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Preferred Times And Places To Supplicate To Allah

June 24, 2016

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Regarding the aspects of etiquettes, of course you've had, you've added some important points now. And that's very useful. What about the, the time and the place of supplication? Does that matter? As far as the person is concerned, you can replicate our last webinar, any time of the day, any time of the night, 24 hours of the day, but there are some times which are preferred. For example, immediately after the obligatory prayers,

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for example, especially the day of Juma when a person is fasting, especially when he's breaking is fast.

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And when a person is praying in this dude,

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also, in the late hours of night, and the Beloved Prophet masala Simpson,

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it's mentioned in a Muslim

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added number 1655. The beloved portion of the lesson said that there is an R during the night

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in which there will not be a Muslim who will ask for the good without Allah subhanaw taala granting.

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That means there is an art with a last minute Allah whatever the Muslim us supplicates Allah will grant further Beloved Prophet said, it's mentioned in say, Muslim,

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added number 167. That Allah subhana wa Taala descends to the lowest heaven after one third of the night is over. And then he says, I'm your Lord, I'm your Lord. Is there anyone who's there to supplicate to me? And I will answer him, is there anyone to beg?

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And I began to trip. Is there anyone that requires forgiveness, and I will forgive him?

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So one of the good times is during the late hours of night, well as Mara descends, and as this continues and says, that, Allah continues asking these questions till the dawn breaks. So one of the good times to supplicate is the late hours of night, just before dawn, so let's get up and make sure does that mean? The last hours of the night meaning like, which offer late one third or the middle third of the night, and I find the places concerned again, a person can supplicate in any place, as a beloved possible philosopher said, it's mentioned in cybrary one one, in the book of Salah Hadith number 48, that Allah subhanaw taala made for me and the believers, the full earth as a place to

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pray, the full Earth is a place where you can create Allah subhanaw taala. But in spite, there are certain places that if you supplicate in the mosque, especially and amongst the mosques, there is no better mosque than the main The first is the mantra

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debate Allah and the second is the most of them have been Medina Mashallah. I wish we could be then out of this. inshallah later on, does the situation. All the circumstances of the supplicant

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have any bearing on whether or not Allah accepts the DA as I mentioned earlier, that the situation or circumstance he is in if you ask Allah subhanaw taala, he gets applicate Allah subhanaw taala. But there are certain situations which are preferable. For example, when a person is fasting,

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when a person is traveling, when a just ruler when he's applicants,

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or just a mom, or a father is applicants for his son or daughter, or a person who has halaal earnings.

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And its applicants or it can be a person who prays Institute

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as a beloved prophet Muslim said, its mission to say hadith of Timothy, in the book of supplication, Hadith number

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3598. The Prophet said, the prayer of three people is never rejected.

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Number one is adjust ruler or Imam. Number two, a person who's fasting, especially when he breaks as fast and number three is an oppressed person. And someone has to decode earlier of Adam hacky Hadith number 69. Three, where the Prophet said

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the prayer of three people is never rejected. A father when you pray for a child, a fasting person, especially when he breaks is fast and a traveling person when he prays. So, the idea to the partner from the other time which are preferred in a positive supplicates as compared to others,