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This video commences with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delving on the fact that why did the Prophet ﷺ want the Muslims to remain in Abyssinia when he was in power, winning battles etc.

Meanwhile, in Makkah, two major conversions took place after the second immigration to Abyssinia. The first of them was Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib - the uncle of the Prophet ﷺ. Its reported that just three days later Allah blessed the Muslims with the conversion of Umar ibn Al-Khattab RA. Listen to know more about how these conversions took place and the incidents that transpired before them.

With the two conversions, both Hamza and Umar RA, the Quraysh felt defeated and humiliated. Firstly, the bulk of the Muslims fled to Abyssinia. This was threatening and disgraceful. And second two of the most prominent and powerful men had left them and joined Islam.

The Quraysh did not leave this and instead opted for the most strict of methods to make the Prophet ﷺ tread the difficult path and that was the boycott. The Muslims were to not get any food or water and all marriages were cut off along with business transactions etc. It was a complete boycott. This resulted in a type of exile being imposed on themselves and moving to a valley outside of Mecca. In order to solidify this boycott, the Quraysh wrote a treaty amongst themselves that nobody will basically socialise with the Banu Abd Munaf/Banu Hashim.

A number of incidents happened that finally brought about the boycott to end.what were they and how did they come into existence? What nullified the treaty and made the Banu Hashim return to Mecca? Listen intently and revel in Allah’s Qadr.

The Prophet ﷺ and the Sahaba returned after 2.5 years of the boycott; around the 10th year of the Dawah when the Prophet ﷺ was roughly 49 years old.

And then Allah tested him with the most difficult and traumatic tests - the death of Abu Talib and Khadijah and then Taif. This was the lowest period of the seerah of the Prophet ﷺ.


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