Aarij Anwer – Becoming a Person of Jannah

Aarij Anwer
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In that habla de la la

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la, la la, la, la, la la la, la la sharika. A shadow now Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was heavy rain. Call the Hotel de la. Let me show you will la

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de la pulu Colin sanjida Islam Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah wa Sula who

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Solomon

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Shahada Amina Nisa he will Bernina will Kanata karate minister heavy will fit body will heal in musawah Mati will Konami will have

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the link he will hire the junior one last line the who was

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number 14 of Surah Al Imran surah. Number three Allah says that

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Xena Linda Boucher, how are you sir He will Bernina will call on Kannada at rainbow con karate, the heavy one film of the I just read before the translation of it is as follows the satisfaction of worldly desires through women and children and heat up treasures of gold and silver cannot even have you feel dumb and pedigreed horses and cattle and Lance is extremely attractive to people.

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It is very attractive, a lot smarter lays out some categories of things that people are attracted to throughout history, and you know, the capital changes to something else. capital was an asset. Today we have a different asset class, which is stocks. People have different types of assets that they acquire to build wealth. You have pedigreed horses, Athenian was a woman right, that was a woman comes from the word isn't just a name. And

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sorry, it was wasn't Mr. Brand something was the Mr. brand, something which is you will take hot iron, or something that will leave an imprint and imprinted on a or an animal to let people know that this is your animal. Okay, and this was only done for the very precious of the breeds of animals, not for any other like small donkey or horse, it was for like a very precious type of horse or a very precious type of capital. So when something would be branded, you know, that's where the idea of brands come from, by the way, right? It's something that had value just by you looking at it from afar. Now, interestingly, there's no more branded horses except unless you live on a farm

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somewhere. But we have cars, we have cars, people have a desire for a different, you know, for a variety of cars for luxury cars for the cars that not just for transportation, but for pleasure, as a status symbol, as a means of expressing their their their wealth, and also finding pleasure in this the idea of driving and riding. Okay, this is something that we have today. So even though the shackle has changed, the face has changed, the essence remains because the human condition remains the same. We as humans, don't really change our environment, the way we live change what we were changes to how we commute changes, how we work changes, but everything else about our needs, or

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desires or make gives us happiness, what makes us sad, that remains constant. You can change that about a human being.

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So Allah leads up all these categories. It talks about the attraction that a man has, particularly for women.

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And this is something that I don't need to expand upon. I think it's very obvious and very, it's a very trivial point. This is something that every person has,

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has heat of treasures of gold and silver, having lots of money, and not just money to make your make sure that you make your ends meet, but enough so that you can say Alhamdulillah I have this amount saved up for myself.

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The idea of pedigreed horses which is today manifested in different types of rides and cars, cattle, which is one of the asset class, different different ways of building wealth will have land, owning land owning property, somewhere you can establish your roots somewhere that you can live and your kids can live. This is you know, part

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The Americans Canadian dream as well to own your own home, isn't it, it's just something that always has been the case, it's always been attractive to people zooming in a little less a lot smarter says this is how it's been. Don't try to,

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you know, don't try to change the way human beings are. Okay? But understanding how we are, is important for us to become the best version of ourselves. And that's what God wants us to be. It doesn't want us to become does not want us to become not human, okay? It does not want us to stop loving the desire of having these assets because that will be you know, going against what makes you human, but it wants you to do it in the right way. And they want you to excel, go to the next level, aspire to something higher

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and higher. Because this is enjoyment of the world. This is stuff that's worldly, at its core, okay, lower in the hole.

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But Allah has a lot better. But Allah has, is far more lasting.

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is a place you fall back to, it's like your home, but not just a home that, you know, you temporarily go back to. It's like, that's where I belong. So Allah has the best of those. Meaning if you have to sacrifice any of these things, sacrifice, not having a lot of wealth, because you don't want to earn wealth and

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sacrifices, sacrificing, for example, the not having pedigreed horses, meaning not having a race car, because perhaps you are using your money for something more important. Taking care of your family, maybe supporting people who are poor.

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That's, that's what the Sharia is trying to inspire us to be.

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Well, long, wait.

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That's how we are. This is what Allah wants you to do. while lowering the who, in the next few hours, a lot of scribes, Allah describes what these people are

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these people who aspire for fusuma How is it that they are what is it that they do? How does the law define them? Very beautiful, if Allah says about them, or a person

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beside him in that, should I tell you have something better than all of this game again, aspiring to something better? What is that something better? Linda Latina taco endora beam, Jelena tangerine,

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Valentina v hub, for those that have Taqwa.

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That's the piece that is the foundation of everything does work.

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For them, there are gardens, Jonathan, that journeymen that deal with rivers flowing through them

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in nearness to their God. And Holly Rena, he had they will live in it forever. Was Tara and pure spouses. What is one woman alone, and the pleasure and goodwill of God of Allah will love will see them. And the Lord is watching what his servants are doing. A lot one that describes this ayah for us. The

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again, what are inspiring to having everything start to the base of

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the base of

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the essence of our brothers and sisters is to be able to leave things that could mousy leaving things that are impermissible. That's the essence of it. I'll give you two examples. One is the linguistic meaning of taqwa is from the word work the other which means to protect, which means that it's and requires a shield that a soldier would use. I've given example many times before, but again, it is applicable. It is a shield that a soldier would use to prevent himself from being killed. It's a protective measure. So the idea of tough work is to protect yourself. Okay, that's the linguistic meaning. When you see it in an application or the loan explains For example, He asks

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he says what do you what do you what do you think is tough work? Tell me what is the one okay there. This is what they will speak about. And I will that says that what I think is you walking a path and you That's for me that maybe has some pitfalls, and you making sure you don't get trapped or you don't get nipped or you don't fall into any of those traps. I never says that's it. That's exactly what that was. It is an essence protecting yourself from falling into things are getting

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Okay, are getting affected by things as a precautionary measure. That's what the essence of the war is. That's why passing bills what

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Fasting is so that we can build in us the ability to leave things because we leave eating and drinking, believe the most pleasurable things known to human beings. We eat and drink not just to survive, by the way, we eat, to drink to enjoy. We eat and drink to, you know, gather and socialize and have fun and find that pleasure, the food gifts, intimacy, that's something that is one of the like, even has obsessed. That's the ultimate human pleasure that hasn't said that. I think a lot of us would agree with that. And, of course, not in the right way.

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The idea being we give up things that are pleasurable for the sake of

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things that are helpful for the sake of Allah, to treat us to give us things giving up things that are Haram, for the sake of Allah. That's what the essence of the whole is. There's nothing more to it is to watch us watch ourselves, make sure we don't fall into things that are impermissible. Okay. So Linda Dina over in Dharavi him that's the foundation. The foundation is of taqwa. If a person then is told brothers stop doing this, this is haram. This well that you've acquired, it's this way you're acquiring it is impermissible. When you have and if the evidence is clear, that's what will lead you to what eventually stop.

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If not immediately stop, eventually stop acquiring wealth that

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the person is doing something that is impermissible. And then the basis of what is there. Once the understanding comes into place, the tax law will eventually stop them from doing that thing. That's how that's what does what is supposed to do keep us away from things that are Haram. So that's the base.

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When that base is there, then Allah says these people have Jen not plural lagenda Jelena

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plural of gardens. And these gardens are like, like nothing else you have seen or even can't even imagine phenomena of some man

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or woman for the iron. People don't know, what's been stored for them. No one can actually even conceptualize what is taught for them in general, as pleasure but Allah gives us a glimpse into God meant that he has holiness. What is one Amina law he.

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So he was watching matahari, one minute later, but this paradise the glimpse glimpse of it, it is rivers are flowing through it, and another interpretation under it. And this is the most prominent description of generally finding the Janata demon.

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If you read the Quran, that is the thing you will find, almost, if I was I don't know the stats off the top of my head, but I would guess an educated guess 90% of the time, this is the description you will get from the forearm of what general looks like.

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Okay, why is this such a beautiful description, he shows you that this is not just land that is a bunch of greenery. This is pristine land, this is land where water is flowing through it is extremely valuable. The most expensive real estate is what always next to the water. This is the most expensive, the most valuable real estate and not that.

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That's the kind of place where people find pleasure. If you go to a college, and there is no Lake, you will say this is not a very good college. If you go to a cottage that has a league, you will enjoy yourself a lot more. That's how we are as human beings. So Allah affirms that sense that gender identity and how it has these rivers that are flowing through it. And it's beautiful, that if you take the interpretation that they're going under it, then this is something that we have never seen before. This is something that we don't experience in the world, that there's rivers that are you can see it flow through under the ground. And that is something that is incredible. Another

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interpretation is that they're flowing through it under the shade or under the branches of the tree of it. Either way, the only way to find out is to get their job if we ask Allah to make us give us a lot of power. That's one description of it. Number two description of it is holiday

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And this is another very prominent description of gender and the buyer. You're living in it, holiday, sometimes holiday

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And this is the second part of

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the glimpse of gender. It's not going to be taken away from you. It's not going to be taken away

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The loss of the fear of losing your property losing something that you own, it's never going to happen

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liahona and the people who are living in it will be so pleased that they wouldn't want anything else. Even if hypothetically someone came to them and said, Let's go to a better place and gentlemen, the people of gender will be so happy with what with what they have, they will say they'll be okay liahona and Haha, that level of content, that level of peace. That's what that is.

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It has purified spouses, as well as for the sisters, they will have their husband, for the men, they will have their wives and of course, the food. And these are purified, purified in the physical sense. All of us purified in the physical sense. So there is isn't anything that's impure. That isn't any stool or urine. There isn't anything that is despicable as the from a physical point of view, and purified for me emotional and spiritual point of view. There isn't any real in the heart. There isn't any animosity in the heart. There isn't any line. There isn't any, you know, false speech. It's all 100% good stuff. It's all truth. It's all enjoyment. It's all happiness, there's

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not a hint of sadness. There is not a flaw in the person whose agenda, they are literally 100% flawless, every single person who was in general.

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This is generally

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what is one woman, Allah Akbar, and sub the thing that is the best. I think that is the best. What if one woman Allahu Akbar, the pleasure of Allah, knowing that Allah is happy?

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This is when the people of Jenna elispot there's a hadith about this, the people of gender will be asked after they've enjoyed gender for a little bit, I would say, oh, people gender, are you happy? There was Air Force, we're happy? Why wouldn't be? Why wouldn't we be happy, we have given us everything.

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And also, I will know

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the what's coming now is, you will not ever have my anger, I will never be displeased with you. And my pleasure is always going to be with you. And you will not die ever in the state of children. And that will be the completion of a lust, fever. to not lose the pleasures that we have. And to know that Allah is happy with us, that will be the ultimate pleasure. We ask the love to give us this ultimate pleasure in gender. I mean, no but I mean,

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this is this is what the Quran says we should aspire to. This is what we should aspire to the world is filled with things that are beautiful, and be desired because we're humans. And there's nothing wrong with it in a halal way. But what the Quran wants us to do is aspire for the asset or aspire for the house that's permanent, aspire for generado tactical and

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the place that we will never leave the house that we will never leave the place where the ultimate pleasure the pleasure of Allah is. That's what we should aspire to.

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The next two, I have a few minutes to explain the next two slides as well. The next two bioterrorism sisters talk about the characteristics of the people who are going to go to Japan.

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Alice Walker says about them. And Nadine a una robina in Nana hamana fildena una Cocina de na their base was a stopwatch. Remember

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in Dharavi, that's the base. But now our motto says what is built on that foundation was built on that foundation is

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number one, the first thing you notice about these people is the door and if you read the Quran, and you look at the pious in the Quran that Allah describes, in sort of avant, at the very end is sort of an Emraan at the very end in Surah Baqarah at the very end, the people of words you you will find a lot of Avalon not only describing their virtue, but also describing the drama.

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Because drama is the foundation of our spiritual lives. drama is the foundation of our spiritual lives because a messenger is also upset. A drama is the essence of a rather the core of worship is to connect to a law and connecting to Allah happens to do.

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So Allah describes the draft first and foremost very beautiful work.

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was the Dora they're the ones who say, Robin and Amanda are Lord, we have believed, we have believed in what you have said, we believe in the messenger that you have said, we follow him all along. And we are trying your best to follow him further further than alumina, but we'll make mistakes along the way. We're gonna make lots of mistakes, so forgive our sins

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walk in. And we're gonna make these mistakes, sometimes not once or twice some of these mistakes will be habits, save us from ourselves, save us from going to the fire.

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This is the foundation. This

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is the foundation, how beautiful is that

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he was having him with

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these people of Paradise, who are aspiring or aspiring for something greater, whose life is not just acquiring of life is not just acquiring material games, it's

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aiming for something higher than foundation and stuff. Well, they're the spiritual life, the lifetime of these people is dharma.

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And the characteristics of these people that love describes it as a savina. Number one was saw the theme number two, while quantity in number three, number four will moon Filipina and number five and mustafina. Because as her Forbes is very low for the five very,

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very concise descriptions. But so parallel each of these five we can talk about for like another 1015 minutes, I'll just briefly mentioned a translation and make a pointer to the people. These are people who are patient. These are people who are truthful. Number three, they are calling it their obedient to Allah. They are ones who send for the sake of Allah. And they are the ones who asked for Allah forgiveness mean as hard at the time of dawn, as hard as hard is from the word Sahaja, which is the time of

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time of suffering, just before it is time. For first just before it's done, it's time for the last part of the night. A lot describes these people and this is the one I'm going to end with the challah describes their characteristics, their patient, the able to take some grief from people and not lash out, they're able to see people do wrong things to them, and not become extremely offended a subtotal to one another. That's what suffers, it's to be able to take you know, nonsense from people and still be okay with it. And still be you know, not completely jaded. That's one very good definition that for example, they will huddle hate me gifts have suffered, it is an essence, bearing

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the difficulties that you are put in in this life, because others are doing to you. They're able to do that a sub, they're able to have their either their life is a is a truthful life, what they say what they do is truthful Assad, Allah describes them, it's a very, because that's who they are. The now to show that this is a permanent characteristic. It's not like they tell the truth sometimes and lie sometimes truthfulness is the way and that's the only way a solid thing, polythene are the ones who are able to, you know, obey the law, come out to a bother in the late part of the night, come out and do these things that are very difficult for other people to do. Out of the idea of

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continuing and doing things that are difficult.

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We can talk about spending all the time spending for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you will hear much about spending down the road. So I want to expand on that. But they're able to get for the sake of Allah without worrying about what's going to happen to their bottom line. But the thing that really gets to me is this last one, almost as hard. They are asking for forgiveness at the time of

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this according to the movers city. They are people so as a person who has prayed.

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This person has just prayed tattooed, and now they're sitting and waiting for fragile

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and waiting for fudger time to come into the pray fudger prayer. This is the person who was at the peak of their spirituality, waking up to the last part of the night and praying it is the best non formal thing you can do.

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The best optional worship is that waking up and bring just before it is

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the last sixth of the night. So panela they have just done that and now they're waiting to pray.

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which is a follow up that if a person prays in JAMA, they get the reward of half that right as well. Okay? Extremely virtuous people, but that does not get to their head.

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That good deed does not get to their head. Their worship does not meet anything, that they're so good and pious. Their worship makes them more humble, to the point where asking all of us forgiveness almost tells us how they ask Allah to forgive them. while they're waiting for their future career.

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They don't become arrogant because of their worship. They don't think that they're all of a sudden, very special because they woke up and prayed some regardless or prayed treasure. They don't have a sense of entitlement. Because of their spirituality, there is a sense of humility. And there's still far saying, Well, I have many mistakes. But given all I had many mistakes, forgive me. Well, Masdar City in a bit. So panela.

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We are in Ramadan, we have this rare opportunity, brothers and sisters to combine all five of these characteristics, the rare opportunity, okay, where we can be patient through the difficulties of fasting, where we have to be truthful. And this is not just in Ramadan, by the way. But here is a chance to start getting these fives together. Where we have the opportunity to do things above and beyond worshipping Allah above and beyond a bar that is more than normal. We have the chance to spend and to spend a lot of this month and help as much as as many people as we can.

00:26:47 --> 00:26:53

trust in Allah will give all that money back to us anymore. And then as we are having our support.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:03

As you're having our support, we should make a step four, we should ask the last forgiveness, which is always those precious moments, we should go to

00:27:04 --> 00:27:25

prison for financial as well. These that this Ramadan presents that real opportunity for all five of these things can happen. And I pray that they happen so that Allah can make use of those who inherited those Jana spoke about the paradox that has gardens or that has rivers flowing in and in which is the ultimate pleasure, the pleasure of

00:27:26 --> 00:27:39

meeting these people as well to make us of the patient and the truthful as opposed to making the medium and those who spend a lot to make us of those who ask for forgiveness at the time. So

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we have a

00:27:45 --> 00:27:51

philosophy of infidelity. Suddenly on Friday. We did a lot of my

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People of Jannah, as mentioned in ayaat 15-17 from Surah Ale Imran, and how Ramadan presents a unique opportunity to become a person of Jannah.

Say, “Shall I tell you of something better than all of these? For
the God-fearing, there are Gardens in nearness to their God
with rivers flowing through them where they shall live forever
with pure spouses and the goodwill of God. God is watching His servants –

those who say, “Lord, we believe in You, forgive us our sins and keep us from the punishment of the Fire,”

those who are steadfast, truthful, obedient, and those who
spend [for God’s cause] and who pray before dawn for

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