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I'm going to send out so less to them it looks like about a quarter

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yeah the results he would come in here to another episode of rock your Ramadan 2012 stay for

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a lesson handle with that and it says apology yeah you hadn't Edina mn o quotevalet camassia mokum equity ballerina amicably calm that comes upon all who who believes yam has been prescribed on you fasting has been prescribed on you as it has been prescribed on people before you now live from the consulate you may attain righteousness piety at taqwa you know this yeah ladies and gentlemen this duck What is this fasting it's an immunity it's a strength it gives you strength it makes your body immune it makes your soul immune you know the fasting disliking or reading the code and within the code and especially in my my band makes you immune it gives you a strength you're solid it's also an

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immunity makes you immune gives you It gives you a strength

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so in Ramadan here ladies and gentlemen

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let's say if you if you were no

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above like electricity and now you were like 10 watts

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in Ramadan with the bad out of Ramadan, you should be every day in it's a 1000 volts. So now a day for you should get 1000 volts, you know because of the ability to get that you know, the the strata or the better in Ramadan.

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And this thing again, this beauty, you can only quiet Ramadan, the better of Ramadan is stuck over the last panel is talking about, you know, these days he was talking about that were quiet little little fasting, you know, when we talk about that writing a story that comes to my mind is the story of, of, of a man by the name of ABCD even sitting in the city is known to be a dream interpreter. You know, there's, you know, he's very famous book about the interpretation of his dreams. But in fact, your singing was, was a very righteous match, you know, he was a very righteous man, and he was a businessman. So one day, he bought some oil. So he was a businessman, and you know, he but

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some point he says, in fact, it was one of his best, you know, soft transaction, one of his highest transactions, he paid over 40,000 denims to buy oil from a guy who had like this big bucket of hoard. So he, he bought these oils and put them into a container into bottles so that he can sell them. So when he went home, he had a bunch of bottles of oil that he was going to sell and then he opened the first bottle of oil to check the oil and then he found that there was like the particles of an old of a dead

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rat or a dead mouse.

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Then you open the second bottle and as you found the other particles of this dead you know a rat. So it looks like this, this this this you know rat has been dead for a long time so that you can only see the particles and then you know so he didn't have to open the other bubbles because they assumed we all came from the same kind of bucket. So what did he do? What would you do

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in the ramadan ramadan you bought something from a guy then you found that there is something wrong with it?

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No brainer right? You would go and return your oil and then get your money back.

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But that's not what they've been sitting dead because they've been sitting three years that if it was to take those bottles back to the owner to the seller, maybe that's and it was sell them to somebody else and you would have the Muslims

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you would the harm that was and like I said this is mostly it's just transactions $40,000 spent to buy that also you can go back and resell

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This is no so what did he do? He discarded all that oils

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he did not want to go back he discarded all that oh but in fact you know what he did because he did not have the money to buy you know when he went to that guy to the seller, he distraught you know a note that I will pay you in six months after I sell the oil.

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So now after six months, the guy came he says I want my money.

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What did you say?

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What would you say?

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Well look at all that you gave me it was not a good oil. It is an Indian mesh in any case is one way I did not I don't have the money because I didn't save the oil. That's all he says. I didn't save the oil. The seller went to the party. So the judge the judge rules for of course the seller, one year in jail.

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It will Sydney spent one year in jail.

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The taqwa

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of Allah This is Alice consciousness.

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But not only that, know the guard, the officer, he knows they've been sitting in a spice righteous, you know, and he knows him. So he came to me says you know what it is

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in at night, go and spend it at home with your family with your wife, and then come in the morning to Jay.

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And going at night, spend the night with your family. instead say well now unless they know by Allah, I don't want you or I don't want to help you, deceive your boss, do your job. I don't want to help you deceive your job. I'd rather stay

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even sitting he used to be the student of

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nomadic and nomadic, the servant of our Soma. And as nomadic his companions as nomadic heroes in his world before he died, he says, I only want if I were to die, the person who would watch me is even sitting I won't even sit into Washington.

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So when I was nomadic died, the the party came to the city and he says you haven't seen him come out because we have a will here you know comes you know, and it's nomadic, you need to watch him even since there's no Allah No, I will not come out from jail, unless I get the approval from the seller, because I have been deemed the one that you know, I owe money to

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go ask him for permission.

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They went the sign has been who came the guy who was the owner of the money

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he gave him permission even something came out from Jay he went he washed

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and this numerical gorilla has a

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lot of DNA put him into these you know, followed him into this club and then he buried him and he makes a lot of janaza upon him and then he came back to jail.

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This is

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this is the fear of

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and this is the fear of Allah subhana wa Taala Ladies and gentlemen, that we get in this Ramadan in this blessed month

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that we get through the visitation of the court and in Look what are you with

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Allah subhana wa tada system. So the right so the right a number 3101 o N N N e g Ben

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atapi opentelemetry he loads up oh putting the

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last panel with the analysis if there was a portent that if there was an end by which mountains can be removed, mountains can be removed or there could be broken apart

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or dead was made to speak on and

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if it was revealed on these mountains melters will will will be removed earth will be broken apart dead men was a wouldn't be made to speak

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you are alive you're not dead. What did you

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do you feel that strength in Ramadan? You feel it you feel that strength? Do you feel the strength of the event?

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How many 100 have you done so far? Or how many Jews on the call and have you had so far? How many pages have you read so powerful? You should feel it. The sisters should feel this? Come on.

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We don't have time. That's what Cardiganshire love data. They thought of Ramadan. The model is the five inshallah Tada. Let's move on shall come on.

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That's it tomorrow inshallah for another reminder was brought to you Ramadan. 2012. I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.