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The importance of writing to share experiences and ideas is emphasized in a short story program on the COVID-19 pandemic. A man who wanted to fast and receive a monthly allowance from Darby was unable to afford it, and the city council refused to give him the money. The man then went on to fast and became a member of the Muslim community, and the woman he was was a member of the Muslim community. The radio station is celebrating its five-year anniversary, promoting its upcoming show, and celebrating its return of a video series. The importance of helping people with disabilities and empowering others is emphasized.

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Mohammed Welcome to our mashreq on lady Islam International. It is some Isa is our guest in Santa Aziz on our program. This is a very, very warm welcome to our dear elder and our friend, whether it is service assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa Alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. You know,

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my wife likes to call me elder.

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I think I'm still youthful, you know?

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As you can you tell us why you are always young. And as long as the heart is young, everything is young. Number a lot. You know, this is important, I think sometimes, you know, we get old before our time, we don't have passion to do things. And when when you do not have purpose, what happens then you can become old become jaded, and you can become a miserable old person in an umbrella. Meola Don't make us like that, that is the people who bring joy or pleasure for smile optimistic and unreal.

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It is in our program today, a very short program, because of the short story writing competition and will is interesting listening to the short stories as well, Mashallah good energies coming in from all over Africa, I would suggest to the station. And I've been you know, it's been so difficult to choose winners, that, you know, I'm so I feel so gratified and reassured that there are so many young people who are able to articulate the feelings to have a wonderful imagination. And many of them will realize that their own life experiences can be shared as lesson to others. And I feel strongly that maybe we should put this all into an anthology of short stories. And we must include

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every entrance and an umbrella gets a major boost for the man under the law. That's an excellent idea. It is, it is my if we can put it compile it into a beautiful book, and ladies times short story ends is for Ramadan, 2014. And Muslim, I think it can be an excellent book, and it can be an excellent contribution to the community as well.

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It's excellent. In fact, you know, I would even go to the stage that some of the stories are so powerful. They could be used in schools to discuss to discuss, meeting to discuss connected unity, to look at the imagination to look at dramatic openings of a short story to look at the title of short story, to look at the pervasive theme, and if there are so many discussions that need to take place, because this is what concerns me and I'm sure it concerns many other people that mean Iran in Serbia become very passive consumers, the service producers who suppose the people that lead the world, in literary aspects in into the media, into sciences and a whole range of things. Don't we do

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rallies to bask in our past of glory? But what about us? Why don't we also pursue excellence and, and I really find the short story will Allah bless the organizers of the short story, to think of this topic because it's something very, very dear to me. I always get very concerned when I hear young people speak, without understanding, they are not able to speak with confidence they are able to articulate their feelings. So I got each of the participants as well as he shows that took the time to share the thoughts because to write itself is an easy exercise, you know, talking is far easier, but to write requires a lot of self discipline. Because you're across the world with you got

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to think of every word. You can look at the literal meaning metaphoric, meaning you look at the image you create in the mind and the lie and I'm not saying this to patronize BMA the truth the most I am the say to them, that each one of them have written a unique style, a beautiful style and an assembly line. I think the idea and I'm glad I got your support, maybe a radius lamilux suggested this anyway, that should compile this into an apology. Yes, Mashallah. Good idea? It is by looking at our program today inshallah. We're really focusing on a an aspect which requires attention, and that is our family members, friends, neighbors, community members.

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Muslim Ummah, who are spending the month of Ramadan and the rest of their lives as well. But particularly the month of Ramadan in a state of being physically challenged, that they perhaps are suffering from blindness, deafness, some sort of disability,

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you know, some sort of maybe even a mental illness. And they are going through the month of Ramadan. And they are going through this through the paces fasting, Dharavi, everything, while they are in this condition, and it is really commendable. And we make dua that Allah Subhana Allah grants them ease in this,

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you know, molana, you know, remarkable that you are thinking about this. I mean, they are two aspects, the one is for those that are challenged in this way, and many of them watching this way, the desire for them to fulfill the injunctions not to flout the Sharia. And they do it with a smile, and they always want to do it. And the other is, the individuals, the caregivers, people around them. I believe I've been reading my Mr. Ravi as the most. And it's a wonderful atmosphere, as I'm sure is a wonderful atmosphere, it's also the other massage. And just the other day, you know, I saw an elderly person, an old old man on a wheelchair, you know, and sitting there, as you look at him

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is so old, yet, his love for tarazi his love for the month of Ramadan. And he must have insisted, you know,

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to Kenny son, or these are meant to come for salon to come for Salah. And then when I saw this, I was right next to him. I got so emotional about it. mowlana I shook his hands. But he kept a picture of peace around him, you know. And then the thoughts, our thoughts, our thoughts, sometimes the unbridled or not circumscribed by thoughts about others who are also elderly, like this person. And I see I pray that they also have a wheelchair, I also pray that they also have someone who support them with love and affection. And therefore when I see when I see parents, siblings, you know, and also children taking across the road, the father with a stranger who may be blind, and would love

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and affection This is what most need to proceed that skill that we have what is compassion. And so that's it, that's another area we can also look at one

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last year, there was a story

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of have a person a Muslim brother, Mashallah, whose name is Imran Adam. He was in the UK. And what happened was that the local council was giving him his a disabled brother, he can't eat or drink himself. And he wanted to fast. And the local council was giving him a monthly allowance of 2000 pounds from Darby. And

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he said he really needed help. Because he needed two hours of extra gain, it would cost the city council 50 pounds a day. This was last year, and he couldn't afford that. The city council said that they cannot afford it. And we can give him that extra money to hire the help of an extra time, who would be able to feed him at any time and stay with him until after a fire and things like that. And so he was unable to fast and a French born Mali national who was playing soccer in France.

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Frederick penalty, he offered to assist Mr. Adam and then he paid for the extra expenses so that this brother Mashallah could then fast and take care of himself and he could have somebody to feed him or her and inspire them. So this is a really heartwarming story in the movie. Many other people like this who was really struggling, they cannot even eat themselves but yet they went too fast during Ramadan.

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You know, I landed in LA You know, this is remarkable. I think it says many things for me.

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It shows me the capacity we have to transcend our limitations and it also shows us that we are connected to Allah, Virginia connected

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To Allah, it really can unleash your complete potential. And secondly, this is the whole thing. It's about us knowing that we are born beyond the earth. And we must do whatever we can to do what is right, we all do make mistakes, but this is being the aspect, right? And also, I think, for me, I mean, the other aspect can choose for the general listener. I mean, the talk I hear every day, you know what it is, can you believe it in the last 10 days of Ramadan? And I was telling some yesterday, it's almost like a few hours separating one therapy from the other therapy. And the question is, what are we doing, you know, to ensure that we fulfill the rights of Ramadan, and that

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we do the right thing that we align our focus and prioritize. So the story we share is really when you walk into this very, very powerful, it shows a lot about Iran itself, and also about the brother in France. And he shows that what lengths people go through, to do whatever they need to do, and that thing again, it's about, you know, reinforcing the team, that, you know, the time for excuses is over, you know, the people able bodied people make so many excuses. And we assumed the reason for the simple excuses.

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And we can give a shout out to all of our listeners, if you have any stories of of yourself being physically challenged in any way whatsoever, even people who are sickly people who are just too weak to move themselves, do things for themselves. Give us a shout, give us a call or SMS 0731738461 call into a 118541548 give us your experience and those people living with them as well. You can also tweet at zoom just said u n j s and inshallah we will we will read it out them in and we will respond to that in Sharma. And yes, Roland It is a very, very good idea for people to share these stories to share the positive, uplifting stories because when you hear the stories, it also inspires

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the people who want to commerce that have more than them, they're able to see clearly Yeah, clearly, it inspires us to go to greater heights. And I think it's a fundamental I think one of the aims of the radio station is also to celebrate good starting to celebrate stories that inspire that informs the teachers and this is fundamental is we have that tribute I think it was last ramadan ramadan before that for for for children and for people basically who were physically challenged. And we, you know, highlighted the stories. We spoke about them. And it was a good awareness fair. In fact, I think there was a prize, one for that at the MTN awards, as well. Mr. Sharma.

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We have a caller on the line, let's see is the caller salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah welcome to the program. When it comes to them, I think make a contribution. I have talked on brothers, so I guess and don't speak, and have retinitis pigmentosa. So they do think that the eyesight from the corners of the eyes, the eye muscle is at a certain stage. And it is very difficult for them to know when to go into Roku, when to go into sit there. And all they need is somebody to stand near to them and just kind of nudge them a little bit. So they know when to move up and down and when to change their positions. But it's nothing really happened. He might be one in a congregation of so many who would

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do it or if a family member is standing next to them, then that would happen. But I mean, and place it in a mosque is not reserved. You cannot say that you know what I have to stand next to him. But all they ask is that

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he doesn't really happen. And I'm amazed because that is a form of getting so on. Especially now we're getting that RV because it's long, it's long, longer than a normal seller.

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And another thing that I'd like to bring up kulana have done nothing to reach out to the deaf. And yet the Muslim guess at a very big population. There are a lot of them. I know because I worked with them. Because my brothers were involved here. We as sisters had had to teach them and guide them through and his family members. But there has been no assistance or no. I think women need to learn the language needs to be able to communicate with them, because they are children who need to go to Madrid. They need to be taught. Yes, certainly, and definitely a shortcoming on all of our behalf.

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inshallah we will look into it and we can take it forward.

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It is by interesting call them and perhaps just a reminder to us all, as as Muslims that we need to be more empathetic, when we are faced with people who are physically challenged, don't you know that the common response to that is that we would choose to ignore and choose to distance ourselves rather than embracing the brothers and assisting them and and we should be more empathetic to them inshallah, you know, Milan at this point, you know and Allah bless the sister for raising this issue. But this is the whole point, you know, this is the notion we have forgotten, there is no place for personal piety, we all have a responsibility, I mean, that you were there the most, he was

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next to you, you had some difficulty, why did not help him and maybe I would recommend if some member of the family

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could maybe inform the Imam of the mosque that if he can identify people, because sometimes, you know, we don't know we are not saying that people consciously do it, sometimes you're oblivious sometimes because so far are so focused. And we think that if this particular person make an error is not to converse in the Salah, so I think you know, if the mom or someone gay in the mosque could help them and hungry lamb vanilla, and the fact that monana that you have raised this particular issue in this program, and it's so good and the system is right. Sometimes, you know, I would not just focused on the on Emma, sometimes I think you'll be able bodied people or people that the

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authority, sometimes we did not show that sensitivity, because our a, our disabilities are the commerce challenges only come from online or something that you bring to bear upon ourselves. And this is part of the fabric of our society. We are different kinds of people in our society. And often we forget, we forget that.

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Our agenda is often to these people who are helpless. You know, our job is to helping other people. And this is what worries me also an earlier attempt at recording me that sometimes, you know,

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we are so concerned about our personal aspirations and our ambitions, that we go through people without showing them the entity in the care that it is

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an atomic fantasy understanding. We have a caller on the line, Salam Alaikum welcome to the program.

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Alico Salama

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Ji, I can hear you. I just I just want to continue to rebut my grandmother.

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She passed away actually right. But that is a part of her life. She passed away at about the age of 95 around this entire life. So the time she left this while she was in Arma, she was in obedience of Allah. You know, she was actually one of the first ladies in Egypt in South Africa.

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Indian life was such I remember were very nice person. She was physically there was water, you know, accumulated so much in a lake. She was wheezing video, the water in a landslide. He completed each and every one of our harmonica Thursday night. She completed her watch this calf in all Hamas, she does for the night, you know, and in the West, to carry it that morning. She passed away from dynasty before for just on Juma. But what is the end of her life? No matter what her condition was, she never ever gave up? What's his

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mama? And what's his relationship with Allah was very, very strong and every condition,

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personal obedience to aligner. So it was a very it's a great example for us. You know, so young people today we are very, very small excuse. We take it as a means of finding loopholes in our DNA. Yes, those people have before they were so strong in a deal. They never allow the loophole to come in between them and the relationship with Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah reward you.

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That was a inspirational few words about the grandmother masama who passed away such an old age and yet was committed to fulfilling all of the man who was if whatever has to be recited of Quran, etc. Allah Allah grant us on steadfastness magnetic discipline. Yes. You know, I mean, look at it, unflinching, you know, that when they had even genuine excuses that they preferred to fulfill the standard responsibility not only that, to go beyond that nuns are blessed, and this person for phoning, you know, it's a tribute to her, and allies indeed. Pleased with her.

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One of the things that I found that when people are committed to the being committed to the Quran, we often find that they have very, very peaceful deaths Alhamdulillah and, more importantly, they are an inspiration to others. I was speaking to a friend of mine, Rafi Patel from giving us the ideas in PGP and he was telling me that you know,

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about his father's commitment to the beam. And then you said once you spoke to his father he says that the outcome you know, we don't have the same kind of feminine energies and what you all do you know your stand up religious Allah, una de nada says, No, this was a habit you cultivated in us from the very beginning, it is a habit. And that's very, very important. So if we inculcate the right habits at a young age and would love inshallah, they would it not need one, it could really mean for them. They have sacrificed something very great in

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Hanawon. It is by people who are sick people who are deaf, blind. And we know Mashallah the great work that is being done by the madrasa nor for the blind in Sitara. And

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the other way Well, people who are who are ill, as well, we have so many within our communities who are old and sickly, and they don't have any assistance, they don't have anybody to help them. But even if they have people to assist them, but yet, being ill is not easy it is it is really taxing and Mashallah like this brother said,

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the people of the past, they were committed, they wouldn't miss their soul, they wouldn't miss the fasting for any reason, even if they were very seriously ill they just within must be fasting. Yes, absolutely. And I think you know, and I think the message to be given to all of them, that, you know, Allah is not forsaken them and, and I think they know that, and I regard them as very, very special people. On the one hand, and this is the whole point

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about their own consciousness is about what you want from life. And they you find that those who understand why they are born, the focus is the focus on doing the right thing, the focus is on relationships, and therefore, you know, we are talking about this, and when in the week, I mean, just last week, I'm dealing with some such serious issues, you know, we a man tells his wife, he says, I'm going out to work, when I come back, I don't want to see you and you and the kids at home, I don't feel how can the person talk like that, you know, it makes you wonder, you know, what has happened to us? What our values, what should we do differently, and, and to all the people who are

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looking after the family members who are challenge friends or whatever, Allah bless you look out and protect you. You're, you're rewarded only with Allah. And, and and 50 people in the mosque as the sister spoke about someone that requires help an elderly person that may be walking so slowly, do not be abrasive and drooling in front of him in a hole by Dan chicken can affirm him. Because as you grow much older in life and your friends, many of us would have many regrets and thinking on an average youthful energy. Perhaps I never turn to Allah, perhaps I use my energy to do the wrong things, you know, and now that I'm old, how I wish I never did that, you know, and I think it's

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important for us to understand the veto, grow the veto. We need people to help me to some day we'll have to work slower, very, very slower. With eyesight fading, our hearing also, you know, being diminished. So I think it's important that we celebrate people who help others and umbrella.

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And it is by attribute. Once again, we just invite our listeners You are most welcome to call in to our program on Oh 11854 and 548. You can SMS 0731738461 and insha. Allah mentioned it's of use to those people who are physically challenged, and bring them up to our attention the inspiration that we can draw from them as well and shall have as he is, and basically understanding the challenges that they go through. It is we're going to take a short little break and we'll be back just after that.

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every night before you sleep, ask yourself What did I do to deserve agenda today? Whoever visits an ailing person or a brother of his to seek the pleasure of a law announcer Angel calls out May you be happy may you're walking v bliss. It may you be awarded a dignified position in gender reported in semi regular Islam. Together, we strive to attain gender

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choo choo radio

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Welcome back to Mr COVID Islam international and welcome back to our guest Idris camisa. is we have a caller on the line let's take the caller Saira Malik Omar Abdullah hirakata

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salaam alaikum welcome to the program.

00:29:29--> 00:29:36

Okay, we don't seem to be listening to the color hearing the color now. It is by continuing with our discussion Are you

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okay, all right. continuing our discussion in Shanghai as these last few minutes left of our program, those who are physically challenged in the month of Ramadan Mashallah they go out of their way to sacrifice in fasting and that are via Salah as well despite being sick

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

And in just a few words of encouragement for him in sha

00:30:07--> 00:30:54

Allah bless you and Allah will only will not give you a burden more than you can bear and you will all be kept within our capacity what people have done and then under the law you know you are Dr. Yo We are your brothers you are brothers Alhamdulillah your inspiration from what what you do. You really sometimes embarrassed us by the lens you go through in the month of Ramadan, to do what is right in here we are able bodied people who don't do enough of that, and to the parents, the mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters. I know this requires a lot of patience on your part. And you know, I always tell people when you have siblings to look after when you have children who have some

00:30:54--> 00:31:36

disability, that you must regard yourself as being blessed. You must be God yourself but allies blessed you because really when you look up to them with diligent dedication, commitment, your place in your home can only be Jana, and unto us, ordinary mortal beings that we are, if we see any person that requires any help, we need to show a lot more empathy, understanding, compassion, and Sharla and I pray in the end that this month of Ramadan is our best month of Ramadan in the subsequent months of Ramadan are even better, that we truly connected with Allah we find very little

00:31:38--> 00:31:50

and get each other with our homes are transformed from rombro patient to one of joy from one of contestation struggles to one of the lickable happiness

00:31:51--> 00:32:26

I mean, I mean there's no seven degrees by for your time on this Thursday and inshallah Next week I'll be in Attica mahna mahna mahna Ahmed Raja will be doing the program on my behalf and inshallah Aziz and voila number one declares flow please mentioned my name Milan Amazon I just mentioned my name right inshallah houses of Allah bless you made the pick of the very very spiritually uplifting Allah always always look after you and pitesti Milan, I mean, I mean, just like my 70 This way, you speak after two weeks inshallah

00:32:27--> 00:32:35

and I'm ready to live I gotta get into my studio operator, and shukran to you for listening. salamati como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh