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as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato. Today we have on Jamal who is such a long term friend and wonderful person that I've worked with for many years in work working on line teaching sisters about Islam. And we work together on use of festes website chat many years ago. And so I'm really excited to have her here today to share with you this valuable topic about us having enough time to worship Allah insha Allah. So I'm Jamal, it's so exciting to have you here today. So I'm really cool. Well, Nicholas sillim. How are you, Katherine? Good. hamdulillah hamdulillah. So the topic of the summer is all about women putting themselves first and I'd love to hear from you why

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you think this is an important topic for us to discuss.

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You will Catherine's panela Festival in an hamdulillah nothing better when a stain when to stop feeling when you're totally late, when I study when you're selling on eBay, and I have a loved one he was selling, um, supine a lot, one of the things we have to realize as as women is that it's really how I feel that women we are like the backbone of the whole family. And we have so many roles and expectations placed upon us, you know, as if we're mothers, we have, you know, so many responsibilities as wives, even if we're just even if we're daughters, you know, even single women who have to work, there's so many different

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responsibilities upon us. And one of the biggest complaints I hear from sisters in general is just not having time for themselves, like they just feel so burnt out. So it's a panelo. So many sisters, what they tend to do is, and this even happened to myself, which we'll come to, you know, they're just constantly giving to everybody else they're giving to their children they're giving to their husband, if they've got a role outside the house, they're giving to that role, you know, if they're working and so what happens is, that sooner or later, when they keep doing that, and not giving to themselves, they end up completely burning themselves out. Um, and somehow we have to realize that

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if we really want to reach a level of excellence, you know, and strive as we want to do for the earth, Iran, we need to keep refueling ourself. And one of the main ways to refuel ourselves is by focusing on having time for a better having time for our worship. If we're not making that time to strengthen ourselves with our either with our worship, then sooner or later, we just collapse. And then we wonder, why is everything going wrong? Why is our life falling apart. So it's so imperative that we take this time and make sure that's a priority every day, like, a lot of people don't realize, you know, like, we spend so much we worry so much about our food, and our nutrition, and in

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all of these things, to kind of always make sure we get the right, you know, vitamins and these things, but we don't realize that, you know, the body isn't just made up of body, it's also made up of a soul as well. And the thing is that we feed our bodies, all ye we forget to feed our souls, and what is the nourishment of the soul? It's a bird that is our worship. And you have to ask yourself, How were the companions able to, you know, achieve such great heights in Islam? You know, what, how were they able to leave such amazing legacies behind them. Why because they were constantly refueling their Eman with all the different types of a better that we're doing acts of worship. So

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for Panama, this is why sisters have to realize that if you really want to, you know be able to give and be the righteous wife to your husband, if you want to be a great role model for your children and pass on the love of Islam to your children. If you want to be a community figure and be involved in the community, the only way that you can have the maximum influence on the community and in your different various roles is if you are refuelling your Eman and looking after yourself to be able to give to others

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shalom yeah beautiful point Mashallah. And it is very easy to get so caught up in this dunya and and forget, you know, that important element but we are we need to look after ourselves in body, mind and soul not just in body, not just in mind. Is that? Well hamdulillah so you alluded to the fact that you've got a story there about how you learned this the hard way. I'd love to hear that. Yes, of course everybody would love to hear

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basically looks upon a lie about 10 years ago, you know, like I had four children I had also had twins and I've never had you know being a revert I've never had the family support. So I had to do everything basically on my by myself and of course the handler like Allah blessed me with a good husband has also been a great time.

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Support. But, you know, there's no such help, obviously husbands can do. So I was very overwhelmed. And I also had a Roman community like I do teach you how to do Dawa. And so what basically happened was, I was just going through a lot of trials, both inside the house outside of the house, and all of these different demands that were upon me. And basically what happened was one day I just developed like an anxiety disorder. Yes. So nobody can understand what it's like to go through anxiety and they say go through it themselves. It's actually very scary experience. Like, basically what happened was, I got to a point where I didn't want to leave my bedroom, I didn't want to face

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my family anymore. I just thought I couldn't cope. Um, and I, my heart rates are going out of control. Like it would just be, like, on a very high level. And I actually went one stage a few times, I thought I was having a heart attack. And I couldn't sleep at night, because it just was constantly like,

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um, what's the word? Like, it's just the palpitations was so rapid that I couldn't, you know, I couldn't sleep at all. So it was really scary state to go through. Um, and Panama. What happened was that basically, I got this, you know, meditation tape. It's had no music on it just, it's just like a psychologist talking. And he's saying, the first words he said, he just basically said, this is your time now.

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When I've heard those words, I started to cry.

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And I thought, Do I have time? Like, am I allowed to have time, I didn't realize that I'm allowed to have time for myself. And that's one thing I hadn't been doing. I've been so busy, you know, stressing out trying to do everything for the family, you know, teaching my children and then outside doing Dawa, that I totally had forgotten to give to myself. Um, and the worst thing is, I'll be honest with you, as a teacher, it's even worse because you're not allowed to be weak. You're not allowed to go through the stress or, you know, if you know, if you fall people question you like, how could you go people go through anxiety, you're supposed to have a busy man. And, you know, so

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it's even worse. Like, if you think people judge you, when you're going through a hard time and surgery, man, it's even worse, if you're a teacher, you're not allowed to be weak, you have to always be strong. You know, man, you're not allowed to have any downfalls, you know, what I'm trying to say. So, that's why I learned, I made a, like, a promise to myself that I'm not gonna let this happen to myself ever again, you know, that. I know that I know, I know, I learned the hard way, that in order for me to really have maximum impact, you know, whether it's on my children or in you know, my family or outside the house, I need to have that I need to be able to give to myself, I

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need that time for myself. It's really important. And all my classes know that, you know, when school holidays come, that's my family time. You know, I I'm very careful about the way I prioritize my my life, like people look at me and think, well, how you doing all these lessons? And how you doing all these? Well, I Yes, I do. But then I also have times where I just slow right down and I just, you know, quieten down, and I just had that family time, I really need that time to refuel myself and have that time for just a better and you know, focusing on my relationship with a lost contact. It's so important to have that time.

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Yeah. Which is exactly what you're talking to us about today, isn't it? It's about factoring in time for ibadah. And the fact that we get so many sisters saying that I don't have time to worship a lot, I have time to read quite a lot. I don't have time to do the prayers. I don't have the energy or the time to foster some of us or even make up my first from last Ramadan.

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Love to hear what what you've got to tell us and what advice you have for us in that way. Yeah, so basically,

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we, it really comes a lot to do with time management, in a lot of ways. We have to set priorities for us off, we have to realize there are certain things that we need to achieve every day, just like you don't forget to eat. You know, forget to eat in the morning, you don't forget your lunch, the same thing. Your book, just like your body needs those certain times of eating your your soul mates, your student, Chris, that you say the five prayers, that there's something that you cannot compromise. You know, you have to have your prayers in order if you're going to, in order for you to feel strong in your faith. And to be able to be recharged yourself properly. The first thing you

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have to pay attention to are your five prayers, praying, you're fired up on time, and you have to organize your life around your prayers. The biggest mistake I see sisters doing is they basically try to just, you know, fit their prayers wherever they can around their life. And this is the biggest mistake because they end up missing their prayers and they feel like when you go to bed at night and you haven't prayed your prayers on time, how did you feel? You feel like you haven't achieved you know you feel like you're failing

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Not doesn't give you a good feeling. But yet, on the other hand, when you do get your prison order, you start to feel like your life is falling into place, you know, you feel like your life is in order. So that's the first thing, you know, you start with your funds, and getting your priorities in order and not compromising with them. It's not, it's not something you can compromise on. That's the first thing. And then besides that, you have to realize that before, you know, you need to have that time to nourish your soul, this unit, it's very important for sisters to have some point good core quiet, reflective time, in some time of their day. Now, it depends on your schedule. Now, some

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sisters are warning people. So maybe for them, it's going to be after federal before the, you know, kids wake up, it's just important to have that quiet reflective time. Now what I mean by quiet, reflective time, even listen, even to me or him a lot, he speaks about having quiet reflective time. And he talks about the importance of having that everybody needs to have that time, even every day, you know, like, where you For example, see and recite the book on where you maybe memorize where you make diet to a loss of pantalla, you do your morning, supplications, your evening supplications, you know, you have to have that time. And when you've done that, it doesn't have to be the morning, some

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people want to work out for you budget, like maybe for you, it's you put your kids to bed and you have that time at night. But there's got to be some time in your day that you schedule in that that's your time to just, you know, connect with the laws of Montana and just calm yourself down and reflect on all those creations and do deca and these things. And you find that when you do that, number one, one of the things you get out of that is, you know, it's Panama and you find that it really distresses you and de stresses you and kind of say, it really de stresses you because you're having that time for yourself. Because I think the most the thing that you know, really build up

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resentment with sisters, and women, everyone is not having time for yourself when you go to bed every night and feel like all I've done is given to everybody else. And there's been nothing to me, I haven't achieved anything for myself today. You know, you get really resentful. So it's really important that if you know that you go to bed and think Well, I mean, I had that time at graduate I was reciting for and I was memorizing I memorized a page of the plan or whatever, I did something for myself, you know, that's what gives you that feeling of satisfaction that you know, you've achieved something, you can say concrete for yourself, but you've also had some time out, like, when

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my kids were really small, you know, when my my kids were really young. And I always used to make time for myself, like the panelo what I used to do my me time was actually my seeking knowledge time, or, you know, memorizing the for on time. So what I would do is like, my kids would have like a nap at say 10 o'clock in the morning, that was my time I go and I, you know, revise for on memorize for on, or, you know, learn Arabic or whatever, you know, I would make that time. And then because when I go and when they wake up later on, I feel like I've given to myself, so I feel so happy. And I felt more enthusiastic to you know, carry out my wall with my family with my husband,

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because I know that I've done something for myself. So this, you know, this is what I'm talking about. So

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you know, you need to have that time, like I said, the quiet time to you know, reflect just reflection and also to uplift your email you need to keep feeding like, amen. You know, as we know, like, a man needs some, you know, amen increases and decreases. If we're not nourishing our men, if not continually making a conscious effort to fuel refuel, basically, what happens is the man just goes down, so so like I was saying, so prayers, and finding time for yourself, look people, so they haven't got time, but you know what the amazing thing is, if we were to cut out a few hours of social media, we would suddenly find we have amazing amount of time, like the social media taking up

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so much of our time, you know, Facebook, and whatever else we do on our phones, like it's just eating away at our time, which we you know, you know, you actually get very stressed on the phone, like I had times where I just completely put my phone away, I don't even touch it, I go out and I just spend some quality time with my family and I refuse to take my phone with me because you know, the more we get connected with the phone, we actually get very stressed and you actually actually really increases stress and it's burning up so much of your time. So if you could just think about like putting that phone away and just making sure that you're giving to yourself in a quality way.

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And the other thing is besides that, um

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is um you know, I think it's really important for sisters to have a wiki halaqaat that they attend you know, a weekly class they have to try to fit this in now. A lot of this to say I haven't got time but the amazing thing to have all this time in the world to go to the supermarket and you know, there at the shopping centers so much out of the house, you know, shopping like

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Going to specials and you will be stuff like, of course, we have to go do our shopping. But what I'm trying to say is, like, we spent a lot of time at the shops more than what we probably need to, okay. And we haven't even got one hour in our week to go to a lesson, you know, and a lot of sisters are doing a lot, you know, they're doing a lot of things, that is a lot of extra things that they don't really need to do. Okay, so what I really believe in is that, you know, women have to also learn to sort of cut corners a little bit more, like, a lot of this is put a lot of x, they have a mentality where I have to do this, and I have to do that. But in reality, you don't actually have to

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do those things like some cities are so like, because they OCD with their cleaning, you know, like, they have to polish everything, you know, every single day, and, you know, vacuum, they didn't, you know, they had to do all these extra things that their husband doesn't even care about. And so by the time he comes back, she's so grumpy, because she hasn't done anything for herself, you know, and she spent the whole day has just been on household, you know, things that she thinks she needs to do. Like, sometimes they feel like they have to bite the child, every child like five kids every single night, they have to bask them, you know, like, there's a lot of things we do a lot of things

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we place in ourselves, we don't actually really need to do those things, if you really ask yourself, you don't really need to do all that, like, I'm sure that you could find just one hour in your week, at least, to attend a lesson to refuel your Eman, if you will, okay, some people may be in situations, they've got very small children, and they feel sensitive about you know, going to a lesson, and disturbing, but there's also online classes, I mean, but I personally prefer sisters, you know, go out and be with other sisters because, you know, having that, um,

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you know, having that environment around you feeling the strength of your sisters around you, I think that's something that, you know, really does help you to refute your event, a lot more than if you're just sitting at home listening to a lecture on YouTube, I don't think that is it doesn't have the same effect as physically coming to a lesson. And, you know, fooling your sisters with you. So that's, um, that's some of the things that I can basically, um, you know, mention. But I mean, sisters who are single who work, I mean, they really have to make sure, like, you know, when you're working when you're working system, and you're constantly, you know, out of the house five, five

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days a week, they're working full time, they in particular, also need to find a weekly lesson, where they can just, you know, slow down and reflect and reconnect with the last puntata refuel their men to be able to get through, you know, their week. Um, so yeah, that's, that's basically I mean, that's probably a lot more I could say, but that's just, you know,

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there's some extremely valuable points there. And you're absolutely right, about the human connection. Because we've lost a lot of human connection, we've become very isolated as families, because we don't have extended family and community around us like, in the past, we get caught up with connecting with people just through social media, as you mentioned, and learning through digital classes, that we've actually really reduced the amount of human contact that we have. And that's having a psychological effect on sisters, because you need to have that human connection. And when we have a psychological break down, then you do have a spiritual breakdown, too, because all of

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those aspects of your life need to be well balanced. And so you're absolutely right, actually physically going and meeting with the sisters. And having that connection is really important.

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It also is that weekly reminder, you know, that we're actually we're here to worship or learn not to be caught up in the dunya. And if we don't have something that we're regularly committed to, because YouTube's there all the time, so it's always like, Oh, well, I can do that tomorrow. I can do that tomorrow. But when it's a class, that's honors in time, it makes us have to attend. It's that moment each week, where it's like, our reminder, and that's why, you know, Allah subhanaw taala made the Juma prayer compulsory on the brothers. You know, so that the Juma prayer on Friday so that once a week, you've got that community gathering that opportunity to bring together and build cohesion in

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the community.

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As sisters, we need that cohesion as well. Sharla. So yeah, brilliant, brilliant point.

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I'm just thinking, those sisters, and and especially, you know, especially because there's many sisters, for instance, that have grown up in families where perhaps they don't practice the deen very strictly, it's not really a very knowledgeable environment. And so they don't actually they haven't actually felt what it feels like to feel very connected,

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spiritual way. And I thought it might be helpful for them, given that we're talking about making time for worship, for them to understand the importance of that to understand that

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Maybe the way they're feeling right now is actually related to that lack of connection to their religion and their practice of the deen. And and I just wondered if you could talk about that a little bit? Because if you haven't experienced it, you don't know what you're looking for. Does that make sense?

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Yeah, well, the thing is, um, I think most people can understand that if you're not connecting to a loss of pantalla, you're basically what happens is that you basically become a lot more concerned with the things that the dunya Okay, you're not thinking about things in the larger scale, you're not. And that makes it difficult for you, for example, if you're going through trials, you can't put things into perspective, because you're not thinking about the LTA not that you're not looking at your trial in perspective of the bigger picture. And, you know, also if you're, you know, you've got to do all these mundane tasks of housework, or raising children, we all know how exhausting that is.

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But when you're connected to a loss of pantalla, what is your wake up basically morning with a purpose. Every morning you wake up and you feel happiness in your hearts panela because you've been refueling, you're a man. So you wake up with the feeling of hilarity man, like the sweetness of your heart. And you you know, and it's so much like, for example, you know, you know, your husband tries to argue with you or something like that, or your children test you but because you've always got the bigger picture in your mind, and you're able to respond in a different way. Because, you know, a lot is watching us, you're basically, you're motivated to deal with everyone, everyone with a sense

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of, you know, just to deal with a sense, like, what is it such as the prophets that are one way to send them described, and diabetologia and Nicola, who were in them to controllato in Europe, like to worship Allah, as if you see him, and if you don't see him, then he sees you. So that's not just for prayers, that's for everything, that's when we, you know, have beautiful love and character with our husband, with our children. You know, so when you when you wake up with a purpose, you know, you're you know, that even if you've got a mundane life, you feel like you're leading, it becomes a beautiful life, because you know, that, you know, you're raising your children for the sake of

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Allah, you know, that when you're good with your husband, you get rewarded from a law, you know, like, and you live your life with purpose. That's, that's probably the biggest problem, like, a lot of sisters feel emptiness. Like, they just feel like what is this life, all I'm doing is serving all I'm doing is housework, you know, they feel drained, what am I getting out of this, but when you look, you know, when you're connected with a lot, everything takes on a higher purpose. You know, and that's what gives you It makes it easy for you to get through all of those things. And like I said, You've got trials, it also helps you to get through those trials, because you know, you're

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looking at everything, everything in the perspective of the alpha that you're getting rewarded for whatever you're going through, you know, you're getting, you're getting an explanation for your sins, you know, that a trial is a is a chance for us to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala it's a mercy from Allah, that Allah sending you this trial that, you know, inshallah, he wants you to get closer to him. Because, you know, we know that Allah, you know, it's kind of like he's more merciful to us than our own mothers. So this must be a reason why the last candle is giving me this trial, because from his mercy that he wants me to get close to him kind of law. So you understand. So, like

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I said, you know, that's why if you start to refuel your Eman, you start to put yourself in better company, go to lessons and start to awaken yourself with the knowledge of a lost contact and His Messenger. So a lot when it was sitting. And you know, refueling your Eman and making that conscious effort like, we need to connect with the from the Quran, Allah spent Allah, you know, he tells us For example, lsvt killer, he got to make no pudo like that. The dhikr of Allah the remembrance of a lot is what you know, kind of brings calmness and tranquility into the heart and, you know, you might feel that tranquility if you're away from a lost contact, you're not, you know, realize that

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you need to put on like, a lot doesn't tell us to pray to him or to recite the Quran for himself. It's for us, we need this Allah sent the Quran because it is a medicine for us. It's a medicine for our hearts. And it gives us calmness, you know, it takes the fear out of our heart. You know, if we're worried about things, Hannah, like everything that you're you're going through sadness, how long you've got to connect with the plan so that you can take these different emotions and show up. You know, because it reminds you of the bigger picture always. That's what the plan is basically doing whenever you recite it.

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So use those sisters that have listening to this and realizing Okay, there is something missing in my life. And it has been this connection with the lights this worship of Allah, they may or may not have been praying. Even if they were praying, they might have felt really distracted and not really understanding the purpose of it. That's step one is go and join a class. Just start your journey of seeking knowledge that it's through that that you'll gradually move step by step closer to a lot closer

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Understanding which is that what you would advise them if they're suddenly going okay. Yeah, I want to do this what do I do?

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Well look if you're just starting out and you're struggling you do need to find strong people to motivate you you're going to need those strong people so you need to look for good companions good friends.

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You ready to put yourself like you know as the messenger the last little lorrison advises about the musk seller the good companions like the musk seller you need to find those people you're going to need it's like I always describe it as you know when you're starting out and you're struggling it's like you're in a swimming pool drowning you know you need someone who's strong to come and put their hand out to make you strong and but if you if your your friends around you or like you and they're all like beginners in swimming, you're basically all going to drown together you know, so you've got to you've really got to look for strong people who can motivate you and keep you on track like I

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know when I was first reverted I was living at home with my family you know the one thing I made sure I did I make sure I'm at uni was that an hour and a half drive to the nearest Listen, I made sure I was at that listen every Saturday you know and i whenever I was feeling a bit weak I would call someone who I knew was strong and I would talk to them and just you know revive myself and keep that you have to look for ways to keep yourself afloat you could basically say and you can't do it on your own like the messenger of a loss that allowed us and he taught us that you know like the

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like the stray sheep is easily taken by the wolf you know what is the wolf the wolf is a shape on you know, you cannot hope to be strong in your ear man and stone in your face if you're not sticking with the strong sisters that can keep you you know on track and if you're on your own you're staying in your house all alone this you're just basically easy prey for one man to protect us.

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Yeah tober October well, you know tober you know repenting like even if you feel like your heart is just so hard you know from being away from a lot just say a stop for the last stuff for lost that that doing Deacon start doing Vicar and try to soften your heart through dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala as well this is this is really beneficial as well inshallah.

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And there's nothing beats crying into your prayer Institute is there? Yeah, absolutely. inshallah, like we know, it's kind of love because you don't realize all those things, you know, you feel like you're so far away from a lot, the best thing you can do is just try to draw and asking your love guide me Forgive me, you know, it's polite to

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let someone go as straight. As long as you're seeking, you have to put your hand out to offers you have to make that that one little tiny step. It just takes one little tiny step towards a lot. And as we know, there's that narration that talks about you know, when you when you come to a law by a handsome man, he comes to you by an arm's length, you know, so it's just a matter of taking that one tiny step towards a lot of good did that show my life this is what opens the doors for you to get close to a las pantalla inshallah.

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Shalom Allah. And I know that you're very modest person, but I want to share this because I think it's really helps other sisters be hopeful. And they can obviously read your bio biography below the video. But you're a born and bred Ozzy, like myself, who embraced Islam. At some point in life, you haven't grown up in a Muslim environment, and the fact that you can recycle Iran and rattle off Hadith in Arabic to us just like that comes from the fact that you have just studied your deen one day after another day, just being dedicated to it. It's not like you come from an Arabic background, it's not natural to you, it's something you've had to work on. I wanted to share that, not to brag

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about you because I don't want to spoil your Akira. But to motivate this understand that it is very possible when you put your mind to it and that you're the perfect example of that.

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Shall I must point out you know, improve us all inshallah and keep us firm up on a straight path and surely on me, I mean, and one day just make do I shall I can speak Arabic lightly to

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Is in years of studying Arabic and and it's in my head, but it certainly doesn't come off my tongue yet. But hamdullah Yeah, it helps a lot if you live in the Arabic environment for a while. It makes a big difference. Yeah, yeah. Shallow one inch.

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I think today's talk has been extremely valuable. I mean, even for myself, who is somebody who has you know, from the day I embraced Islam, I always felt a really strong connection with Allah. Even today listening to you, it's kind of reminded me of this, you know, things that where I'm falling short, where I could go and improve and I hope inshallah every sister who's listening to this will gain benefit from it and and just make the step.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

Don't set big steps just make tiny steps forward. Because as you said, you just have to go, one small step, and Allah is going to come a big step for you. So just don't overwhelm yourself with this big picture. Just take the first step. You know, whether that's to ring the local Islamic Center, or mosque and find out what the women's groups are there and just go, you know, just a fear and just go, because maybe that's where you'll find those companions that are going to be the strong companions that help you because you're not going to find them in the circles that that you're currently in if they're not there already. So, yeah, just take steps and just just do it inshallah.

00:30:39--> 00:30:54

No, it's just, it's, it's really awesome message. So you help sisters online. And I'd love for you to share how you do that and how they can connect with you if sisters want to seek advice from you.

00:30:55--> 00:31:29

So basically, you know, my two main missions for me is one of my main missions in life is trying to motivate sisters to become stronger in their Deen. Now, I gave obviously a lot of local talks. But now I'm starting to upload some of my lectures on YouTube. So you can check it on under on Jamila Dean, my YouTube channel, but I've also now set up this she just recently set up a Facebook page, I'm trying to also strengthen sisters through the posts only really post one or two posts a day. Again, my Facebook pages on Jamila Dean.

00:31:30--> 00:32:12

So even with that, I'm just trying to always, you know, share something that I feel can uplift sisters, that's really one of my main missions. My second main mission is basically to, you know, empower sisters through sharing knowledge with them, you know, like, I get a lot of sisters asking me, obviously, I get a little more questions about, like, they're worried about their menstruation and, you know, different questions on that, um, besides that, you know, sometimes people advice when it comes to marriage issues, um, and they want to know, the Senate rulings, like, for example, would fall out in their case B and M acceptable, for example. So, you know, I give advice, just this is

00:32:12--> 00:32:55

about those kind of issues. But how did I did manage handler when for the lead to study feel, and I've tried to concentrate, especially on the female issues, you know, when it comes to the rulings on menstruation, the first of which is, you know, the, the after birth, postpartum, but you know, bleeding and also tried to focus, you know, on divorce and marriage issues, you know, the rulings on those, so that I can ensure that, because I realized with my, my arm, you know, with my role in Dawa and in teaching that this is the main thing that sisters really need. Um, and as you know, that sometimes the shakes, I'm not that accessible, you know, like, it's not always easy to get hold of

00:32:55--> 00:33:34

the shakes. And sisters often feel very embarrassed. There are certain things that have been like, I've had sisters approached me, sometimes their husbands are doing unaesthetic acts with them in the bedroom? And how can you ask a shake about that? You know, so people have different private issues, that it's very hard for a sister to approach a chef and they will shift and ask them, you know, the, you know, the rulings on particular issues in their life. So, that's why I started the Facebook page so that I could, you know, show a beta for sisters if they need to get advice, and I do my best to, you know, shala if, you know, it's an issue of like, they need it's a mental health issue, I have

00:33:34--> 00:34:13

different, you know, avenues that I you know, I often refer them to the professionals, according to the need of the system. So basically what I'm doing in short at the moment, yeah, for my online activities, and that's such an important role because it's not just that a moms or shacks that inaccessible, they're much more in except suitable to sisters because the brothers get access to them at the prayer time. And then you've also got language barriers, because many of the moms don't speak the language, especially if you're only an English speaker. So there's a lot of barriers to women getting that good advice. And of course, then of course, you really don't want to talk about

00:34:13--> 00:34:52

menstrual issues with men. It's like they don't actually quite get how it works and sometimes really strange advice. Yeah, definitely. humbling that so it's a such an important role that you're playing and just cycle home alone, abundant reward for being there for sisters, and they can contact you via the Facebook page, which is linked to the button below this video. So if they want to find your page directly, they just need to click on the button and it'll take them right through to that page and they'll be able to see what you do there and contact you through that page inshallah.

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

inshallah. So just I can look here and it's been a privilege to have you here and

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Certainly a very important message and I really you know, I'm so grateful that you made the time to be here with us today just I call her who will come. I just want to just finish up by mentioning an AI like a lava Tana. He tells us some sort of hash he tells us when to Kunal can lead in and Nestle lava and sample and first of all, don't be like those people who forgot a lot and he caused them to forget themselves. So if we really care about ourselves, we'll be thinking we'll be connecting with a lot of hands a lot and you're not qiyamah What is a lot to listen to the other Sir, he tells us equally marry in men whom Yo man even just me you need that on your piano. Everybody be only worried

00:35:39--> 00:36:26

about their own self, about how to save themselves. So we have to worry about your piano we have to be making time for our self to work every day and plant for our effort. inshallah. So, as I said, if we really care about those we have to make time you know, for Allah inshallah. inshallah, such a perfect note to end on specially with the theme of the summit. So putting ourselves first all means not well above, above Allah but putting our relationship with Allah, first and foremost, anything else? We really care about ourself. We will connect with a lot as much as we can shine, a beautiful, beautiful point to end in, just go ahead as salaam alaikum when I'm laughing Marley, the lamb or

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