Abu Bakr Zoud – Police brutality and how to deal with it as a believer before it happens to you

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The Islamic community is confronted by abusive police and is focused on protecting its citizens and community, but also its own safety. The importance of responding with peace when dealing with abusive people is emphasized, along with the difference between being peaceful and evil. The segment discusses the importance of following Islam's rules and regulations to avoid harming one's reputation and delivering a message of Islam pleasings law and social emotions. The segment also emphasizes the need to use words that save people from harm and save their own harm, and to be a believer and be honored in the sight of a loss.
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Let me speak exactly here, when being confronted by obnoxious, arrogant, abusive police.

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And I've seen this happen, and the community has seen it. And they have addressed their concerns and their frustration. But once again, without the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without the guidance of the whole end, you'll everyone just throws out words he wants. Everyone's got his own opinion. Also, Panama, you find most of the people that give opinions let there's no air. There is no heavy if there is no reference to all of this whatsoever, not likable. Yeah, yeah, Muslims. What do you think you're living? Your true Muslim? No, Allah, if you're a true Muslim, you go back to the poor No, soon. If you don't know, you speak to the people that have knowledge about

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and then they directed

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for you. How do we be patient

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when we are confronted by arrogant, abusive police, and I want to make something clear here, that many, many police around the world are doing a good job to maintain peace, and to maintain safety in their community. Right. And, Danny, this is good. And this is appreciated. And we thank them for this. But there is a handful, and this handful seems to be always growing, that are arrogant, abusive, obnoxious, even, even governments don't agree with them. And if they are caught, and they are taken to court, and they are sued, they will get jailed. How many police have we seen around the world that have been jailed, for their corruption and their abuse?

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This is something real and it is happening.

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Police Brutality is something real, not only from a Muslims perspective that we see or society's perspective, this is governments that are holding these people to account and throwing them in prison,

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prison for life, jailed for life, stripping them from their role, because they are not fulfilling their role. And that is to protect society, and to protect the people and to serve the people. Unfortunately, sometimes, and in many instances now and the cases are growing around the world. That's all we see police brutality upon its people. So as a Muslim as a Muslim, how do we deal with an arrogant, corrupt, abusive police that presents himself to me?

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patients, my brothers and sisters in Islam is not to shut your mouth and get slapped across the face. I'm not speaking about that. Patience, is to stand for your rights. Defend yourself, but do it in an Islamic peaceful matter. Allah sosial he says in the end,

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what eval hopper hemangioma he wrote in colusa Lemma when a lot of sois Yun described the

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attributes of the believers.

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He said if a hopper hemangioma he loon, when the arrogant, obnoxious, hateful people address them when they address the believer, these abusive people when they address the believers, Allah told us how the believer response or Lu selama. They see selama not salomaa it doesn't mean to say a saramonic. Salah man me means they respond with peace. They respond because I mean, use a limo home in other words, the loop. They respond with words that saves them from harm and save them from sin. Find words that will save you from this corrupt person's harm. Find words that will save you from sins as well. This is how you're supposed to respond to abusive people no matter who it is. And the

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hateful, arrogant, obnoxious people all who said Emma, say you words that will save you from his harm.

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Now, aren't you Bonnie j healin. Turn away from the ignorant foolish people. Don't give them a minute of your time.

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Respond stand for your rights, but do it for seek Islamic manners.

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Yanni I give you a hadith

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they follow the law one we narrated that all the muscle along while he was salami said lay your corn how to come in man. Don't be a blind follow up. What does a blind follower mean? And maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said it means don't have this mindset of innocent and so I said when I said was that if the people

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A good toss will be good back. And if people are unjust and bad to us, we're going to be unjust and bad to them luck. Don't have this mindset as a blind follower. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He said, The believer should be, he said, What do you know? And for second, what we know and for second, meaning decide for yourself

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asinus Arsenal if people do good to us will do good. We're in a circle and if they do evil to us, fell out the window. Do not be unjust don't do wrong.

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Either hope all cinammon speak words that would save you that would save you from his harm, and would save you from sins as well. Look in an instance in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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a group of Jews came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Listen, listen to how hateful and arrogant these people and they said a Sermo alikhan me poison be upon you Ella Solon law but they laughed among each other because they thought that they can make an insult and there is an Allah Allah He was alone and Assam sounds like a sell em but there's a difference Assam means may poison be upon you a salami means me the peace of Allah be upon you.

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So they said may poison be upon you. So it may be some Allahu alayhi wa sallam. How did he respond to this rudeness and arrogance? He said, while a comb, and upon you, what does that mean? That means and upon you, He did not say and upon us the poison, he said and upon you meaning and upon us what you just said to me poison, so I shut off the alarm on her. She was frustrated. So she said why llegamos Sam Maulana me the poison and Allah is Cursed be upon you all.

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For no use Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Man yeah Isha. You sit there Relax, relax. Yeah Isha. In the law, your headboard, Rif coffee or more equally.

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Allah loves kindness, and peace in all matters.

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Then it shall be a long one here, she said. And this Matt, mahalo. Didn't he watch what they said? He said, Yes. And I said while eco and upon you, but I did it. Look, look at the difference. Yeah, and he is not disagreeing with what he is saying.

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We're not disagreeing with you. We're not disagreeing with you in terms of how an abusive policeman or a person should be treated. But this is a world of a difference between how I shall responded and how in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam responded, I should curse them directly. In the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam, curse them indirectly.

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But look at the difference in the result. Allahu alayhi wa sallam kept himself calm and relaxed, whereas it shall be a long one. He showed her frustration and her anger but there's a different stand for yourself. But all Solomon speak peaceful words that keep you away. keep you away from the harm of that person. That isn't isn't it also known in our Deen that

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if a person swore at you or cursed you or abused you when you're fasting the Sudanese to see in your saw him in your saw him and move away. I'm fasting I'm fasting. I want to preserve my fast so I don't want to do anything and move away.

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We have the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yani just so you can understand this as well further.

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A man comes to Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and seeks permission to interpret also the law. So maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam realize that it is when there is a law Allah Allah Selim said bitsat, Hola, Gilles, Yanni. What a horrible person this person is, what a horrible man he is. Having the desire send them sit in his house before he sought before the person came in.

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So when the person came in from madala, ali, Akbar Allah he was he, when the person came in, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to him in a polite manner. And he smiled team

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and when this person left

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I shall be a loved one here she said. He she's confused. She said the other sort of law. You said bit Sakura Sheila, what are evil horrible men, he says. And when he walked in, and you're face to face, he smiled at him. You spoke to him to him with manners and respect. What what's happening now How can this happen? finale sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yeah, Aisha in limine, Sheila the nurse manual Dakar, Leisha he, he said oh I Isha. The worst people are those whom the people desert.

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The worst people are those who the people leave them in order to save themselves from their transgression and aggression.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam acknowledged that this person that was about to enter is a few female is a horrible man.

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But an OB sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not face him with aggression.

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Let me send them smile with him, called loose lm and he and this is Allah is implementing all Salomon, he said words so that he can save himself from this guy's transgression.

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So this is what we're supposed to do. You're like, and maybe some Allah Allah Sallam said, the worst people are those who people leave, meaning leave, to save yourself from his transgression, and abuse and oppression and hatred and hatred.

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Now for leave these people leave them if you're ever faced by an abusive police man, or anyone just see words that I can't calm and peaceful just to save yourself from his transgression, and from his oppression. There is no harm in doing that. That's the Islamic way. And then on top of all these, I know, I know that when any other brothers or when people face the aggressive police with aggression, right, and they swear and these raise their voice and they want to hit and punch and so on. I know they do that, because they don't want to feel intimidated or humiliated.

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they fight. Let me tell you something, and understand this. A believer is never humiliated. Never ever is a believer humiliated. A believer is always honored in the sight of a loss. So when I look at the case of use of alayhis salaam, when the woman mulatos is the wife of Al Aziz wanted to imprison use of alayhis salaam. She said, they use German, when they akuna minal solvated. I am certainly going to prison him. Then she said, and he will be from among the humiliated. You see, he said, they are cool Laos janin. net, there's a double moon, I will surely surely present him and she verified this claim. And then she said, and he will be humiliated. But she didn't sort of she didn't

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emphasize it. While they are coonan. She didn't say well, they are coonan mineral salt hidden, he will definitely be humiliated. She said and he will be humiliated. Why didn't she emphasize it? Because she knows.

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A believer cannot be humiliated, no matter what happened to him.

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And understand that Allah has social from his blessings upon the believer

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is that anyone who intends to harm him? Allah sosial has promised him severe punishment.

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A lot of social he said, what a UDT he had ambivalent novacom in other been Aleem. Allah social said if anyone intends to do wrong. In the secret land of Allah in Mecca. Anyone who intends to do wrong in Mecca, Allah would give him a severe punishment. And the believer is more other than the Kaaba. So that means anyone who intends to harm the believer, he didn't do anything yet. If he only intended to harm the believer, Allah has promised that person a severe punishment.

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House, Allah has defended you. Allah has defended you, before this abusive copy even touched you.

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Be with Allah and adhere to Islamic manners and conduct. And don't lose your Islamic manners for anyone. And don't let anyone intimidate you whatsoever. And don't let anyone

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be a reason for why you lose your Islamic manners. And then also know as believers, we know that your monthly ama is coming. The Day of Judgment the day of justice will be established and everyone will be given justice.

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Shot if you're being abused in this life, and you couldn't do anything.

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On that day, your rights are going to be coming in full justice will be served. Me is a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said those are horned sheep. If it was to knock over our unknown sheep, Allah who would raise them on the day of judgment and he will allow the unknown sheep to take its right and its justice from the horned sheep. even imagine with believers, imagine if human beings how intense and how emphasized is justice going to be on that day? Well last when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in Allah Hi, you're available Levine.

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The Boonen nurse of dunya Allah who punish those who punish the people in this life. So we're all in good heads. Just turn to a large social into AI, that he keeps you firm and steadfast upon your Islamic conduct and manners. And look at the case of Iran and Moosa. You know, who was flown for Musa Amin. Ferran is a person who hurt more Sally has celebs mother

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who hurt more Sally who set up

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for Armand is a person who enslaved the people of Moses.

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And he killed the baby boys every second. How arrogant. And how oppressive was fear our own towards Moser. Yet, when Moser was commanded by a lot to go to find out,

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he can just imagine if you were in that position, and you knew someone had hurt you that much. Wouldn't you just want to rip his head off? You might have this feeling everyone might have this feeling like what did Mousavi said and do a lot of social system coolatta Whoa, Poland Lina. Speak to him soft words, deliver the message because at the end of the day, the Muslim he is higher purpose on earth isn't to defend himself.

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The higher purpose even though that's important, and if you defend yourself, it's no bility no problems but higher than that is to defend the deen of Allah and to deliver the message of Allah that's higher. So Musa alayhis salam behaves himself in front of fear around the oppressor.

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And he discusses with him words, now living with avocado yaksha.

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Now I'm in the stories there. It's found in sort of the Sharla go and look at it and see exactly how Mussolini's Selim was focused on the message to deliver the message of Islam. I

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wonder how that will happen with the 11 layer? And then after that, yeah, so the idea what I'm saying is,

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if this arrogant policeman was to come, look you behind your gates, you want to swear you hate him, do that as much as you can. No problems as much as you want. It doesn't matter. But when you're face to face, calm yourself down, calm yourself down all those Malema say words that will finish you off from this person's aggression and his harm. Take the fine take whatever it is, if you feel like this is injustice, and it's wrong, go and face it with the court go and sue him You can do that. That's also part of patients no problems. I told the patients isn't to just sit down and get you know, get slapped left, right and center and be abused and shut your mouth and not to say anything law that's

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a wrong meaning of court of of patients. Stand for your right but do so in a dignified fashion in a normal manner, in a manner that is pleasing to law, social

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