Hamza Yusuf – Soul Impacted By What It Is Engaged In

Hamza Yusuf
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Why Adam and Kira nosara Korea etc booster lips for coolness in Canada will have the enemy where sigma for us electro Be ready and know that the remainder of the soul is based on what is engaged in. So for instance, enough, who is very attracted to knowledge, you're interested in studying and things like this and hikma wisdom, you won't be able to be exhorted or reminded with other than those things. So for instance, an atom, if he hears a, what you call a pass, like, there's people, you know, in JAMA, as they go to mosques, and they give Wow. And they tell people how they should be better Muslim, a party they're in is rarely affected by those type of people, because their

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knowledge base is so small.

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That's the nature whereas a secret knowledge if he hears our island,

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giving him to hear it will have a greater impact on him.

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Because he respects the knowledge. So that's what he's saying that the nature of your nuts is going to determine what affects you. When you hear while

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we're in like Canada monasterevin efma, it will actually end up distancing you it'll become a newcomer on you because you'll see this guy and you'll start thinking, how did this idiot get up here and start telling me he doesn't know anything? And then it becomes a nipmuc because you end up becoming arrogant.

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You see and this is serious psychology.

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Well couldn't do an obscene amount of alcohol gentlemen Vasil survival subcutis and shield. But every nurse that is really ignorant and he knows he's ignorant

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You know what, sunshield any exhortation is going to affect him and get him going. That's why somebody can hear a simple preacher.

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And if he's an ignorant worshiper, he doesn't know very much, he hears it. And he's like, Pamela, he is amazed.

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Did you hear what he said, I'm going on photos, fees to be done. He's ready to jump in there and go out. Because you are different levels of people. And there is there is a danger in that by the nature or coolness of animal gender, subtle and to transition men in here. But every nurse that has argumentation rooted in it, these type of simple strategies to get to get motivated aren't going to work.

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Because he's gonna want to argue that Hadeeth isn't Asahi.

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You know that you get a million times reward for doing this or that he's gonna say yeah, see, that's heading for a smooth waters. He wants to argue you saying that that's not going to work those type of strategies for this person have a lot of data is it really the CBD or THC? What more is it, which I didn't want to? Let's see here.

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So look at this verse, call to your Lord, honestly, the heat map, this is for people of intellect, you have to use sigma with them. That doesn't work way more.

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And give more personnel to people. If that works. Other people, you have to do that you have to actually present in a very logical way.

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What you're trying to get why they should be doing something you can't just simply tell them this is good for you. You have to tell them that why it's good for you, you have to explain it you have so alike is different ways. These are different strategies for speech to lead us to be six sigma. When more isn't the husband, well, jazzy.

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These are different ways it's not the same way. And then what are alone gentlemen, the EDA Hello, familia de min Linda de la

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has for the one who takes his capris as his God who will guide him after all, most of the data.

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Yeah, any analysis here. This type of person who's following his hella, it doesn't benefit him. The strategies to get him motivated because he's lost in his passion. also suffer not the Anima permanent gender inequality movement and no people learns how to argue except they're prevented from action.

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And you have argumentative Muslims. There's a lot of them nowadays. They're watching other people how they pray so they can go pick on them.

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Yes, he would you learn how to pray.

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It's not soon as to hold your hands under your stomach.

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As soon as you hold your hands at your side, so these are sicknesses in people's heart This isn't about truth is you're dealing with psychological diseases.

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And that's why it's just pass ologies. And if you know them, then you see this guy sick. He there's really something to prove your model, you know. And that's the point.

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Because the people of our law, they don't argue they don't go to expose people's faults. There are two things. One, if you're going to do I'm going to be modeled in Indiana and one thought you have to know about Siena.

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What are you going to ameron ozasia law in the lobby for any of us Mr. hora is our Java

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C, Java language, Brian says that you cannot

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make American Ravana munkar unless you know, is not and he does.

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And you also have to have a broad base of knowledge. Because if you see somebody praying with their hands at their side, you know, that's the mature of maddix method and let you come you cannot make any of that is haram to make any of that you can't tell somebody you can pray like that is how long to make in caught of that.

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Because that is a dominant opinion of one of the rightly guided schools of Islam.

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And the oma have never made incarnate, there's a bit of my web prefer the other opinion. And that's what they've written in their books. But I have never made said you can't do that you have to do this. No, they said, it's better that you do this, the deal is stronger. That's another thing.

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But you can't say you can't do that it's not from the summit. No, the mom has a dilemma. The school has their agenda, their fruits, so you have to know where the heat is, is

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if you see somebody praying with his hand under his belly, but that's the net half of our honey for the lung

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cancer, you have to hold your hand here or here.

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So you have to know the heat of that. And you have to have a broad base of knowledge because it's hot. Um, then also what he meant then polio, or the line and said, is that you have to have compassion for the owner.

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In other words, the reason that you're going to is to, to elevate people, you don't want to base them, you don't want to humiliate them. You don't want to make fun of them. You don't want to argue with them. If you're genuine in your concern and care for them, you're not going to be arguing with them. You're going to be first trying to win them over you first got the smile. How are you doing? My son loves them? Nice to see you in the mystery. I haven't seen you before. You open up a conversation with me Don't go and say yes.

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It's not this isn't the way of the province a lot instead of the man who urinated in the masjid. The Sahaba wanted to kill him the promise of license, he actually had them veil him.

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And then he went over and he spoke to them. There was another man who he he sneezed in the prayer. And he or somebody sees and he said, Your harmonica loss. And all the Muslims in the prayer looked over at him.

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And he looked at all of them I What are you looking at?

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What did I do?

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And then when the prayer was over, the prophet SAW, I didn't call him over and smiled. He smiled at him. And he said, he said this prayer is a prayer for

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me. It's for remembering Allah. There's no we don't speak during the press. That's what that's what he says. The man said Well, like I never saw teacher before you were after him more sweet things students realize that that's that's assuming that you need to go around things that are haram

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that sooner

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that sooner to be nice to your Muslim brother as soon as

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like one Egyptian man was in Medina and you know, the Egyptian after they do the prayer, they shake hands. And they say how do you know like they will frame and the digital man said this next to this man from another country. However,

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any any just original sobre la bola. And he threw his hand down and he said have you been up and the man said is bad man is summer.

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In other words, if it's been I just tell me you know, our heat is like a law pad and how to do our five years you wanted to make a dryer for me it's like there's no sooner you know, it's actually better and then you give you a video the Imam said it's better not to do it this and that. Or there see that, you know, some of the Imams they said It's alright, but I mean that if you really want to educate the person, but if you're just trying to insult somebody

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Don't try to make it as self righteous. Just admit, you know

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