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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is a follow up video from what happened yesterday, I've already put up a video about Hassan at the fraudster. And I was very angry when I first part of that video and I wanted people to see my emotions, to be honest with you, because the Koran says, you know about the more ethical and worldly the Allium, as a prophetic advice or advice to the Prophet Monticello that be harsh with them, frankly, and if we have evidence that someone is at least was and when I felt for a certain period of time, then this is I believe within the the advice given from Allah subhanho wa Taala. to us. Now, having said that,

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what needs to be understood is that this is not a case, only where has an ad is implicated. And that needs to be fair, and that needs to be made clear. Why? Because some people will say, why did you mention just has an ad or not rukhsana. And the reason why at that particular time is because had we not played the cards in that particular way, potentially nothing would have been confessed. And so we do one thing at a time, and we know what we're doing. And now is the time in sha Allah, where we do make clear the position with Roxanna as well, who is Omar Abdullah. Now, point number one is very clear. And she has confessed already that not only was she an atheist, but she used to live a double

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life in the sense that we have pictures of her. You know, on the one hand, on the one hand, yes, wearing niqab with her children and so on. And then on the other hand, yeah, she's going to the clubs, she's going to the clubs are not only should go to the clubs, by the way, but she's with men, rappers and this and that holding them and doing devil signs. What do you mean, you're doing devil signs? Is that meant to be some kind of a joke? What do you mean, you're doing devil signs? What is this, and you're in a club with another man, which, by the way, confirms to the maximum level possible that the author that the author that you'll have your husband or your so called husband,

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that they use status they use, he is a complete daze. Now, to be honest with you a lot of the information that we have, we have been exposed to didn't meet the shut eye standards for us to be able to do any kind of talking about or in the sense that, you know, we could say that you had intercourse with other men at that time. And for those who are saying that, I would say we have to be fair in terms of Sharia. And the standard is that you have to have four adult witnesses and so on. And that is not provided and there's no actual off, there's no confession. So, you know, for example, we're exposed to WhatsApp groups, you know, a whatsapp group where it talks about, you

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know, open relationship and what this person was doing and what that person was doing and what Omar Abdullah was doing. But we can't say, yeah, this is definite, because we did not see the pen going into the ink. And we have to stick by the Islamic principles in these matters.

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But when someone was such high level of fidelity and Fiske

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high level of transgression, is calling the Muslim community into believing that she is a woman with high level of religiosity, whilst at the same time she's living a double life. This is not something we should infuriate the Muslim community only because of the situation with the charity, or because the situation with the Rokia, which is a religious service predicated on the belief that one ought to believe in the book that they're reciting under the end user. Not only is that the reason, but there's another reason as well, which is the shared decision, this ingenuity of the whole practice and the whole performance and the whole acting performance that they put up for so long. The sheer

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disingenuous at making something look like it isn't, and you know why that's problematic, because we know Subhan Allah from those messages from those WhatsApp messages that we were exposed to a mutual archive, that actually there was a concerted effort to try and destroy Islam from within. There was a concerted effort to try and destroy Islam from within, to try and as the Quran says, about a particular time of the Prophet Mohammed Allah is Allah that will become a movement I will watch and I will not wait for a wonderful actor Rahul Allah down and they will become Catholic at the end of

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the day, so that they may return so this is a trick which is an ancient trick which we are exposed to the idea that you infiltrate the Muslim community as an atheist and then you try your best Yeah, you try your best to try and show that you are a Muslim. And then at the same time you're trying to show the the ineffectual ality of Islamic practice, for example, through the fact that polygamy was introduced, and then two or three days later, somehow the whole thing collapsed. But the reason why is because this is an all an act, meant to show the ineffectual ality of Islamic practice made by actors who are in fact atheists. And if this was the case, in any other context with any other

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subgroup or religious group, there would be moral outrage.

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There were people that were Muslim or Sikh or Hindu that went into a church pretending to be a priest or pretending to be someone of authority or religious giving religious services. But it turns out that they were infiltrating that community to take money from that particular other religious community that they did not belong to, that would be seen as not only this ingenuity by kind of fraudster tactics that should not be and could not be tolerated, not only in Muslim societies, but in any communities. So those his ex Muslims are trying to use this for their leverage. Don't forget this man, has an ATS is actually being under investigation for abuse. And has this there's good

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evidence, yes. To suggest that the police wants him not only for grooming, by the way, which is what you tell us off about? Yeah, when we don't chase it up. And when we chase it up, you say, look at these guys, be quiet, x Muslim, be quiet x Muslims, not all of them, of course, those who are implicated in what I'm saying. We are seeding and weeding out our community cleaning up from the corruption from within it. This isn't this what you guys in the mainstream media tell us to do? Go and see what's happening in your own backyard. When we do it. You tell us off Look what you're doing to your to the ex Muslims or whatever. They're not ex Muslims, they're infiltrators. If they want it

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to be ex Muslims, they should tell everybody look, you live in a free country. You're not gonna get killed here. You're not gonna get killed him I boy, you're not gonna get killed half. Omar Abdullah, you already announced to the world that you're an atheist, maybe announce to the world that they're atheists. Okay, at least if you feel like there is danger. Do you don't have to pretend to be a Muslim. And not only pretend to that you can avoid fear and death, but pretend to that you can take money from the Muslim community that's unacceptable. And go into the clubs with this wrapper where your children are at home. And their youth is looking after them like the house husband. And he's

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looking after them in one of the four or five apartments that you got on Canary Wharf? I don't know how you get the money for that. Maybe? I don't know. And where you get the money from that? Yeah. I don't know where you got the money for that four different apartments that you own, that your husband owns? How did you get the money for that? In Canary Wharf?

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And you go clubbing

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with beyond a rapper who's actually just on the scene, apparently, quite recently. So this must have been quite recent, as well as event where you're putting your hand around beyond ha, who do you think you are? You're trying to fool. And then you come out making a full after all of this. your Instagram has all of the pictures that you try to boost with money? Yes. And we still have all of the pictures with you. And I said the fake the acting pictures, take your pictures down. Take your pictures down. Take your pictures down. Take your pictures down. Take your videos down. Remove your YouTube account. We don't want to see this. Your so after all of this, you're saying we're sorry,

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but you still have all of the material online. Take it down. Take it down. Take it down.

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Take it down.

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be genuine now if you're if you're truly sorry, take the material down. Don't offer any services. Don't ever try to come back into the Muslim community in Austin to raise funds. Be alone now we don't want to see we don't want to head but at the same time I will give you some good news. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala with all his wisdom and mercy has given you a way out. Allah subhanaw taala to them without your cone. This is Donald to them whenever he says in them when I 15 if it does get asked even a lot. What untagged alumna Sera, LL Latina terrible what else la whoa

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Illa Latina taboo, was la Whoa, whoa, la la la sua Dino whom La la la la.

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For like,

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so long as you're on our email

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if I'm if I'm seeing the AI correctly,

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see it let alone agilon Avi, Allah subhana wa tada says that certainly the 115 the hypocrites, the ones who say that they're Muslim, but they're not Muslim. That's what the hypocrites means in Africa. Yeah, you pretend to be Muslim, you're not Muslim. They're going to be in the depths of the hellfire. And there'll be no helper for them. Except for the one terrible that's repent. What?

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Which is what you rectify your affair? Well, I saw some will be left and you come back to hold tight to the last panel time. And then also,

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Watson will be left worthless within only four things worthless, it becomes insane because you will never become sincere because you're never sincere. And so even for you there is hope that takafumi Rahmatullah in the law Yep. Through Dubai Jamia Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that Allah forgives all of this is so even for you, Omar Abdullah, even for you as an actor,

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There is a way, but don't ever try and justify your behavior. Don't ever try and change. Try. Don't ever try. Yes, I'm denied, because people will never accept it from you ever again. And don't ever try and do what you did ever again to the Muslim community. Don't ever try. And this is a message to all them whenever when your time will come your time like they were exposed like that. You will be exposed and it will be the most horrible feeling in your life. And I'm happy that you will feel bad. If you feel bad about that. I don't feel sad about that. Santa Monica was like I said I'm Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hey boy.