A minute with the Aware Academy #03 – Intentions vs. Actions

Wael Ibrahim


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As I always say good intentions are good, of course, but they are not good enough unless they are accompanied by great actions. Hi, you're watching a minute with the weight Academy. This is why the Brahim intentions versus actions of course, who amongst us does not want to do something good, or those who are compelled to do actions against their own, like being addicted to pornography and visuals, they wanted to quit the wanting to live a happy life, they are not satisfied with who they are. And that current state of being addicted and they have good intentions to change every single one of them that I have communicated with the say the same that we came to you because that's it. We

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wanted to do something different, but intentions will never be good unless they are accompanied by great actions. So once you take that strong willed to create positive changes in life accompany that quickly by great actions, especially if those suggestive actions came from mentors, knowledgeable people people have experienced don't think twice, take that leap of faith and jump into the pool and create some massive positive changes in your life.