Staying Motivated After Ramadan

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was to be women who Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah what I care to my dear sisters, one of the biggest problems that so many people complain about after Ramadan is how you can continue to stay steadfast after Ramadan you know, you feel that anticlimax after Ramadan. in Ramadan we had that whole Ramadan atmosphere around us that was you know, encouraging us to strive for good deeds and to stay away from our old sins and bad habits. And then suddenly Ramadan finishes and you find yourself basically on your own struggling to keep going. So I'm going to share with you inshallah, today you know, five things you

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can do to help yourself to stay strong after Ramadan. First of all, it's very important that you have that sincere determination to want to stay steadfast and to be prepared to do what it takes to stay strong after Ramadan inshallah you know, you should be thinking about

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the lessons that you learn from from Ramadan. Yeah, what is the greatest lesson we learned from Ramadan. It's the taqwa of Allah, and Allahu taala. In the Quran, he tells us which is overdue for in the hydrostatic taqwa that take a provision for your journey. And the greatest provision that you can take for your journey is the provision of taqwa. And in this journey of life, the greatest provision we can take with us is the provision of a taqwa. So that's why my dear sisters, you know, when we say goodbye to Ramadan, we don't say goodbye to all the lessons we learned from Ramadan. You need to hold on to the lessons that you took from Oban. You may not still you know, you may not feel

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the sweetness of reciting the Quran the way you did in Ramadan. You may not feel the sweetness of praying the way you felt when you were in Ramadan, but hold tightly to these lessons that you learn in Ramadan, my dear sisters, and in time in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala we reward you with the patient with the hilarity man who reward you with the sweetness of Eman that you get through, striving to worship Allah subhanaw taala upon patience in sha Allah, okay, so the second thing we need to be focusing on if we want to stay steadfast after Ramadan is majah had the two knifes which means struggling against yourself. You know, Allahu Allah in the Quran, he tells us about the state

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of the neffs in enough serve that amount of time, the soup that the naps, the natural state of the Nazis that inclines you towards procrastination inclines you towards following your desires. So it's upon law you have to constantly go against your naps, don't give into your naps, you know and realize that staying steadfast is not going to be easy. You have to make that you know, you have to fight against your naps and fight against the shape on and all of these negative forces that are around you, but inshallah when you keep on fighting, Allah opens up his paths for you as a life tells us when lady Naja had rufina than that Deanna whom sabudana that those who strive for our

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sake, we open our paths for them. realize that there is no true rest in this dunya for a believer, you know, a man Mohammed Rahim Allah was once asked, When can I take a rest? He said, when you place your foot in Jannah that's when I believe it gets to take a rest. So it's not don't think that you know it's going to be so easy. You know, for us, the sisters as believers, you know, there's many times where you're not going to find it easy to practice Islam, but inshallah Beaton Allah when you keep on striving sincerely for Allah sake, Allah will be with you and He will make it easy for you but you can lie to Allah.

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Or the third thing that can really help you inshallah, stay steadfast, is by purposely putting yourself in good company, it's very important that you choose good company for yourself, attend lessons in the masjid, you know, go learn Koran, attend Hala patola in, you know, gala gatherings of knowledge, and try to be with those people who motivate you, and push you to be better, and not the ones who are dragging you backwards. You know, even the sellers, they mentioned how sometimes they would feel low in their email, they wouldn't feel motivated. And what they would do, for example, one of them he mentioned that whenever he would feel a bit slack in his Deen, he would go look at

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his scholar and his teacher. And he said, whenever I would look at his face, and I would see his righteousness, that's what would give me the energy to keep striving for another week. SubhanAllah so be with the righteous people, my dear sisters, it really helps you to stay motivated. And then number four, is to focus on doing the small consistent deeds, you know, often we think about doing all or nothing. But you know, what Allah loves the most from us is to do those small, consistent deeds, you know, subpoena law, a lot are the prophets that a lot of money was stolen, he tells us I have been in a law at one who have worked in oil, that the most beloved deeds to Allah, those which

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are the consistent deeds, even if they're small, and I want to ask you also Panama just just think for a moment

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What was it that caused the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to hear the footsteps of Bilal ahead of him in Geneva.

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And when he asked Bilaal What was it that, you know, caused me to hear footsteps in before me in agenda? He said to him, the only thing I can think of is that whenever I take a bahara whenever I go and take a dog, or I take horse, I go pray roctane I go pray to rockets and CD for the sake of Allah, Allah Tada. So How simple is that deed, do you sisters, and yet Subhan Allah, that is the status that he reached through doing that small deed consistently for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And then lastly, the last thing I want to mention, inshallah, to help you stay fast, you have to always ask for the help of Allah, we cannot hope to stay strong, without the help of Allah halter

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either. And it's amazing that when Elena was asked, what was the one that the Prophet said a loved one, it was sort of law it was I used to always say, she said, the main driver he used to always say was, ya know,

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that bit filebeat Allah dainik auteur of the hearts, keep my heart firm upon your religion, Subhan Allah, the prophet, Allah will send him he's the one saying this to Allah. And he's the Prophet sallallahu has them asking Allah for the bats. He's asking Allah to keep him steadfast. So this is how much the Prophet said a lot when it was sent him was saying this, how much more and we need to be saying this to our, you know, in your sagitta, always in your prostration make these two up to a level Tada. Finally, my dear sisters, you know, I want to finish off by saying, We've always imagined ourselves at the time of our death, you know, lying down on our deathbed. And we think it's

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going to be so easy just to say the words let either a lot at that moment. But we need to realize my dcist is that it's only by the help of a law that we'll be able to say these words. You know, when you're on your deathbed, you're not in a normal state of mind at all. It's only by the hope of a law that you'd be able to say these words and sapan law sisters, if you're from those who used to remember a law and be with a law in your time surveys, then Allah remembers you in your time of Sheikha, as the Prophet said, a long while Sam told us the outer of Edo la he filled rehaul Yahoo cafe shinda know Allah in your times of ease, and then Allah will know you in your time of hardship,

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and one of the greatest hardships is going to be that moment of our death when our soul is leaving our body. May Allah help us all to have Houston hajima the best ending in Sharla and dying upon La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh