Stand Firm My Dear Sisters

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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Yes, my message to all my Muslim sisters wherever you are in the world. You know his dear sisters, first of all, I advise every one of you to take out your Koran and read the verses that Allahu Allah has given us in Sri Lanka boots about how all of us will be tested. Don't take your faith for granted realize that we will be tested and realize that this is something that happened to those who came before us think about the Sahaba think about the female companions, the suffering that they went through in the time of Mecca when they're persecuted for their faith. You know, Allah says in the Quran in Sri Lanka booth a has been asked to a youth Roku a Roku Amana wha hula you've done. Two

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people think that there'll be left to say amen. But we believe what hula you've done on that will be tested for them to see the sincerity of their faith will occur the fentanyl ladina new kabale him Allah Allah man Allahu lettino sodoku What a Yan MNL cara de bien those who came before you will also tested and through that Allah sees who the other son see and who who are the ones that you know, they don't stand firm in their faith. And also, sisters, if you go to throught ln firle verse 45 Allah tells us how to deal with these situations when you're having hostility being projected against you. He says yeah, you have Latina ama no either la petone fi ettan first butuh was called

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La cathedrale. Allah Allah comes to flee hoon. When you're faced with people being hostile against you, is his fifth boo to stand firm against that hostility. When a court of law had Cathedral Allah Allah come to flee who and remember Allah as much as you can. In order to be successful, you need to be stuck to the Quran, the sisters, you need to be stuck to your car and your do as of the morning in the evenings. And then in the next verse, as he tells us verse 46, he tells us what are your law? What are Sula who will attend

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and obey Allah and his missing job? Well, latinization, another fat f shallow, be stuck to your sister's, be stuck to your community. If you don't do that and you just unite for tough shallow, whatever body hookworm, you will lose your strength and you'll become weak. And then Allah finishes these verses by saying was Spiro inala hammer Hamas RBD that when you are patient for the sake of Allah, you remain steadfast upon the straight path. You know, you stand firm in the face of all these pressures upon you, Allah subhanaw taala will be with you he'll find ways for you to get through and to find ways you know, in short, a lot of open his doors of risk and provision for you

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Even if you feel that for your families. Insha Allah, may Allah make it easy for all of us. Always ask a lot in your dryer, Yama callable, galoob that Bitcoin will be Allah de Nick. Oh, Allah, turn of the hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion. We need to constantly ask a lot help us to remain steadfast do sisters nobody guarantees that we will die upon it slam but we have to constantly ask Allah to give us first and hotma to give us the good ending that we meet with Allah with La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah May Allah keep us all steadfast and firm upon his path until we meet with him in sha Allah. Wa akuto od Hara was stone for the low Lee welcome was the pan

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