Amr Khaled – The Followers #1 Al Muthana Ibn Haretha

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah subhanaw taala this peace and blessings be upon you, today's the second day of Ramadan, and we have new great intentions and great energy. We want to worship God as much as we can. This is a chance we know we might not be able to make up again, and a lot of reward. The Prophet peace be upon him says, whoever draws nearer to Allah, by performing any of the optional good deeds in this month, shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time. And whoever discharges an obligatory deed in this month, shall receive the reward of performing 70 obligations at any other time, treasures of good deeds, a

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clearance on all good deeds. So whoever wants to dig into the good deeds to reach heaven and reach Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure. Ramadan is your chance, go ahead. Today in sha Allah, we'll be talking about the first figure or person, he's a follower. He's a military commander, but he's not just any commander. He's the main cause in preparing to conquer and enter Persia and Iraq. Really? Yes, he's the one who paved the way for highly demanded worried. He's the first one to fight the Persians. Not just that, but he was one of the main causes for the Persian Empire to collapse. He did all that. And how old was he? 60 years old. But Why so late? Because he only embraced Islam when

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he was 60. Have any of you guessed who he is? Who is this follower? His name is in within native Niharika. And within native in the Hadith, who is he? And what is his story? His story story, 10 years before the Prophet peace be upon him passed away. So did he see the Prophet? Yes, he did. And did he sit with him? Yes, he sat with him. And he talked with him and he had a whole conversation. So he's a companion then. Right? No, because at that time, he wasn't a Muslim. He didn't embrace Islam. He chose not to become a Muslim, even after meeting with the Prophet peace be upon him. Do you know when he embraced Islam, three months after the Prophet peace be upon his death? So do you

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understand what I was talking about in the previous episode? Can you imagine how much he cried, he lost the title of being called a companion. The Prophet died, and he never got to support him. He had a wake up call three months after the prophets death, and he became a Muslim. So he only became a follower. Because as we see, as we said before, a companion is only the one who met the Prophet while being a Muslim. So became a follower and Musa nebula Haritha. I'm not telling stories, I want us to bring out ideas and meanings. So what is the idea? I want to point out to you here, I want to tell you that life has choices. And sometimes we make the wrong choice, and regretted our entire

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life. And within the worked till he died, I lost the chance of being the Prophet's companion. He died, and I didn't stand by him and support him. I wonder, have you also made wrong choices in your life? I wonder, are you going to regret these choices? Be careful if you can correct them do that quickly. Do it now. And within no was too late. And miss being your companion? Look at your choices. And if you need to correct them, don't wait. So back again to on with Hannah, who is he? He's from a tribe called Benny che ben and Benny che ben is one of the strongest Arab tribes. And this tribe was located between Iraq and Iran according to the nowaday maps, but at that time, it was located

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between Persia and the Arabs, exactly in the middle, and one of the strongest Arab tribes. And because Persian knew that it was of the strongest Arab tribes, and because it wanted to secure its boundaries with the Arab lands, the Persians went to Venice and che ben and made an agreement with them, that Benny che ban would protect them from any Arabs who would try to conquer their lands and protect their boundaries. And in return, they would also protect them in addition to other benefits. Of course, bene che ban was very pleased, because with this agreement, Persia, who was a great power at that time, proof that banish a ban was a tribe of great power that share borders with them. And

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so of course, Pinochet been withheld on to that agreement to their utmost. And who's the military commander of Venice, Shaban al Muthanna of the Hatha, he's their commander, and before him who was their commander, and Musa was father, and he was one who taught him the Art of Fighting and war. His father prepared him to be his successor and become the commander after him. And before his father died, he gave him a lesson in life. And this lesson might be wrong, but that's what his father told him and

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And fortunately, he lived by this lesson. What did he tell him? He told him, befriend the strong and never befriend the weak, never fight who is stronger than you? Truth or what's right is power. And whoever has the power is the one who is truthful and right, and righteousness is in power. So never find power, but fight the weak and befriend the powerful one, even if he harms the weak, and he told him, this is life. So everything he would calculate who has more power, but unfortunately, he's married to a woman who is totally the opposite to this. Her name is Salma, vinto Siva, send them into cassava believes in truth and doing what's right and good. So she would tell him truth and

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good, does come before power. And of course, and with no, we think my father, the military commander, or my wife, of course, my father. So he lived with this lesson that his father gave him wherever power is I'm in and agreed to what they do. And that's why his embracing Islam was delayed. Why? Because his mind was said, I'm with power, not the truth, power, if truth and is right, until he met the Prophet peace be upon him for the first time. When was this 10 years after the prophecy, and three years before the Prophet peace be upon him is his era or immigrating? And how was the prophet status at that time? He was in very rough times at the time. Why? Because the Muslims were

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besieged and trapped in by Croatian Mecca, the prophets friends were being killed. With all that passed away, Khadija passed away, the Prophet went to tell if and they tried to stone him, no support whatsoever. He didn't have the financial power. He had no power, but he had the truth, his financial power equals zero. And that's why when he held his hands, hi supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala after he was thrown with the stones by the people of the tar if he said, Oh Allah, I complain to you of my weakness, my Secretary of resources and the humiliation I've been subjected to by the people Allahumma in the HQ like Adolfo Coletti will kill it actually, later you will when you

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Allah Nez, so he's telling him I have no power, no financial power. And then at the end of the day, he says, so long as you're not angry with me, I don't care in lemmya Combi Kahala Jada Boone Fela Auberry. What does this mean? It means as long as I am with the truth and what's right, I don't care what's going to happen. Do you see where this episode is going? Power or truth and what's right, who are you with? Power? Or what's right? What are your choices in life, power or truth? I started this episode by talking about choices. And I spoke about those who regret their choices. What are your choices affected by power or truth? So I'm within them the Haritha was with his tribe and he che ben

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during the pilgrimage season, and the Prophet peace be upon him and a robot with him are going to every tribe to seek their protection from Quraysh. But which tribe is stronger from Quraysh. They spoke with 26 tribes asking for the protection, but not one tribe agreed to protect them from Quraysh. I will welcome you all the tribes. So as he's looking from afar, he saw who vanished a ban. And he said to the Prophet peace be upon him. If Allah subhanaw taala blesses us by this tribe support, it would be a great victory. They were his friends originally Abu Bakr is friends. So who's sitting three men? Who were the head of this tribe, Who are these men? One was called Mr. Brooker,

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Nam, and the second hand, Abner cabeza and the third one was called an alternative Niharika. Their military commander, imagine the scene. The three of them are sitting and Obafemi Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him entering upon them, and with him the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and were workers introducing the Prophet peace be upon him to them, and they're his friends. And the conversation starts with their leader a lot aka Nam. And will Buckler asks him. How many are you? And he means they're warriors? How many warriors Do you have? And among answers him 3003 1000 aren't easily defeated by a minority. And then Abu Bakr asked him house their strength. He replied,

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we exert effort and do what we have to do and the victory is up to Allah subhanaw taala the sound like saying words, right? So Abu Bakr continued asking him, how is the war like between you and your enemies? Abu Bakr, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him. It's trying to show the Prophet sallallahu wasallam their strength. So Brooke answered him saying, we are most angry when we meet our enemies, and we prepare prefer having horses to having children. So he's basically saying I'd rather have a horse and a child, meaning we are warriors, and we prefer weapons to sowing seeds. So they rather buy weapons than planting. So we were talking about real warriors, then you say then,

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some of our crew was thinking, this is perfect, we can definitely make an agreement with these people. And then I looked at the Prophet peace be upon him and said to him, Are you a brother of Quraysh, a friend of grace, he still didn't really know who he was. Abu Bakr, on the other hand didn't really like the word or your brother or friend of Quraysh. So he told him, Do you not know that he's the Prophet of Allah? And Luke replied, saying, We heard that he's claiming to be Do you see what the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was?

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was to imagine claiming to be. And then the group continued saying, and what is it that you want? Brother of Quraysh the Prophet peace be upon him replied, I want you to shelter me and protect me until I deliver my Lord's message. For surely Grace has gathered against me and truly Allah is the self sufficient the Praiseworthy, he will support me and give me victory. So he asked him, What do you call the people to Oh, brother of Quraysh? What's your message? So the Prophet started to recite the Holy Quran, and he started reciting and reading from Surah Al Anon the cattle and look at what he chose to recite a verse that says two words about hate monotheism. And then it talks about morals

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or manners. Listen to the verse, say, Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. He commands that you not associate anything with Him, will tell you a Tamil haram or Bukoba Alikum Allah to Shrek will be che and so that's concerning to hate. And then look at the coming manners or morals that the verse mentions. This is Islam guys. This is what it's about manners and morals. So what was the message? Are you going to tell them oh prophet of Allah, and that you do good to parents and that you slay not your children in fear of poverty, we provide for you and for them and do not approach and moralities what is apparent of them and what is concealed and do not kill the

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soul which Allah has forbidden to be killed except by legal rights. This has he instructed you that you may use reason

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and then he continued are saying in Arabic Corbyn, very tiny accent and whatever talk to Allah document him love and not under Zuko coma yeah home. What are the club refresh metadata mean? How am I button? Well as Dr. Universality Hora Mala who will level Huck Delica was so convinced Allah Allah come talk balloon. And Muhammad said, and what else do you call to the Prophet peace be upon him continued and do not approach the orphans property except in a way that is best until he reached reaches maturity and give full measure and weight and Justice Justice. We do not charge any soul except with that within its capacity. And when you testify be just even if it concerns in your

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relative and the covenant of Allah fulfill this has he instructed you that you may remember what are the caribou Melania team electability here accent hop Diablo I should. Well Phil Taylor will present will cost la new California San Llosa will either quantum fabuleux while Canada CORBA will be delay off with Eddie como Sercombe La La Quinta karoun. You see, manners manners. So my group said and what else the Prophet peace be upon him said, Indeed Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He instructs you that perhaps you will be reminded in the law via mobile Hadley, we'll send me what you tell either CORBA

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way unhandled fascia you will know Cardwell belly. Yeah, haidakhan La La Quinta karoun have not looked at him and smiled and said, Truly, You didn't call except for the best of manners and morals. Truly those who fought you and had memories with you have oppressed you? So what does this mean? And Mohawk like the words of the Prophet, right? Imagine if Benny che band supported the Prophet peace be upon him, it would be such a victory, the whole problem would end, right? And then another group look to Hannibal oxidiser. And said, What do you think Han? Han is their leader and wisdom? So he said, I like what you said, or brother of Quraysh. But we can't leave our religion and embrace yours

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in one meeting. But we will go back to our people. And you go back to yours. And we'll ask them their opinion and come back to you. And I liked what you said. Meaning what? I agree with what you said and want to go with it. So the first were agreeing to what they heard. So they look to their third who's who and within them. Niharika. And they said, What do you have to say within within the looked at the Prophet peace be upon him and said, Oh, brother of Quraysh. I find what you said nice, and it's good in the scale of goodness or badness, right? It's definitely good. But we're between between two barriers here. The Prophet asked, and what are the two barriers, he said, We're between

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the lands of Persia and the lands of the Arabs. And wherever Rome occurs from the side of the Arabs, we can do whatever you want with them, it can be forgiven. But as for the Persian side, remember, they're the strong ones with power, whoever wrongs them is not forgiven, and his excuse is not accepted. I see what you call to to be hated by the kings. In other words, kings and rulers do not like what you're calling to. And I see you will be at inequity with the Persians and between us and between the Persians is a great agreement. We can protect you from the Arabs, but not from the Persian Persians, and Western to blow it up. The Prophet peace be upon him said no. Only the one who

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takes the religion from all its sides is the one who really embraces it.