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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the Mi first revolution embrace the leader within and I'm really excited today to be here with on Jamal, on Jamal and I go way back back in the day of chat Islam teaching together online, our Muslim sisters across the globe. She's an amazing sister. She calls herself a stand up but I think she should call herself chef her but eventually she'll work her way up to it because she's got so many studies I like I'm

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in or have her Arabic. You know, being a convert like myself, you know, the way she's developed her language and her understanding of the deen. It's absolutely amazing. And I love the work that she does. Helping Muslim sisters really understand their Deen answering their questions, especially the sorts of things that we really need a female to ask. So she's doing such important amazing work. So I'm excited to have her here with me today. Welcome on Jamal. And I'm on a camera care to how are you Sister Catherine? Good. Would you feel kind words?

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Leila hamdulillah might your most deserving of them with the work that you do. And you've continued to do all this time, you know, may Allah reward you. So before we get into what you want to share with the sisters, about embracing the leader within themselves from an Islamic perspective, I'd love to ask you first to share with the sisters why you think it's important that they actually do that?

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Okay, well, you know, what I really believe somehow our sister had a job after this note, I found that I have, um, I think that we as women, we have so much more that we can all be doing, you know, to serve Islam and the oma, um, you know, we all have, we actually tend to undermine the role that we do have as women to strengthen our oma. And, you know, as you know, and something I know, you teach, and that is that we all have those unique skills, we all have those unique talents that we could be using, you know, to strive for a loss of pantalla and for Islam.

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But, obviously, before we can even start to do that, we do need to have more control over our personal lives, you know, for us to be effective in serving the oma, we do need to, you know, get control to a certain level over our personal lives, like none of us are fully in control of everything, obviously, we're all human beings. But basically, you know, in order to have success outside, you know, you really do need to start with yourself. I mean, that's even a philosophy that a lot of pantalla teaches us in the Quran, you think about when Allah says, Yeah, you live in Amman who and for sukoon, equal nowra, you know, are you believe Save yourselves and your families from

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the fire. So you could look at that as like a lost pentelic telling us from the beginning, to start off with your own self first and start off with your family, get yourselves on track and inshallah through that you can then work outwardly into, you know, society. So it's really important that we do learn to, you know, take responsibility for our life. And, as you know, I'm sure, again, that's something I know you teach as well, and that is that we all go through those stages where we fall into that mistake of

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blaming our circumstances, I think it's something that we all go through, and it's a big learning experience for us that we, we fall into that mistake of, you know, complaining about our situations, blaming our circumstances for why we can't, you know, do things, um, and also, you know, as you know, as well, that we tend to depend on others a little bit too much, you know, for, for example, for our happiness, um, you know, even for our own success, you know, why isn't this happening for me, we blame it on everybody else. And I think one of the most powerful personal discoveries that you know, anyone can make, is to realize that we are, ourselves, ultimately, you know, responsible

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for our own happiness, and that we've always got a choice, there's always a choice in every situations kind of law. So it's up to us, you know, to, you know, to look for those pathways ask a lot of pantalla to, to open that and to show you the pathway that you need to take in life. And if you're not able to do that, you know, if you're struggling and working out how to do that, then you need to be able to reach out and look for those people who can help you ensure that to seek your way out of whatever situation that you happen to be in. So that's sort of the personal level, but then, you know, as for the importance of why it's so important that we sisters, you know, embrace that

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leadership is because, you know, I've talked about it and I'm the woman level and, you know, when we step up, you know, as individual sisters, you know, each one of us inshallah is helping, you know, to set a strong example that helps other sisters also

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You're brave enough to take that step as well, you know,

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you think about it even on the level of just like wearing Hijab or wearing the pub and those things, you know, don't you think about if every single one of us shows that each one of us or the more of us that show that leadership, inshallah, you know, in, um, you know, showing leadership through feeling proud of our identity as Muslim, Matt, you know, when other sisters see us taking that, you know, that, that leadership in being proud to, you know, to have our identity and realizing that this is something that, you know, it helps other sisters to take that step as well. Like, I know, like, for example, when they see you sister, Catherine, you know, your revert, or they know, I'm a

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revert, I know what so many revert, it helps them to feel like I can get to it and not just revert even born Muslims, like, they'll look at you and think, well, Mashallah, you're revert, and you know, you're proudly wearing your hijab, and then they might be a challenge, you know, so things like that, that's a type of leadership, you know, when we when we pride of our identity, as we'll see that, um, but the other thing is to that, you know, we, I think that, you know, we tend, like, as women, we love complaining, and,

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and we're all guilty of that, you know, without exception, okay, I'm not planning, I don't complain as well, we all have our days where we like to complain, but like, you know, we complain about the state of the oma, you know, we complain about, you know, where other female role models, but, you know, it's up to us, each one of us in Sharla, to, you know, to try to step up and just try to strive to be that example, like, if you can't find what you're looking for, in the orma, it's up to you to take the initiative and try to, you know, try to step up, you know, to try to fill those gaps and Sharla in the oma you know, and, and then also, obviously, to support the sisters who are out

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there trying to make those positive changes for the Omer as well. So this is some of the reasons why I feel so important that we in particular sisters, you know, we embrace that leadership, as I said, in our personal lives, and as well, like, as, you know, in the scope of the former as well, Sharla. So many amazing, wonderful points there.

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I had some things I was going to

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elaborate on, but you just covered so much, it's all gone.

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I mean, he hit the nail on the head with the whole, the whole thing we need role models in it or not, I mean, how are our young women going to, you know, our youth going to really step into being proud of their identity as a Muslim, if we're not stepping into that ourselves as leaders to them, by the League of their own selves and their own lives. I mean, that's where it does come first is having them lead their own lives rather than have life lead them. I know what the point was that, to my mind, as you were talking was, you were talking about blaming circumstances, and that's where we tend to wind as well, is that Oh,

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when we're doing that we're not accepting the color of Allah and that Allah has placed the circumstances as a test. And you were saying, we all have a choice? Well, that's our test, isn't it? What choice Are we going to make with our circumstances? Are we going to embrace the circumstances go? Well, Allah has put me in this situation, for whatever reason, I'm going to take charge of it and do the best with it, or am I going to wind complain and fall in a heat? You know, it's part of the test.

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No one ever said this life was meant to be easy, huh? Exactly. So yeah, I love I love you, as you covered pretty much everything possible Mashallah.

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Hamza Lila, so, um, you've really had to step up and embrace the leader within yourself in many different ways. And I even witnessed it myself recently, well, in the last, you know, 12 months, where you had to really step up and say, Hey, I am a knowledgeable Sister, I have something worthwhile to share, I should be on these panels, with the brothers, you know, sharing my knowledge too, because we need a sisters point of view out there, which I thought was absolutely amazing are so glad to actually witness that.

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So I'd love for you to share whichever stories you like, with the Sisters of where you've had to embrace the leader within yourself so that they understand you know, we all we don't just come here by accident, we've had to work hard to get where we are. Absolutely. I'll talk about that. I can't even begin to

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outline to you how many times I've had to you know really overcome a lot of things in myself and you know, as you said, embrace the leader meeting.

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Just talk again, I'll talk about on a personal level first, and then I'm going to talk about it

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in more in you know, the community based level. So you know, regarding the personal level

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example of a time when I had to really, like you said, Make the most of my situation, you know, when I first got married, for example,

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my husband

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got very busy with his studies in computing. And so, you know, like, I make a little joke here, but you know, we all know, second wives get rights, whereas if your husband gets married to a computer,

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okay, so I get it.

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It's like, there's no rights to that.

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You know, that, um, a lot of sisters, we hear a common complaint of sisters, you know, my husband doesn't spend enough time with me, and they get really depressed about it a lot of the time, right. So, you know, obviously, my son was very busy with his studies, and I could have let that get to me, I could have started causing a lot of problem, you know, I could have started really getting getting myself depressed and maybe having fights with my husband. But to be honest, I actually, you know, handler, I decided to make the most of my situation. And that was, I saw it as a lost part of giving me the opportunity to have time to study my Deen Hmm. And hamdulillah I, you know, I really used to

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use my time to, you know, study Arabic grammar, memorize, and make, like a program for myself every day. So I had, I was because I made myself busy. I didn't have time to be sitting there thinking too much and getting upset about things because I, I made myself busy. And I make I utilize my time. And, you know, you know, Catherine, when you're happy to Panama, the husband gets attracted to you more. But if you're said, like,

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I mean, of course, hasn't to be patient with their wives, but you're trying to say like, yeah, if you want to win again, putting away more, if you want to win against the computer, in other words, be happy, then they're going to be more attracted to you than the computer. He essentially had you get bored of the computer.

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But like I said, that's, that's an example of overcoming a personal, you know, I, like I said, You've got that conflict in yourself, but you've got to learn to make the most of the situation, right, that's one example. Because I've got so many in my life, but, but besides that,

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I'll talk about now, like an example from a community based level and that is, you know, obviously, being in the field of dour, you know, comes up for many years. And I think sisters could appreciate there's not that many women in the field of our, you know, it's quite limited. So, um,

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yeah, my battery just went on a lot. Um, so subpoena law, you know, there's times where you can go through trials, which can be quite overwhelming, there will be times we're going to go through certain trials, you know, with the community or with people or you know, you will be put to trial Allah is going to test you and your sincerity karma. So that, you know, there has been times, I'm going to admit to you that there has been times where it has become very stressful, and it can really interfere in your personal life, you know, and when it does get to that stage, you can often start to feel that, maybe I just need to, you know, back down and just concentrate on my family, it

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would be a lot easier option to consider just, you know, spending quiet time and focusing on your family and just, you know, give up your your community work, for example, you know, and so I, you know, there was a time when I went to one particular time, which was a real crisis in my life, where I really, really have strongly considered giving up Dawa altogether. And, and hamdulillah you know, I have to say, after a lot, you know, my husband, hamdulillah he was, you know, really, um, you know, supporting me, and, you know, and hamdullah he, he because of him hamdulillah after a while, of course,

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I got the I got the courage to just get back in you know, and keep going with it. And but I also want to mention, too, that there's one particular AR that I really held on to that really got me through that trial, and that was the AR inserts use of wellness passes into who may yet be where your spear for inala and it will be agile and messy mean that whoever sees a lot and you know, is patient that alarm never causes the deeds of the machine to be lost. So, you know, the message here is, as long as you know that what you're doing, you're doing it sincerely for Allah, and what you're doing is something that pleases Allah Subhana Allah, then you have to know that Allah will get you

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through that trial and you know, inshallah, Allah will raise you to a better level after that, you know, like just like you did for Yusuf Alayhi Salaam You know, he went through that trial but I love brought him in, in a better level, you know, after that trial and so what you'll find is when you when you when you stick to that principle of being

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close to a lot for that trial, you know, fearing a law, and having that patience, and seeing through the trial, you'll find that you know, you do come out stronger, and you learn so much. And that's, I'm sure I know you, yourself have gone through your own personal trials. And when you do that, you know, and you come out the other side and you're able to help others you like through those trials, you learn so much. And you're also able to go on to help others as well. inshallah, through the, through the experiences that you learn the lessons that you learn through the, through those trials. Exactly, yeah, I look at what I've been through as a love putting me through a boot camp, to prepare

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me to do the work that I'm doing today, I wouldn't be able to connect as well and be as helpful to sisters without having gone through those experiences. And so while many of them were actually pretty terrible, you know, how do they lie, you know, a lie doesn't burden us with more than we can bear. I mean, I feel quite flattered that Allah thought I was strong enough to go through such incredible tests. And he knew I was strong enough to do it. And so he picked me, you know, for that, you know, sapan Allah, so I'm, I actually feel flattered by it rather than distressed by it. 100 100. Exactly. That's exactly what I've always felt as well that the trials have gone through at

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the time, they never pleasant, but on reflection, you realize that there's great wisdom in why our last punch chose you for that particular trial. And I'm dilla Yeah. So I mean, I've watched in when it took when it comes to your public

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position, I've watched you go from just quietly going about your business and doing amazing things to really putting yourself out there. And that wasn't easy for you, it's very uncomfortable for you to do that. And, and you have done an amazing job of that and really put yourself out there as a leader, in terms of, you know, scholarly advice for sisters. I mean, you have studies in fear you have, you know, qualifications that back, you know, what you say? I certainly wouldn't put myself in that position of answering sister's questions on fic matters, because I know I don't have that background, what I can help them with is their emotional stuff. They're, you know, getting to the

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point where they're in a, an emotional state to make good decisions, but then when it comes to what's the correct thing to do, islamically then you're the right person, because you've got that. And it's taken a lot of hard work, to get know, to get

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what's acknowledged, um, in terms of, yes, you are qualified to do that work?

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Yeah, it's not a for a woman, isn't it? It is, um, I think that a lot you expected to do a lot more. before you're acknowledged. I do feel that there is that definitely there. And it seems a lot quicker. You know, it does seem a lot quicker for males to be acknowledged, I'm going to just start straight out like I start with my own son. Um, he's away resembles Apollo, like, you know, you can see it with, huh, yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, yeah. And, yeah.

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So it Yeah, you you've, I guess the example that you set for the sisters is, you know, don't give up and we're not necessarily saying that they need to step up as scholars, but they certainly need to step up in being knowledgeable about their religion because they cannot really lead their own life. Like I have knowledge and I have enough knowledge to go about my day to day life, inshallah making good decisions, in a way to please a lot, but not to rule over anybody else's decisions just for my own self and sisters really have a responsibility to reach that level of knowledge for themselves, don't they? Yeah, look, I mean, everybody's got their own path. Like we can't, we shouldn't compare

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to each other. Because we've all like, I like I was going to come to you know, we've all got our unique talents and abilities and, you know, one sister you'll find her excellent in, for example, organizations, great organization skills, you know, that I might not necessarily have, you know, some people are really tech savvy. And they can really like yourself, Mashallah. You've got great, you know,

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great skills with technology, that's something I'm lacking in, you know, we've all got those areas that we've got our strengths and we've got our weaknesses. So, whatever strengths you have, you go with it, you know, and you use that inshallah to, as I said, well aim like my like, what I try to motivate you to think about is how you can use your individual skill and your individual talents in Sharla to serve lots of content alone to bring positive change the Dharma, Yama, yeah. And think, and think about that almost as well. Because what I what I have found is that I've often run programs and things in my local community, is that people will just rely on one person until they

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burn out and then they'll latch on to the next person rather than seeing it as a question.

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Unity obligation, let's all pitch in, let's all see what we can do. And the thing is, if everybody pitches in this, it's a tiny bit of effort on everybody's part to make a difference. And it's like the housework. If everyone pitches in the housework gets done really quickly, and it seems effortless, it's the same in the community level. But a lot of sisters hold back going on, I can't do that, or, you know, it's too hard. I've got so much to do at home. But the reality is, everybody can spare a bit of time, a bit of energy, a bit of money towards something in the community, even if it's a small amount. And if everybody did that, we would be making a difference. And I think you've

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probably experienced the same thing yourself. Being one of those leaders in the community is how everybody kind of expects you to always be the leader, and they can just sit back and fall.

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Yeah, like, Look, you know, everyone's an individual situation. You know, like, obviously, I do find a lot of sisters too, they put a lot of pressure on themselves. Like, when you've got all a lot of young children and you're trying to raise them, don't stop, you know, a lot of sisters, what I'm finding they're doing is they're comparing to other sisters, I see doing stuff outside and thinking I'm not good enough, you know, yeah, but realize that right now, if your situation is raising children, you put your full energy into that, let me tell you in my children was was small, that was my career, I, you know, I decided I put off a lot of things, I put a lot of things. Because I took

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my children to be my number one priority, you know, in raising them and trying to make them memorize the Quran and things like that, I want to build my kids first. And that's why I'm going back now, after raising my children, I'm taking that initiative. And, you know, after raising my kids, I feel like, okay, I've raised my children, basically, most of them. And now I'm thinking, I've got my responsibility to communities, I need to start giving out you know, that's, that's what made me move into that it's not like I've always been doing it's like, no one ever heard of me a few years ago, I was just doing my lessons, you know, locally and raising my family always busy with that. But when

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I've got to a certain level and stage I feel like now it's time to to serve on a wider a wider scope. So it is out there when they've got when you're in that situation when you've got young kids. Don't put that pressure on yourself. Like when you go through stages, you don't don't expect yourself to be doing everything all in one go. Yep, yeah, as a prophet sallallahu wasallam said, there's a time for this on a timer. And the time in that moment is to be a leader in their home. So it's still about stepping into that leadership

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and being a leader for their children. And

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yes, that's one thing I've actually wanted, you know, you know, I wanted I wanted to touch on, you know, advice, you know, that I have for sisters, you know, that will help them to embrace that leader within.

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And, you know, first of all, obviously, the number one advice I want to give is, you know, obviously you need to be close to a loss of pantalla you need to be close to Allah and I really can't stress enough how important it is to be close with the Quran, you know, always reading it and reflecting on that yet, you know, the verses, because the kind of love that the Quran really empowers you and gives you confidence. And if you've got those self doubts, like we are all we all have our weaknesses, we all have those self doubts, but if you're close to a lot, and especially like, reflecting on the quote on Allah, because, you know, I was with you. And like I said before, if

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you've got that sincerity, and you've got that patience, a lot of pantalla will be with you. And he'll give you a strength from, you know, internal strength that you didn't know was there for you to Panama. So it's and then having that tobacco laws, well, having that dependence, you know, taking those steps, like I've had to take a lot of, like I read about my comfort zone, like I've always been a person who want art, you know, give me my lessons, I need your sisters. But I realized that this is really important that I take a leadership role in a certain dimension so that sisters can see that we do have, you know, you said we have sisters out there who are trying to do some, you

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know, make positive change in the community. So it was a big step for me to step out of my comfort zone and start you know, speaking on a on a public platform, you know what I'm trying to say? So it has been difficult it's not it's not been easy, and I've had like it's like a you could say a leap of faith. But you know, you put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala to help you you know to be to be able to have that strength you know, to do it.

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And then yes, even in last year's summit, it was quite an uncomfortable thing to go out there in the in the summit the first time around this time you're much more relaxed and and

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taking charge. But last year it you know, it was like this big step

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in front of a whole bunch of people. I have no clue who they are. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I love it a lot from you, Catherine Marshall, you just get on there and just chat away to the world row. What people think that Yeah, okay, I'm a natural. Yeah, I am now but when I first started, I was as good as anything. I thought I was going to get shot down in flames by all the scholars for showing up.

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line and talking. I knew I had to do it because otherwise I wasn't going to reach people. Yeah.

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Anyway, so the other thing I want to talk about as well, you know, um, I want us all to reflect on the fact that you know, to varkala we're really blessed to this lamb that Allah has given us such strong female role models to look up to, you know, if you think about every single one of the wives of the prophets that a loved one has set him as an example. You know, these were not timid women, they're actually very, very strong women, you know, you think about, you know, Xena, big Josh, you think about Ayesha hafsa, you know, on selama, like, they're all very strong women on the panel. And this is exactly why Allah pantalla chose them to be wives of the prophets that I love why he was so

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them. And of course, how did you already love I'm here without, you know, without doubt, but

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you know, if you look, a lot of times, I actually chose them to be from his wife for a particular purpose. And there's even an ayah in the Quran, that shows you how a lot of pantalla was preparing them for the future.

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And the prophets that along with us, and him was raising them to be leaders, you know, like, just like he raised the Sahaba to be leaders, he was also raising his own wife, like, Allah says, In the Quran was putting the mega fluffy booty couldn't I mean, a tiller, he when he came up, you know, so a lot, a long time ago, he was commanding the wide of the prophets that a lot of money was sent him to mention the, you know, the ayats of Allah, that have been revealed to you. And I had the use of the prophets that a lot, what isn't assuming that you're learning, so that's their role will be to preserve that son of the household? You know, to convey that to the oma? Yes, so, if we didn't have

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the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and narrating those heartbeats to us, we actually really understand the inside life of a Muslim woodwick that was one of the very, you know, crucial roles that you know, the owner had meaning did play to Panama in you know, in the oma you know, and we know how many times as the hobbit used to resort back to the, the wives of the prophets that along us and after the death of the Prophet said a lot harder to find out the inner affairs sooner, you know, the inner sooner was preserved for them now, but going back to our saying, and then is that you know, we see how they went through that stage of learning with the Prophet so long when it

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was set in. And then you know, after his death, we see how they did step up in their role you know, and they became teachers of women they became role models to women that they took a leadership role in the oma you know, men like he could have said to a soulful I'm only 18 you know, how can I fulfill that role, you know, many young who's gonna listen to me but upon a lot like a loss panda have prepared her for that role. And,

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you know, but what I want to get to inshallah, as well as I just want sisters, to

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reflect a little bit about the words of the prophets that along with them, and the example that we can actually take from them. And that is, you know, if you think about the wives of the prophets that alone Wait a second, what is it that ultimately made them such amazing role models? You know, of course, Mashallah. They were amazing wives to the prophets of Allah when he was sent them and, you know, and after a manual law there example of a very pious women, but after that, you know, what was it that really made them stand out and what was it it was their contribution to the oma, it was their service to Islam. And that's why wants this is reflect upon, you know, of course, you know, if

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you're married, you've got your responsibility of your, your husband, your responsibility, your family. Um, but it shouldn't be your only concern. Like, we should all be concerned about the state of Assam, the state of the oma and we all need to think about how can I individually individually give back and do something to to, you know, to service them to bring about positive change in the oma. And so, you know, we all have different, as I said before, to different talents, different, you know, abilities that we can, some people could be just, you're good with money, you know, you're good at raising funds, and you know, and you give up you support projects, through yourself, or, you

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know, other people volunteer. Yeah, so some sisters it might simply be that they go to Friday Prayer every Friday and they come armed with a couple of rolls of toilet paper. And, you know, so that or paper towel for the bathroom, at the mosque. You know, it's simple little things that each and every one of us could be doing that you know, isn't going to break the budget break the time in a breakout energy, it's just something we can fit into our life. Some sisters are really excellent cooks and they just love it. You know, and I know Michelle to break the law. Some sisters are really gifted with this and they use it to strive for the sake of Allah like they, for example, they'll cook and

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

they'll give the food to the kids

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

detention centers or inner Milan to varkala day they cook food and feed the fasting and who are doing it cat for example in msgid you know all star, you know, my show lots of rock music, this is their way of reaping so much reward, you know, for the alpha, but they're also striving for a lot and for the oma through through their their talent of cooking, you know? And when it comes to cooking, what about even if they've got non Muslim neighbors occasionally sending food next door? Our neighbor, he's 93 now lives on his own. And, you know, we've sent food over to him and sort of basically said to him, you know, if you're ever in trouble, you know, make sure you call out because

00:30:41--> 00:31:19

he lives on his own and he's quite old and getting quite frail. And he was telling me how, you know, he goes down and plays bingo with all the other oldies and they were talking bad about Islam and he said, I was telling them my neighbors are Muslim, and they're lovely people say you just don't know the difference you can make with small, small, small gestures. It doesn't make any difference to me to add an extra serving to what I'm cooking to send next door and it saves him heating up his microwave meals from Kohl's Yes, Panama and difference that's made. He's now doing Dawa on our behalf down at bingo with all the other old

00:31:20--> 00:31:22

fella handling now. That's good.

00:31:24--> 00:32:04

So it's just, you know, like I said, realizing your own potential. You know, we've all got martial arts, so many gifts we can use and Shaolin use the blessings Allah has given you to strive inshallah, for the sake of Allah and for the betterment of the Oman. chalon. Yeah. hamdulillah. So I think it would be really good to tell the sisters, how they can get in contact with you how they can connect with you. Because, you know, you're very passionate about helping sisters, when it comes to understanding the deen. And especially when they've got questions, and they haven't been able to get good answers. Maybe it's a menstruation type question. So they feel shy to ask a man. And plus they

00:32:04--> 00:32:47

give us answers that don't really add up sometimes because they've never been through it themselves. Or they're finding themselves in a difficult situation, and they're not quite sure what Islam says about that situation. me you're the person that can help them with that. So I'd love for you to share with them how they can actually get access to your help if they need it. Yeah, well, as we've previously discussed, you know, sometimes it is find themselves in different situations, in their marriages, in their relationships with others. And they need to know what their stance is in Islam, to be able to work out what choices they have, you know, whether you know it to me, to me, I'll be

00:32:47--> 00:32:59

able to make the right choice and to know what choices are available to you, you need the knowledge. So basically, you know, people didn't like sisters like Lexus, you know, that, you know, so I'm here for you if you need to, you know, access

00:33:00--> 00:33:40

knowledge to be able to make choices in life. And, you know, I've got my Facebook page set up for that purpose, you know, to be there. So it's it does No, you do have somewhere to go. I try my best to answer as as promptly as I can. But yeah, that's what I'm basically there for. And, you know, hamdulillah like, I also like I had mentioned to you as well before, and that is, I find a lot of sisters, for example, are reluctant to think about maybe going to a psychologist, for example. But I've I found that they'll come and ask me questions. But the good thing about that is I'm able to pick up all those loose ends in the amount of people who didn't think about going to psychologists,

00:33:40--> 00:34:22

I'm able to, if I feel that they do need to seek out a psychologist, I redirect them back into, you know, seeking out that counseling and getting the right help that they need for themselves. So, you know, I sort of basically assess each sister who comes to me and I try to work out what she needs, put her in touch with the right, you know, the right sources that can help her and surely in her particular situation, inshallah. Yeah, hamdulillah. And one of the great things for sisters to know who are participating in this summer is that actually amongst the sisters that are speaking, many are psychologists or have qualifications in psychology. So if they can't find someone locally, to

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

help them with those kind of emotional types of things that they're going through, there are people here who can help them actually from amongst the sisters in the summit, who are qualified, and we can do it online. It doesn't have to be in person. So there are ways in which they can get the help they need and it could be quite safe. So yeah, any sisters who are want wanting help. The link for the page is with this video so they can find you and like your page and follow your page and that's where they can reach out to you send you a message. You tend to work with people through written form because

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

That's the way you can help most people you don't tend to get on calls with people I understand that because otherwise you just won't be able to serve as many people as you possibly can

00:35:10--> 00:35:22

they need to think carefully about wording their question in a way where it's meaningful to you giving you enough information that you can actually send them a good reply back inshallah. inshallah

00:35:24--> 00:35:42

so just a call ahead once again it's been so awesome talking to you and having you as a part of this summit and I hope the sisters have really benefited and feel encouraged and excited to find the little things they can do to step up and be a leader in their world in whatever capacity inshallah

00:35:43--> 00:36:04

Baraka graffiti for the opportunity, Catherines always a great pleasure and you know, I ask a lot of pantalla to help us all inshallah, in finding our purpose inshallah and you know, be able to serve a lot of pantalla and the oma inshallah You're the best of our capacity. inshallah, before we get along your channel, I mean,

00:36:06--> 00:36:12

just that Colombia was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Wiley consular more often do what I can't