A Ramadan of change #18 – One of the toughest forms of worship

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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci. Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters Count with me for a moment.

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What I speak to you now is of something that is number one one of the most important acts of worship in the life of a Muslim. And number two, one of the most neglected acts of worship as well. Number three, one of the toughest acts of worship out there as well. One that demands immense training. To My Heart, your heart is finely positioned in its domain. What is it? I speak to you about something called Allahu Allah humility before Allah. Wait, I know you've heard this term before.

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But it's not necessarily in reference to something you physically do. Nor is it at all limited to Salah prayer, sure, in prayer, no. Rather it's an inward state that envelops your heart around the clock. It's to walk on the earth, where you truly feel that you are in need of Allah, helpless without the assistance of Allah paralyzed without the aid of Allah have you felt it before? It's when you raise your head from frustration from sujood. Only to realize that your heart is still prostrating to Allah subhanho wa taala. It is to buy to sell, to converse to socialize with others, whilst your heart quietly calls out to Allah seeing ya Allah Oh Allah don't need me to my own

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devices. I am not your mercy. Oh Allah, pardon my shortcomings. You see in me what other people don't see, Oh Allah, I have not worshipped you as you deserve to be worshipped. Have you felt this My dear brothers and sisters, this is a value that sits in the heart not necessarily something you physically do. Consider with me the words of Imam Abdullah who said speaking about a crucial holy law, humility for Allah saying the hunt to Allah him in Abu Dhabi particularly I tried coming into the doors of worship to come closer to Allah through every one of those doors, from either Khartoum in Durban in our eye to Allah, he's the hands,

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the hole, and every time I came to one of those doors of worship, wanting to go closer to Allah, I found that door congested with people I just couldn't enter. What is he saying here? He's saying that the popular acts of worship like prayer, and fasting and charity and Dawa and learning and Quran and their likes and hamdulillah they're practiced by so many people, right? Their practice by so many, so it's quite hard to compete with them.

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All of those doors were congested, he said. But then he continues, had

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to the dually when if they are until I came to adore the door of humility and bankruptcy to Allah

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for either who a crumble Bing Elaine who also and I found that this door was in fact, the quickest door to Allah and the widest of all doors to the pleasure of Allah, wa Mozart and Wii U. And to my surprise, I realized that there was no congestion at this door. And there were no barriers. There's no one there. He says from a hula and MOBA to other movie for either Hua subhanho DAKKA Dakka Do you have any early, he said, All I needed to do was just place my foot inside. And at once I was taken by the hand and allowed to walk inside?

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Did you get the essence of what he's saying? Getting the outward form of worship on point is quite easy. But that inner state of crucial desperation and humility and genuine need of the King Allah or Rahim, according to him, it is, this is the missing jigsaw piece in the lives of the masses. And that happens to to be the piece that makes all the difference. And that happens to be the piece that makes all of the difference. Honestly, it's not about appearances and concerns and carefully crafted Islamic posts. It's about that secret relationship that exists between you and Allah, which nobody else sees. And a single atoms worth of this quality is dear to Allah, then mountains worth of deeds

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that are machine like

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practically speaking.

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How is this wonder of an act of worship to be attained? What do we do to attain it?

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Here is a suggestion number one, by knowing him in Lebanon pay him he said matter of Allah, I had the one. Whoever knows Allah has to love him. Whoever comes to know Allah has to love him. So make an unconscious effort to rediscover the one who you claim to worship, through the Quran through the study of His names and attributes. And watch how cool sure within you

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had been perhaps asleep in the past will slowly begin to reawaken. Yeah this is step number one, find a way to know Allah Almighty and the cheap way of doing that is via the Quran. That's number one. Take note of it number two, by thinking about him.

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Allah invites us to do this, Allah said Don't they look into the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all the things that Allah has created.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said, on Indian Idol can be wider. And Docomo lillahi, Messner, WA for either some metaphorical say to the people or prophets that I send them, I urge you to do one thing, that you stand up for the sake of Allah in pairs, or singly by yourself. And then to think Allah says, didn't think this universe is an enormous Masjid. It's like an enormous mosque that was built for your contemplation. And when almost Dada, the wife of the famous companion about that that was asked, which act of worship Did you see your husband or Buddha engaging in the most she said, What a difficult quality bar contemplation and deep thought. So this is the second way of building this

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crucial thinking about Allah put everything on flight mode for a moment on a nightly basis. Number three, by freeing up some space in your heart, for sure, that's the third way. We've already established for sure, this sense of humility. It's not an action of the outer. It's one of the heart.

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And with this, we understand why a lot of us we really struggle to attain it, because we haven't left any space for it. I mean, there's only so much that the human heart can be housed to.

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And if we filled that house with sins and distractions and games and addictions and haram conversations and perversions and time wasting and laziness and the rest of it, how will you show the sense of humility? How would it ever find its place?

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If it's constantly being evicted by something else that's more pressing? Each and every one of us knows exactly where we need to start and what inner items need offloading. This is the third we'll make some space for it in your heart. And then before by begging Allah subhanho wa Taala for it this Ramadan. I want you to set yourself this task memorize these words of the prophets of our center. He would ask Allah for sure. What would you say? Allahumma inni Allah to becoming an Adze Well, Castle, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from incapacity and laziness, while Jugni will Buckley will harm you or other will cover and I seek refuge in You from cowardice and stinginess, and see mobility and the

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torment of the grave Allahumma ITFC Toccoa was a key her and taka, human Zika and wali you have an Allah Oh Allah make my son obedient to you. And purify it. You are the Best of those who can purify it, you are its guardian, and it's ignored. And then he would say Allahumma inni I'll do becoming a malaria and follow up and call Beenleigh Yaksha I mean, I've seen touchback, I mean that Allah Allah used to jab Allah Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit and from a heart that has no who's your and a soul that is never satisfied, and a dua that is not answered. Memorize this dua brothers and sisters and make it a task in these days of Ramadan. As millions of

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people all around the world, bow and prostrate during this evenings tarawih night prayer. Ask yourself I wonder how many people at this moment are actually living this reality of who shoot for Allah.

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And never forget that most things in life that are broken they end up want losing their value, with the exception to that of a broken heart, a heart which breaks for Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the most valuable gift you could possibly offer to Allah subhana wa Tada Oh Rama

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Murthy merci. Welcome Rama

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