allah valuable level Shahid min como la jolla, those who are present must take my message to those who are not present. So whoever knows the dean who knows religion, it is his responsibility to take into the whole world

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Geohazard him those I would encounter this is what our beloved maybe a Kareem saw Salem has made mentioned in digital media. He co authored with Acrobat Sahaba grounded one hula Hidin was my booty Daniela tailgate, cabaret, sorry una memo Julia. Now when we find that when the Sahaba after this, when you look at that, how many Sahaba are buried in Mecca and Medina and how many Sahaba buried in the outskirts and in the world can look at it. Why because Nebia Karim saucer imposed upon them this responsibility to take into the four corners of this earth. Let me give you an example. There are a couple of different Sahaba where there is the cover of Bhutan been abuzz the cousin of Libya Kareem

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Salah Salem one rewired mix mentioned the last person to touch the body of Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after being put in the tuber was close to being a bus.

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The son of

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a bus of yellow Tron. Buried in summer. It was Pakistan. I had the opportunity of visiting his cover could have been a bus buried in summer can Why did he go to Salman Khan to propagate the message of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. In the subcontinent, India Pakistan is one place known as punchboard. There it is made mentioned it is famous that five Sahaba Habari five Sahaba buried India Pakistan. I saw one article recently they said seven Sahaba buried in the vicinity of Mumbai.

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This is why why did they go? They went to go and propagate in New Haven Normanville McCrimmon and Amar medica of New Haven in the Persian Gulf costume variety Malik Central Asian Republic Akira Hamonic Mr. Mara Chechnya, Abdul Rahman Alba Healy, Turkey, anyone who has gone to Istanbul, Ababa, you can study the Allahu Anhu. And in Jordan, the cover in the hill on the mountaintops in Jordan, mahogany Jebel and his son after Rukmani before the mountain top as you going towards the mountain top, aboobaker up Jarrod Shura Philippi Asana, here to opportunity to go and visit these covers also, these new cans also, next to Mozeliak right next to material itself in the vicinity of Majid

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Aqsa, Oba Isami raviolo. Delano shut daddy Neos has it beloved, the ultra moon in Damascus has hardly been whatever they allow in the hymns and facility a burst of your mouth and also in Syria, in Iraq has led who's a fan of the Altano Jabby Nakula, the Altano that this can go on and on. They will forget. Why did they go? Did they not like Mecca Medina, who wouldn't want to stay in Mecca, Medina, if they did not travel, then we for many of us, many of us here in this particular gathering, some of us from India, Pakistan subcontinent, someone's from Africa, we would not have accepted Islam if they did not have this mindset, that we have to propagate the message of Almighty

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Allah to the world.

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So this shows us the responsibility. Third point with regard to W W. Hola, mandalika. Hey, what am I have them deal key facet put the brief is

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the propagation and the preservation of deep is to the means of doubt and W

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to the means of propagating that it is very easy to understand.

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You can always be protecting the Dean against attacks. You can always be defending,

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you know, those who are in soccer will know if you only defending you lose the match. Somewhere along the line, someone is going to breach a defense, the best they say the best form of Defense's attack. So how long are you only going to defend? If you defend and you defend and you defend what actually happens? an inferiority complex comes into you. You have to defend but it's also a time for you to go and propagate the deed. As I made mentioned previously, just one or two, you know too much before I said, you know we we are so much involved in telling people what dt is not that we don't tell people

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What is Islam is not terrorism is not is not this Islam is not this What is Islam del Islam? Islam is against interest because interest is harmful for humanity go and tell people what Islam is don't only tell people what Islam is not and when you when you propagate when you are propagating, it preserves the deen it keeps you strong it gives gives Islam strength. When meno

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says Allah in the Holy Quran, the movement and the believers Bazoom only Allah they are protectors of one another. They protect one another.

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They propagate good they prevent from evil. Why? More downward preserves you make you strong as a 3040 when we are doing downward interlace, we are following the weight of our beloved nivia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam was the greatest day. So when we are doing that with interleague and we are calling people towards Allah Tala. We are following the VA crimson Lotus. And what a great honor it is that we are in this particular way. We are doing that with our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had done Chilham down at W calm. I'm Karina Hey, Tom apne Nebia Krimson Lola syllable T MOBOTIX una caja Rika re or AP sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kenosha cada persona hamara la

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porte Bara as us or look at our beloved reoccurring sauce. Our whole life was calling people towards Almighty Allah.

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Allah did unto the people who prefer for mighty Allah. My way of life is calling people towards Almighty Allah. Yeah, I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry

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to hear Metallica, ya, Allah, Allah Tala kita. Buena to call people towards Almighty Allah. Every aspect of the life of Nagisa Lala Salam was calling people towards or calling people even in the bazaars of Makkah, Hadith bin Harith in Somalia the ultimo says I was not a Muslim, I came to America, I saw a person going around Makkah telling people you are not kulula Allah, Allah, who people say La Ilaha illa Allah Allah will make you successful. Okay, preacher, he asked me to enter, but Dharmaraja someone was hitting him with stones, the hula hoop. He was completely filled with blood. And after a while a small girl came and gave him water. He took the water, threw it out,

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black came out, as the people who is this he says Muhammad calling people towards Allah. I say who is who is telling him his uncle Abu Lahab I say who is this called? Who is a small girl, his daughter, Xena. Gave me the giving water after she saw him. And then she cried, and maybe a cream sauce and said oh my daughter Don't cry. My dean will code throughout the entire world. One day Allah will make your father victorious. His whole life was calling people towards Almighty Allah, even in such situation. Abdullah bin Salam was the Jewish rabbi of Medina. Before accepting Islam, he say I came to know via Karim Salah when he was salam after he came to Medina, and he said my one

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I just took one glance at him. I said, Well, Allah, He lays out what you can. Just kidding never be the face of a liar. He's a navy of Allah. His whole appearance was calling people towards Almighty Allah. He used to give Dawa to even his enemies that I made mention of this recently about the Kurama VENA vigil. He Chroma Minami JAL grew up in the house of Abuja Sofia owner of this month. Even a greater Cassie Renfro I don't have the time to give an example but he's the lead with regard to a greater curfew than your own.

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And in his house ecomobility hall when Mr. Salim conquers Makkah, when he conquers Makkah, I come up in a big hall runs away he goes to die he tries to take a boat to Yemen. The boat does not go there's something wrong with the boat, he comes back to him. His wife comes to the vehicle. You give me karma protection, maybe you can come see the beauty of Islam. So she said nobody saw some said Go Go and tell him I gave you protection you must come and see me and the wife goes to Geeta gets him and said come and see who Muhammad is. Of Nivea cream sauce them.

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So we come up in every journal comes in front of Nivea cream sauce. As he is walking to synnovia timesolv Salaam wa sawston tells his companions don't speak bad about his father.

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Don't speak bad about his father. Which father

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don't speak best because by speaking bad about the death. You don't change the fortunes could Amina Hello, Gregor. But you heard the loving don't die. I saw it

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Okay, deal Lucara

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this is what I'm saying with regard to economic and economic terms. He becomes a Muslims. He tells me how much money I spent against Islam now we'll spend for Islam. In the Battle of your book, he tells her it invalid. give me permission to win fight against the Romans, right in the midst of the Romans calitri. Well, he said the trauma you are very valuable. Stay here, don't stay, don't go and fight. You will lose your life. He said Khalid Khalid, I spent my life fighting against.

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Don't stop me from fighting against the enemies of the enemy. He goes in the midst of the enemies and he gives his life. Now, Kareem saw Selim came in give dour to the enemies, how much are we giving power to the people whose

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whole life was one in which he showed giving power to people in every walk of life? Wherever Muslim is well my dear respective brothers, it was always in history up

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to the minute that we ever Muslims when

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they had such an impact upon the people whom they came into contact with, by their flock, by the dour by the way of life, the Demeter Muslims.

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Indonesia was not conquered by Muslims, Mali Mauritania, Timbuktu was not conquered by Muslims. Muslims were there as traders. They went there as ordinary people. But the law was such that the local people became Muslims. We ever Muslims when and when we should supposed to give the call to people to come towards Islam with such fervor and passion. Okay, y'all live they don't come upon Dean. They will go to Jana has had one Ahmed Palin Puri someone sent me a clip recently, our such a clip that I you know, it made me think he said Hamada duck, Kaya, we is our patient with our concern to call people towards Islam that they don't have to Islam, they will go on the path of Jannah if

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you see a blind person about to go walk into a into a but what will you do? When you say that Muslim I don't have to worry, your humanity will make you save him. If he's about to fall into a pot or is about to run in front of a guy who will go and save him who save burka, even more than that we are supposed to take people and bring them towards Islam. This is a reality with regard to a gem hometown.

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This is something that we see targeted toward Korea someday. The Sahaba Ikram, dunya, major hobby gay, whoo, Camilo COSATU, who are Mohammed Casati. Shy, this co director, Lord Islam, he drove the dog Dustin way, why we don't have Allah knows, maybe we don't have the patient. We don't have that particular type of Akela. We don't have that example that we give. And never Lastly, we make mention, we don't know what will make people into become Muslims.

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And you see, one of the cornerstones of doubt is this. You cannot hate the people whom you are inviting.

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You cannot hate the people whom you are inviting after doubt. You can hate them. I will send the filmmakers ecosystem of local distress is our desire to compensate

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you to who in a sector, you can't give down to people when you are hitting them. You have to love them. In the life of our beloved maybe a criminal Lola Salem. There was one occasion it came in the heart of maybe a caring Salah. So

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this is what they have done. I will take revenge on them. When you saw the mutilated body of Tron, go look at the books of the sale. And Adana revealed to

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me that it's not your responsibility with Allah must punish them or whether Allah must give them the diet. Whoever was involved in the mutilation of the body or under and your long term analogy of almost rings. I will Soufiane washy him. They were behind the mutilation of the body of Hazzard Hamza. And the Muslims. We don't know what let us give the call towards Islam. Let us tell people about Islam by verbally by our Salah bow example. Last example, there was a American scholar who came to South Africa that in that particular one they gave one example I don't know if it was his own example, or someone else's example. He said how I became a Muslim. He said I was partner with a

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non Muslim. I was a partner with a non Muslim and one day we were selling some clothes. And when we sold clothes, I can I the non Muslim partner told the Muslim partner said let us sell the old stuffs first

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so that we can get rid of our old stock. So he said the Muslim person told the non Muslim partner in Islam, we don't give

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That which is the worst of our stock, we give the best of our stock

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and peppermint tea but democracy. We give the best of our stock. He said he's dead what Islam says he said yes. He said I became a Muslim because of that.

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Muhammad Asad wrote a book. Afterwards Allah Allah had made this agreement with him with regard to a particular matter. He made an error. But I'll just give you in that book. I read the book, The Road to Makkah. He said he was traveling on train between Cairo and Alexandria. He said I was sitting on a train a poor person, who a person to countless small toughen here a small piece of bread. He saw me as a foreigner. He broke the bed he gave me he took half and he gave me half. He said, I just saw that a poor person giving me his food. When he doesn't have enough I became a Muslim.

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We bring him on to the people through the means of how Allah can our example. Allah has given us a tremendous responsibility with the respect of others. Unfortunately, we are not realizing this responsibility. May Allah give us the topic of understanding