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How often do you look at your watch?

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Sulaiman Moola

Channel: Sulaiman Moola

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Episode Transcript

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim it is an irrefutable reality that nobody monitors time in the presence of his or her beloved. And on the reverse if you're sitting in the company of a person you're uncomfortable with you will be anxious or restless and uneasy looking at your watch every minute if not second. The question my brother and my sister I asked you is when do you monitor time? When you go to the mall? Are you monitoring time? Or is it my brother when you enter the masjid to see how long was the Salah of the Imam Are you monitoring time when you are surfing the net my brother oh are you monitoring time in the month of Ramadan that it's only four hours down? I still have 14

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hours or 10 hours to go are you monitoring time when you play in your sports on a Sunday? Or are you monitoring time when it is your your taraweeh Salah in the masjid when I came across a very beautiful quotation in biannual Koran in the 18th chapter in the 19 verse, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about those youth in the bygone years that after Allah gave them a pro long sleeve for three centuries and then Allah revive them. So amongst themselves they started quizzing each other. How long did you sleep? Viola bass? Nah, yo man. Oba Yo, I think it was half a day or one day. They slept for three centuries. But they trivialize that period to half a day. Why is Stata new a Yama

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louisana wahaca shotgun or sharptail Jamal because these moments were spent with our beloved and that is the salient quality of those who are the true lovers of Allah. ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, Al Habibi were in Iran, that time a lover spends with his beloved is always short, regardless of how long it actually is. was a manual eg tmre We're in kathuria. See, Ron? is Allah Yoko dominello habibie Watteau, and we're Infineon de Haru. Amara, you can meet your beloved 10 times it's insufficient. The one yearning for the masjid even five times he wants to go more than five. He goes prior to the athon. He comes much later he rises early. Why I need to spend more time with my beloved one.

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More hypo Li Li is a Kanaka euro line a bill with Sally. You cannot expect the lover to monitor time when he is in the obedience or he is in the company of his beloved. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with that closeness to bless us with that proximity that we become oblivious of time when we in his obedience. I mean, you're a bell alameen