My Masjid doesnt follow 18 degrees – Ramadan Q and A

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The speaker discusses the timing of Easter and the flexibility of Easter into various times. They also mention the use of the word "hasha" in relation to the time zone and the importance of flexibility in praying. The speaker emphasizes the need for flexibility in the timing of Easter.

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I just quickly read the slump check I'm falling the 18 degrees timetable

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but the machines in my local area praying Isha before the start time according to the ages degrees start Yeah, this woman I won't be able to pray my issue until we in Jamaat for the first 15 days as is continuous toilet and this makes me really sad as Ramadan is about maximizing reward and praying pm What should I do? Yep. Okay, so the brother is asking here about the issue of timing yeah, by the way, I have to say now that most of the masjid around us they don't pray a shot on the correct time. Okay with our 18 degrees or 17 degrees okay. And if you ask most of the Messiah did where did you get this time from? Some people put it okay or they took it from another message go to the other

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message. What did you take this from? They don't know or they say a committee has put to that. Okay, that we're not just in summer yet in summer. Okay. Now HCL for example is around 11 o'clock

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but no one is following that. It is Yanni it is very unfortunate or 10 1040 in London or 1040 something now what to do? No we say to people don't to miss Asia. In the MA

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Yeah. Pray with your local Masjid. Yeah, and

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because the time for Asia has some flexibility in terms of the beginning it doesn't mean that we make the time early No. But if we have no option it's out of your control out of your control. And there is a flexibility some flexibility, okay in Asia time because it might be connected to multiple time because Allah Allah Allah made the art for Salawat returns for Salah three after masala telecommunications either of a certain lady or Quran and fidgety in the Quran and fidgety Kenema Shuda yeah the Fajr is one time door on acid is another time and motivation and Asia is another time whether you pray it with the intention that you are doing Dharma or convert combining combining Yeah

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or just praying Isha? Just pray it with the GEMA and after that, okay, do it with the with the with the tarawih now, there is see why I also say that there is flexibility in a shutdown because

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and in two weeks when

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on 24th of May, yeah. And on the 24th of May the shell a sign for Asia and failure will disappear they shall resign for mother Islamic Asia their Islamic legal sign for the end of mothership the beginning of Asia and the beginning of soldiers will disappear.

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And third year will become early. Yeah, in the beginning of Ramadan fougere will be to

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around 232 30 something this is the correct time by the end of Ramadan. The last 10 days of Ramadan. fudgier will be just before one o'clock 1am Yeah 1am Yeah. Now

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when soldier becomes early, yeah. And Maga is late

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to calculate the Asia time is problematic. Yeah. Yeah.

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Become becomes very problematic. And there will be no clear Asia sign. Yeah, so that's why there is some flexibility in it. Yeah, so don't worry in sha Allah. Pray with your Gemma. Ha. Yeah. Pray Aisha with you Gemma and pray. Tara we after your Aisha