Dont Let Your Tongue Ruin Your Ramadan

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Don’t let your tongue spoil your Ramadan. Jumah khutbah

May 27, 2016

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No, no No he never handed in law he will want to stay in who and istockphoto who wanna study? when, you know, be he that's our kehlani when our lovely name and surely unforeseen Armand sejati Imani nominee de la hora de la Madonna la woman you live for her de la? Chateau La la la la la la hula Sheree Kara tempt you he will you need to

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be at the hill higher wahana cliche in Kadir or shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh was Sophie who did a Manitoba research on us Oh hallelujah waka shuffle alma mater rockin and rollin edited by law legal How can I hurry Her name is Igor and in law Holic Friday he often will slow down to assemble into steam or the only he or savvy woman is standing up as soon as he he either yo Medina allama dynamin home in Edina Hammond warm you know slightly how to auto also will have to auto also the sub i mean it'll banana mean we'll we'll see Come on FCB Tacoma are called Emiliano but how are Carla Terada? Yeah, you're Latina Armando topo la haka Ducati. He went out to Morton in LA one two Muslim

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on Yeah, you have NASA chakra Bakula de holla Kakuma nevsun wahida Allah caminhar Xhosa? Well, best salmon humare Jalan casier on one Isa what's up law holiday? Wanna be here when I'm in LA can add a camera Kiba Yeah, you alladhina amanu tuffeau la la kulu colons de de ustelecom Armada como la comida know back home, woman yo play La la la Sula, who forgot the first 1000 alima My beret. We begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him Subhana and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family,

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his companions, and those that follow until the day of judgment. And we ask a lot to make us amongst them alone. I mean, your brothers and sisters a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak about how a person holding a grudge can invalidate his entire fast in fact, it could be the barrier from between him and a loss of Penance and his forgiveness. And it could be the reason why his entire body of fasting his entire Ramadan, as well as other deeds are not presented to a loss of habitat in the first place. And now as the Ramadan gets closer, I want to continue along that same train of thoughts. What are the things that could possibly spoil our fasting? What are the things that could

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possibly ruin our Ramadan before it even starts? And we know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam pointed to a few things, and the grudges was one of them. And what we're going to speak about today is the root cause of what usually causes a grudge. And that is our tongues, the things that we say to one another not being able to control our tongues as we address one another. Or we speak about one another behind each other's backs, but the lack of control over the tongue. And the reason being that we go to this in particular is that the prophets lie Selim told us that there will be people that would take from Ramadan, nothing but hunger and thirst. And you can imagine Subhanallah a

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person applies himself and he fasts day, you know, every single day, day in day out, and he prays, tada we every single night, and he prays all of the last 10 nights extra to Hadoop, and the only thing he gets the prophets lysozyme says is a jaw will arch. Just the sense of hunger and a sense of thirst. It's as if he never did anything, except for diet between fudge and sunset between federal and Muslim. And so how do we bring ourselves to a place where we make sure that doesn't happen? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to us in an authentic hadith from Orion all the allowance mannheimia their code azurin income will Mr. Levy he was john Felisa Lila he had another

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parama who was a robber, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever does not abandon gola zoo, which is false speech. So

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It's lying and things that resemble lying things that basically embellished lies. So whether it's in the form of slander, or in the form of gossip or whatever it may be, but the point is false speech

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will MLB and to act in accordance with that speech, so it starts off with the tongue and then it resorts to a person actually acting upon the things that they say. You say things that are harmful. A Muslim woman Solomon Massimino, melissani, he was the he the Prophet sly, so I'm such a believer is the one or a Muslim is the one who people feel safe from his tongue and his actions. So your tongue starts off and abusing someone or in speaking in a way that it should not speak, and then it leads to actually taking action to harm your brother, what a job. A job here ignorance refers to. Since and I'll elaborate inshallah tada after the Hadith, Felisa de la hija Allah has no need for

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that person and the other barama who was shot Ah, but for that person to abandon his food and his drink, and another narration and his Sharla and his desire as well. Now, the first thing that clear from this Hadeeth the idea of alhaja the idea of Allah subhanaw taala be in need of anything in need of anything in the first place, Lisa de la hija. Allah being in need of any type of deed in the first place is quite problematic. So what is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mean when he says that Allah has no need when we know that Allah absolutely has no need in the first place? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrates, in a hadith Pudsey that Allah has said, that if the

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first of you and the last of you, the human of you, and the jinn of you were to be as righteous as the most righteous of you, it would not benefit a loss of Hannah horchata in any single way. And if the first and first of you, in the last of you, the human, have you in the interview, were to be as wicked as the most wicked person amongst you, it would not decrease from the kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala more than the way that a needle would take from the ocean more, you know, the amount of water that a needle would take from the ocean, that's how much you would harm a loss of hundreds out of which means it has no impact whatsoever. So what does it mean here that Allah has no

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need for your fasting if Allah has no need for our deeds in the first place, she has Islam scheffel Islam and Samia Rahim Allah, He says, an explanation of this Hadeeth that when the word Paget is used, when it's used in this fashion, then it could mean nothing enough See, I will tell you, it could mean the benefit of yourself or the benefit of the other party. So in the Arabic language, it could mean that it benefits the other person or it benefits you. In this situation, obviously, the benefit and the harm is to the person and not to a loss of handouts. And so basically what the Hadith is saying is that it will not benefit you in any way whatsoever in the sight of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. Allah would not be interested in looking at the deeds of that person or looking at the fasting of that person. If they were unable to abandon those things, it would completely defeat the purpose of the CM that Allah subhanaw taala has brought to us which is cookie barrel eco mausoleum, tema cookie burner latinamerica publikum lambda comm touch upon that fasting has been prescribed so that you gain a sense of taqwa awareness, and if you're not gaining that awareness of yourself, and if you're not looking at the toxins, the spiritual toxins that you're putting into your body and into your soul, then what about food and drink and things that are naturally held out

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for you? So this is the basic premise and most of this is not new to anybody. But how do we really process this Hadeeth in a pragmatic way that we can benefit our Ramadan? And how do we understand it? How do we really understand this hadith and what does it truly mean? in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, some of the scholars went to the point like me, Mama nozari. And so Fianna thodi of saying that a person's fasting sleep is actually invalidated by food and drink. The way it's invalid by Ziva and the Mima by backbiting and lying and so on, so forth, the same way that it's invalidated by food and drink, that there is an actual invalidating of your past and you can

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imagine the thought in your mind if you were that one person that was eating and drinking during the day of Ramadan, while people around you we're not, and it's a complete sense of disregard to Allah subhana wa Tada. And the basis of a statement like that is actually a hadith that took place or a story that took place with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, where there were two women on the day of Ramadan or on a day of Ramadan, as urban Ahmed narrates that complains of having pain in their stomachs and having headaches and it was the day of fasting and so they asked the person

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Often Salalah Hardy, who was selling what it may be, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told a joke about he said, put two bowls in front of them, and let them vomit what's inside of them, let them vomit what's in their systems and when they vomited, it resembled human meat.

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And the prophets lie Selim says that these to abandon what Allah made head on. But they filled themselves with what Allah made huddle

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where Allah subhana wa tada says, you have to come and yet could Allah He made her, would one of you like to eat the dead meat of his brother. And so Allah made an example out of these two women in the day of Ramadan, that it's as if Subhanallah they were eating from the dead flesh of their brothers and sisters, even though they were technically fasting. So some had a lot to look at it with this gravity is important and the loss of hundreds out it does not make these examples, for no reason for no purpose. It's for us to look at that and to say, you know what, maybe I'm not eating and drinking in the physical sense, but I am consuming the meat of my brother, I am consuming things that Allah

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Subhana Allah made, however, and that can lead to the invalidation of my fast. The majority of the scholars, they said it's a spiritual invalidation. It's spiritually avoiding it. Because education is naturally decreased and naturally avoided by sins. and in this situation, a filthy tongue would remove all of the possible Baraka and added all the possible blessings and good deeds that a person would take from their sleep. So it's the way that you treat your brother, your sister, and it's also a general ignorance, the sins that you insist upon with a loss of Hannah Montana. If taqwa is supposed to make you more aware and more knowledgeable and think more about Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Then how is it now when when a person is doing things as if they have no knowledge of a loss of Hannah Montana whatsoever? And the word Jen here refers to a person being ignorant of a loss of Hannah Montana as the moment because it Rahim Allah says kulu Manasa Lofa Hua Hin, when a person is disobeying a loss of hundreds or they're in a state of jail at that point, they're in a state of ignorance, because you have to completely deliberately become ignorant of Allah subhanaw taala to do the things that he prohibited you from even on a day outside of Ramadan. So when you bring yourself to disobey Allah subhana wa tada and disregard Allah subhanho wa Taala with those sins, even on a

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day inside of Ramadan, you are deliberately ignoring a loss of Hannah Houghton. And so you put yourself in a state of ignorance, and a loss of Hannah hoods Allah calls you to become more aware and this month in particular. So if it's ignorance of Allah Subhana it's added that would cause you to sin outside of Ramadan. It's even a greater ignorance, a more deliberate ignorance, you have to do more to ignore a lot and sin on a day when you're watching yourself from eating and drinking. Ramadan naturally makes you more aware of your state as a whole of your physical and spiritual state as a whole. Because you're conscious of the you're conscious of the fact that you're fasting. And so

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you have to really plunge deep into ignorance to ignore a lot on that day. It's not enough to back bite and to sin outside of Ramadan which is which is natural, at least the sinning part is a natural part of our behavior. But in Ramadan, you have to really plunge deep into that ignorance. And Allah Subhana hoods Allah, when he sees that and he sees that the purpose of the fasting is not being fulfilled whatsoever, then what reward would you take from that fest? The reward of slim is amazing. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says man sama, Yom and FISA be the law, whoever fasts one day for the sake of Allah, that the law will be that he can Yeoman nada and wedgie he said

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they're in a hurry for a loud remove from his face as a result of that fast Hellfire by a distance of 70 huge ditches 70 huge ditches, you know or 70 seasons, meaning Allah subhanaw taala with every single day that you fast fee sebelah for the sake of Allah, and that includes Ramadan. This Hadith is not just talking about fast than outside of Ramadan. That includes Ramadan when you do that fast right? every single night when you break your fast the prophets lie Selim says that Allah subhanaw taala has a route of people that he frees from the Hellfire altogether every single night he redeems people from the Hellfire in Ramadan. So with every single day, you're distancing yourself from

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Hellfire with 70 halifa with 70 ditches or seasons away from it. And in one narration, the profits licensed at a distance of a journey of 70 years. And so that really Matt said imagine a ditch you know, like that would take an entire year from getting into it to getting out

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Imagine a ditch that would take an entire year. And what it shows you somehow a lot. The reason why the word halifa is use some of the scholars said is because it doesn't just take you a year to get past it. It you have to actually toil to get through it. You're walking, you're going through a slope and so on so forth to get yourself out of it. A lot put 70 of those between you and hellfire. Now Subhanallah it's shocking. It truly is. That in that same context, that same reward, there's a punishment equivalent to it. And this hadith is very scary. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said also narrated by who will be allowed on in our logical layer to Kelvin BILL KELLY met him and

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Saha Tila. A person says a word that's displeasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. They let a word escaped their mouth that's displeasing to Allah subhana wa tada la beha. He doesn't consider it he's completely unaware of the consequences of that word, meaning even as he's saying that word this is this is interesting, because the idea here is that you're not even considering it a sinful word. You're saying it and you think it's completely normal. You think it's completely acceptable, because the company around you is as filthy or filthier than you would their tongues, or they don't say anything, when you say those things. There is no change in people's faces or their facial

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expressions. And usually, we allow societal approval to be conflated with a loss of approval, societal norms become acceptable, and we automatically, you know, put that into the halaal category, even though we don't have the right to do so. So now your hobby habits and a person says this word, and they're really not even thinking about it. They don't even think that it's sinful in the first place. But yeah, we'd be happy naughty Johanna Sabina halifa. The prophets lysozyme says that causes him to plunge into the Hellfire, that one word that he let escaped his mouth causes him to plunge into Hellfire, the distance of 70 ditches so panela the exact same, you know, the exact same

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punishment is used as an equivalence to that which is done in fasting, the reward that a loss penalty gives you in fasting even though this hadith is not even in the books of fasting. But if you take these two heads together, it gives you something very significant and another narration the profits license says guns, it'll be half Inari, urbane and machete when Mother of that one word that he says allows him to fall into the Hellfire a distance that is greater than the distance between the East and the West. What is the message here? And how do we take these edits together? Even though these edits are traditionally not correlated? How do we put them together? What the prophets

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lie some describes to us on the Day of Judgment is that a nasty tongue is enough to invalidate your entire life's worth of good deeds.

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And nasty tongue is enough to invalidate all of your trauma bonds, not only your trauma bonds, all of your salons, your hedge your labor to other, your sadhaka all of it. And somehow, that's a woman, for example, that was abusive to her neighbors with her tunc. Imagine a person who's abusive to a spouse. Imagine a person who's even abusive to his parents. Right? If a woman hurts Liam and her saalbach on her Salas invalidated altogether, by a nasty tongue to her neighbors who are not even her family members. What about the people that are even closer to you than that? So the prophets like some describes to us this scene on the Day of Judgment where a person sees all of their

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hassanal taken away from them in front of their eyes, and you have to see the people that you've assaulted with your tongue, taking your hessonite from you, until you're left with absolutely nothing, and they're putting their sins on you. So the prophets lie some has already illustrated to us the power of a nasty tongue, what it's able to do, for you know, against us on the day of judgment and invalidate, not just our fasting, but all of our good deeds, but somehow to law take these two heads together. Every day of fasting, you have an opportunity, you know, write it as you know, put it put it down as a scale right write it down as a scale, you have an opportunity to

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either be distanced from the Hellfire by a distance of 70 ditches each one of them taking an entire year to travel, or to plunge into the Hellfire by a distance of 70 years or 70 ditches which which is like 70 years, you're literally being given some panela that margin every single day. You're either going this way away from the Hellfire or you're going down into the Hellfire and it takes a word and somehow a lot what is a word compared to a day of

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Long fasting, right? Think about that. So it puts us in a mindset where I really need to watch what my tongue is going to say and what my tongue is going to do on that day, on that day of fasting and within that month of Ramadan so that I don't end up messing messing up this entire opportunity that's been given to me and that's one Kadima. That's one work. What about a person who back bites? Or says abusive things 789 times a day. Right? How far away are you distancing yourself from Allah subhanaw taala, particularly on the days that Allah Subhana which Allah calls you back to him. Now there's a positive side to that as well. There's a positive side to this entire thing. With with

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fear also comes hope. The Prophet slicin himself in another authentic hadith. In the lab, layer second level Bill kalama. Men with one in

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a servant's will say a word that pleases Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, la ukri La Habana the same thing. The prophets license said he doesn't even think about it. Meaning you don't think it's a big deal. It was just a salaam aleikum. It was just a kind word you said to your brother out of flop. It was just one test that you made that you just happen. You saw it. You saw lightning outside. We saw a lot of it last night. And he said Subhana Allah, it was one word you said out of the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada LA, de la bella, you don't even think about it. And the prophets lysozyme says the autofac la will be a double jack. Allah elevates him by degrees upon

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degrees upon degrees in gender by it. He didn't even think about that word. But he accustomed his tongue to saying good things. He accustomed his tongue, that when it speaks of Allah, it speaks in glory. And when it speaks of if it's brothers, or when it speaks to its brothers, it speaks with kindness and Bill height and my roof with goodness. Right? So how to love that tongue is accustomed to good and you're not even paying attention and you say a good word. And a lot elevates you and Jenna, by Deborah Judd, and in Ramadan, as is narrated by the mountains. So hurry, Rahim, Allah Subhana Allah in Ramadan is like 1000 sapan Allah outside of Ramadan. So a person accustoms his

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tongue too good to an extent that when Ramadan comes around, he's literally just been increased and increased and increased, and his double jack in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. The key here though, is that the opposite still holds true. The point is, is that we usually don't pay attention to every word we say out of our mouths. That's not the way this process works. We usually don't consider every word before it comes out. Rather we develop a character or we develop a personality that is used to putting out a certain quality of words. You're not considering every word that you say, Now to Allah subhanaw taala my yellow fever woman Colin Isla de hiraki bonati not any there's

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no word that you say, except that Allah Subhana which Allah is documenting it in our situation, we're usually not paying attention. And the point is, and that's why more either Benjamin said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yana de la wa in the lemma, Kaduna, the monitor qlm ob, O Prophet of Allah, are we going to be held accountable for the things that we say? And the prophets license said nothing causes a person to fall into Hellfire, like the things that he stored in his tongue face first. So it's actually accustoming yourself to a good character and placing more weight. The entire the key word in all of these heads is LA, de la Vela. He doesn't pay attention to

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it, because it's not humanly possible to watch every word that you say. But instead of realizing the gravity of your words, and then crafting an environment and I end with this Hadith, the hadith of urban Ahmed, who narrated the incident of the two women, he said, I said to the prophets lie some Yato sola men Naja, oh prophet of Allah, what is success? what is success? And the Prophet slicin um, says, I'm sick, Alicante, Sonic, grab your tongue, restrain your tongue, watch the things that you're going to say, while the isaca Bay took and let your house be a place of refuge for you stay home more often. Why? Because usually the reason why you have a nasty tongue This is the practical

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side is because you're around the wrong people. You're in the wrong environments stay home more often. And he says what Kiana hopefully a tick and cry over your sense. So the first one, Watch your tongue. The second one, consider your environment. The third one, consider your own state. If a person places gravity on what they say and watches what they say. And at the same time they keep they actually craft their environments you should be making this preparation from now on

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Before we move on, what type of environment will I put myself in, in and out of Ramadan, where my tongue is more likely to say good or more likely to say evil, I either need to abandon that environment or fixes if it's inevitable. So consider your environment. And third, consider your own states because a person who knows himself will not have the nerve or the audacity to speak about anyone else will lie. A person who knows his own sins will not have time to waste about everyone else's sense, because they're aware of themselves and when you're aware of yourselves, then you think about yourselves, you speak about yourselves, you cry about yourselves. You don't sit there

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and judge everything and everyone else around you. You don't have time for that. So consider your tongue. Consider your environment. Consider your state we ask a lot to purify our hearts, our eyes and our tongues and we ask Allah to not allow them to avoid our Ramadan or our good deeds outside of Ramadan. akula holy how there was stuff like you will accompany certain Muslim investor flow in the whole affordable housing.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam or another city attorney, he will succumb he will sell them to semen Cafiero llama filet mignon order me nuts. When was the mean when a Muslim woman who went and lived in the Kissimmee from karimun Mooji would there was a lot more Fitzalan our hammer. Why for now whether to add libnah bene Malema and force in our in them tougher than our top hammer learner coonan nominal ha serene a llama frilly wily Dena Rob Durham, Houma Kamara buona sera robina habla Naaman as well as you know the br Tina kurata Aryan or Jana Linwood subpoena imama la Masuda mastaba Athena famous article Aldo mahavihara la Marisa Islam and muslimeen dealership COVID

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Caribbean de mercado de la Africa, Amina billboard Meanwhile, Regina was one and I'm invading him so it mean about the law and the law a little bit it will Exxon will eat a little kotoba Well, you can have an infection you wouldn't want to carry well, Buffy lucuma Allah come to the Quran first quarter La Jolla Scotto come wash guru who had an error is it luck on one of the Quran Allah Akbar Allah young

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Allahu Akbar long like

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a shadow.

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