A voice told him “Pray only to God Don’t pray to Jesus”

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I was kneeling and I was praying to Jesus, my evening prayer and suddenly

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a voice talked to me and said, Leonard,

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pray only to God. don't pray to Jesus

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salaam aleikum, greetings and peace. I have a special guest here on the deen show to tell us his story. He has a unique background. He speaks multiple languages. He's traveled the world. And he's here on the D show. His name is Leonard winguard salaam alaikum. Leonard, how are you? I am doing good. Thank you. Now there's a word for speaking to cut the the amount of languages that you speak is polygon glod Is that correct? That is correct. Yes. How many languages do you speak to actually? Well, I speak Spanish. My best language Swedish also. And English. Those sides speak

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basically, in the same manner fluently that I speak German, my mother's language and Portuguese as a result of multiple many many years is to brush up. Wow, amazing. So Douglas Ponyo. Ponyo? Kuru Chrissy Okita.

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speci Deutsch Express, Deutsche Welle sees breaking out your pictures Mullah bosanski.

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Any Bosnian? No, no, not yet. Okay. We got to add that into there. Okay, good. So tell us a little bit about your background. You were born in Cuba. I was born in Cuba. That's correct. And I can say my story really begins. When I was six years of age, I was going to a Catholic school. It was a nuns in a monastery. And so it was obviously the Catholic religion. We, what so unique about that is not the

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the school per se, but because we were taught to pray to Jesus our evening, prayers, to direct them to him. And so I did that. But one evening, and while I was

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suddenly a voice talked to me. And it said, Leonard, pray only to God, not to Jesus. That was it.

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I looked, looked up and to see who had spoken to me there was nobody there.

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So Wow. Wow, hold on repeat that last part was just like for people who aren't paying attention.

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Some How did that happen? Again, don't pray. I was I was in my at my bedside, and I was kneeling, and I was praying to Jesus, my evening prayer and suddenly

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a voice talked to me and said, Leonard,

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pray only to God, don't pray to Jesus. And that was it. Nothing more I opened my eyes to look and see who had talked to me and there was nobody around. So I feel it. It was very, very unique, a conscious, I mean, Were you asleep? Or no, no, I was a dream. Was this a dream? No, I No, no, as I say, I was praying every evening, as I had been taught by the nuns, to pray to Jesus, and thank him for for everything. So I, this voice came from from nowhere, while it had to come from somewhere, but there was not nobody that talking to me, simply saying, lenart pray only to God, not to Jesus. So as from that moment, on I have always prayed to God only while So previously you were praying to

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the mighty messenger of the Prophet Jesus peace be upon that is correct. who we love and revere is one of the mightiest messengers they got Almighty ever sent. I mean, we know that the the Christians say they believe that Jesus is the Son of God that we know he is. But at that time, I knew what I had been taught. So I feel it is one of the most unique

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currencies that anybody could have had an N and myself. So your background, you came from a Christian background, you were brought up as a Christian Oh,

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my parents were not religious at all, but there was no other school word to put me that was, let's say gave a good education. So it became that cool. The monastery that was led by by non Catholic nuns.

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So that that was was it and but it has always been there is something very unique in my life.

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So around what age was this? When this happens? I was six. Somewhere in my six year, six years old. Yes. And you you still you remember that vividly? Oh, yeah, that this See, I think one of the main occurrences in my life,

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you'll know is impossible to forget. You'll never never forget that. No, absolutely not. So then life goes on. So that's my

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my hearing is not very good. So I need this.

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Okay, so Lehner from there. Tell us more about your life. What went on from there? Well, it wasn't anything very happy. I was born in 1934. So this was 1940. A, my father died. Only a year later, he went to get the flu injection, and that killed him. We couldn't go back to Europe. Um, well, my, my father was Swedish and my mother a German. And we we had to stay in Cuba until there was an opportunity to go to Europe to our relatives. So it was

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until October when we moved from there to this next largest city, which was Santiago likova. Arrest and jail we, in October of 45, took a Swedish cargo boat to go to Sweden.

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The very unique thing was that trip was that we ran into a hurricane, right? The first day on the ship. We went to the Atlantic Ocean, and into a hurricane. It was it was one of those not the worst hurricanes. But I still remember seeing through the portal.

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The waves how the shape was going up and down the waves, enormous waves, I couldn't tell how high but I estimate them to maybe some 20 meters of height and heightened, very scary.

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So we go to Sweden,

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to Gothenburg. From there, we took a train to Stockholm where we were to live and began to go to school. I didn't speak any Swedish then. So I had to begin learning Swedish in

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something happened that that began to drive me

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which was that I became very, very ill. The weather was terrible. I have in mind that coming from the tropical Cuba, to that terrible environment. I hated. And I I was hospitalized because I became so ill. So I I gave myself I promised myself, I was going to go back to Cuba one day, and that drove me and roll me and roll me Of course I knew that I had to go to school. I had to do a lot of things before getting there. One of the things that happened at that is something important in my life. I went to the Royal Swedish Navy, I became a telecommunications service person is specialized on the realm of systems.

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Why is this important? While it something happened later on in my life that was important that I had this specialty. Anyhow, I went to school and I was in came out from there and

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when I finished I sent I there was an ad in a newspaper by Ericsson the swoosh telecommunications company. I sent in my resume

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And I indicated as I spoke Spanish and English, which for a guy my age and coming out from school in Sweden, was extremely unique. So I, I thought that

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I would get a job it took only a little while. No the interview and the job was mine. It was I could say the first step to going back to, to, to Latin American or to Cuba, mostly. Yes. So, what happened then I decided I have been traveling in Latin America for

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a few years. When Erickson

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sent me to Colombia in South America with my family as an expatriate to work in the Ericsson subsidiary there. Something very interesting happened.

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I have an alarm coming in.

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Okay, it should be fine now. Sorry about that. Okay, continue.

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Okay, it's gone.

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Something. I mean, somebody must be crazy in his mind. Because what I did, I decided to go back to Latin America, and took another Swedish cargobull with my new family, obviously. And so we went to Gothenburg, we took the boat that we're now in 1967.

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And what was so incredible is that we are in the English Channel in heavy fog. And the ship stops moving. So I asked one of the crew what what's happening? And he said, our radar is down. The radar was down, the radar was down. So I told him, You know, I I am a

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trained Raiders specialists in the soldiers Navy. So good. I have a look at the equipment. So he went to see an officer and the officer took me right away to the Raider.

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I opened it up. But

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so I asked, Do you have any any instrument spare parts? nothing of the kind. So I opened it up, as I said, and I began looking around the you know, it's very simple kind of components at that time. So I found the resistor that was burned. And I said, since you don't have components, do you have a commercial radio that I could take a look and see if I can find a similar component. And I got it. And Moments later, I asked, you have a couple of cutters and the soling.

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Whatever it is called. And he gave it to me, I cut out the board resistor, put them in the other one. And the Rayleigh was open and functioning. They say it's kind of unique that I went to that training, and that I was back on a SR bolt identical to the one that I had taken many years ago, 27 years ago to be. So I thought that that's amazing. Anyhow, so let's jump over a lot of years. I was in Colombia, I may before you go on before you go on to there. Let me let me let me ask you something. Yes. So when your father passed away, how were How old were you? I was seven. So you were seven, seven. And you said he went to get a flu and flu. He actually has a flu shot flu shot. Yeah,

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that's supposed to protect you from the flu and from possibly dying, but what we're talking about 1941 so

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he took the shot. And then when how far later did he pass away? Well, he he came home and next next day, his arm was fallen. I can remember him sitting there and in pain and so they had to call an ambulance. That was the next day. And

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on the on Christmas Eve the 24th Memorial came home and said

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we have no daddy longer he is gone.

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So that that

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I mean it. It's amazing that something like that. Of course that changed and shaped my life.

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in a totally different way as, as it would have happened if he had kept on being alive. So had to take care of a lot of things myself in my young age and, and develop, let's say a way of being

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that was entirely mine because my mother, my mother didn't speak Swahili. So in Sweden, we spoke first.

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We tried to speak Spanish, but we were not allowed to do that. Because my We will live that the home of my aunt of mine, and she said, you can speak English but no Spanish. So, so what got you interested? Going fast forward? Yes. From your early life now to the mid and then moving forward? How long ago? Did you actually accept Islam and what got you interested or curious to look into Islam? Let's see, this is this is something incredible, because

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the beginning of it all happened when I made my promise to go back to, to, to Latin America. Because that started something that I didn't realize until much later that I had set in motion, the one could call the the creative powers of my mind. And so when when we came, I moved to the world later on, I moved to the US 1980 1980 have three important things happened to me that have some relation with this. And the first one I, I became employed by Motorola in Chicago, I

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I went to a silver course where I learned about the powers of the mind. And I became interested in prophecies. Okay, prophecies is not so important in this, but the silver course was important. So

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in my my job, I had a very important mission. And that was that Motorola gave me to introduce the new

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American cellular systems to Latin America. So I began to travel and I traveled a lot. I made many friends, I helped many people to learn about the new solar systems. Okay, so now we come. I'm out from there. I am back with Erickson. And I work with Eric for for some time. But at the end of it all, I wanted to write the book.

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And this is the important thing, I began to write about my, my experiences working

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in Latin America, the different things that I have made different countries. So there was a catch. I didn't call this book a memoir. I gave it a title. That was how I attained my goals, by using the creative powers of the mind.

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So I began to study about the creative powers of the mind. And I realized the Hindus and Buddhists were the ones that knew more than anybody else. But at the end of the the role there, I found that they didn't know anything about where this all originated from. So

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I decided to look into the the Jewish Bible in the book of Genesis, chapter two that talks about the God's creation of Adam, but it it is, that is about all we know he, he took some soil, made a figure of that blue of his breasts into this figure that became Adam. And that was it. So it cannot be possible that that's an event so important, wasn't described in any way. So I said, Where do I go from here?

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I had heard of the cron obviously knew about Muslims and Islam, but I didn't know any Muslim. I did know absolutely nothing. What did you What did you when you say absolutely nothing. Were you affected by much of the misconceptions by Machado? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I, I hadn't been interested in in any way. I was. Let's say that the news? The news, like did you watch news media? Because they're always trying to portray Muslims as terrorists or you know, backwards, or did you get affected by any of them? No, no, I was no I wasn't affected at all. What

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What happened now was that I decided to, to get myself a crawl

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without anybody telling me anything to do that. So I went out to find the Quran that I thought was

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easy to learn from English language, of course, and I found one that I have realized afterwards is not very not, not used very much. But for my interest, I thought it was very, very good because it was very easy to read, you have out on the border, you have a few words about what this intertext which made it very

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quick to find what, whatever you wanted to look for. So I, I began to start it. And I became very surprised, I had never in my life imagined anything, since I didn't know anything that

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Allah and

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all this I always call him I haven't used the word Allah. In any case, God has authored this fantastic book. And and that he had given the Book to His new Prophet Mohammed, through his Archangel Gabriel. And I thought that that is amazing. It's, it's, it's something that

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I didn't, couldn't for my life have imagined even. So I read more. And the more I read, the more interested I became.

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Excuse me, so I need to take some water. That's it. That's interesting that the more because your mind was, I asked you it was free for much of the garbage that's put out there. And it was clear and your heart was open, you're receptive, and you just read, you just read the book, you know, you you started reading the translation of the Quran, and things started to open up. And now what was it at the end? How long did it take you to invent You're a smart individual just like the guy you you have Navy experience, you're over there fixing you know, the radar on the ship, you're someone who's trained to use his mind multiple languages, you're smart, intellectual, PR, you're an author also.

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So now you're putting Islam to the test? How would

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that mean, throughout interrupt you, I, I have began to also study I studied the issue of

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prophecies. And it has really nothing to do with this issue. But I found that in reading the Quran, there was an amazing amount of prophecies. And since I knew very well in detail, all most prophecies in the Jewish Bible and the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, I saw that there was a, a, something that went in the same way it was, it couldn't have come from anybody else and from God, you determine that after your study, that the Quran could not have come from anyone other than God Almighty, Allah, well, I, I reading, because in the in the book in the introduction, it has a very large introduction to to what happened with the, with a new Prophet, how he became approached by

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Gabriel. And

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so I, I accepted,

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I had no no reason not to accept it, that God had altered the Quran, but instead of him, like he did with Moses, talk with him directly. And, and so on. He choose a totally different approach, which was to send His Prophet Gabriel, to talk with, with Muhammad, and that Muhammad an illiterate person, he couldn't have written anything at all or what's in the Quran. So, he, he was given verbally, the, what is our today the texts of the Quran and it went on for

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what is it from 620 to 240, but 20 years, and he received all the information. So that I thought was amazing. So I learned my read more and more I became extremely interested and just say that, that to shop to great extent it was because of our offices, but what I found so incredible is how much work talked about it.

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Creation of Adam, and how Satan came to be as a result. I thought that was incredible. And I thought

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that how is it possible that all of this you said in this book, and in the Jewish Bible,

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there is almost there is really nothing? So my my thinking was that what happened in the Jewish Bible, it was, Well,

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God tells his prophet Jeremiah in in the book of Jeremiah, chapter eight, he tells him that his law had been changed his law being the,

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my, the the book of Moses, I cannot remember the Torah, the Torah. Yes. So I realized that the Torah had been completely

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changed, because God tells his profit, that it had been done. So that, again, was something that I thought was amazingly important. And especially because what happened, as I believe in as I came to conclude, was that basically, every mention of Satan was had been taken away to Satan could live around us and nobody understood that he existed and exists, and that he is the guy who is doing our lives also so difficult. Anyhow, so I,

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what I came to realize that from the Quran that God is the giver of everything.

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We have our memory, our feelings, we have so much more, we have the powers of the mind, coming from him, nowhere else. So that concludes my search in regards to the powers of mind. So I could write it in in my book, I wrote a chapter about that.

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Well, this has nothing to do with the whole thing. But my book, I tried to get it published.

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And it didn't go well. Because I, I was told that since I wasn't known, nobody wanted to take on to write about my book. So anyhow, so we go along. And

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I was attending a Christian school, only because I became interested in ischl religious history. And I became friends with a professor in one of the schools, and he invited me to attend his lectures. So in doing that,

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he one day said that he invited his pupils to go with him to different religions, and talk with the, the leadership so to say, so he mentions about

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Islam. And he mentions Also, I'm sorry, this is moving out. So he mentions about the mosque in Richardson. This one, that's the one that's your Korea with imaams pendeen. Yes, but see, I at that point, we're talking about 2000.

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A mushy 2007

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is that when you took your Shahada when you embrace Oh, no way where we have to go? Quite a few years into the future. So I called up the, the then the mom, whose name is juicers, carboxy. And I was able to talk to him, I told him why I was calling. And I would like to have the opportunity to meet with them, and have some get to know something more about Islam. And he immediately said, Hey, I was worked on he invited me. A few days later, I came here in the same office. And he was he was, we became very good friends over the next few years. And he had invited another person,

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brother Adel

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hillside, he's not with me because he's home veil but Adele and I became very good friends. He taught me a lot about

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about Islam and I.

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So I picked up more and more and more until, let's say this was now 2017. For you exactly four years ago,

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he brought me here to go through my Shahada. And so I converted to become a motion.

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While this is a amazing day for you, was it? It? Absolutely it was. So in the last few minutes that we have tell us now you're in the community there with the moms bandim what I Texas, and while I am not seeing what happens, my wife is Christian relatives of Christians. So they don't even know that I have become a Muslim.

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She doesn't even know that I wrote the book that

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is the the fortunate destiny our planet, that became published a year ago, no, very good luck there. Because I believe the publisher wasn't good at all, but it was what I could afford. So and he also made the big mistake, or

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when it was published to indicate it was a religious book, prophecies have nothing to do with religion other than they happen to be in the in, in religious scriptures, like the Jewish Bible, the book of Revelation. And

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so, the book has come nowhere, but so I, I live, want to say a double life. One is, I come here to, to the mosque, I meet with brother spend them we have become very good friends. And so we talk with each other. Now, then, and we have interchange a lot of information because obviously, he knows some about

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the, what's written in the, in the book, as in,

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in the Jewish Bible,

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there are so many interesting things there that

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because they are explained in various, a lot of text about them. Like, for instance, the one of the most the most important of the prophets.

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anyhow, I'll come back to this prophet in chapter six in his book is, the whole chapter is dedicated by God, to talk about the matter of understanding.

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And it's very, very interesting because we get to understand that many, many people even today, 2700 years later, don't have given the gift of understanding. So people make decisions based on the knowledge without without having the proper understanding.

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In in the Britannica, EMI Britannica Atlas, in the introduction, it is said that it is written that there is an enormous gulf between the knowledge of something and the understanding of it, though

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I believe it is one of those things that nobody realizes that it's happening today. So I

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talked about this issues, but

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say, I,

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that's where I reached, but I had,

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I had

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learned so much that I never in my life could have imagined that I was hoping that my book will be able to go forward because I have a whole chapter dedicated to this matter of understanding. And I it's mentioned in in the gron, not so much, maybe but in the book of Revelation, it weighed on that understanding

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is something that is given through the wisdom that God gives to us, which is mentioned also in the Quran. There is a specific place for this said that God gives the wisdom to whoever he wants and the understanding. So

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But my book didn't go anywhere. So I'm trying to get to that point to see how, how it can come out because there's a lot of

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good teaching and focus, I believe from my, my old

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or what I have learned in my life. We've got a couple minutes left. Okay, tell. So what is it we can imagine? Like many people who accept Islam, because you weren't overwhelmed with all of the negative the stereotypes, the propaganda, but I'm guessing that probably your wife and others, there might be some sort of backlash if they found out because maybe they possibly been affected with some of the propaganda the negativity of our time? No, I don't think so. I don't think I think the problem is the lack of, of good information. And in respect to all of this, but I realized very early on, and I cannot remember at what point but I realized that there is so much

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I don't want to use inappropriate words, but so much negativity that the the Christians say about Islam, big about the the Quran because they don't have the slightest idea what they're saying.

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So, that is an important issue that

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I don't know how one could address it, to overcome all that negativity. But I think that

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the there is a need to go more into depth into what is the Quran, compared to what, what there is before that would make thing could make things change in regard to what people

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can learn from this and change the ways are being. And that's why we do this program, to clear up the misconceptions to give people a very simple, yet profound

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experience by hearing stories like yours. Yeah, and getting the true with the right message about Islam. So thank you very much for sharing a little bit about your story. Can you tell us the name of your book and if someone wanted to, to look into it? Yes, it is.

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The unfortunate destiny of our planet, and our

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sheer profits prophecies, when we read the prophecies and learn to to understand them correctly. There is no salvation for this prophet for this planet. This planet is destined to become a dead planet. And God says it in two through two of his his prophets. One is Symphonia Cephalonia is Lucifer near God says it directly I am going to destroy mankind. There are not going to be any survivors. But that that the the religious people they don't want to get into that they they stay out and they do a lot of bull bull ash talk about the whole thing. But in in

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we have we have a lot in the Quran that talks about the the end of the world only that the way how it is

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described doesn't tell us that. But there is a lot I can tell you there is so much of prophecies that tell us exactly where we're going. And I can tell you that my my early studies took me into the studies of the global warming and I realized that the global warming has gone so far that doing anything up in the air to the atmosphere to reduce the the outlet of those poisonous gases. It's it is it will not change anything because there is no way that the warmed up oceans at the melting at a quicker and quicker pace are going to be able to go back and and stop doing it. It's

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right there is really the the indication that there is nothing that can be done. And I am from all the prophecies I read and what I have read and learn from

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The global warming all those

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all those articles that have been right been written for years and years, we are a very, very short time away from from the end of this planet. Unfortunately, I would like to say something positive about it. But anybody who takes my book and reads it will find out why, and how and when it's going to happen.

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you go ahead, I hear you. Yeah, that was, that was the one thing when Prophet Muhammad was asked about the end of times. He's he clearly made it known that this is something that that no one knew. But the Creator of the heavens and earth, yes, there are signs. But what are we prepared for that day? That was the ultimate message? What are we prepared? How are we worshiping God Almighty, Allah the way he wants to be worshiped? Are we living Islam, how it's supposed to be lived by obeying our Creator, doing good deeds and preparing for that day that's inevitably coming the end of this life? So I want to thank you. Thank you. Wow. Okay. All right. Well, I thought we got where were,

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we got one minute left, okay. Well, but she and in all the scriptures, we learned that God is against evil, and evil, if what is have made making all this happen to us. So there was never a critical point of going back. Because from the very beginning, God saw he saw that what would happen to us to our planet, and he was trying to warn

00:41:58--> 00:42:10

if prophecies were warnings, warnings and warning to obviously the Jewish people, but they never in made any mention.

00:42:11--> 00:42:24

like God told me you have to share your what you have learned through me to other people's, which they it says in the Quran, they never did.

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So that's where we send

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Leonard, it was very nice talking with you. Thank you very much for sharing your story and show benefit for so many people. I hope so. I am very happy you gave me this opportunity. And I hope we can continue in some other shows. Thank you very much. My God Almighty Allah. God bless you salami