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tact is also like flirting a little bit. And then she like shaved off to her husband. That's excellent in it. Yes You should have to have all been she will be in the house and Hydra will follow from her head and the hotel will be seated he will I want to pick something where he's seated so that you could see the head she has made and some of them would like just brandish their hands ladies for the woman to see the design on their hands you know those kind of feels. That is excellent. I pretty old man appreciate it.

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No we need to make special prayer that

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you see prayer points may be old man see?

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May be God open your eyes to see the new design you just made on your head. Be god help your husband to know that the lipstick that you put you are not born with it you actually made it

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how I hope you nothing is automatic. That you are smelling nice and looking fresh. I hope you understand because you are taking care of yourself for him to admire you for him to see you well. We will put powders you put foundations you put decking you put the foundation

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on top and for the hotbin blindfold

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admire that at Cape force applied first.

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So men kill romance they use virtual they use knife to slaughter romance ladies, they don't say anything romantic. Do not bother again after a while.

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A woman will go and do manicure. pedicure do all of those in body mandolin seat. The only one you will see is when her knees are grown but he doesn't see that he thought four four needs to be well clip is automatic. Women take time now to do this the same thing with men too. So women don't see anything. The man you see him dress you will see him put perfume before leaving home. She Raven commenda very nice, calm, calm. Let me feel it more.

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I mean,

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to flirt with each other, no good outsiders. No good.

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No good

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Ustaz (Dr.) Abdulfattah Adeyemi is the founder and director of Baynakum Family Counselling Centre, Abuja.

Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Transformational Marriage Coach/Muslim motivational speaker for Singles and Couples – is a relationship-sensitive person, who finds himself by counseling and caring for the needs of others.

He has an instinctive ability to soothe people’s hurts, homing in on the sources of their pains. It is not by accident that he has chosen to find a role in the world as a preacher and nurturer in which he can address the hurts and lack of love in the lives of others.

Abdulfattah Adeyemi is a natural teacher, an Ustaz, who is able to convey not only information to people, but also with enthusiasm. With an uncanny ability to see what others miss, and to sense the subtle discord in relationships, his task is not so much to answer questions as to raise them.

He values change and transformation and has an almost reckless belief that marriages can work, and that a good marriage can always be better. Allah has granted him the psyche with a natural ability to grasp the unity behind what appears separate.

He has good insights into family and social values, loves to facilitate compromise, and loves to encourage Islamic ways to join family ties and fulfill all marital obligations with love and mercy. He selflessly sacrifices his time and energy to comfort the distressed, reassure the hopeless, support the weak, and direct the distracted.

With over 200 lectures recorded to his credit, when Ustaz (Dr.) Abdulfattah is not counseling, preaching, writing, teaching or learning, he would most likely be found…

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