Post Natal or Irregular Bleeding – Can I Fast

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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A question that some sisters may have is 20 too fast if I see postnatal bleeding or the blood of LSD harder, which is the regular beading. So first of all, what is the first the first is the blood that a woman sees after giving birth. And the rulings on that blood is basically the same as for the rulings on menstruation. So therefore you shouldn't pray, you shouldn't fast nor should women have intercourse in such a state. And the majority of the scholars are of the view that the maximum for the first the postnatal bleeding is 40 days, after which you take almost and consider any blood you see as irregular bleeding. So you will then after that take will do for each five prayer and also

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you will be fasting. As for the irregular bleeding. It's basically any blood that you see either in between your periods or blood which goes beyond what's normal for the length of time of your period. So whenever you do see that irregular bleeding, all you need to do is wash it away. Take hold off each fod pray and continue to fast in Sharla