Ebrahim Bham – Honour Of A Musjid

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of giving "monestry" with a label to culture that is not overemphasized is highlighted, as it is a place where there is no hindrology or obstacle for any Muslim to come. The sharia "monestry" is a symbol of Islam, where individuals can turn their eyes to the spiritual statement. The sharia "monestry" is a place where there is no hindrology or obstacle for any believer to come, where material and spiritual needs are needed to survive and achieve success in life. The importance of finding fulfillment in life and purpose through spirituality is also discussed, along with the sharia "monestry" and the Deen, both of which are important for spiritual reasons.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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la Vida.

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de la Kitab Avada kitabi whata Sheree, Sheree it.

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Amar Babu favela Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In muramasa de de la him an Amana Villa he will do well after. Welcome masala kata Welcome yaksha illa law for us fossa una de kulu minal macdaddy sort of Allah who loves him.

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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together with the importance of salat, which we are all aware is the most important

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command in Islam. Islam is also emphasized

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and Islam is also envisaged that salad should be given a collective design and character.

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It is not only salad that is commanded by Allah, but salad

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and Islam one salad must be given a collective design and character.

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And in this particular regard, there are two most important aspects that help in giving our salad a collective design and a collective character. And one of them which I would like to emphasize in today's talk, is the masajid. The houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala massage is a plural of Majid Tamara de manera self solid, who come here looking solid, called mukamal or SAP putnika who come here or sad to see Majid he may have

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to together with Sarah the importance of giving you a collective design and character. One cannot overemphasize the role the masjid plays in our Deen in our Sharia.

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The Masjid plays a very important role, too. We are also aware that Libya Karim salatu salam it said Allah has given me five distinctions. One of the distinctions Allah has given me is what what's your electrial algumas chirawa Torah. Allah has made the entire Earth a Masjid for me and a place of target for me. So we can read Salah at any place. So no one can use excuse Jagan at twice the firing rate namaz either in Greece Allah, Allah has made the entire Earth a place of Masjid a place of sister. year the Hadith when we source them said, five distinctions one of the distinctions Allah made the earth a Masjid, not the masjid in the technical terms, but Masjid in the literal sense and

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what is the meaning of Masjid in the literal sense? The meaning of the word Masjid is a place of Siddha so Allah you can read Surat anyway. Now Salat will be inshallah life will be accepted without law. Unless of course there is visible Tara Tehran festival Napa kita. You don't read but otherwise you can be anywhere. However together with it. We are also aware that there must be a place that is the style and design and intention has been made that this must be the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One cannot overemphasize the role the image it plays Firstly, it is a symbol of Islam in the Muslims. So if you want to know Muslims stay in a particular area you look for a Masjid. So it is a

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symbol of Islam and the Muslims. It is the gardens of Paradise. We enter via cream sauce limit said whenever you go into the gardens of Paradise, go and graze there in Sabah sathyaraj Sula, what is the gardens of Paradise said the masjid. It is together with it the spiritual centers where we turn our turn look towards Allah. It's a place of Muslim unity. It is a place where there is no hindrance and obstacle for any believer to come into the masjid. Don't create a hindrance and obstacle for anyone to come to the masjid. It's a place where there is no insurance, no entrance fee required for any Muslim to come into the masjid. It's a place where there is no distinction between the rich and

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the poor. no distinction between the layman and the scholar. We read our cert and we come to the merger without any distinction. No entry fee, no insurance required. No hindrance, no obstacle. Any believer can come anytime for him to come in.

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turn his attention towards Allah subhana wa Tada. It is this it is much more or it is look at some of the aspects with regard to the masjid one of it is the honor of a place, the honor of any place is to is commensurate to the person, or commensurate to the owner. We all know that the owner of any place is commensurate to the owner not from the spiritual or religious sense. Let me explain this, not from a spiritual or religious sense, but from a worldly point of view. People go and see the White House, people go and see, you know, 10 Downing Street, people go and see Union Building, why? Because it is a seat of government, the seat of the president or the Prime Minister. So why is it

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given from the worldly sense not from the spiritual sense, honor because of the person who stays in there or the person whom it is attached to? Now if you take that principle, can you imagine that what is the owner of a machine because it is a house of Allah? Take that example. Now look at why the machine is supposed to be such a great, it is the house of Allah, the foremost houses in my karma, karma otherwise each and every merchant is attached to the Baitullah. So when you are coming to visit the masjid, you are visiting in law.

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Now can you imagine what great honor you are supposed to show to that place? Because you are visiting Allah subhanho wa Taala and the way it is said in a Hadith, that way, when someone comes to your house, you honor him. Allah honors the person who comes to his house. It comes in a hurry that nebia Karim said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said in a Hadith, if you see anyone who is attached to the masjid, anyone who likes to be in the masjid, then you bear testimony that he is a man Nobody sells themselves. If you see anyone who likes the masjid, you see anyone who is attached to the masjid, their testimony to his a man because maybe aquarium sells them then render is in nama Yamato

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masajid Allah, only those who will who will frequent the masjid, who have a man in Allah who have a man in the yo mascara and they fear none but Allah those people will frequent the masjid. So one of the aspects with regard to the masjid look at it in with regard to the honor places commensurate with what the honor of its owner so when you look at it, the merger is supposed to be the most beloved place to a Muslim because it is the house of Allah. The second thing is you see Allah tala, my dear respected brothers has given us two needs. One need is our physical needs. One need is our spiritual need it though no. One is material one is Rouhani. We need both of these things for our

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life in this world. We need both of things. And then the Holy Quran speaks about Adam Elisa wasallam Oh, Adam, you ain't Jenna. In Jenna. La,

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La La, La La La, la, la la la.

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Oh, Adam, all your physical needs were met in general not that you are you are not hungry. La you are not naked. Wanda galatas mo you are not thirsty. While at that high you are not without shelter. roti kapra McCann unlocker nanoscope Bianca Jan Khurana, these were the material needs, but together with that, we cannot only survive with that my dear respect of this, we have a very important need the need is a rowhani need, the spiritual need cannot be fulfilled by material things ruhani cheese syrup Rouhani said you have to have porosity. Then spiritual needs can only be fulfilled with spirituality. And that particular route the center of our spiritual needs is the masjid without our

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spiritual needs. Remember this A man and a human being will have a void in his life. In many of the cases of depression, many of the reasons why today people go to drugs and etc. I feel a great deal has got to do with it. Because he has not fulfilled himself virtually. He only regards physical needs as a need. But by if you only have physical needs, what about the rowhani need? You will see a person only worried about physical needs, material needs, they will be sometimes in depression. Why? Because he's no Rouhani yet, and another eye says Allah, Allah was the remembrance of Allah will your hearts find contentment with the remembrance of Allah will your heart find satisfaction? You I

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always say this, you take a small child by him the best toy after the half the day the toy will be laying in one corner Why? Allah hasn't kept fulfillment in material things. Material

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Do things Mr. azura It's not the fulfillment. Therefore NaVi aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith beautiful Hadith houjicha Nairobi Shahada kuchibhotla Jenna to Bill makari. Allah has surrounded Jana was toil and effort, allow us around the jahannam was the fulfillment of your desire. If you're only going to worry about your desire, if you're only going to worry about your physical and material needs, without paying attention to your spiritual needs, without turning towards Allah, my respect for others I can take an oath you are going to find a void in your life. Your life will not be fulfilled. You will not find peace you will not find contentment Oh Amelia

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tawakkol Allah for who has moved he who relies upon Allah Allah tala become sufficient for him. Learn to turn towards Allah to give purpose to your life to give fulfillment to your life. Unless a mango and Nikita Juco unless a mango Allah tala Agha de Tora Nadia to hickmott mukluks a mud mango to de toi a son Nadia Toshi Minda de

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as to Allah, if Allah gives you it is Ramadan if he doesn't give you his because of his wisdom he doesn't want to give you because he knows for your betterment. Don't ask of mahalo because if he gives you he you will be indebted to him. And if he doesn't give you you will be humiliated in front of him.

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Unless a mango datorama nada to hickmott mahalo summit mango today to a sonata Sherman Diggy Now where is that plays going to be for us to fulfill our spiritual needs. It is a must it? That is why nebia Kareem says no matter how cool Villa de la la he masajid the most beloved place to Allah in the earth is a Masjid and the most disliked place but Allah is marketplaces bizarre his morals go to the mall not for entertainment go there for

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the reason is because our the mythos and marketplaces is to do with, with our material things and many times in our material things. We tend to neglect Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is a Masjid. That is a real purpose. You don't use much utilize it for other purposes. Give me one walk here. See one person got married the second time now let's say he dies everyone knows dies. But I'm not recommending you're not recommended. So there's a magic word marry the second time so he told his friend by get married two times Go Go majah Very good. You will really enjoy yourself you will get so much happiness. So the friend listen to you when he got married the second day. Nobody got

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married the second time he went to the first wife personal said I will not allow you in this house till you do not get rid of the second wife. So he changed him out of the first house. Went to the second wife wife said bureau leave their first wife bureau Kamiya chase him out to the second house now which our girl now to carjack Masjid. So he came to the first day, that first person who advised him to go and get Medicaid he found him there. So you told me to go for surgery. He said I was lonely in the budget I wanted you to come here.

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So my question is for the sake of Allah, not for these type of things. So this is what spiritual sectors of the of the oma is emerging. And then another most important aspect of the masjid is as it is a place of Muslim unity. So Allah, if Without this, I sometimes shudder to think what would have been the situation of the mud, we didn't have the masjid. We didn't have salat wa Jamaat, what would have been our situation as it is we are so inclined towards individualism. What would have happened it was no Masjid no Jamaat. Commerce can be happy to we see a person a few times a day, if it wasn't for them, to know when we will be able to have seen people.

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And the person doesn't come to the mercy of a person who is regular, as we say be regular to the machine. If you're not there, people will make dua for you. After two three days, you're not there people say we

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shall be Morrow pay is not only the human beings even angels it comes in a hadith nebia cream sauce limited and a person is regular in the masjid. And for some time he is not regular. Then the angels go up to Allah. Allah Banda used to come to the masjid today he's not in the masjid for a few days. Yaga Bhima rotala Koshi yada yada

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yada yada to you you name it Liana is any difficulty? Are you able to the difficulty? Nevermind human beings, our regular muscle knees. If you're not there for a few days, we'll ask about you. If you are not there for a few days, the angels will go make dua to Allah Allah this person used to come to me is not coming

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or not because he is not on his diet. It is gone on the wrong path. Yala. Bring him back on Hidayat says this Majid is a place of Muslim unity. That is why it is made mentioned with regard to the importance of salat wa Jamaat because it is

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Place an instrument of Muslim is never gonna be a good idea Sudoku said. Mancera who al Kala havin Muslim and Phil you have is Allah salotti hateful Yuna db hinda we have a once to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala tomorrow is a Muslim. Let him read Salah at a place where Amazon is called out. Whoever wants to meet a lawyer tomorrow as a Muslim let him reach Salah at a place where as urn is called out now via Karim sallahu wa sallam he said in a hadith that a person in Mr. Ramadan is a hadith on authority of who has been Ana's who said he does not perform Serato Jamaat on a regular basis, it is a sign of hypocrisy. It is a sign of hypocrisy. salako Jamaat is 27 times more superior

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than Salat performed at home and also allama evening

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for in a serata Phil Masjid Minh, Berisha iridian Juana mo Serato Jamaat is one of the greatest symbols and the greatest sign of Dean. So that was one of the greatest sign of them have a must have a bit of a bit of Dean and one of the greatest sign of Dean in Wichita volbella concluded this, he said, sha Allah subhanaw taala writes, and Allah has given this

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responsibility and this responsibility of propagating the message of Allah can only come through and can only be realized then when all Muslims begin small elite and a common men perform unlike the most sacred duty by assembling together in one place, you will only be able to fulfill our responsibility if we all gather and perform our salad together. So these are some of the aspects maybe inshallah we will talk about the other etiquettes of the masjid in the coming weeks. Today I've made mention of three things one is of course, the introduction with regard to the masjid, then we have spoken about, you find out the honor of a place which is commensurate to the owner of the

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place in the merchant is the house of Allah What is his honor? Second thing is a spiritual center of the much of our of our Deen, spiritual center of the believer and for a human being in the instrument of Muslim unity. May Allah give a topic of understanding and making number one

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