Connecting to The Qur’an in The Month of Ramadan

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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The importance of reciting the Quran is discussed, particularly during a certain month. It is crucial for achieving success in the field and advises women to make sure they have enough time to recite. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of setting a mindset when reciting and reading the Quran in English, as it is important to develop a closer understanding of the Bible.

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In Alhamdulillah, no matter who was dying or who wants to feed who wanted to be a one on Sunday one who said Lim ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. My dear sisters, we all know that Ramadan is the month of the Quran. And that's in the best of deeds that a person can do in this month is to spend most of their time reciting and revising the Quran as much as they can be even Illa Allah who dances, Shahada, Ramadan and levy on visa fee Hill, and wood le Nancy verbena, Tim meenal vuda well for on the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down a guidance for mankind in order to show them the clear signs

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to guidance and for them to distinguish between the heart and the bottle the truth and the falsehood and my dear is distance. One of the main ways that you know personally I find helps to motivate me to want to strive as much as I can inshallah with the Quran is in this month, is to think about how the seller fuse to be when Ramadan used to come to them. Like if you can try to imagine the likes of Aisha radiallahu anha, or you know, on selama or hafsa or ismat radi Allahu anhu Nadia Mian

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right, just imagine what their relationship with the Quran would have been like, when Ramadan came to them. You know, imagine how much they used to turn their hearts and souls completely to the Quran in this month. You know, how much they would you know, strive with the Quran during the days of Ramadan, and you know, how they would recite it with to dub board, you know, pondering over the meanings that they get, trying to take the lessons for every verse they would read. Just imagine also, you know how much they used to recite the Quran in their pm at night, especially in the last 10 nights. And you know, you get the panel, you can imagine how much they would have been reciting

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certain verses over and over again, and how they would have been crying for the power of those verses of Allahu taala on their hearts.

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So you know, when you think about how much the seller used to strive with the Quran in this man, this is one of the greatest things that that evening later Allah can help you feel motivated to want to spend as much time as you can with the book of Allah Subhana Allah in this month.

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Now, what I wanted to do today is to quickly share with you three of the most common questions I get asked by sisters in relation to reciting the Quran in this month. So first of all, how does one get that connection to the Quran when you're reciting it? Now one of the things that emem even obey Rahim Allah speaks about is how we need to have the right mindset when it comes to reciting the Quran. You know that before you begin to recite, you first need to empty your heart from everything in this dunya you know all of your problems, all of your worries, empty that from your heart.

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And then you seek refuge with ALLAH hota Allah from the Shaitan and all of his distractions.

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And then what you do you focus your full attention upon the words that you're reciting, and remind yourself that this is Allah who is speaking to you with these words.

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And that in every air you recite, there are messages and messages that you need to pay attention to, in order to truly benefit from what you're reading.

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So that's why you know, as you're reciting keep on asking yourself questions like, you know, what is Allahu taala teaching me in this idea? You know, what can I you know, how can I act upon this area in my life?

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You know, how can I improve my luck through this AR? What diseases of the heart Do I personally have, that this area is helping me to cure?

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Right now, one of the things I also advise you to try to do before you read is to make dua and ask Allahu Allah to open your heart to guide you to what you need to, you know, learn from this area that you're going to recite.

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And also, in order to increase your short when reciting, it is important that you know, you stop from time to time at the end of verses about for example, punishment, and ask Allahu taala to protect you from his punishment. And when you come to verses about the Jannah ask Allahu Allah to to you know help you to be from those who will enter Jin Jana be even Illa because as we all know, dear sisters, ultimately, no one and none of us will enter Jannah except by the mercy and Rama of Allah Subhana Allah

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The other thing you need to realize

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is that one of the reasons why so many people don't taste the sweetness of reciting the Quran is due to having hardness in their hearts. All right. So that's why it's also advisable before you start to recite, that you sit and say, a thought for a law a few times first, until you feel your heart is feeling, you know, more receptive to the words of Allahu taala that you're about to recite.

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So we need to realize that, you know, in order to truly connect to the Quran, it's really important that you get yourself into the right mindset to start off with.

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Now, the second common question I get asked by sisters is, you know, as women, we have so many responsibilities, so you know, how do we find the time to recite? So first of all, we need to realize that, you know, when you make the Quran and number one priority in your days and nights of Ramadan, then you know, trust me, you will find the time to fit in your recitation. Even if you know, it's just when you're feeding your baby, or you know, waiting at the doctor's surgery, or, you know, you picking up your kids from school, you will find the times be in the last two to get in that recitation. But let's just say that your particular circumstances makes it difficult for you to

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find time to recite, but at least listen to the Quran as much as you can. And then whatever little time you do find to recite, make sure that you do it as mindfully and reflectively as possible in order to get the maximum benefit out of your recitation. inshallah. Last of all, a common question I also get asked is, you know, what, if I don't know, Arabic content read, well, how can someone like me connect to the Quran in this month? So obviously, you know, no doubt, there's definitely a huge difference between the impact that the Quran has on your heart, when you read it in Arabic, compared to when you only read the English translation. And that's why all of us needs to be you know, all of

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us need to be on our own personal journey with the Quran, where you know, each year you're working towards improving your ability to recite it in Arabic and to also understand it, you know, inshallah, ah, you you should be seeing yourself improving slowly over time, right. But even if you're only able to, you know, read the Quran in English, then there's still obviously a huge reward and benefit that you get from reading the meaning of the Quran in English, right.

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And I remember many times when I was still a new revert, and you know, I didn't understand Arabic, but I would open the Quran at certain places. And the panel, I feel like Allahu taala was giving me the answers I needed for my life and showing me what I needed to do. Right. So it's not like you can't benefit. You know, you don't, it's not like you don't benefit immensely from reading the English translation. So my advice is to just, you know, do your best in this month inshallah, you know, read as much as the Quran is that you can, in whatever way you're able to, because you know, ultimately, the most important goal we all need to have in Ramadan, is trying to get closer to Allah

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to Allah in this month. And the greatest way to do that is by developing a closer relationship with his words, but even the late Allah. So in conclusion, in conclusion, my dear sisters, I ask Allah to Allah, to light up our hearts, with the Quran, to light up our homes, with the Quran, your Allah, make the Quran, a guidance for us in every aspect of our lives. Your Allah we ask you to make the Quran, the light of our heart, the comfort of our sorrows, the relief from all of our trials, and we asked you your Allah to accept all of our fasting and prayers and whatever little good we could do in this month your Allah Allah amin will solve the law who will sell them abetik Allenby bnm

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Mohammed, while early he will not be he etchmiadzin also panicle la Houma will be handig Mashhad to La Ilaha Illa and nesto fuuka when a to bow Lake wa Salaam Wa Alaikum wa rahmatullah here what I care to my dear sisters, may Allah in live in your heart with the words of you, you know with his words in this in this month, Allah mommy