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In Alhamdulillah raha

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who wanted to go la when I want to be laughing and surely and fusina woman say as Yama Nina niyati Nina Who? Filipina woman, Hala Hala, wash hadwin La Ilaha last Allahu wa Chicana why shadow Ana Mohammed Abdul boo, boo solo law when he was selling operator for law we praise Him we thank him we ask him for his help. And we ask Him for His forgiveness We seek refuge in the lawful tada from the evil vile souls and the evil directions. Whoever is guarded by law the No one can be Skyped in and whoever is misguided the No one can guide them except for lawful Donna I believe that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad Allah when it was done then is

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his final messenger and the pod festival My dear sisters and brothers so now my econ water can flow over cattle.

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It's an absolute pleasure to be amongst all of you have hunted Allah May Allah bless this gathering and ask a lot of Tyler that not one person leaves this gathering except that a man was increased and distance were forgiven inshallah.

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So my dear sisters and brothers, it's no secret that, you know, so many amongst us are struggling to keep every man strong, especially in these times. You know, many of us are facing a lot of pressures, both inside and outside of our houses. Um, you know, when are we speaking about dealing with Islamophobia outside the house, mental health issues, you know, marital problems, family problems, the list goes on.

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And more than ever, we find many people are struggling to hold it together as a result. And that's why more than ever, we're need to find the right company, to help us to do that and show off.

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And a little bit what the prophet SAW longer than advised us. In regards to the power of coming together and supporting each other. You think about that powerful Hadith, in which he says a meal, you really California and you should do Baba Baba, that the movement to the you know, the believer to another believer is like a solid structure, you know, each part is coming together to hold each other up, lift each other up. And you know, and make we together, we like to go this is our strength, this is how we strengthen one another because we know that originally, Allahu taala created us in weakness, as alongside it tells us what we want in seven body fat, that mankind all of

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us the power ultimately, by ourselves, we're very weak. It's not we've you know, if we don't have the hope of a local toddler, then by ourselves, we're very weak. And who else do we have, after a lot except us into the brothers we stand to support us upon along. So

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this is how a lot of listen to the last little line is going to showed us how important it is for us to you know, come together, be together like events like these are so vital for us, especially in these times, you know, because each of us is strengthening one another. And we're very, we're very not in much anywhere very much in need of having us because of the others around us to to lift us up, remind us and help us to hold it all together. Okay, so this is why especially a good fight. And especially if you're trying to, you know, move away from a past life, you do have time to move away from your past or you're trying to get stronger, then it's even more important that you be proactive

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in seeking out the right type of company to be around that's going to help you to do that. And obviously, what is the company I'm speaking about, you know, obviously, the type of company we're talking about, is the type of company that is going to help you to get closer to a loss of pantalla you know, the ones that they're going to be there to hold up their hands. If they see you starting to fall ties, this slowly news is

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slowly creeping backwards, you know, they'll be there to hold up their hand to try to pull you back up and getting back on track.

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And this is exactly why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he told us, you know, and Mongol Allah de Cali, a person will be upon the region of their front, the young go ahead to come to Hollywood, he is to look at who you take as your close company or your close friends.

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And this is exactly why we should never underestimate who you choose to be around to be around because everybody in your life has an influence on you. Everybody in your life has influence upon you. And you know, yeah, and this all has an influence on how we how little or how much you're able to be strong in staying away from, you know, for example, especially when it comes to skin

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To the party, if you're trying to get away from that, then then everyone you have in your life is having an influence upon you, in how strong you're able to, you know, maintain that, you know, steadfastness after moving away from that path, right? So, and this is exactly what if you look at what the self help industry speaks about, like, they basically say that you are basically the average of the, you know, the main five people you spend your time with, you are basically that average of those five people or you know, those five people in your life. And this is exactly why you grew up the righteous priestess is meishan

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you find quotes, for example, where resembles with the NFL rewriting the law is that there's nothing that corrupts, or rectifies the person more than they companion. Okay, so who do you look to to be your influences in life, who will evolve models, the influences around you who's gonna do time with and, you know, as you know, who has been Tommy now, he's not just about who we spend time with offline, you know, now it's online, we've got to be worrying about who we are looking to, to influence influence us online, who we hang out with the most online, these these headers could mean it could impact on, you know, our ability to also either move forward in showing our Deen or, you

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know, unfortunately, to have a detrimental effect on us. And this is why Emmanuel favor a lot. He actually mentioned about friends and he, he says that friends are three different types. Okay, when it comes to the UK, or the friends you choose, there's three different categories, we can, you know, sort them into. So for example, the first one of those were like food.

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So these ones, the ones can really, you cannot do without these ones, they're the ones that you normally see with them that remind you of the alcohol, you know, they increase your Eman, they encourage you, they, you know, if we learned if beneficial knowledge from them. So these type of friends, David, all these company, subcommittees, that doesn't mean it's necessarily a friend, it could be the company as the thought that you attend, like, you know, lessons, you go into that also company too, right?

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These are the type of company that you should try to be in that company as much as possible. If you can't get to a physical class, you try to at least listen to lessons online, that's the copy, you're trying to, you know, keep that positive company in your life. Then we come to the second category of friends, which is thought of as they're like medication.

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They're the ones you need from time to time. So the way we could describe this category, this is the type that you know, you feel comfortable in a presence, you don't feel judged by them, you know, you have a lot, you can be yourself, you know, this type of friends that, you know, you want to hang around with them sometimes, but you don't want to overdo it. Like, we all know that, it's great to have some time out with our friends. But if you do that every day, it ends up as you know, it ends up falling into, you know, not, you know, not very beneficial type of talk, and you know how it goes. And then we come to the third type, which is like the harmful type of company. And this is the

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type of company that they drag you backwards. Okay, so what happens is, when you leave the company, we feel like men became weak up, like, they can continue to go back to your old life, like you've left that life behind you, you try to improve. That is the reason that I had to leave my class to, you know, I had a lot of friends, you know, before I was Muslim, and I know that if I had kept on hanging out with that tight, they would never have encouraged me to date, you know, destroying sand, everyone was talking backwards, right? The same thing, if you left in past life is the same thing, you know, you've had a past, you need to keep moving away from that you need people in your life who

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are going to really have a positive impact on you challenge you to do better, like that's what you're looking for, right? So you have to realize that one person before, you know, that company is not just having bad friends, it's you know, it's also the bad environments that, um, you know, even comes down to those who you follow on social media, they can have a significant, you know, negative impact on your imagined spiritual well being just as much, because a lot of us hanging around online ordering hang around the people, you know, offline now, you know, sometimes you don't see them for weeks, but we see people online far more, right. So, um, you wouldn't really question who you are

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following and who are you allowing to influence your life because, you know, basically, I would say don't expect to have strong men. If you know the number one people that you find on say, Instagram and Snapchat, I like to see as in Hollywood stars, like you're not going to get very far in life. If you're top the top person you've always at kadesh

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or something like that, right? So

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it's not enough to be just trying to choose a White County offline, if you're either competing or choosing online is the complete opposite of that.

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So that's why we need to be proactive in seeking out the white company by looking for the white places. I mean, I know myself, like, actually, I feel that, like the internet can be the best thing if using the right way. Like, personally, myself, I feel like I'm hungry. Now. I've been very inspired by following certain individuals. You know, because I'm on Facebook and Instagram, I'm very choosy who I, you know, pick to follow. But I'm supplying a lot of people who really want to make a change in the world in a beneficial way. You know, they're really making the most of their time making most of their life, people who inspire you and challenge you to do better, they are the type

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of people that you want to be following, right? And inshallah through that you can reach high levels of self improvement and self development.

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All right, the whole thing was talking about tonight is the point that also, you know, helping people feel they belong, and are part of the community.

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And that's why if you could walk through one of the very first things that the prophets that alarmism did when he went to Medina, you see that the first thing he did was to establish Allahu orfila like he established the bottle hood, you know, in for the sake of a lot between Assad and more hygiene. That's the first thing he did. So we see the importance of having that bond and trying to create environments which we bring the believers together and create that bond between us. Because when a person as those of you who replace the apostle rebuild it, you know very well that when you've left everything behind, and you know, you have that family support you then who do you

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have after all off? If it's not your brothers and sisters to support you, right?

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But the thing is that if you look at the way that this is done and brotherhood was practiced in a time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is actually quite different and what we are unfortunately getting into today, right? Because you know, at the time of the Prophet so long as they knew that the true reason that you love another, you know, sister or brother, he said, is simply due to that person, sincere love for a lot and he's missing just a lot of money to set him even if it weren't a so called perfect Muslim. Okay, but the fact that that person is trying, they love a lot, they love his Rahul Salama Sarah, you can say that sincerity in them that they're not, they're not the so

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called pitch of the perfect person, but you can see their heart they trying? Okay, so these are the ones who deserve a love. But now what we find, sadly, is, you know, we've a lot of the way that a lot of Muslims practice today, right? It's more as we all know, it's more about like, What message do you do go to what group you belong to, you know what country you're from, you find that if you're not from a certain ethnic ethnic group,

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you find also you're on the outside, you often find yourself on the outside, right?

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You know, what country you're from, all of those things are playing, unfortunately,

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a big role in the way people are practicing their system.

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And what we find with a lot of people is they only practice that often let alone practice the system. We need those small circles, or networks, and they forget to extend, they forget to extend that.

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To all of these things to the brothers we stand. Because they were for failure is not just limited to a small group, right? It's for all brothers and sisters. As long as they have that love for one to two, then they deserve a share of the fatherhood of these two, right? So this is a sad reality that you find today that, you know, if you ask a lot of people, let me tell you if you ask them, and a lot of people don't tell you that they feel like they don't really belong, or that I feel that they fit in. Okay. And maybe people tell you that you need to find some people who tell you that they haven't experienced the feeling of that true brotherhood or sisterhood in Islam.

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And instead, you'll find that they actually have bad experiences with certain people that's pushing away from wanting to be with the community.

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So we need to realize that you know, being treated badly by another brother or sister is planned. As any of you know, he has been hurt by the bottom and of course it's really sad like, I'm sure most of us have in some time in our life had experience with some symbols the stuff has really hurt us and it's It hurts so much more than had an awesome head.

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Because he has a plan to touch her expectations of your brothers and sisters, sisters in Islam and and when they let you down, they let you jump on. I mean, you know, you read, you read the iron on like, well, Donna says 13 being left in La Nina, are you 13 and in calculating, right, so a long time, it tells us that you know, when you deal with your brothers and sisters, you know, be gentle and be soft with them. Okay, be gentle and be soft, be empathetic towards your brothers and sisters. When you deal with non Muslims who try to degrade, you should debate your religion, you do them in ways that you will preserve your honor and dignity as an Australian allows us to be downtrodden and

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allow good things to be done for them. Right.

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But what we find happens today on the ground, especially these days, is, you know, um, we tend to *, you know, shout out this site, to those on the outside. But yeah, we're so ultra harsh and judgmental of one another. I mean, of course, we want to do beautiful damage to them all Muslims want to show them the beauty of Islam. But isn't it sad that we often show that beautiful face and we can we have all that patience, we go through being down to but when it comes to our Muslim brothers and sisters who deserve to be treated in a much more empathy and most of the way, for some reason, we become ultra harsh and ultra judgmental, right. And you know, what still is we forget

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that not everybody has a happy marriage. You know, not everybody is from a loving, stable family they can turn to for support.

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So it's a truly sad day, citizen brothers. When a person feels more respected and more cared for, by by nonsense than I do from the offseason bothers me snap. Okay, this is where we need to really, you know, improve our situation big time, because, like I was saying this morning, she's consistent, you know,

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if you really look at the big picture, what is the Muslim community in relation to the rest of Australia?

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It's like, you're in the middle of the desert.

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And you is oasis in the middle of this desert, right? And we just like seeing the Oasis with a desert all around us, you know, and, and basically, if we're not looking after the people in this places, you're going to push it out into that harsh desert? And how are they going to survive outside? Right? Um, look, at the end of the day, we can all sit here and we can complain about the state of Oklahoma, I don't I'm not used to

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playing the victim. Right? I believe that we have to start with ourselves, you know, like, we can point the finger at everybody else. So they, they should do that here and look at they do we can do that. But in reality, we're sisterhood and brotherhood start with after each and every one of us efficient either not taking the responsibility to try to you know, really improve after doing rather good things to Panama imagine, you know, the the turnaround we can see in almost Shama.

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So we need to realize that you will never reach a complete level one, and two, we practice our system and Ababa, in the same way that a lot is missing just a lot more central us, like looking at the next level also a lot is unsafe, let me know as you can

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see, like, none of you should be delayed until he loves Baba, or he loves for himself. You mean you will not reach a level of state of complete enam you know, Perish the high levels of demand, until you really genuinely start to care and love your brothers and sisters, the way you you know the things that you love yourself, you love that also, and you got that kind of treatment, like just like you like to be treated in a soft way. And she respected that you deal with those brothers in the same way. Right.

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And we start with what a long time tells us, Mohammed, when he mentions about the treatment of the believers or not, he describes it. And he says we have now been right that they have that empathy and mercy with one another.

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So this is we need to you know, practice being more compassionate, we want another we need to also, you know, Nic hours feel like they belong.

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Even if they're a shock as a so called perfect Muslim. We have to try and see outside the box and realize a lot more going on behind the scenes. People today as before, they're dealing with a lot of issues going on in their lives and just don't know this, you know, you just don't know what's going on in someone's household.

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And we need to drop the harshness and adopt mentalism and simply be a lot Kinder.

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And we'll carry towards each other. Because, like I was saying, there are so many of our brothers and sisters who are walking amongst us with smiles on their faces. But let me tell you in their hearts, they are suffering from so many different problems and trials.

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So sisters and brothers is trying to do better and reaching out to others and you know, showing a love and concern for them. Even if they're not from our regular Friendship Circle, we need to do better at you know, making them feel like they belong and showing them the beauty of like the care of the stand and the empathy that was to have for each other. You know, let's also try to practice more of the sooner of smiling in each other's faces. I mean, often you find people smart there's people that they know really well and then if you don't really know someone you just you don't smile they penalize it's amazing how we all know that calmness and utilization that smiling in the face of

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your brother or sister, of course not.

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Not someone who's opposite gender, right?

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But I mean, you say so. It's something that you know, it's dependable, you can make someone's day just by smiling at them. You can make someone's day just by smiling at them of course, I know that a lot of brothers daily visitors are small you don't have to do that. But you know what I'm trying to say

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you know and same senang to

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who you know who don't know like well this is the thing with their we were really lucky with this like we say semantics and we've got about Masjid, you know, the ones who are in our group but if there's another system or another group I'm not saying Sam to her, you know, like we all know how it goes right?

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And look simple things I've just asked the people are you okay? You haven't seen as they come to listen for a while. Haven't seen a sister, you know, who used to come to events. Why not just takes to know or baba, you haven't come to the masjid to pray that everybody knows how beautiful he is the being of you know, the you haven't been sick or something like that, and you haven't been to mastery. And then someone contacts and just yeah, you just want to make sure you're right. You know, as part of that sort of, you know, just having a small action can make a huge thing in someone's heart.

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Now, what I want to say to any sister or brother, who today who may be struggling to hold things together,

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is even if you've gone through bad experiences previously with the community, my best advice I can tell you is don't judge the actions of some have been the whole community. Right? It's one of the biggest mistakes we can make. Just because you imagine a very bad experience. I know how painful it can be I myself experienced, at times very painful experiences, right. But I know that they're not the whole community. They don't represent the whole community, right. But the advice and the messenger bot hold fast to what he says stick to your mouth, stick to the main body of the Muslims. You know, no matter what you've gone through, never let that excuse to completely remove yourself

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from the Muslim community. And the prophets, the Lord is that he tells us find a new jet out upon you is now upon us sticking with them out in a

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minute one. And we'll pause here like Verily,

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verily, the, you know, the wolf II piece, the stray sheep. So in other words, when we stick together, like I said, we gain our strength. by sticking together and alone, we are weak. I don't care how much money you have. I don't care how much Eman you think you have. But trust me, if you don't like the community, you will leave your survival. useful. You too. I am sure that many of you have seen that in the lights. You say people who thought was so strong? And how are things changed, and you sort of drift away. And I'd say it in my journey. We handle a lot of times with me in the last 30 years. And I asked Tara to let me drive on staff not to, you know, and to only make them

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huge. On the set of a standard for all of us in this room, I asked a lot of data to let us all dynast at the stand, you know, and we stay flat until we meet we can show up. But what I'm trying to say sisters and brothers is that,

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you know, being on your own, don't think you're so strong. Never ever underestimate how weak we truly are. Right?

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And always realized before that realize that those people you have probably they're not the whole community. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion of you as them. Yes, people can be horrible. I know they can be absolutely nasty. But not everyone is going to agree with them whenever they have the same opinion. So my advice is that case, look for bad copy to being try a different messaging. Try out a different community group until you find the right one for you. And Shawn.

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The other thing I want to say is that, you know,

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if you need help, you don't have to struggle online. You do not have to struggle online. There are a lot of people in the community who do care, and will go out of their way to help you and show them that someday.

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times you just have to keep trying, as you find who those people are. And 100 Nah, brothers and sisters, I do want to give us a bit of credit, you know, we definitely have come a long way than how many will say 20 years ago and a lot more support now within our community. But, of course, I'm not saying you don't have a long ways to go, right.

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Okay, I just want to finish up my talk tonight by reminding all of us about the benefits of choosing good company, and why it's worth sticking it out. You know, in staying with the community, even if you you know, it can be painful at times how, how it's so much worth it. Especially not just in benefits in this dunya. But even when talking about for the NFL, there are three different ways on automation of how keeping good companionship will benefit you in not just this slide, but in the list. So, the first one of these is the diago funeral. May Allah bless all of our lives and make them very long through the righteous deeds, a lot of money. Okay? But on the day of your funeral,

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why do you say to the brothers, that will be the day that you'll find everybody they used to pray next to everybody went to hugs, everybody used to pass me, you know, people who use the lessons used to attend, they're the ones who's going to come and pray over you when you pass away.

00:26:27--> 00:26:45

And you know, I have to say, I actually like the kingdom mosque in Sydney. And he said sometimes when I go past some particular funerals, and all I see outside the messaging, I like all these hot up cause a whole bunch of like non Muslims and probably Muslims who

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don't have any any semblance of your resemblance of a being Muslim that therefore you don't know how to pray. And they are the ones turning up the funeral pray, john, Stan, but we know that the reason people are told us that just 40 righteous people, when to pray over a deceased this is this is a shift out because this topic intercession, inshallah to a lot of, you know, for that person that I'm sure that they'll be forgiven, if they had those people. So having those good people to come and pray over you. You know, that's, that's one of the big bonuses of being with the community because they are showing me your love and your masculinity. When you pass away, they'll be there just to

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feel their voice over you as a Muslim brother or sister. Okay, that's one thing. Then the second way they benefit as well. On the Day of Resurrection,

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Allahu taala tells us and if you love your man, you didn't bow go home, leave out in

00:27:42--> 00:28:12

Turkey, that total is false in this world, on the Day of Resurrection, become like enemies. So people who used to just have a relationship because they were, you know, business partners, or even normal marriage bonds, anything, you know, like family bonds, everybody's going to become an enemy to each other. They don't know the other one. They just care about themselves, the only one who's gonna benefit another person of those who were from the Latinos for us to believe and, you know, they believe in them.

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Because, you know, the prophets are long. So he told us that after the believers pass of Xerox, now, you know that there's a breach that stretched out over the Hellfire, right, and everyone has to pass over that, like all the believers need to pass over this breach. So it's a very, very thin, reach extremely thin dinner here, in fact, and it's extremely dark, like you can't see anything because it's completely black, except for the light of your imaginary part in you. Okay? So you kind of cross over this bridge. And then there's, like, these hooks on the bridge does

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mention like thorns. That way as you're passing, it's going to try to, you know, drag you into jahannam. And the only way that's going to help you pass over is basically your Eman and righteous deeds you do this life if you're whoever was steadfast in his life, Allah will make them steadfast in passing over that, that thin reach on your piano, right.

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Okay, so what's gonna happen is that they will be sadly they will be the leaders who will be usually seen today faltering, that they are going to fall into the gentlemen that will take up all the medical stuff amongst them, right? But they are going to fall in May. Okay, so what's gonna happen is, once the Delete is reached the other side

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they're gonna say to the law, your law.

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They asked some of our brothers and sisters, we used to pray with them.

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We all know next time and most of us don't realize that they fall into the gentlemen while to do that. So then a long time

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Tell them bring out those whom you recognize. How do they recognize them my sisters and brothers by by the light on you know from the level of frustration, right then paste in frustration, the small part that they're going to recognize them in the fire panel law. So what I'm trying to say is that after the messenger after the messenger a lot into seats and the prophecy to see the angels and to see then even the believers will be given a chance to to see for their brothers and sisters. So again, you mentioned because you knew that particular sister You knew that he can get a brother that you know, or those who knew you that that's a chance for you also know, and that's how they're gonna

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benefit you inshallah. Alright, and lastly, the last time it's going to be a huge benefit in Sharla is that

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and then it's mentioning num Sahaja Muslim, that a man came to the prophet SAW last night.

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And he said, The Prophet said a lot of a sudden,

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what do you say about a man who loves people? But he can't catch up to them? Right? You can't take up too many days. Sometimes you don't pay but he's pelo. I mean, we have brought up made peace with a sidecar. You know, you can, you know, I can't I can't do that.

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I can't do that, you know. Um, so sometimes, you know, you love the the leaders you can love through school, you love the companions, you love the believers. But you know that you're not like you try hard, but somehow you're just not able to, you know, do what they can do. Right? So the message of the law, so why doesn't he tell he told him and marble my man, I have a personal beef with who they love. That's a rough man from a law that he couldn't, you know, he did not what he was saying is a perfect book, so called so called politically right? Because everybody's got their faults, right. But the fact that you have that sincere love for the good people will help you to be with them in a

00:32:02--> 00:32:37

nice life and shot a lot. You know, as long as you know, we tried the best that you could write. And along those, you know, honors, we can pull a lot that you can't just say, Well, I'm trying my best, not really trying your best. Everybody knows best. who's trying who's not okay. But the fact is, if you really have that sincere belief, even if you're a person who's just like trying to stumble your way to Jana, the fact that you love the rustle the cattle, you love the companions, you love the believers, from the rockmelon. So rotten Avila for the believers, he will help you show up to be with those believers beginning anytime over the next month.

00:32:38--> 00:33:23

So I asked along, Tyler, as I said before, to begin every one of us for coming in today go over that. I mean, I asked the local diner to unite us all in Genesis Bulldogs, by his rough man. And that may be from those who enter into jhana with an MBR with the profits, and we deceived your pain, the true and sincere believers with the Assad regime. Right the shoe had that with the boxes and making the figures all of us in Sharla and making COPPA supposed to be steadfast in his life and to die upon a stem to die upon the word of leggy there have been a lot and I want to finish by you know the got the put on are often of feeling unworthy of wanting to live in a setup una de man. When I

00:33:23--> 00:34:05

say Gylfi udia we lesbian lesbian Donna in Caracas Rahim. Allah forgive us and what does the sisters who came before us amen and do not allow our hearts to be filled with bad feelings towards those who believe on banner in Nicaragua Rahim Allah, you are the most merciful and the most forgiving. So I'll leave it with that inshallah. Welcome to holy hell that was stopped for a while we would have gone a lot more natural like I had been and Luca would have to like sit down money come what I can do my workouts