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Sister Ashely from Colorado Shares her Story on Huda TV with Shaykh Karim AbuZaid

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We have a phone call from sister Ashley from the United States, I believe from Colorado. I said, Amara welcome sister.

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Hello, sister Ashley, thank you for being with us here tonight.

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Thank you for having me.

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Here Colorado Springs

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we have in the studio with us. mm Kareem. Was it tonight?

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Yeah, sister Ashley.

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Yes, I'm here. Can you hear us?

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Oh, I can hear you now. Okay. Something happened I should share with the with the viewers last night. Sister Ashley, can you let the viewers know? How did we conclude? For you to be in the air with us tonight? What happened? Since

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the email that you send to me? Can you let them know what happened? I think they they would rather hear this from you.

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I asked for your help and guidance and converting to Islam.

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You sent an email last night she sent an email to me last night. And I requested her Skype name, address and we got in touch. And I actually spoke with her 3am my time this morning for almost maybe 40 minutes, 30 minutes, if I'm not mistaken. And Alhamdulillah she actually took his Shahada

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with me this morning. And

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then she raised the idea because she she lives in a very remote area in Colorado. You know, I live in Denver for a long time. She lives almost 35 minutes from Colorado Springs. It's a very remote area, no Muslims around her.

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And she wanted to share that with the rest of her friends and, and her husband who's so interested in Islam. We can't wait also inshallah to take a shed. So I told her, why don't you come and be here tonight? And here she is. So, sister Ashley, are you there?

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Yeah, I'm here. So can you share with the viewers? How did you come tonight to be in the air and then we'll take your Shahada with with the rest of the viewers. Go ahead. Can you just share your experience in a couple of minutes? And how did you? Yeah, go ahead.

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I am, you know, as I've told you, in our conversation that

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for many years, and being a Christian, there was something missing, I just whether it was spiritually or within myself, and I started researching Islam, my husband, spent some time overseas in the Middle East and became very close with a family there that would pray with him. And he got very excited about prayer and spirituality for the first time in his entire life, which was an inspiration to me.

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he, when he came home,

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it was something that we looked into together.

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Something that we wanted to experience together, but unfortunately, where we live, we didn't have anybody around to guide us.

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And I was online, going through anything and everything I could and I came across

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you online.

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Sorry, I and

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I sent you an email asking for your help, you know, help me understand or have a better understanding of

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how how to convert how to be a Muslim how to,

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you know, get that relationship with God, the one with God that I want so badly.

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And after talking to you at great lengths, and

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you explaining things for me, and in a way that I could understand that made sense. It made sense why I was feeling empty the way I was and why

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Islam was calling me and why I feel Islam as the right choice for me. You know, there's there's a reason for everything. And Allah has brought me through Islam, and

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I have embraced it.

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Less so you know, something that they shared with you last night, actually this morning, my time which is last night your time

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that this is one of the happiest moments of our life of someone who you know who calls to Allah subhanho wa Taala pretends to be one.

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Why? because of two reasons because of when someone accepts Islam

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Right away, you're so special in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah

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because Allah Subhana Allah will never guide someone unless he deserves guidance. And that statement was shared with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding his uncle Abu Talib, when he was saddened by the fact that his uncle

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would not accept the kalama from him at the date of death, Allah Subhana Allah Glorified and Exalted is making it crystal clear to him in Nicoletta demon, that you do not guide whom you want.

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You only show them the way we I show you the way. But we don't guide you, no one guides anybody, but the one who creates the guidance in the hearts of people is the creator of these hearts. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the one who created the acceptance of this guidance in your hearts. And because of the fact that you're so special. Look at the verse in Nicoletta demon, that you do not guide whom you please whom you will, whether kinilaw hyah, demon Yeshua, but Allah subhanaw taala, Glorified and Exalted guides whom He will look at the tail of the verse, a lot of us do not pay attention at the end of the verse, who are who were our alum, Bill moved in. And he knows quite

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well, who deserves to be guided. And that is why you're so special tonight, sister Ashley, and, and we're honored and blessed by the fact that you're calling. And you know, since you spoke to me about your husband, I have been making a lot of publications. That one day also, we will take his Shahada because of the way that you spoke about him last night and how he found a law when he was sent on a mission in the Middle East.

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With your permission, brother Osama, if we can take her Shahada, and then we can carry on from there. So are you you would you like can I do that? Of course, please. Alright, so are you ready? Sister? Ashley, can you repeat I know you will. On this last night I'll handle on Skype. But now. Possibly millions of people are watching. And you want to share this with your husband to begin with? I think he's so excited about it. I heard from you. And with your friends in Dearborn, born in Michigan.

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And I want to let the viewers know. I didn't convert the sister brothers. The sister went through a lot of experiences a lot of Muslims. Don't you dare assume that a non Muslim meets a Muslim at one time and they want to convert that's untrue. And the last stage in the process, but she met her friends in school she she met her friends in colleges. And that's why it's a mistake to ask anybody. How many people did you convert? We don't convert nobody is she just happened to come across me at the end of her journey. And Alhamdulillah Delica fakuma he UTM ha This is the bounty of Allah, Allah bestows it upon whom He wills Alhamdulillah for before the law by the grace of Allah subhana wa

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Taala she want to share this beautiful piece of news with the rest of her family members and the rest of her friends throughout her life. So can you repeat after me what we repeated last night on Skype. Are you ready?

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Yeah, I'm going to go very slow like I did ash. How do

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I how do I learn Isla De

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La ilaha illa Allah?

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is Allah wa shadow.

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enough? Mohammedan

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Hamada Rasulullah

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Let's do this in English, the meanings in English I be a witness.

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I bear witness that there is no deity,

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that there is no deity worthy of my submission and worship.

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worthy of my submission and worship except Allah.

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except Allah, Glorified and Exalted,

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revived and exalted, an ideal witness.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad

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Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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See upon him is the Messenger of Allah

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is the Messenger of Allah and Prophet Jesus peace be upon him

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Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is the Messenger of Allah

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is the Messenger of Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah. This is so beautiful. Remember the request that I made from you last night? One one fever? Can you can you repeat it for me, please? one request, please. I, you're gonna remember that. Can you remind me what I asked you?

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Oh my goodness. I asked you. I asked you to make dua for someone who's so special to me.

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Do I mean prayers or invocation for someone who's so special? For me? You'll remember who it is?

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Yes, you're your daughter? Yes. Please don't forget that.

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Sister Ashley. My name is Sam, I'm the presenter of the program. I want to ask you, how do you feel right now after you've taken your Shahada after you've taken the declaration of faith?

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Hope? Does that make sense?

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Yep, makes a lot of sense. You know, it feels right.

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What was the turning point in the conversation last night when you were talking to Mm hmm. Abizaid that made you feel that this is what feels right, this is the right decision. This is what makes sense.

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You know, I hit a turning point.

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Some time ago, I guess it was just a matter of talking to somebody that

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could mentor me, or, or helped me to, you know, somebody to relate to, as he previously mentioned, that, there's, I'm nowhere near anybody that I can go to and ask for advice or guidance in that. So everything I've done has been on the internet, or, you know, what teachings I get in college, you know, in philosophy and whatnot. And just a matter of having somebody that I can actually talk to now

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and say, Hey, what is this mean? Or, Hey, can you help me with this? Or should I do that? Or, you know, this is why or any any question I may have. Having that availability is what really turned the page for me.

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And that's, you know, I guess I'm ready, I want to do this. I just need help.

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Excellent, excellent. Um, Kareem said, Really, he was kind of the last part of that.

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He was kind of the last chain that you needed. Let me ask you. There are some people out there who may be in the same situation that you're in, they've researched Islam, they feel it's right. They know what's right in their hearts and using their minds as well. But maybe you're they're kind of just like hanging on to their old habits or their old beliefs, and they don't kind of know how to get out of it. What message do you have for people who are facing these types of obstacles?

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You know, they're

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talking about this, or thought about this a lot today. And the best advice I can give on that is

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what is being put in or on your heart, do whatever it is you need to do, whether it's going online, or going to a neighboring city,

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you know, to make the connections with the people to help you with this. Because it's not going to be a burden on your heart for no reason.

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You're not going to feel that emptiness, if it's not there.

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You know, and the best advice I can give is, is don't stop

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you know, it you know, looking in nooks and crannies. You know, lift up the rugs, you know, move rocks, if you have to define that one person you need to find to talk to in the last two days, I've emailed probably more people online

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as I got to this precipice and was ready to make this decision.

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And that's that's what you have to do.

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Thank you so much this Ashley for being with us. And this is an amazing experience for myself for shifting mosaic. I'm sure also for you and for the rest of our viewers who are watching tonight. We hope that you stay in touch with us. We wish you the best. And welcome to the family of Islam, the family of more than 1.5 billion people as it stands today. Thank you. I just want to say what something so quickly that the community members in in Denver directo hate will be in touch with you. You know, they will send you some literature.

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I have emailed them today, the organization I'm heading into

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Denver, Colorado. It's called the house of monotheism data of hate. In sha Allah they will be in touch with you through email.

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