Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call (Part 16)

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The loss of Prana with dial in the Bible and the use of Jesus as a symbol of faith have been discussed, as well as a movie about Jesus and a woman who talks about serving his people. The importance of praying for the well-being of others, including the use of a free energy fee, is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the importance of being a blessing person in prayer and giving back to charity, as well as a prophet's message about being a woman and being a woman-to-here-person. The audience is asked to keep on the straight path to fulfill the message of the book and to give gratitude to Islam.
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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah to a better calculated peace of blessings of Allah be upon you all we have reached Jews number 16, the 16th part of the course on and I want to talk about the chapter of medicham. It has said on chapter number 19 versus number 3236, a loss of prana with dial it talks about something that you will not find in other scriptures as we know with the Quran, there are some portions of the stories of the prophets that are within our Islamic scripture. And you will not find in other scriptures that concur with the presence and holiness of those prophets. This one is about Jesus out of he sent out a lawsuit, Pinewood dalla brings forth the story of Meryem and how she with

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her righteousness was someone

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that was always devoted to worship. She was always devoted to showing gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada and she was always devoted to serving the the house of Allah amongst the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the degree where a law speaks about and we conceived her and gave her Jesus in her womb, and then she delivered him. But what I want to start off in this scene of this movie, if you will, is when she comes back to her people and she's holding a sign a Sarah Jesus piece of blessings be upon him.

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And she points to him. And then they said,

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they said oh, medion they've got the GT Shea and fairy you come with something unprecedented? makin a boo camera so in what Matt can its own wikibot here Your father was not an evil man. Nor was your mother, someone that was immoral. For a shout out to Elaine. So she pointed to them all okay for new column woman can have in mind this idea. They said how can we speak to anyone that is in their cradle as a young boy, verse number 30. Bala in the Abdullah. He said, verily, I am Abdullah attorney elkie tabber or Jana Nina BIA. So here is Jesus aisyah la Salaam, speaking as a young boy, a baby, not even a young boy, a baby swaby in his mad,

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she's holding him. And he speaks in the Abba de la you won't find this in any other scriptures.

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That's the first thing. The second thing is that Isa, the first thing that comes out of the prophets mouth is that he is a servant and slave of God and He is not God.

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He said, I am Abdullah. And Abdullah is the epitome of servitude in that name is the epitome of servitude mean that I am a servant and sleep that needs a master. And my master is my Creator who is a law. So the first thing that comes out of his mouth is to heat. And then he says what atatiana keytab. But what Giada need to be a he has given me a book. And that is what scholars mentioned the Injeel

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what gyla need to be and made me a profit. Well, john mo Bella can aina man come to Oh Sani bisol it was the caddy magic to hire. And he has made me blessing wherever I may be. And he is enjoying me with salaat the prayer and giving the charity the soccer is a catty magic to Haiya as long as I am with you.

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So here a lot he mentioned that Allah has appointed him as a prophet, that's the first establishment, he has given them a book to live by. And then on top of that the contents of the book, he has made him blessing wherever he may be. So in other words, his his his presence of a prophet is adhering to the book that has been given to him the revelation. And as long as he does that, you will be blessed wherever he may be. And from being blessed, wherever you may be the actions of a blessed person is in joining in prayer and enjoying and giving back to what Allah has given you charity. So Kathy, as long as you're with the people are better than BYD the T. Well, let

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me I need your belt on Shaquille. And he has made me righteous to my mother that I treat my mother with respect, because in that time, it has been mentioned that the better Israel so that the Jews of that time, the women, the women would be leveled. And they because they were weaker than the man was the perception that they were weaker than the man so they were disregarded they were second class. But here this prophet, claims to be a prophet, look at what he's enjoying them to pray,

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to give charity. And he says, and I am righteous to my mother, I am good to my mother. And it does not make me an overbearing, miserable person and scholars mentioned that the more you

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overbearing the more miserable you are which shows that the people that are overbearing to their females or their family and to be little people it's something that is of a miserable state. Well let me get your I need your Bella Shaka Yanni Allah omya Some scholars mentioned upon his mother was Salam O Allah Yama will it to a Yama ma mucho mo ba to higher and peace be upon me. The day that I was born, the day that I will be taken and the day that I'll be raised up to Allah subhanho wa Taala Haiyan alive. So he say here is speaking as a baby. The first thing that he mentions is that he is a man that he is a prophet that is to be given a mission. And then he mentioned some of his

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responsibilities. Then Allah subhana wa tada concludes here to remind you speaking to you now that they get a seven Imodium Apolo capillary fee helium 10 one that is the ISA in memory that is Jesus, the son of medion the statement of truth in that which they all are you, they all are you was He's the Son of God or God, or whatever the case may be. But that's the truth what Isa just said, that is the old heart that they all argue about. Then the last word Allah confirms it. Here he says, mechanically lay yet to hit the moon while adding, it is not for a lot to take a son

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Subhana Glory be to Him. And if you notice in the Quran, Allah uses the word Subhana.

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As an answer or response to people that say that God has a son, or is like another form of history, he always responds with suparna.

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Then lots of analysis after that, Matt Kennedy lay yet deftly them in what is in some hand, either Omran for in ma akula, Hakuna for your corn, if he wants anything to happen, happen, he will say B and it is within the law to be what a book in fact will do. And verily out in Verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord with that knowledge, fat boo worshipping has answered often was ducking, that is the street path. So we asked the last panel data to keep us on the straight path in which we asked him for in the chapter of Fatiha at least 17 times a day, and remembering that the most important message was giving the most important right and that right is worshiping Allah by himself, not

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saying that he is like his creation, not saying that he is at the level of his creation, or taking any of his creation over him and greater than him in any form of magnificence. May Allah soprano Allah make us of those that are like a Salah, a Sunnah, that we fulfill this message of the book that we are blessing wherever we may be, because we fulfill the laws of the religion. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thank you

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