Majed Mahmoud – The True Story of Mariam – The Mother of Jesus

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The history of Jesus Christ's family is discussed, including the importance of protecting children from evil behavior and celebrating birth. The importance of praying for Islam and working hard to achieve goals is also emphasized. The struggles of mothers during pregnancy and the loss of health are also discussed. Mary Howays, an equalizer of Islam, claims to have been a victim of fraud, while Maria Elena Lexi, a victim of Islam's fraud, claims to have been the equalizer.
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Bismillah a 1000s of years ago, there was a wonderful or righteous family known as the family affair in Milan. In some traditions outside the core an M Milan was known as St. Joe Kim or your Kim and his wife was known as St. And or Anna Eve might find different names here and there, but just a quick reference. So Allah Mr. On the family of Mr. On such righteous family, people who love a loss of Hannah, what's great servants, even to the people very helpful, very supportive. When de Allah subhanho wa Taala willed that the wife of a moron, she became pregnant. And when she became pregnant, she made a promise to Allah. She said, I wouldn't be letting the Shabbat regime I begin by

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seeking refuge from the devil. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the name of Allah. We say that before we start reading the ayat, she said, Allah be in Nina Dora Tula k Murthy, botany mojarra or Allah, I dedicate whatever is in my womb, this baby I have here Yeah, a lot. I will dedicate it entirely just for you, to worship You, and to provide service in the Holy Temple verbatim after this. So what's the two things I want to dedicate that baby to grow and to worship you Allah alone and to help and to serve people in that place of worship? Had a cappella mini Oh Allah, please help me do that to my child? Yeah, Allah helped me be the best possible mother. And the best mothers in the world are the

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ones who teach their kids La ilaha illa Allah, may Allah make our mothers, our sisters, our daughters of such caliber and meaner Bill alameen. In Naka, enter Samuel Aleem, she said, Oh, Allah, God, you hear my request, you hear my begging, and you know my intention, and her time of pregnancy continues. She was hoping brothers and sisters, to have that child to grow to be as righteous as possible. Some narrations said that her husband and moron passed away before the delivery and Allah knows best. And eventually, as the pregnancy and the stomach got bigger and bigger and the due date approached, contractions began. And what happened? She delivered falam ba ba, ba ba in a while back

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to her.

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When she delivered the baby, she said, Oh Allah, oh my god, it's a girl. She's talking to a lot. She had that connection, that relationship with Allah, that she would talk to him she would vent him. Then she said, Allah says in the Quran, well, Allahu Allah will be my robot. And Allah knows exactly what was the gender of the baby, while they said that Kuru Kelowna

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and God says, The male is not like the female. There are some things that male can do which the female cannot do. And there are things which the female can do and the male cannot do some the genders have special qualities. What in the some made to her Maria and a lot this baby, I named her Miriam. were in need or adu. Hi, Becca, and your Allah, I beg you. I want to make a request from you right from the get go. What is it? What do you think she will pray to a lot to do to that child? What's the first request she has right now? Or Allah? Protect my baby from shavon? Yeah, Allah protect my baby from the devil, the devil who tries to poke every baby and disturb them in every

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possible way, all the way till they meet God. Yeah, a lot protect my daughter, not just my daughter, Miriam. And her progeny were very yet to her and her children and whoever she has in her descendants, protect them all in a shape on the regime, the curse devil. And right then and there brothers and sisters, a lot protected. Maria Maria salam, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Look what he said. He said kulu mo Luna, every baby that is born shavon tries to poke them tries to disturb them. You see how evil he is even to the cutest being because they're babies. They are not saved from his harm from his influence. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but he

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could not disturb Medallia Salah May Allah protect me and my children and all those who are watching and their children from the shape on I mean, that'll bill alanine, the mother of medium that she fulfilled the promise. Some of us will say, Well, hey, I swear to God when I become

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I'm a millionaire. I will donate this and that you became a millionaire. Now what are you donating? Let's see money. I'm the mother of Miriam. When she got the baby, she kept her promise. Yes. What was her promise? I will grow this child. I will nurture this child. I will teach this child the worship of Allah and devout her completely to Allah and to the service of the people that love Allah. Brothers and sisters. Allah says, third cabella hora boo hydrocarbylene Hasson Allah subhanho wa Taala. He accepted magium graciously with love unkind what and better Hannah Beth and Hannah and muddy Amalia. Salaam, Allah bless her. She's growing such a great upbringing. May Allah make our

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children righteous say I mean, I mean, and as many young started to get older, she was special. It was clear she is special. The way she worships a lot the way she respects her mom, the way she deal with the people with respect high character. Her mother, brothers and sisters started to look for teachers, coaches, universities to take care of the growth of Maria Maria Sena. You might say, Man, she's pushing for this No, don't complain about that. That's one of the greatest pushing a parent can ever do that a child to learn more about the religion to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We live at times where we celebrate when a parent takes their young child to soccer practice and

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football practice and baseball and this and that, from a young age and people praise the parents for their patience and the mileage they drive all the way to other cities. For some sports, nothing against that. But how could we not celebrate the greatest training, the greatest sport the greatest act, which is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala Maryam Allah has Salam peace be upon her, she was exceptional. The mother of Maryam did not go begging people who will take care of my daughter who will sponsor her now that people were begging the mother of Miriam, can you please allow us to sponsor your daughter? Can you please be the university that gives her a full ride scholarship? And

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you were fighting over and now they were fighting? Yeah. See moon Allah says in the Quran they were arguing who will take care of money. I will take care of money. No, I will take care of money. They're fighting. It got so tough, so intense that they were drawing lots. What woman quintella Thank you plan on drawing lots throwing pens and making one narration says that a young boy will pick up the pen. Any pen he picks up? The owner of the pen will be the one who cares for medium. But of course, the people who did that they were the scholars people are worthy to take care of Madame Ania Salaam, when who did God's will to be the caretaker? Do you know who took care of Miriam who

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one? Who was it sent to me Allah bless you. Some of you. I believe they got it right. What a fella had Zachary Yeah, it was a prophet of Allah zeca de la Salaam, the one who took care of Miriam Yella. Bismillah What did he do? He took such great care of Miriam, that he built her and rob a sanctuary. He built her a place of worship around the holy temple and the beta MK This is like money and has her own gym. Right? That's how special she was. We built this thing just for you. And he provided her with all the food, nutrition, any necessities for her to survive, to educate, to grow, to learn more about the religion and imagine her teacher is a prophet of God. Brothers and sisters,

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she learned more about God her worship to a lot increased season a whole other level May Allah bless us make you and I steadfast say I mean Amira, Bella alameen she would perhaps fast some days when people may be you know, busy doing things like that some stuff are good that they're doing. But her worship to allow was at a whole other level. At night when people might be sleeping, nothing wrong with sleeping, she takes it to the next level. She worships a lot at night. a whole other level. May Allah increase our level say I mean, a lot can increase your faith. And the more you hear about great people, the more your faith increases, God willing, God Allah praise met him. What did he What

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did he praise about her? Look what he says, well, Maria moneta and Milan, marry the daughter of embrun. And let he asked for that for Java. She was someone who was beautiful inside and outside, she was beautiful, and without a doubt, you know, men were

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All around would love to be with someone like her. But she never ever got into an inappropriate relationship. Never Never did she touch a man she's not supposed to touch us on it for just a respectful lady never got into the Hello May Allah make our relationships hi lol I mean little Bill alameen brothers and sisters mariyam status and closeness to Allah continue to grow and become stronger. So much. So are you ready for this? Are you ready? Zachary? Yeah, Leah Salah la Salah was supposed to take care of Maria and all that good stuff. He would walk into her sanctuary, her place of worship. What did the angad is called? He finds food drink provisions. He did not supply that to

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her. He is shocked kinda muddy ammonium and lucky had that how was that possible? You have this food? How did you get that? Zachary Ali Salam. He has like a 24 seven service for money and it has said anytime he she calls him she needs him. He comes right away. He's always there security, everything the top notch college right? The career is to learn how did you get this? And the food you're getting? Is not even its season like this is a miraculous miracle over miracle. So Maryam, she tells her teacher is a carrier. She says who I mean Indian law. You see this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala no human being was involved in the process from Allah in the La Jolla Zakouma he

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shall be right he said Allah gives whoever he wants without limit without accountability. And here brothers and sisters do you notice something? A lot of showing medium. A lot of shows that carry and the people how Allah can deliver food can deliver drink can deliver provisions to Medea to her place without any human being involved in the process. And as she continued to worship a lot, she prayed and supplicate her work ethics as a whole next level. You might say man, that's a lot of work. A lot of effort to pray to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Can I please do an emergency landing right now and talk about our times for a second. You hear about athletes in our time playing right now. They spend $1.5 million on their body to maintain a healthy condition to play basketball. Right? And you hear about these athletes. You hear about an our soccer player who works so hard to be who he is and you grows and grows and grows. Maria Molly has Salam the better example she prays to Allah to grow in her faith to draw closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala but brothers and sisters, her closest to Allah is not normal. It's above average. It's above any woman so far. Brothers and sisters besides the wife of Pharaoh Asya may Allah be

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pleased by her. What happened? When Madame was was in her sanctuary? Someone was calling her name. Yeah, madame.

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is no one here.

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Yeah, medium or Merriam? with it? It was the angels. Maryam reached a level where the angels are communicating with her Allahu Akbar. What if Allah till mela Equatoria? Miriam the angel said, or Marian in a la Staffan fac, Allah has favored you. Allah has chosen you. Yes, the way she is, is indeed special. What a harlot and a lot purified you. But check this out ready? was tough. Luck was tougher. Kiana Nisa in Ireland in an Alhaji and a favor you again in a way that he never favored any woman in the world like this before? What's that second upgrade of choosing and favoring? You will see that shortly. But that's the fruit of working so hard. Brothers and sisters. One day, as Madame

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Allah has salam, she leaves her place of worship her sanctuary. And usually she does not leave unless it's a necessity. She's studying she's worshiping Allah doing Vicar remembrance of God. One day she leaves and goes a distance away from the holy temple. baitul muck this away from the people. And all of a sudden, she was all alone.

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And unknown man approaches her. Okay. What just happened? Who are you? She says in the EU monument in Quinta. Takaya is a bit tough Allah. That's correct. If you feel a lot, Don't come close to me. If you feel a lot Get away from me.

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I seek a love and most versatile protection. She feels like Were you following me? How did you come here? How did I not notice you from the beginning? In your own development, I see God's protection. And sometimes to know, the true color of people is during hardship and she remembered God right away. On this man spoke on innama you know who I am, and our pseudo Arabic. I am a messenger from God from the one you're asking help from? I'm a messenger from him. What do you want? The ability of lamb and zakia so I can grant you so I can be the means in which you will have a pure, wonderful, wonderful child. Wonderful child. Call it and I occasionally will ask how can I be blessed with a

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child? Well, lamium says honey Bashar no man ever touched me when I'm echo belia and I've never done anything like her arm or anything like that for me to have a child.

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You breed Elisa Lam the angel says colloca Dallek

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will is So will it be there's not it's not an option, Miriam gone on a bookie. Your Lord said Who? I Lee and it is easy and a lot to do that. Okay, what's the wisdom like why would I be pregnant without having a husband like this miracle miracle pregnancy? Why? Do you guys know why?

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Someone asked you? Why would a lot do that? We know in the Quran, Allah says, Wiley, Nigeria Allah who yetta leanness, so a 70, Miriam or that child that she will have, so he can be assigned for humanity Allah so that people can see a lot of strength so people can see how Allah is all capable a lot content and look into anything and he can get a child a loss of health I can have a woman deliver a child without the woman having a man or a husband Allahu Akbar. What's the other wisdom wash metta mean? And this child she will have will be a means of mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He will be a blessing to the world. And jabril Bleu, the Sol, Allah assisted into Madame la has

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Salam brothers and sisters, that blow reaches the womb of mother yum. For Hamlet, she became pregnant. She conceived that child, brothers and sisters, when she got pregnant, she was very concerned. She was so concerned as to what the people will say, how will she handled this test? And some narrations suggested that she was recognized eventually after a couple of months 2356 months that you know what the signs of pregnancy? So someone asked her someone righteous asked Madame. He said Madame How can there be a plant without a seed? Clif a coup? nepta mean Lady bedre How can there be a plant without a seed this man that person is indicating you being pregnant.

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How so monumentally has salame she tells this guy tells this person just like how a law created Adam without parents. A lot does not need a seed to create a plant a luck and create a plant without a seed. Brothers and sisters and the due date was approaching. Her stomach grew Maria Amalia Salaam nine months pregnancy like any other woman fintiba that to be Hema canon Cassia Maria mallia salam with Drew to an a way far away, remote place away from the site of people. All of a sudden that contractions started to take place for

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a while Maha boo Ella Ji the inocula the pain of the labor caused her to go all the way to the palm tree. She's resting. She's going through that labor process. May Allah have mercy on every mother who delivered may Allah have mercy on the May Allah forgive all their shortcomings for the hardship that they went through Armenia Belle alameen Maria Martinez, I'm struggling and struggling and all of that. She's going through this hardship she's wondering, can I pass this test? Can I do this? And look what she says? Allah Tia la 22 cabela hada I wish she was going through the contractions. She said I wish I was dead. I wish what can tunisienne men see and I wish that I would never be known

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and I would always be forgotten.

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Is it okay to wish death? She was so scared that this test she may fail and lose her faith. So then brothers and sisters Allah wills, Madame unhemmed illa What happened? She delivered the baby fanad in data and the baby spoke from underneath her What are you saying? And not has any he's telling her Don't be sad

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Don't be sad Don't worry. caja not a book that he said he Allah gave underneath you some pure water drink some water drink some water there's some water under you. What was z la ke BG the nulla and shake the palm tree to socket la ke Rocha ban Johnny Brooklyn Johnny, then some dates will fall upon you. So you can eat a lot about a loss teaching money and just you know, you know shake that palm tree no one you cannot shake a palm tree. I cannot shake a palm tree. But unless teaching muddier teaching you a night to take the means that alone will take care of the rest. You do what you can and I will take care of you for the rest of your life. And indeed, Money Money is lm she took that

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advice. Then when she got that dates Yes, it felt a lot like about the palm tree was shaken and the dates have fallen. Then that child says for coolie eat, mom eat, wasabi drink drink, while Katarina relax and put your heart at ease. For imata in nominal battery I hadn't thought holy and if you ever see anyone if you ever see anyone, then tell them in a minute or two little man he saw Houma felon okay Lima Lima in C, tell them, do a sign for them that I promise not to speak to anyone. I am fasting not from food and drink. I am fasting from talking that you took that advice, and Malian alayhis salaam brothers and sisters. She carries her son who was named as he was named Jesus. And

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she returned back to the people. Now her heart is strong. She did the work she put the effort Allah strengthens her to be here in Omaha to Hello. She brought that baby to the people and the people saw that anuja ammonium. They were shocked. They were angry young mother yum. Or Mary How dare you look at Shea and Farah. You You did such a horrible act. Shame on you money um, yeah, aka Haruna Makana Abu Kimura so all the sister of Aaron Your father was not a bad guy. One can add on Machiavelli. Yeah. And your mom was not an immodest woman. What's wrong? What's wrong with you? How can such act come from such family? You come from a good family. Look at you. You got this child stuff for a lot

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how good you a shot LA. Remember, she promised not to speak that was the instructions. She got a shout out to LA then she pointed at the baby. On Okay, if I knew kelemen can I feel Maddie sabia? They said to her What do you mean pointing to the baby? You want us to talk to the baby? We can't even talk to you. We can't even get a response from you as an adult. You want us to talk to a baby and expect a response.

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And the baby speaks? He said Ebony Marion he said Jesus the son of Mary speaks and the first thing he says Carla in the other the law that he spoke the baby not even few days old he says I am the slave of Allah. The first thing he told the world I am the slave of a lot in the other the law attorney Al Kitab Raja Allah Nina be a loss of Hannah what Allah has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. I'm a prophet of God. What Jelani MOBA rockin a nama Quinn's an otter I am blessed alarm made me a blessing wherever I go wherever I am. What our Sani bisola and he told me a lot told me to pray. How is your prayers? A lot told me to pray your own Sani the Salah was zeca and to give

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charity obligatory charity madam to Haiya as long as I'm alive, while bottle rum be what do I need a tea and after God told me to

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worship him right after that God told me to take care of my mom to be respectful to my mom. That baby is saying this people are shocked. How is this possible sentences that are powerful, while Balram bhiwandi dirty? Well Amelia, I'll need to shut the and Allah did not make me a tyrant an arrogant person because whoever is not good to their mom is arrogant. Whoever is not good to their mom is someone who would it needs to be humbled May Allah protect us and make us respectful I mean, when Amir JAL ninja batten Sharpie and looked what he says, What Salah more Allah yo my wallet and peace be upon me the day I was born. Why yo my mood and the day I die? Why young woman Oh bath Oh,

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hey, yeah, and the day I'm resurrected. This brothers and sisters was the story of Maria Elena salam, how she went through all of this, but what happened next, the mission of Miriam has been fulfilled in a way that is pleasing to Allah sapan Allah to Allah. Brothers and sisters Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, has welcoming nissa li let me look at he says, He said you want a role model from the woman to look up to? He said, it's enough for you to look at Maria appneta and Milan, Miriam, Miriam, the daughter of Emraan, the greatest role model for every woman and man has become minisatellite I mean, brothers and sisters, you know what Allah subhanho wa Taala said about

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Miriam and her level of worship. In this world, if you go do a 100 meter race, usually in the Olympics, you have the males and then you have the females to a different categories. And people will complain it's not fair to mix them together, the male and the female to speed because the biology and the body and things like that. You know what things like that may happen? Some people may be taller than the other so they cannot reach to certain levels because of height, no problem. But the race to Allah is a race that anyone can join the race to Allah, the competition to Allah. Everyone can join men and woman and you know what a lot said about mme he didn't just say she beat

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the woman but she also beat them in the men how what can let me know what Allah say about Madame and she was of the greatest devout worshipping woman we know Connie tat know, what can let me know Pawnee teen she was the best of men and woman she was one who reached perfection. This was the story of Miriam and he has Salam. And Allah subhanho wa Taala many things happened after that, but I'll share with you one Hadith. So something for us to learn about let Illa Illa Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala never had a son or a daughter, brother or sister mom or or dad and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a loss and we'll end with this ready? He says because Ebony, Ebony

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Adam? My servant to my slave, the son of Adam, the children of Adam, the human beings, many of them what happened you alone, they made a lie against me. They claim that I cannot bring the dead people back to life. The people claim that I cannot bring the dead people back to life. And that shouldn't have Adam did another thing. They didn't just lie about me. But shutdown many and the children of Adam they cursed me. How was it your Allah? Well, I'm Shenmue AI for kolu Lee wanted the children of Adam they curse me they curse Allah who would have been that we say bad things about Allah How? He said, Allah says some human beings they say that I have a son for some Hani and a decade or so. Hey,

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baton awada So Allah says I'm free from ever having a spouse or ever having a child. So let's do our best to respect a loss of Hannah watts Allah by not attributing things to Allah, and not encouraging such attributions to Allah and Allah allow us to see Madame Ania Salam in the highest levels of Jenna. I mean that a bit I mean, this was a summary and inshallah I will pass the microphone to Sister hafsa Zak mulherin for your patience.

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