Have You Paid For The Air You Breathe Today

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Today I was reading about a 93 year old man in Italy who had COVID. And he healed from it. So he's 93 years old. He had COVID he had the virus, and he healed from it. He was on the ventilators. And then at the end, when they were discharging him from the hospital, they gave him the bill for the ventilators. And it's something like 500 euro per day. And the man started crying.

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And and the people said, don't worry if you can pay the bill that we'll find a way and stuff like that. He said, No, no, I'm not crying because of the money. I'm crying because these ventilators helped me breathe for one day, and I had to pay 500 euros. But God has allowed me to breathe his air for free my entire life, and indeed, to God is worthy of all praise and 100