Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #17- Ar- Ra’ad 17 – And That Which Benefits Mankind Shall Remain…

Yasir Qadhi
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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyule onging Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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watching can

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see one thing you know,

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spell hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a woman with a hammer. But today's parable is actually quite complex. So I need you to pay attention to this one. It's sort of the right verse 17. And within this ayah there's actually two embedded parables. So there's two opposites when we do sort of tillbaka if you remember Allah subhana wa tada mentioned the parable of lighting a fire and the parable of rain coming down fire and rain in this idea as well you have rain, and you have fire. And this is also of the methodology of the Quran to give contrasting parables for the same thing. So I need you to pay attention to this is actually a complex parable.

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Allah says in the Quran, and xlm in a semi eema and he has caused the rain to come down from the heavens facade that Odia to the Casa de Ha. So the valleys are going to fill up with that rainwater, each one in accordance with how large or how deep the valley is. Now pause here, the what is being demonstrated what is being shown as an example is when it rains, and from the mountains that rain comes down. And there are dry valleys that during the rain season, they become full of water, otherwise they're empty. And this is such a phenomenon that every single person who is aware of nature knows this that there are certain places in the world valleys are dry valleys are empty. In

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the rain season, those same valleys will be full of water, those same valleys will be absolutely brimming each one in accordance with how large or how small the valley is. Fatima. Let's say you do, Zubaydah robbia now this rainwater is coming down and it's gushing into the valleys. And each one of this valley it is bringing with that rainwater froth. What is froth it is the junk if you like it is the leaves, it is the twigs, it is the waves at the top, it's nothing that's a value. But when you were if you were to look at this valley, you're going to see a gushing rainwater. And you're going to see at the top of it leaves, twigs, branches, you're going to see the froth of the ocean. The

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front of the river, Fatima de sade, who's ever done robbia then Allah mentions the fire parable. We'll pause here so that we don't lose track of our minds with this one parable. Then Allah says cathartically OpenTable local Cowell Boulton. This is the example of the Hulk and the battle truth and falsehood for Amazon Purdue as for the froth, as for the things that the top asked for the twigs, the leaves the branches, as for all of this whitish notice at the top that you think it is alluring, you're going to look at it for Yeah, the hobo jufa is going to go to the side and it will be left. Well I'm young foreigners for young beautiful. Ask for that which benefits mankind that is

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going to remain now what is this parable we're going to get back to the one about the fire as well. The parable is the Quran coming down. Rain is the Quran. The parable is the hidayah of Allah subhana wa tada coming down. And the valleys represent the hearts of people. And the hearts of people are different. Fatima de sade, who's ever the robbia each heart is different. Each heart some hearts will be deep, some hearts will absorb a lot. Some hearts will be narrow, some hearts will be flat, and they won't take any water in. And this is actually a hadith in Bahati that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of what Allah has sent me with is like that of rain

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coming down and some soils are fertile soil absorb the weight rain, other soil is flat and barren and it will reject the rain. So the rain is a lost weight. And in this verse, the valley is hearts of people and various hearts are different. Some hearts absorb more rain, some hearts absorb less rain, and some hearts don't accept any rain at all, whether you are to be loved, and then asked for the froth. As for the Sabbath. This represents people who reject the truth and they use Islam to bring attention to themselves, the hypocrites the leaders of the kuffar or even people who are not correct Muslims, and they're misusing Islam, and there's attention being drawn to them. They're at

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the top, they're at the top everybody sees them, but what's going to happen for a mazeppa do forget the herbal jufa. For a while they're going to be at the top and people think that that's what the river is about. But eventually when that rain comes down from the mountains as we're all aware, when it comes into the streams, the water becomes pure, those twigs and branches are left the froth remains at the top and by the time the water comes down,

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tour is gonna benefit people it is pure and clean rainwater and then the parable of the fire as well. Woman to even know if they've got a hill yet and omata is about to miss know, the same Allah says it's for the furnace the same as for the furnace. When you put your raw material into it, you put raw gold or raw silver, that furnace will expel things that are useless and then it will remain and the pure gold will remain at the end. Once again Allah is giving the xzibit or the useless froth will go away. Now what is the overall metaphor here, multiple things can be derived. First and foremost, there is the ultimate truth that will remain even if for a period of time It appears that

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Boulton might be on top evil might for a while be on top of the truth. But eventually truth shall overcome. Don't be deluded by the veneer at the top. Don't be diluted by the attention seekers. Don't be diluted by those who use Islam for their evil purposes, because eventually they will be left to the side they will be swept away. Secondly, Allah subhanho wa Taala says remain firm and consistent among young Pharaoh, NASA for young, beautiful out what is beneficial, it will eventually remain you be firm, you will be consistent. And don't worry about the attention or the or the riffraff you have to remain where you are upon the purity of the truth. And if you do so, then

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eventually that is what is going to benefit the people. The same goes the third point here that when Allah gives the metaphor of the furnace, Allah azza wa jal mentions that you know that furnace is of course, the test of this world. It is the trials of this dunya. The Mothman walks through it. And if he is firm and pure, he shall come out like pure gold or pure silver, the Mothman walks through the furnace of these trials of this world, and eventually those trials will purify him. So be patient, when you're facing all of these issues. When people are rebuking, criticizing when people are being mean to Islam, or nasty to you or whatnot, when you're facing the trials of this dunya. Be firm, be

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consistent. Take your morality and your courage and your Eman from the way of Allah subhana wa Taala. And eventually that which is beneficial will remain for the people and that which is not beneficial, that which is pure will be consistent and that which is impure will be cast aside. So this gives us hope do your brothers and sisters it gives us hope that if we connect with the ye of Allah, and if we are pure in our worship of Allah, and if we are correct in our understanding of our faith, then eventually the truth will be ours. And it will be something that will be coming out of this like pure gold if you like, and those that are not sincere, those that are not pure, those that

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are corrupted, those that are using Islam for wrong purposes, or even rejecting Islam. Eventually, they will be cast aside like the twigs and branches and froth or like going through the furnace, the evil parts or the negative parts or the filth, it is cast aside by the merchant and only the pure thing remains. So we learned from this dear brothers and sisters that we have to connect to the pure Quran and be sincere and our worship of Allah subhana wa tada and remain consistent. And when we do so, while our people to limit in the end result will always be for those who have Taqwa Do not be diluted by the short term Do not be diluted by the trials that are like the furnace do not look at

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the froth that is on top No, do that which is beneficial and connect with Allah and inshallah the end will be yours and inshallah will continue tomorrow was set on walakum Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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What are the ganas who can serve in return TGV shadaloo Shu. Ernie v was to be Toka

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