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Hey y'all

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Hey y'all

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now Noah

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ilaha illallah wa the hola Cherie color wash hadoo anna muhammadan Abu rasuluh Yeah, are you Halloween? I'm an otaku, Lucha kuttu ka t y La Tomatina Illa one two Muslim moon, you levena on top Allah wa Kulu colon sadita Use la cama hola como la Vela con Vinoba con Wyoming Utah, a la hora Sula, who forgot the Pfizer Fosun Alima a my bad for agnostic that hadith the Kitab Allah. Well as an Al hadI had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon more data to have, or coulomb data in VEDA what could not be that in Bala Wakulla in for now.

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam, the topic of our hotbar today is sadness. And of course, we are linking this to what is happening in Philistine and what is happening in other parts of the world and what has happened before and what will probably most likely be going to happen in the future.

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The problem is that many Muslims think that the believer is in a state of perpetual sadness, and that Ardene is linked to sadness and the way of the believer is to be sad. And that is based in part on some quotes and narrations that the great scholar al Hassan Al basally Rahim Allah. He said, The believer is sad in the evening and wakes up sad, and he has no alternative to that. You're always sad. It is narrated that Inaba said how can we be happy when death is behind us? Yeah, and it death is chasing after us. And the grave is ahead of us. And the Kiama is awaiting us and our path is over the hellfire and we have to stand before Allah. And it was also mentioned that Salahuddin a UB Rahim

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Allah He said, How can I smile while

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Masjid Al Aqsa is captured.

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The Scholars say, every one of these statements is not authentic. And even if they were the argument, the proof the guidance would be from the Quran and the Sunnah, not from quotes. So why is this topic important? What are the dangers of sadness? The first thing is, if we associate sadness with being a good Muslim, or being a good believer when we associated with our religion, that meaning the believer is sad and doesn't have fun, and is always burdened with the depths and the trials of others. That could mean a couple of things. One of them is the result equation, the resulting equation in our minds is that obedience and religiosity equals being sad. And then on the

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flip side, happiness will be linked to haram and linked to the Murase the disobedience of Allah. And whenever I feel happy, I would tell myself, that means I don't care about what's happening in the ummah. And the flip side of that is that now every time I'm happy, I start to feel guilty, because I shouldn't feel that way.

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Beyond that, we all know that being sad, and being perpetually sad, slows you down, robs you of your energy hope, in Allah azza wa jal optimism, even in life, and as we know, it can lead you down the road to depression. What is interesting brothers and sister is that we don't find in the Quran or in Islam, that sadness is ever praised. Nor is it ever required now Allah azza wa jal and his prophets of Allah Salam never else never once told us to be sad, nor once was it praised to be sad. Conversely, happiness is not frowned upon. Many Muslims think that to be happy is not a sign of a good believer. And we used to even hear speakers say things like, how can a Muslim go on vacation?

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The Muslim is never on vacation, the Muslim never forgets the trials of others, and so on and so forth. So happiness then would is not frowned upon in Islam? Nor is it an indication that you don't care about the next life. Nor is it an indication that you don't care about the state of the Muslims. So someone might ask, How can you not be sad? Don't you see the situations of Muslims around the world? Don't you see what's happening in Philistine and the poverty and the oppression? The scholars said, the poor and the oppressed, they're not in need of your sadness, and your negativity, nor does it benefit them in the least. So all it does being sad, all it does is that it

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replaces action. And this is in psychology. You know, as human beings, we always try to make ourselves feel good. And we justify things in our brains, even in ways that are not rational. So you will say to yourself, because I am sad, I care and I've done my part. So therefore, I'm exempt from having to do anything, whereas your sadness has not benefited anybody. That's what the scholars said. The other thing is that

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it is just a temporary feeling. It's not obedience to Allah azza wa jal, it doesn't benefit the Ummah, as we've said. And the scholars said, it's only acceptable in some cases, if you use being sad about your situation, let's say your religious situation, as an anchor to get yourself when you're lost in materialism or love of this or desires. So feeling sad because of that state, you use it then as a motivator as an anchor to get you out of that situation. The scholars also said, the pain and sadness when it comes to falling short in the obedience of Allah, that is also acceptable. And then they said that any sadness that ruins the pleasure of disobedience of Allah azza wa jal is

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also acceptable. So what about the narration where they said that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was Muhtar, Walsall, Al Hassan, that he was in a state of continuous sadness, he will come out of being sad over this situation and then go into sadness for the next situation and he was always in this state. It will claim, Rahim Allah and Medina just Salkin. He mentions that all these this narration has no has no basis. He's saying that there is an unknown narrative and that is not and therefore this is not a reliable narration. And then he argues why would the process Lamb be in perpetual sadness? And he is the one who was protected from sadness over issues of this dunya and he

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is the one that Allah subhanaw taala forbade him from his sadness over the Quran.

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are not accepting Islam, and he's the one whom Allah subhanaw taala forgave all his sins. So where would the sadness and where would perpetual sadness come from? Rather, the authentic description is that whenever you saw the prophets Allah Salam were Cana hash and Bastion Lautoka who Allah Moctezuma always in a good mood, always smiling. This was the state that this was the authentic description of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sure Hello Islam even Tamia Rahim Allah.

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He said as for sadness, Allah subhanaw taala did not commanded, nor did His prophets on Hola Hola, salam, rather Allah subhanaw taala forbade it in some situations, even though they were related to affairs of the religion, meaning someone might justify and say I'm not sad for myself, I am sad for the Ummah okay, but even in this case,

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and Allah subhanaw taala says no Quran when he No Wallah doesn't know. Were untouchable alone in country meaning this is this verse was revealed after the Battle of God and Allah subhanaw taala saying, wait a minute, do not lose heart and do not be saddened. What are the huzzah No, do not be grieved in sort of the non Allah Subhana Allah tells the prophets of Allah so Allah wala has an ID him What are Taku for you, though you can me my am Quran, do not be saddened to over them. And it's interesting. The verse didn't say, Min home don't be saddened from them. So the problem wasn't even sad because of their mistreatment and their bad behavior towards him. He wasn't sad because of them

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for Allah azza wa jal told him, don't be sad for them.

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And when I took over the team, in my own current, don't be distressed over the evil that they plan. And not only that, we'll see it in other places. We'll see it and sort of guff and we'll see it in other places in the Quran for Allah Allah kabocha on Neff. Sokka Allah, Rahim, Islam, you know be higher than Hadith SFR. Here Allah subhanaw taala is telling the Prophet Allah Don't be so sad. Don't kill yourself with grief back on RefSeq don't kill yourself with sadness. I read him over their footsteps meaning when they turn away from you, they walk away they reject Islam. This used to make the personal I'm so sad that it's almost like Allah Subhana Allah is telling him Take it easy.

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Don't be that sad don't kill yourself in grief, because they turned away from you. For Allah to have enough suka Ali him has Allah Allah azza wa jal says, Do not let don't lose, don't die and don't lose your soul over them in sorrow.

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And the prophets Allah Salam himself in the cave, what did he advised his companion what he said to him our book road alone he said to him, let in Allah hermana Do not be saddened indeed Allah is with us. So we never see sadness in the Quran except that it is mentioned negatively or Allah Allah Allah is telling you to not feel that way. Even Tamia Rahim Allah says whether he can lay under who lie Yanni the husband, Ledge liberal Mensa that is due to the fact that sadness does not bring forth any benefit. What are you waiting for? Oh Medora and it does not push away any harm. Philosopher editor fee there is no benefit in it. And then he continues and says And whatsoever has no benefit in it.

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Allah subhanaw taala would not command it. So sad. This does not benefit anyone Allah azza wa jal would not command you to feel or have something that does not benefit anyone. And then he mentioned that limited sadness over trials of this dunya are not a problem. Limited sadness. Yeah, Annie you can feel sad over what's happening and Philistine but you don't become a sad individual because of what's happening and Philistine depressed and unable to operate and unable to go to work and unable to get out of bed. So it says limited sadness over trials of this dunya will are not a problem so long as there is no sin and no expression of displeasure accompanies it. So those who are saddened

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for the OMA, the scholars said they Allah Allah azza wa jal will not reward them for their sadness itself, but they might be rewarded for the goodness of their heart, they might be rewarded for the level of care they have for their brothers and sisters around the ummah. But they're not rewarded for being sad itself. Because sadness itself there's no reward for it. The scholar said from the aims of the shaytaan is to bring sadness to the believer from the aims of the Sharia is to bring happiness to the believer.

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In nama Najwa Amina Shivani Leah Zona Latina Illa Allah azza wa jal says a Najwa the private conversation is the conspiracies there.

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On the shape on so that they he can cause sadness for the believer. So the aim of the Shetland is to cause sadness to the believer. What do I need to Mala? So Jan says that they would love to see you in suffering. But the flip side of that if you look at where the Prophet sallallahu sallam was mentioning, one of the deeds is most beloved to Allah azza wa jal, he mentioned at the top, bringing happiness to the heart of a believer. So it can't be that Islam wants us to be sad, but one of the greatest and most beloved deeds to Allah Allah is to enter sadness into happiness into the heart of the believer. So with that, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make some of those who recognize the

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truth as clear truth of Hulu kolyada was tougher. Hola Hola. Hola. Hola, como Gmail, look for stuff through fire hose Al Mustafa marine ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I mean, while he was here, Jemaine about. So the scholars mentioned some points to not be in a state of sadness. We mentioned earlier that you can be sad over a situation but you don't become a sad person. And they mentioned reminding yourself because we all know this, but remind yourself that everything is happening is according to Allah subhanaw taala is decree, you remind yourself of the the knowledge and the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala, the things the hair that is happening behind the scenes, for lack of a better term, that we don't see all the other things that are happening. And he that in the wisdom of Allah

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subhanaw taala we don't know how many Muslims started practicing better because of what's happening in philosophy. But we've seen with our eyes, how many non Muslims came into Islam, because of what they saw in Philistine and they went and picked up a copy of the Quran. And they actually became Muslim, or a woman. She said, I saw a Palestinian mother, her daughter was dead in her arms, and she was thinking Allah. So I said, How did she get to the state, and she wants to read the Quran just for that sake. So all these kinds of things that are happening, that could be part of what will lead to the, the freedom or the freeing Philistine in the future. The other thing is that the scholar

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said, that sadness doesn't do anything except increase your white hairs, and it there's no benefit in it. And they mentioned a Salah

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and how you turn to Allah subhanaw taala. They have a famous statement that says, the distance between the problem and the situation is equal to the distance between your forehead and the ground. And this was the way of our Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever something distressed him he immediately turned to Salah in nama school bethey were Husni it Allah that I complain, my problems and my sadness to Allah subhanaw taala so you turn to Salah immediately, the scholar has mentioned dhikr of Allah azza wa jal and because we know the verse, Allah biddick Rila he booked my unknown Kulu everybody knows this verse. So someone is saddened, he sits for like, 20 minutes 15 minutes

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makes a little bit of difference didn't work. It's not that's not what it means, means your heart is filled with the core of Allah azza wa jal your day from beginning to end. You're always trying to remember Allah subhanaw taala with your tongue. Many times people just test the thief if things work or not. I tried Salah didn't work. I made the could it didn't work. Did you make a career out of thicker work? Were you making vicar of Allah azza wa jal? Or are we testing if this works, there's a difference between the two.

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So in conclusion, we're saying that you can be sad or Philistine but do not become a sad person. And we have heard reports of people in the community who said they couldn't get out of bed because of what's happening. Some study if it wasn't for going to work, I would never leave the bedroom never never leave the house and this is not from the way of the believer. And then the final reminder brothers and sisters, please do not every time you see someone doing something, a family going to a restaurant or people going to an event. You bring up philosophy and sometimes there's this level and inshallah it's nobody in this room, but there's this level of hypocrisy something is someone who's

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having some fun time How can you do this well Philistine in Nova zone, then he goes home and he watches Netflix for four hours.

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Don't get on people's cases. Whenever they're trying to do something you remind them of

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A calamity that's happening somewhere. There will always be calamities happening somewhere. You do your part, you figure out what your role is how you can help. If it's monetarily, if it's just through your da we're not belittling that. But don't go around trying to get people to stop doing things and we turning on each other because of what's happening in philosophy. One guy started the big fight in the masjid, not this Masjid. He yelled at the Imam How could you not make the connote after the Salah, so the next Salah, the Imam made the keynote he came to me he said, Why didn't you say this in the da bibiani? Does nothing's gonna make you happy? For it, let's not turn on each

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other. That's also not a solution. It's also not a solution with that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. Alohomora and then the husband was worrying about a lot about it and we're gonna Tina Alba, Allah whom Allah Jalla dunya Guerra Homina while I'm a blogger Illumina while Eleanor Demasi Rana Allah has been sort of fun and I feel because Allah Holman said the quantity for the stain Allah Who makin Dima a home Allah homak and demand a home Allahumma Hamamoto Cuthbert shahada home alone my father Urwa husband Wofford Nisa

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home. What Hola. Hola. Hola Hola. It's a bit homey out but Alameen hola hola. It's a bit home era but I mean, with a bit a lot of them in the Akademie him Allah Who Marfa animal Budda will call with him era but Al Amin Allahumma Kula whom I wanna wanna sera Allahumma but him to hide the Illuminati. I'm Ross, didn't you just goofy? Luca Arctic? Where you Duffy? Hello, Marcia. Murphy. Hibben maruf were you unhappy animal? Yes, me. I was sort of loving more about Rick and I've always gotten a lot. I mean, he was a huge Marine. Were como la Sol to come around como la