Haifaa Younis – Why Can’t I Fast When I Get My Period I Ramadan Q&A

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The lack of social media during their age affects their perception and perception of one's age is not as important as their age. They also discuss the importance of fasting during quarantine and the use of hadiths to address one's perception. In a separate incident, a woman called Roswaal during a period of fasting was not allowed by Islam and was not a woman who wants to fast. The segment emphasizes the need for everyone to learn and learn from the fasting experience and touches on the topic of Islam and the importance of fasting during busy times like the current crisis.
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The first question is, you may not all of you sing COVID. But I hear it. Why I cannot fast when I have my mystery.

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It's from Milan, it's very hard for me to do it again. You may, you may sound surprised, but I have heard it. And we cannot just say because, number one, whenever somebody asks you a question that you never thought anybody will ask, Don't belittle them.

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They are, especially if it is the younger generation, you know what, they are very different than you and me. And it's very different, where they are growing and what they hear and what they see. We didn't have social media when I was your age. If I had social media when I was your age, I don't know how I was tone.

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Right, honestly, so so we have to listen to everything they say, you know, if it's simple Hamdulillah I need sometimes people to remind me of the simple things, if it is how they are if I have asked for when I was her age, how dare you ask for things has changed. So any question you get, take it. And if you don't know say I don't know, I'm going to go and check. But never belittle somebody who's asking you because they will never ask you again. They're going to go and ask somebody most probably don't know, and they will get not the right answer. So the number one question is, is it related to menstruation as a woman? Why I cannot fast?

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Right? There's nothing in the Quran says I can't fast you hear this? And the answer is there is nothing in the Quran says I cannot trust it's true.

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It is true. There's only one verse in the Quran about my situation. Only one is Sedona Canyon Mahal is unsorted. Bacara 185. They ask you about menstruation say meaning or Swati Sato salah, tell them it's pain. It's discomfort, Allah call with other pain, discomfort, something we don't like, you want to agree with me? But then what did Allah say? He didn't say don't pray. He didn't say don't fast. So you can say it's in the Quran? Because if somebody knows the Quran more than you, you're done.

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As like, Oh no, here is the verse and Allah didn't say don't browse. Don't pray Allah the only thing he said, Don't get close to the woman during menstruation meaning intimate relationship. And then when it is done, and they have done the stomach bath, you can resume the relationships are about fasting.

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And what about salah, combine them? Because that's always the other issue. Everybody in the masjid praying taraweeh and I am staying home.

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What do you respond?

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It's a hadith formula slightly softer. What did he say?

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Actually, it is not from Roswaal risotto.

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Now we are we are guessing that's our problem. This is when you answer. Imagine somebody in front of you know a little bit more than you or they don't know but they just challenging you. And if you are not confident about what you are saying, nobody will listen to you. It's actually not the hadith of Francois de Soto's a hadith sent by Seder Aisha in more than one thing, because the question came to her Why listen to the Hadith. The woman asked her it's actually her helper, asked her why the woman during menstruation does not make up the Salah, but makes up the fasting.

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So there was nothing from what I saw it I saw she responded. We were at the time with our soiree saw to cinema, we get our cycle. And he ordered us to make up our salah, but not make up our fasting, meaning we did not fast.

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And we did not pray. So now this is something for all of you to learn. Soon is not only what he said,

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is not only what he said is what he said, and the second one, what he did, and the third one, what he approved. So if somebody's in front of him, let's say that a girl sitting on the floor like that, and that was why they sought to sell Mazda. He didn't say anything, but she was sitting and he didn't say don't do it. That means he approved it.

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So he approved she That's what she told him. She said that's what we did at the time of Roswell Lisa, obviously he ordered them or he explained to them for Salah it's very clear, because another woman when it came about abnormal bleeding, she came to him and asked him, What do I do? I am a woman who bleeds all the time. He said when the time of your cycle comes in, stay away from Salah. So that we know but the fasting was in this hadith. Now very important for everybody younger not very young because now I'm here it's also from the very young people. Whenever my dean Islam, you know what is really the real mean

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Think of Islam as what?

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submit to the will of Allah. And Allah said this verse beautiful sorts of Obama cannot be more when nothing is Allahu Allah Sula, who Omran a year Quran Allah Who Hara to mean Embrey him. And they said, No believing men and woman here He Allah subhanaw taala put them both.

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When Allah decree something or when Allah order something,

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they have no choice.

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Meaning you have no choice but to submit to the will of Allah. Not everything I'm going to understand.

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And even harder, not everything I like, what I want to do, what everybody else is doing. Most of what we are doing, how many people does what we do as a woman, but that's what Allah said. semina walked on. So when I come to Ramadan, why I cannot fast my immediate answer is Allah said so. Where? In the Quran and the Sunnah. So that's the first the first question. And it's again, it is common. I've heard that about salah also. And that's why I am combining them. So that's number one, the next and if the woman say I'm sorry, I love too fast. I'm not convinced again, maybe not you but in general. The answer to her you're disobeying Allah and what you are doing is haram. That's the word

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the scholar use is not my word.

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All consensus if the if the woman during her menstruation fast or pray, she is disobeying Allah and she is doing something haram.

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So imagine the woman says, what I love salah. I want to be close to Allah, my answer to her and I'm going to come to it later. Another question. My answer is you're going to be much closer to Allah when you do not pray. And when you do not fast, the same thing when I'm somebody who has chronic illness and who I see this all the time, right, but it's Ramadan. I said, Allah, I know it's Ramadan.

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But when Allah said if you're sick, and fasting will make you make your disease or make your your health worse. The order is to break your fast. You're obeying Allah when you break your fast if you don't break your fast you're disobeying Allah. So Allah riba that this is something for everybody. act of worship is not what I like, or what everybody else is doing. The act of worship is what Allah said, and ordered, which usually mean a lot like

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