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Almaghrib Institute Ilmfest 2016

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Alhamdulillah horrible alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Nabina was a you know, have you been on Mohammed while early he was so happy he marine Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Allah will Hakeem Lamar alumna Mayan Pharaoh now when finally Montana

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Europa alameen aloha Marina Casa katiba, worried about de la botella was organized in Alba was Sara mighty comb wash metal LA, he wabarakatuh

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I was gonna get right into my talk,

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and get right into the topic that I have at hand, which was, which is what I usually do, but I figured since Hamdulillah, we have like a big automotive crowd here. It's important to get make sure everyone is alive, awake, breathing and conscious. So what I'm gonna have everyone do is just stand up for just a minute and tell on stand up.

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All right, now just get a nice stretch, stretch it out a nice stretch. If the person next to you looks kind of drowsy, shake him up a bit.

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All right, if you already have a seat inshallah.

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Okay, Mr. Milan. So if you looked at the booklet, the topic at hand is it's called the elixir of life. And now the topic that we're really talking about here, what we're what we're, the topic of today, for me is the topic of taqwa. Now, I know a lot of people, they hear the word TEPCO, or they hear that, oh, there's a lecture on TEPCO, and they're like, Oh, that's great. I've only heard like, 1300 other lectures on Tesla. So, you know, I guess this is fine. I guess I can kind of just like, sleep through this one. And I'll be okay. I've heard a lot about Tesla. Tesla was Panama was one of those things that no matter how much we speak about it, we cannot do justice to it. And one of the

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things that indicates that to us is that a loss can have to add up over and over and over and over again in the Quran. brings up taqwa. And some scholars have said it's it's over 200 times in the Koran that we find the last panel Tiana, bringing up taqwa in one way or the other. And so as Muslims, when we hear something like that, in the Quran, we hear something being repeated so much in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. So I said them, it behooves us to really understand what taqwa is, on a practical, real level on a level that is that works for our lives. So you can hear about telco and all that kind of stuff. But the question to really ask is, how does taqwa affect my

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life? What is my relationship with tech? What beyond just saying, Fear Allah, for example, is a command monkey he says offens handled that TEPCO has almost become an insult now. Like you say to someone like tequila, like fear a lot. And then they get like, they get offended. They're like, No, you fear a lot. Right? You tell me to fear a lot. You fear a lot, when I actually took was to paddle low, and you say to someone, if you're making a doll for them, you're asking goodness for them. So telkwa is is something that really needs to be understood. And even beyond that, so I've had a lot we find that the last printout I mentioned so many of the virtues and benefits of those who have

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textbook, for example, almost panatela says what chakra law while you I limo, Camilla, have Taqwa. And Allah will teach you. You know, a lot of our lives Pamela, we spend learning and educating ourselves. And we'll put the hours in, we'll put the work in, we'll spend, well we'll, you know, pull off all nighters and this and that, and we'll go, we'll take all these means to learn whether it be you know, our secular education or whether even in our Islamic Studies, and one of the things that we forget is the very aspect of tech what almost parity Allah has promised to us. That if we have Taqwa, which we're going to talk about what this tough one is, but if we have the, the taqwa of

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Allah, then we won't teach ourselves a loss penalty Allah will teach us also we have a Lost Planet. Allah says yeah, you handed in Armando in Tedesco, Intertek law, your Jana come for corner. Wa says, Those of you who believe if you have the taqwa of Allah, then Allah will give you the criterion between right and wrong. And you know, one of the biggest challenges we are facing today is being a being able to tell the difference between right and wrong. Every day almost a new issue pops up. And we're like, hmm, Is this okay or not? Is this islamically acceptable or not? And I know some people are saying it's not okay. Some people are saying it's okay and all that kind of stuff. And this

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problem it was Pantheon. It says if you have the tempo of a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah will show you the difference between right and wrong. Allah will guide your heart Allah will make the means for you. For you to be able to tell when something is wrong and when something

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Right. And not only that, but to make your heart content upon the truth. It's one thing to know right and wrong. It's another thing to have your heart be contented over that what you believe to be right or that what you believe to be wrong. And what's kind of like the ATA says in America, in the Kabbalah hominem attacking Allah, only and only in the word in Nima is like people call it an article of exclusivity and the meaning only and only, Allah only accepts from those who have Taqwa. So everything we do in life, things that we are doing for the sake of loss, our prayer and our fasting and our Eris nomic education and the goodness and all all this kind of stuff. There's a

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condition the last point that I puts on that and that is allowable accept from the only accept from those who have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala says Romania tequila you cover and who is the one who has taqwa, Allah will remove their sins while you're in law, who agera and Allah, what year

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was kind of to Allah will magnify, multiply their agenda.

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How many of us seek this kind of luck? That not only Yeah, we understand, we are human beings, we make mistakes. So our goal really in life is that this is what we want. Number one, that Allah forgives our mistakes, Allah forgives our sins. And the second part is whatever goodness we are capable of that a lot increases that because we can never worship Allah out and the way he truly deserves. No matter how much we worship the last printout, it never equals the greatness of a lost parent. So what we ask from Allah is that we do whatever we can do, we do whatever we're capable of, we do whatever, whatever we can. And Allah makes that enough to be the worship of a Lost Planet

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data. A lost part of data makes it enough for us to attain Paradise Lost penalty Allah tells us well man yet Ducky La Jolla gyla, who Maharajah The one who has the taqwa of Allah. Allah creates literally here it means an exit and out and out from what

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any any type of difficulty, any type of situation that we think we can't handle any, any relief that we are looking for, whether it be physical difficulty, whether it be an emotional difficulty, whether it be family problems, whether it be problems of our communities, whether it be problems in our relationships, evens of handle, while the scholars mentioned that when we are having problems in our Eman. The person who seeks the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah brings him out of that darkness and brings them to the light. So it was printout it gives them an out why Yasuko human hatred is it. And Allah says that the one who has step one not only does the last last printout or

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gives it gives them an out, Allah will also provide for them from their from the place where they would never imagine. This is something specific to the people of taqwa. And this my brothers and sisters are just a few of the many, many, many virtues and benefits of TEPCO that we see in the Quran and the Sunnah of the verse and setting them. This alone should motivate us to say, Hmm, maybe I should really understand what Tesla is. Maybe I should really understand what Tesla is. So I can start working towards gaining this taqwa. Maybe I should understand what Tesla is. So I can be amongst the people of Guam so I can be amongst them with 13 tecoma brothers and sisters. The word

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taqwa comes from the word waka which means to protect or the word waka which means protection and also a Kiowa would would refer to, like in the old times in a battlefield, a person had a shield that shield they would call it a wakaya. Now, we're talking about protection here, protecting ourselves from what Well, every metal the left and when he was asked this question, he gave a very beautiful analogy. A man comes to me all the time. And he says, explain to me what taqwa is. And you know what he doesn't say? He doesn't say taqwa is that you fear a law.

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He doesn't say taqwa means that you're afraid of a law. Because honestly, I'm not going to say that's a wrong translation. I would say that's an incomplete translation. Meaning it doesn't do justice to the word taqwa, or model the left and in turn, and ask this person. He says, if you were walking

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through a thorny path, there's lots of obstacles, paths, shrubbery, bushes, all this kind of stuff. And he said, You had a long, flowing robe, sisters who were jitterbug, and it's raining outside. Y'all know what we're talking about here.

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He said, how would you walk you have a flowing, flowing robe? How would you walk through this thorny path, and he said, I would gather my clothes together, I would hold them up and walk very carefully. So my clothes don't get caught in the thorns. He said, that is what taqwa is. Just like with every step, this person would be careful not to not to have their clothes be destroyed, not to be caught in those thorns. Not To Be careful with every movement, every step that a person makes. Likewise, taqwa is to protect ourselves from falling into something that is from the disobedience of a Lost Planet, falling into something that can affect our, our man in a negative way. So that's why some

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people say tech, What is consciousness? You know, it's kind of law.

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Some of you know this, but I'm a new father, my son, he's about a year, year, year and a little bit now. And one of the things I learned very early on, after having my son is that always get your child ready, before you get ready.

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Because what ended up happening, what always seem to happen is I would get ready, take my time, you know, get ready for whatever event or wherever I'm going to. And then if I go get my child ready, by the time he's getting done already, like, there's all this stuff on me.

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And my like, outfit, I'm like, Okay, I gotta go change again. Right? So what I learned is that a lot. So it used to be it used to be that used to be very careful handling my son, and this and that. I remember how long time I was doing that. My wife walked in the room. She's like, what are you doing? And I was like, holding my son like this like very, because I'll try to keep them away from my clothes.

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That is almost like the law that is describing here. Right? So parents know this. Now you always get your child ready first, then you go get ready yourself. So that way, whatever mess you have on yourself, you get ready. And it's all done when. So we're talking about protecting ourselves here, right? We're talking about being careful. We're talking about being conscious of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is why the scholars when they talk about taqwa, they say it's not just fear, it's actually multiple, many things. Yes. One of them is the fear of a loss of data. So from amongst taqwa is that we do fear a lot. But what about Allah, we fear the punishment of a loss penalty. We

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fear the consequences of our actions on the Day of Judgment, and in this life as well. So yes, you know what, I'm not one of those people who says tough, what doesn't mean fear. At times, it can mean fear. And at times, you do say to someone it tequila and what you mean is fear of loss. panatela. If you speak to a person, a man who for example is abusing his wife, or hitting his wife, you say to him, you look him in the face and you say, Fear Allah, Fear Allah before striking your wife. You see someone who's abusing a child, and you say to them, you remind them of the punishment of a loss of data. And you say fear Allah, someone who is cheating other people taking advantage of other people,

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those types of issues. You're not talking about other things. You're not saying Hey, man, you know, just how about you be conscious of a lawn? That's fine. How about you love a law? Right? How about you? How about you have hope and allowance which are all part of taqwa know, what you say to them is it definitely not many have the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. And we know this from the incident that the press that um, tells us, of the three men who got stuck in a cave, a boulder fell on the entrance of a cave, and now the three men they start mentioning their their good deeds, in a way to make the auto loss penalty era, they start mentioning the things that did for the sake of Allah,

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perhaps Allah will because of their good deeds, bring them some relief. As you mentioned earlier, the last Panthera creates a Maharaja and exit. So one of the men, he says that I had a cousin of mine, who I was attracted to. And I tried to seduce her, but she wasn't able to be seduced. And so he said, there came a time where she came in need of money. She was desperate for money, she became very poor. And I offered her a certain amount of money, so that she would sleep with me.

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And out of her desperation, she agreed. And he said, I carried this whole auction I got there I got right there where the action was just about to be committed, until just as it's about to go down. I'm keeping this pgl. But just as just as it's about to go down, you know what she says to him?

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She says,

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He says, Have the fear of a law.

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And he says, I left the money and I ran away and he says, Oh Allah, I only did that for your sake. And less wanted to add or remove the boulder because of this. In moments like that, we say have the fear of a loss.

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Data when is between us and a sin, we say, have the fear of a lot. And this is not just for other people. This is for ourselves as well. When we find ourselves approaching a sin, especially sins from our desires, our temptations, things that we know are wrong. Things that we have we have learned are wrong. But we're falling into this sin, we remind ourselves of a loss of data, we remind ourselves of the punishment of a loss printout or we remind ourselves of the reckoning that will be coming on the Day of Judgment. So yes, part of it is the fear of a loss of data. But also

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part of taqwa is having hope in the last panel at IRA. So when the chiffon comes to us, and he's riddled our mind, with

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a loss of hope, with despair, and we're thinking to ourselves, I'm too sinful. I've done this and I've done this and I've not done this and Allah will never forgive me. In that point, when we say it tequila, we say be conscious of a lot, meaning have hope and have lost power to Allah. Know that there is no sin too large for loss penalty, Allah to forgive, as long as you ask Allah to Allah for forgiveness in that moment. That is what the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala having hope in the reward of Allah subhanaw taala. So when we are in the last leg of Ramadan, and we've been worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, day after day after day after day, and then we start having thoughts of, well, you

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know, am I really worthy? Is this really gonna do anything for me? Am I really going to be saved from all my sins because of this one normal bond, we start losing hope during the month of Ramadan in that moment, to have the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala means to have hope in Allah to Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala will not only remove our sins, but Allah will increase us, Allah will magnify, multiply, the reward of the actions that we're doing, it may be one single, such that we make, but it is made with the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. And that single set is that is the reason that we are freed from the Hellfire, that my brothers and sisters, that is step one, to have that

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faith in Allah to Allah, that it doesn't have to be a cause of prayer. Yes, we pray as much as we can. We do as much as we can. But in our hearts, we know that if the last panel that I wanted to, it could be a single such that that saves us from the hell part hellfire. It could be a single statement. When we sincerely from the bottom of our heart we say to Allah, Allah Yara be Forgive me that it is that one statement

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that could free us from the Hellfire that my brothers and sisters is taqwa. That is what it means to be conscious of Allah Spano Tata. Part of taqwa as well, is to feel shame, and to feel shyness, because we know the last panatela is watching us, as the prophets of lie send them said,

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Men, either Adam to stay for snapper and mash it. President told us that one of the statements of the nations that came before us that is continued on into our Ummah, meaning the previous product prophets had this concept as well. And it was carried out carried on to partially set them and conveyed to us as well. What is that statement? What is that concept? The concept of shame, and shyness.

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So first that I'm says if you have no shame, then do as you like. Meaning at that point, if we lose our shame, we lose our modesty. If we lose shyness, then what is going to stop us from committing sins. And that is why this is a very dangerous things of how to love the process that I'm actually he told us, he said couldn't know Mati Martha, he said, all of my oma can be forgiven. or all of the sins of my oma can be forgiven, except in Indian Mujahideen, except those who publicize their sins.

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And one person gives an example of this. He says a person commits sins during the night. And a lot of puts a protection a cover a job over those sins, meeting a person sinned at night, they did whatever they did at night, you know, maybe maybe this person went clubbing and night or this or that whatever committed some sins, maybe even committed sin or whatever it may be. They committed sins during the night. And no one knows about this. A lot covered their sins. The sins weren't exposed. And then the president says in the morning, this person wakes up and removes the cover of a loss penalty and starts telling the people I did this and I did this and I did this. A law saved the

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person, but the person exposes their own sins. Likewise, press Adam said a person may during the day commit sins and those sins are hidden. Nobody knows about those sins, but when the night comes, the person begins to say

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I did this and I did this and I did that. And why this is a dangerous thing my brothers and sisters, because you know what? Allah subhanaw taala

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can forgive our sins and last night that I will forgive our sins if we ask Allah for forgiveness. But you know who does not forgive our sins or who may not forgive our sins, the people that we have boasted to, we may boast about our sins today, talk about our sins today. And you know what we may repent from those sins. How many of us have repented from things that we used to do? I can tell you personally, some had a lot. There are things that I used to do that I repented from that I'm glad we're pre YouTube days, right? Because I know that if those things happened during the YouTube days, like those videos would be on YouTube right now. Right? And I'm so grateful that it was covered that

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for me, but the people's paddle love, the people may not forget. So you may do something, you may boast about your sin. And you've told people I did this, I did that and I committed all these sins, and then you make Toba. You say Allah, forgive me, Allah forgives you. But the people don't forgive you, the people don't forget.

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And so why would we do that to ourselves, and I often hear people say, I don't want to be a hypocrite, right? Like I am, who I am. If I sin, like, I'm not gonna hide it from people. Well, that's very dangerous. Because the fact that hiding a sin from others feeling that shame means there is some taqwa in this person, meaning the person is conscious of a lost parent data, at least a little bit. They have a little bit of shame so that

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they can return to a lost kind of data. And there's some part of them that feels something even though they have fallen into the sin. they've committed the sin, they enjoyed the sin, so on and so forth. But there's some part of them that feels bad. And so they covered up that sin and they have made it for themselves that yes, they can go back to a loss data, they can seek forgiveness from electronic data. Likewise, they can clear their name with the people as well. So part of that taqwa is having that shame with a loss penalty on our

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part part of taqwa

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is being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for our blessings, to be aware, and thankful of our blessings. You know, last month Allah tells us of one of the main reasons why mankind transgressive is why we transgress the law says in in Santa lado en la who does not know but surely man transgressive men here meaning mankind.

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No, but surely man transgressive and then a lot tells us why a host doesn't because they see themselves or this person sees themselves as being self sufficient. When we begin to feel that there's no need for loss of data, we don't need a law. We are in charge of our own destiny. You make your own path in life. You are in charge, you are in control. At that point, we forget about a Lost Planet Tada. And as we forget about Allah, tada, we begin to transgress. And that is why if you want to look at a person's Eamon

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it can be in direct correlation with how much they feel they need a lot of data. And a lot tells us of this law tells us of the machinery and the time of the process hitting them

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either rocky bofill fork, there are law meclizine Allah Dean when they're writing in their ships, meaning now imagine these people they're they're in a boat, the middle of the ocean, the waves are crashing down upon them from every side.

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And now no one in they know no one can help them. There are law have meclizine Allah Dean they call out to Allah with sincerity in their religion. And at that point, they're like, oh, Allah, only you can say like nothing. No, it's not a person in the world who nothing can save me right now. Oh, well, you can save me. And then Allah says but Amanda, gentlemen, alboreto Hamish recon. But when Allah brings them back to land, back to safety, then they continue in their shift, they start worshipping their idols and so on and so forth.

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And you know, we do this as well. Sometimes we're not saying we worship idols, but the level of our Eman varies depending on how much we think we need to last time to add up when you're in a plane, for example, and this turbulence, and then things get shaky, at that point or Emad soars, doesn't it right, it gets really high. I say mine does. Because in that moment, and I've been in plenty of situations bad luck. When the plane is shaking. You don't know what's happening. You don't know what's going on. And that in that moment, you're like you're a law. I'm your sincere servant. Please save me.

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How high is our level of that my brothers and sisters is taqwa

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that is Tacoma.

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Then the feeling truly desperately in need of a last panel of data.

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And when we realize the blessings of a Lost Planet, Allah, that is when we feel that we need a lost data because as

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a data he said, everything on everything around you everything in the world is proof that there's a creator. Meaning if you were to contemplate upon anything, anything, it will lead you back to that last point that I says Wolfie unfussy Kuhn, even within yourselves, he was just here just to stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. And look at the blessings you have in front of you. Just looking you in the face.

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You would be grateful to the last panel to honor that my brothers and sisters is taqwa. And there are other aspects of taqwa as well. But that is the complete picture that goes beyond just fear. It's not one thing. It is living a life

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where we are conscious of a loss penalty era. And that is why in the hadith of murder, the love that I wear the price that I'm sending out a young companion to Yemen, to go give Dawa, to go teach people Islam. One of the first pieces of advice he gives him either on the alert that it tells him, Hey, through my Quint, he tells him how the taqwa of Allah no matter where you may be, and this Where is what it means that in physically like whatever place you're in, or whatever and also means whatever situation you're in. Whatever position you're in whatever emotional state you're in, have the taqwa of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Think of us think of either the reward or the punishment

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or think of the fact that the last time I was watching you think of how much you need to think about how much you need to love us and so on and so forth. And that is what what is that in no matter what we are doing, where we are, we are thinking of loss peddling. We are aware we are conscious of a lifespan of data. So whether for example, you're in a leadership position, and you have people in charge. You're in charge of people, you have people under you and to treat them fairly. That is taco have Taqwa and that state when you are an employee, and you work for someone. And yeah, you may not be caught you make you may, you know, be able to do something that is not allowed in your company or

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whatever. And you won't be caught by your boss. But a Muslim has the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. And they're conscious of a lot that is that is taqwa

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to be in the house, or outside of the house. How many times have we seen this happens? Pamela just to keep a little bit real. This morning? How many times have you seen it happen? Where you find a brother or sister who outside of the house? They look like the most perfect Muslim ever? Right? They look the part from the outside. Right? Mashallah brothers got a beard? Where's this not like, he looks pious, super Muslim right here. And actually, you know what they will be outside of their house, they will be you know, they'll treat everyone nice. And they have the best of character and this and that, whatever. However, inside of their house, their family is not safe from their bad

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character. they'll treat their wife bad or their children bad. And what is this, this is a lack of tech what inside of the house. So first, I'm telling you, the love that I have, no matter where you may be.

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And for some people, you know, it may be certain certain cases. I knew a brother, for example, who had the best of characters had a lot and, and it's only in one place that I ever saw him lose that good character. You know where that was? in the car. If somebody cut him off, road rage, right? It seems funny as hell and I know like road rage can be funny. But road rage can be a serious thing, especially here in Texas where you're allowed to carry guns and stuff like that. It's crazy. chickweed once told me never have road rage in Texas because you never know who's caring.

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But you may find somebody who's had a lot you know, they even like their normal life. And you know, they're fine. They don't they're not overly angry this not but in the road, they have no problem like flicking people off cussing people out and listen, not. And the kids sitting in the back seats panel, they're picking up all these things. Whatever state you may be, in a state of happiness, have the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. in a state of sadness, when we are sad, do we turn to a loss of data? Do we rely upon a lust pantalla in that state of sadness in the state of temptation? Do we have the tempo, the tempo of a las panatela? What we are exposing ourselves to do we have the tempo

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of a last minute data. And let me give you a real practical example here. Game of Thrones. Do we have the tequila las panatela when we think about watching Game of Thrones, right? Look, there's there's no Muslim out there. I don't think who will look at something like that and be like, yes, not so bad. Yeah, it's okay. Anyone who watches things like that?

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just outright nudity. And somehow a lot of these TV shows today, it's just like it's crazy how there's like, it's it's just pornography like there's, there's a story and then there's pornography. It's like pornography on TV now. And because it's become part of our culture, we accept it. But if we have the tech bubble las panatela, we're conscious of a Lost Planet Allah, we will protect ourselves from those types of situations. So when we are being tempted when in those situations, that is what taqwa is to be aware and conscious of lost power. And you know what? No one can tell that for you. No one can truly know the state of your taqwa. People can advise you we can advise one

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another. I can advise you to have tech while you can advise me to have Taqwa. That's nothing wrong with that. You can come up to me and say shake sad. Tequila is fine. I can say do you have Taqwa?

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But I don't know the state of your tequila,

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tequila taqwa is a matter of the heart.

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And you know who can fix our hearts?

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ourselves. We seek a loss path that has helped to fix our hearts because no one else has access to our hearts. And in the end of the day, every single one of us sitting here in this room, we have to judge for ourselves, what the level of our tech world is. This is a personal issue. And this is why the questions send them pointed at the man he pointed out his heart and his chest and he said a duck wahana. He said tuck what is here duck what isn't the heart? Yeah, we may see the effects of that taqwa upon our limbs and our behavior and our actions and so on and so forth. But taqwa is found in the heart. So what is upon us now Jalla Jalla. Today after this talk, is that we all go back to our

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hearts. And we take an account of ourselves, do some Maha Sabha take an account of ourselves and say, Well, what is the level of my taqwa in all situations? Not just when I'm in the machine, they're not just when I'm listening to a lecture, but not just when I'm around Muslims. How is my tempo when I'm around non Muslims? How how's my tempo when I'm at work, or here or there? What is the level of my tech law and once we understand the status of our heart, it is at that point that we could go go about fixing our connection with the last hour and raising the status of our tech why I asked Allah Subhana Allah to grant us all Taekwondo as well as to make us all amongst them we think

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and ask Allah to accept from us as the last part that accepts from them within their honor. I mean, Subhana calama will be the shadow Allah in regard to the lake, which is Aqua lung heart was set on widecombe What happen to LA he wanted to