Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Who deserves our full submission?

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind certain words used during video conversations, including "hammer" meaning to drinking alcohol and "hammer" meaning to avoid drinking alcohol. They also touch on the history of shavons and their response to various events, including surrendering to Allah and drinking alcohol. The speakers emphasize the importance of evaluating actions and emotions in response to culture changes and the need to go back to the state of one's heart to evaluate reasons behind them. They also emphasize the importance of being a witness to the Quran and part of a culture change.
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You know hamdulillah no matter who when a stain or who want to stop fearful when I took away day, one on Sunday when to sell them Elena Vienna were hammered while early he or Sufi edge remain.

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As first of all As salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh occurred to my dear sisters and brothers, I pray you're all in the highest states of Eman

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and doing your best to make the most of these precious days and nights of Ramadan but in the low heat either.

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Okay, so that the idea that I'll be speaking to you about today is found at the end of a a 91 incident EDA and I'm gonna be speaking about some of the lessons that we can derive from this IR inshallah. Alright, so a lot of Donna says at the end of these verses for her and tune, winter Hoon, Will you not then abstain? Now these words come at the end of the I have this idea that that's prohibiting alcohol.

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And even though this I came in the form of question, the meaning that's contained, in these words is far more than just asking for us to do something. Because when, you know, when Allah does asking in such a way, you know, if these were the code from a level to Allah, so therefore, they're coming as a command for us to act upon. And this is exactly why the moment these words came down to the Sahaba straightaway, they knew what a lot of Tyler wanted from them. And you find that instantly, they said in Dana, Rob banner, you know, your Allah we have, we have abstained.

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And so with these words, you know, when these words came down, they meant the end to the permit permissibility of drinking alcohol. And so the warning of harm became finalized, after, you know, after he had come down the after the, you know, the prohibition had come down in stages, right. So, we have to understand that it's from the look of a level die, like from the gentleness of a level to Allah, in the way that he you know, revealed the warnings or the academic of the shittier is that, you know, especially in the case of a home, it was, it was brought down to doubt, which now is brought down in stages, in order to make it easy for the hearts to accept.

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Because there used to be so much in love with a hum that they would even prefer it over drinking water. I you know, and that's why I share about your love on her. You know, she said that, you know, if the command to forbid Xena and alcohol had come down in one go, the people would have said we will never leave Xena or alcohol ever. Right? This was the importance of you know, subpanel this the hickmott of a level Tyler in you know, revealing the prohibition of alcohol in stages. And that's why you see the first idea that came down concerning alcohol was inserted bacara were allowed Dallas's Yes. Luna hamari. While may see oral fee

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if moon KB

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fear hulin. See, what if muma aquapel mean luvfree Hema case autolysis. In this verse, They asked you about wine and gambling, say in them, there is a great sin. And that you know also there's a benefit for people, but their sin is greater than their benefit.

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Okay, so with these words, you know, the wisdom behind these words is a lot of data first one to your place into the hearts the feeling that there's something wrong with drinking alcohol, so that the hearts would feel some kind of repulsion towards it. Okay. And then you see the next AR that was sent down concerning the prohibition of alcohol, incidently sir, a lot Dallas's Yeah, a you had lady Lula de la boo sala de

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su cow or had the Mad debu. Right, the meaning of which is, or use a belief do not approach a Salah when you're in a state of intoxication, until you know what you're saying.

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Because the panela before that, one of them would, you know, drink home, and then they would go and stand and make drop, and they would end up making draw upon themselves because there was so intoxicated and that's why with this AR In fact, what Allah was doing was used to beating them from drinking alcohol during any time.

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times that designated for a Salah so that way they found they only had a restricted time in which they would be able to drink alcohol right because you only during the day or the early evening they would you know say to themselves you know I have I have to pray during this time if I drink during this time I won't be able to concentrate you know I'll be intoxicated. So therefore if if one of them wanted to drink they would have to wait too late at night when there was no press note No, you know no set prayer time to pray in. So this is how this idea was sent down in order to you know, prepare them for the final prohibition on alcohol which was which was on its way right now. It was

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also reported consumed this last is certainly sad that when this I came down on Mar radi Allahu anhu. You know, we know how much his heart was so full of love, you know for him and he made dua and he said Allah Bagan. Lennar, fue hamari Diana shafia your Allah sent down to us, you know a complete ruling in this matter of hump right. So we can know definitely What is the matter of this home because he you know, felt that this is this home is something repulsive to Allah subhanaw taala

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All right. So finally we find the verses we said done by lots of pantalla it shouldn't matter. First, starting with not verse 90, and then after that 91 with a level Dallas's Yeah, au Halina Avenue Ave in ML

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may see well, so well as lamb ridges, minimally shave on reduced minimally shave on he said you tanny Bula locum to free who write about ISIS leads versus Are you believe verily intoxicants and gambling, altars and arrows for luck are an abomination from the work of shavon therefore fetch attorney boo, right refrain from these things so that you may be successful. And in the next day, he says, In IUD shape or new au Dr. Dana Kumu Lada wetter well the law field Omri, well may city whale swim deck home while Sudoku might be kittila he won his sala fairhill.

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So although Dallas is very you know the shaitan only wants to plant enmity and discord between you through these intoxicants and gambling. And you know, to prevent you from the remembrance of Allah tala from decree Allah and uninstaller and from the Salah, the * and tune tahune. So Will you not then abstain from these things.

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And so as soon as these verses came down, the companions immediately said, in tahina, or banner, right? We have stained your Allah, right, because there was nothing, that those whose hearts had been filled with the love of Allah, and tasted the sweetness of a man could say, except semana. What a foreigner. Right? And in fact, it's mentioned that, you know, ns very Allahu anhu, you know, he was a servant at that time. He said he was pourings, you know, harmful for some, some people like amongst them was Ebola. And on that day when, you know, when 100 became forbidden, and he said that, you know, somebody came to them on that day when they were doing that, and they told them that, you

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know, alcohol, alcoholic drinks have been prohibited. And so we find that straightaway, I will dawn her sister, and as you get up and just throw it all away, right, so the reaction of Anna's you know, immediately he went, and he threw it all out. And Subhanallah, you know, it's described that the streets of Medina on that day was streaming with hump, right, due to the extent of how much the people were throwing it away on that day. So panela

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Now, coming to the lessons that we learn from the story behind these AR, one of them is the level of Lr udia that the companions had, right, the level of submission and, you know, surrendering to whatever, Allah and His resort had commanded that the Sahaba had, right. And what was the reason for that, due to their sincere love that they had in their hearts for Allah and His resource on Allah while he was certain? Because we see how that, you know, when these words came down to the companions, they didn't make excuses, like, you know, I need to think about it for a while or, you know, I'll do it when I'm older or when I feel more ready, right? Rather, we see that in the, you

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know, in that very moment, how did they respond? They responded to panelo without hesitation and, you know, what do they go

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What do they do they went and you know, emptied out any type of container that they had,

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that had alcohol in it, until the streets of Medina were as I said, to penalize it like there was streams of pump in the streets, right?

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So, this is the surrendering of the believers alone, Allah describes to us, you know, what is the state of the believer when the His commands come to them? So he says, In Americana, all in what me Nina either do Illallah he was Sunni, helia Kuma baina home, a pulu. Semi Anna, what a foreigner, what will occur mostly from that very The only response of those who believe when they are called to Allah and His Messenger, so that he may judge between them is to say semana. What Aparna that we hear and we obey. And it is they who will be from the successful

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panel because if you think about it, if somebody truly has sincere love for Allah and His Messenger in their heart, that when they hear something that you know, a lion is missing, or have commanded them to do, they won't In fact, find a difficulty in responding, you know, to acting upon that. And what is the reason because, you know, as paler when when you're doing something at a Cincy love, right? When you love someone officiates Allahu taala and you have that sincere love for Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger, then no longer does that command, even feel like a commend to you anymore, right? Because you're doing it out of love for Allah, right. And this is why actually, you

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know, if we are having problems in, in acting upon any of the commands that have come to us from Allah and His Messenger, it's important that we actually go back, you know, and sort of like, you know, review the state of our heart, and, you know, try to work out what's missing, and really try to evaluate, what are the reasons, you know, you know, what could the reasons could be internally for why we're having difficulty in in responding to this particular command that's come from a loss of control, or he's missing job, right. You know, ask yourself, Is it due to having some weakness in our human? Is it due to maybe lacking some knowledge about this particular ruling? Or is it you

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know, just simply that our ego is preventing us from embracing this ruling and acting upon it? Okay, so we need to have really honest conversation with ourselves. And this reaction that the companions had when these verses about alcohol came down, is the very same reaction that is the hobby at head when the versus a hijab came down to them, right? If you look at what Aisha radiallahu on her tells us, she says, yo, hum Allahu Nisa, who had your thoughts, right? May Allah be merciful upon the women of an mahadji? Right, right. Because as soon as Allah to Allah sent down the aisle, well, yeah, Breeden Abbey humare hymnology, you begin, right, that, you know, draw your remark that's on

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your heads, draw your femur that's on your head over your chest, and your, you know, your your necks, and cover yourself. You know, we that's what did they go? Do? They rushed to their houses and, you know, tore up their aprons. And she describes them says, the model near behalf that they, you know, they wore it as a female, they took their aprons, you know, tore them up, and then placed them over themselves and wore it as a female covering themselves completely with it, right.

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So it's a panel, this is the level of submission and under abou dia that, you know, the companions,

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you know, had for loss of handler and this is how they used to, you know, respond when, when the Quran was sent down to them.

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And, you know, sisters and brothers, one of the most important things that we need to be doing when we read the core animal bond, right, it's not just be trying to experience the sweetness of the recitation, right. Also, our main aim should not be only in trying to gain their hacer net, through our reading. But rather, the most important thing that we need to be doing is, you know, to be pushing ourselves about how much we're trying to actually implement the verses that were reciting into our lives.

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And we should be trying to evaluate our souls, you know, as to how much we're trying to, you know, act upon these verses were reciting, right? Because we have to realize that actually, or ultimately, on the Day of Resurrection, the Quran may in fact, be as the Messenger of Allah sort of along with us and tells us, you know, an authentic hadith, that the Quran will come on your piano as huji to look out, like, that's, that's a very scary

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soprano. That's a very scary, you know, thing to think of that, you know, on your piano, the Quran will actually come as a proof either for us or against us. Okay. So that's why, you know, it's really important

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You know as we read through the Quran, this this Ramadan, you know, try to take an honest look at yourself, you know, ask yourself, you know, try to evaluate you know how you're you're living your life and think about the things that you need to personally do to, you know to change yourself. So that the delay to Allah when you come on the death resurrection, that you know the Quran, Allah will come as a witness for you and not against you. Okay male protect us all from the Quran coming as a witness against us on the day when we meet with him. So in conclusion, my dear sisters and brothers, I asked a local to Anna, to you know, light up our hearts with the Quran. I asked him to light up

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her homes with the Quran, your Allah make the Quran, the spring of our hearts, the comfort of all of our sorrows, the relief from all of our trials, and we ask you your Allah to make the Quran a witness for us when we meet with you on your piano and not a witness against us was so law who was sell them were Berek Allenby and Mohammed while early he was off the edge marine What are kulu Ollie Heather was still for law well he will come with a panic Allahumma will be handig Nash hadoo Allah ilaha illa and nesto fuuka when a tallboy leg was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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