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Some allow 111 sort of Salam Allah so Allah Salaam Alaikum of light Allah, Allah cattle.

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The others as he welcome you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day eight. Ramadan is moving isn't is moving very fast already they ate. So today's show man and I'd like to talk about the some of the adapt of some of the etiquettes of Joomla in fact the Prophet Mohammed is sought to slim you know in Muslim

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when he says that Friday is the best of all days. Not Friday is such a this is why we call it a holiday. It's a blessed day whereby the Adam was created on Friday

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Yeoman piano will happen and on Friday, Adam was graded on was was born and made Adam on Friday, and he made him androgenic on Friday. He kicked him out from China on Friday Yeoman piano would happen on Friday. The trumpet would be blown on Friday. Any dairy is a an hour as the Prophet Mohammed is supposed to sit him says in it there is an hour if the Muslim was to invoke Allah subhanho wa Taala in that hour, Allah subhana wa Donna would grant you or will bring that person

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and it would grant that for that person a few hours to make Doha there is a particular hour. So the scholars some of the scholars said that this particular hour is between awesome and Maverick. So if you were to make in that particular hour, Allah subhana wa tada will answer your some of the etiquettes of Juma Friday is that once you take shower once you take a bath, as reported by the prophet Mohammed is a person that

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it is it is recommended as a son not to take a shower to take a bath on Friday for anyone who has reached the age of puberty equally metallic, anyone who has reached the age of puberty on Friday, it is even some LMS it's obligatory to take a bath on Friday and also to as the professor needs to do put some oil in your in your hair and to take care of your hair, put some perfume

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for the sisters, they could put perfume but they if they were to put any perfume they should not come out they should not go out.

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As the professor some says that it is harder for women to put perfume and go out. But it's as soon out of the senate as after taking a bath. You know you so look after your hair, put some some echo and then you go to the masjid. But before going into the magic, another amazing.

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Another amazing amazing in fact, a blessing that happens in this day of gym apps, which is the recitation of Surat Al calf. mutation of solid calf. So lotrel calf Ladies and gentlemen, there is so many in fact virtues of recited softcap as important you know, by the prophet Mohammed as I see them in the Hadith.

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Authentic, there's a light that shall shine forth from him. Between the two Fridays, Allah subhanho wa Taala would send this light that shall shine forth from from you between that last Friday and and let's say this Friday, and this light will come to your, to your help and assistance in the day of judgment to enlighten your back to Jenna and shahana in the Day of Judgment also, all the minor scenes between the two Fridays shall be shall be exploited in shallow data and forgive it when the Prophet says all the sins Yeah, I needed the madam explained that these sins are the minor sins that will get exploited through and forgiven through the recitation of salt accounts. And if you if, if,

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if you look at some of the caf, ladies and gentlemen,

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how many how many letters does

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any sort of calf have? So little calf has 6425 letters.

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So imagine, in the end for each letter that you read, you will get a NASA net.

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So this means this me is three letters three times 1030. So let's say let's do I have some calculator here just so that because you know remember, some of you know me, I'm a very visual guy. So 6425

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All right.

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It's easy, you know timestamp, you know, you just added a zero at the end, but I want to do it. I want to show you 6000

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425 times 10 because we have 6425 letter time Stan

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is of course 64,250

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isn't it? Right? So, but that's not enough because you are reciting it in Ramadan and every good deed that you do in Ramadan is not only multiplied by 10 by 10 by 700 the least as reported in lusatia Muslim the list is 700 so let me take that 64,250 times

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dimes 700

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is 44,975,000 ha look 44,975,000 that's what you get by the site in Salt Lake F on Friday in Armada

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What do you think

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sometimes we need to look at you know what do I get for doing this what do we got for the wind that you know this is really an you know it because it gives you that boost Really though I get that much as oh yeah you would become a millionaire almost a billionaire in essence that I'm gonna get $44,975,000 pounds for recycling solid pounds or dollars any engine and agenda the currency in general is not pounds of dollars or the hems of the knives it has a net also yet so he I'm gonna get these much in Hashanah inshallah who died

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after the sighting so little cat Ladies and gentlemen, you go towards the masjid and you have the entire day says you have antenna mounted to the side so that your calf

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at tomorrow

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and tomorrow or even before for sure. So I had an M said from the night before and 10 until the morning on Friday to the site sort of calf.

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inshallah Allah also as the Prophet Mohammed Sufism says, Whosoever memorizes you know the the 10am from from solid death shall be saved from the fitna of the Antichrist and mercy had the gem

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what I said that less than eight of swords a calf it shall help you or save you from the from the tournament and the fitna of cervical cap unless you had the job.

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Also, ladies and gentlemen, by the way, again, you know, like I said the Friday if anyone was to pass away on Friday, May Allah subhanaw taala grant you a long life, if anyone was to pass away on Friday, it is in fact a good sign of a good Andy. A good sign of a good ending. But how about Friday and Ramada Friday and Ramadan. It's an admission good and the Mashallah you know, I had a friend who's been working with me for you know, about couple of years.

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He had just passed away last, you know, last week, and I went to his janazah in, you know, he passed away on in LA. I went to his agenda, you know, a few days ago. So some handling, you know, so it's just there's so many things about Friday. So Pamela, so many visuals about Friday. And ladies and gentlemen, you go towards the mission, and you go towards the mission sense of how much hamdulillah

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making the call to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And imagine, again, remember, for every somehow law that you say one tree gets better for you in Jannah.

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And not only that, now you are sending in Ramadan.

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So it's only one tree, maybe it's seven 700 trees for each Subhanallah and Ramadan 700 trees and hamdulillah 700 trees that you know what 700 trees of love, like about 700 trees have been planted for you in Jannah. So these yourself, I have no time to waste here. So how much hamdulillah and

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go into us and then it's the fastest one. Why you should go early. Because the Prophet Mohammed Ali Santos them says that they are angels, these angels have been appointed with this particular role or job. So what do they do they come to the measured by the interests of the mission. And then they write down the people who come to the masjid on Friday, before the man stands up to give the hotbar

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so they go to the masjid and that they start writing down food and before that he came in at this time food and before that writing down food and hula, hula, hula, hula, they're writing people down your name. And then you know he came in before you know so and so and this time so so on Friday, and then when the Imam stands up for the hotbar they close their books and they go and they sit down to listen to the whole

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So don't be like those who call on the phone Santa Monica, what time is zoom? I think you give him the time he says know what time is

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not the time is a sorry, you missed the point. I think you missed the point. If you just want to go to the masjid for for the Salah, but not necessarily the hotbar you're reading missed out on the on the blessings of the Shema

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let alone the blessings on Friday on in llamada so many aha moments. So inshallah tada you know, if you were to listen to this, and maybe if it's too late for you, wherever you are in your location, try to implement it next Friday in shot level data. But for those of you who are listening to this this Friday, before Zuma insha Allah who Tara tried to implement whatever you can, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah help us all to practice and to convey as our common law head the other zazzy rock your Ramadan 2012 they ate until tomorrow for another episode. I say. I said mid