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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he'll carry while early he was hired by a woman to be a humble son in law your median robot. Brothers and sisters assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to stories from the Quran in the next couple of weeks in sha Allah, we will be going over a number of stories from the Quran. One may ask, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala tell the stories? What's the reason? The reason is simple. That man is the same since the time of audible is lots of the Earth is the same * bond is the same. And man's nature really hasn't changed too much over the time. And therefore history repeats itself. And this

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is why Allah subhanaw taala was speaking about the stories in the Koran is a national apostle alayka said on passes, we tell you not just normal stories, we tell you the best of stories. Why? Because the Quran is the most accurate history book to ever exist. And therefore, we take these stories and we take lessons from them as a mouse model alter articulate, and so little use of local Can I feel kasasa him Ableton Live, l burb indeed in the stories is a lesson, a heed for those who have intellect, and therefore we've shall not today I will speak about a story which is a profound story, a last one that I mentioned in a couple of places in the Quran. And this is the story of us have

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served the people of you could say Saturday, these were a group of people who belong to the bunny. So now, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina and he started giving Dawa to the Jews. Many of them refuse the vow. So in the Quran, Allah Allah would say, look, there is a mention of this. And there is a mention of this in your books, but you deny the existence of that reality. So now, in one place, there was a story but it was not actually mentioned in the books. It was no way mentioned in the books, but they knew about this story. And this was a miracle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that allows $1 would reveal to him although he was unlettered

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piano teacher, and Allah is $1 kept no teacher for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So nobody could say that the teacher the Messenger of Allah or adulterated by the Roman, the Christians, by him reading by him writing so he remained unlettered, the uniqueness of this story is that the general theme in the Quran is that the Prophet is on Los Alamos say, go to your books, and you will find this mentioned the here and you will find this mentioned it, but this story, the people of the Saturday, that's how massaged was that mentioned in the books, but they knew about this. And this was the unique nature of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that Allah subhanaw taala wanted to

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keep it in a way that only Allah was the teacher of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, nobody could say that his teachings were adulterated by the Romans, by the Persians, by the fact that he could read or write by the Jews or the Christians. And this is the reason that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was kept and let it now the story wasn't mentioned in any of the books, but the Jews of Medina knew about the story. This was a miracle of the province of Milan, it was like you had when the province Alomar and it was in the Monterey Santa Ana Mirage he went to beta Lamacq this. Now everybody knew that he had never been to battle back there. So they asked him to

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describe baitul muck this so he described it to them perfectly, because as he mentioned, it was as though the masjid was bought in front of me and I could see the masjid all its details. But still, they had a doubt maybe somebody told them told the province of Omar and it was a lump about what the machine looks like. So the word is Allah sent him said you know your caravan

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which has gone to baitul McNeese. It will when I was returning back, I actually saw where it was, and after this many days it will be back in Makkah, and exactly what the problem is or lost the exact date which the message of Allah gave was the day that it returned to Mecca. So here this story, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, and Allah says the province of Milan was a home and courier tility kind of how the robot is doing. Is that the him he doesn't we

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Almost subdue him Shura yo my Elias bitola letter to him because he can abou from Burma, can we have Sukkot? Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the fact ask them about the city or the village, which was by the sea when they transgressed in this Saturday when the fish would come to the top of the river on only on the Saturday and no other day besides the Saturday and this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala tested. Remarkable Yes, the whole by that which they transgressed. This was a test. So look in the deen of Allah subhanaw taala the vast majority of things are halal.

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And there are a few things which are Haram. When its relation to women, the vast majority of women are haram and is only a few your aunties, your mothers, your sisters, your wives who are helot.

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Although the vast majority of things for these people were halaal, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to test them through the fish. So they lived by the sea by just by the sea they lived. And what would happen is that there would be no fish during the entire week, come Saturday, and Saturday was the day that they were forbidden from fishing, no fishing on Saturday, the fish will come right to the top of the sea, and they will jump out of the sea. So all week, no fish and this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to test it. What kind of server do they have? So what ones individual did is that he went on a Saturday, he caught one of the fish. He tied a little spring to its tail and

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left it in the sea. left all Saturday. Come Sunday. He went back took it out. So technically, he's not officiating on Saturday. But he is fishing on set on Sunday, cuz he's taking it out on Sunday. So he goes home, he cooks the fish.

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And a person walks past his house. And he smells and they say how long is something fishy going on here? So he goes into the house and he sees the fish. So he sees that this person has got a fish. He asked when you get the fish? Well, he said no, no, I did fish on a Saturday, I fished on a Sunday, this is what I did. So then what happened amongst these people, what they started to do is that all of them or many of them, they would go

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on a Saturday, and they would catch the fish, they would either make channels from the side where the fish would go in and then they would block the channel so the fish could no longer go back into the sea. And then the next day, the Sunday they will come and they will take the fish out of the channels. So this is how they were so popular playing games with Allah subhanaw taala. The narration mentions that this became so common so common that they would have markets selling fish. So there was the group of people who disagreed with it because they knew that you were playing games with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah smart, Allah forbid you from fishing, but now you will find loopholes.

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You know, like now the villa sometimes Muslim find loopholes. They find the most Vegas loopholes and they get the most friendly fatwa that they can to justify that loophole. This story is a great lesson for us when you go fishing for a fatwa. You will find some Mufti out there who will give you that fishy fatwa.

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But is it that which is accepted by the mainstream? And if it isn't, that really, you'll play games with Allah subhanho wa Taala your games with Allah Spano of Allah, and therefore this story is an amazing story. Because when this happened,

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they were divided into three categories and this is a jeep. So these people are divided into three categories. The first category were those people who are actually fishing

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then you had the other two groups, but that was actually one group which are divided into two. So this group, one group from amongst them was saying, look,

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these people are a waste of time, you know, and the other group was saying, No, no, no, no, we still need to give them power. We still need to give them down we need we need to call them back to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah subhanaw taala captures this beautiful in the Quran. So there's one group of people fishing is then the other group and that other group is divided into two one group out of the other two is saying, Don't even bother with these things. These guys out past it, you know there's so much such rotters that no matter what you do, nothing is going to change their state leave them. The other group is saying no, we need to give them the Dow and this is where Allah subhanaw taala articulate this in the Quran, what is called Amato Minam Lima is Dora pohlmann Allah whom liko the mother but she did call ma Ratan Isla ma Ratan Isla Pico This is so beautiful, that one group of people that

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when you giving them Dawa for these people have passed it Allah recall this in the Quran. These people have passed and there is no benefit giving them the Dawa. The other group of people are saying no, no, no, you don't. Why are we giving them dour? Because on the Day of Judgment, we can say to Allah subhanho wa Taala we can excuse ourselves, if they are destined to be punished, then they will be punished. But what we will say to Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, Oh Allah, we gave them doubt. Therefore the responsibility is lifted from us and this is so beautiful because when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about this oma hydrometer linas dot morona Bill Maher

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Overton when

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you are the best of people, you are the best of nations, or collegiately now you are taken out for the benefit humanity, humanity must see your head that morona Bill Maher roof, Allah Akbar, you enjoying good water honer an element. And you know why I love this story so much these two groups of people, because this is exactly what Muslims are like, you know, you have one group of people, no matter what you try to do, they're always negative, bro no benefit on doing that. Only the waste of time. rotters don't give them dour span Allah This is exactly. This is exactly how these two groups of people were. One group of people were saying don't bother with them. The other was saying that we

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have to decide on placation these are family members. These are power of the oma Yes, they are doing wrong.

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They are doing wrong. And you know how much they had divided themselves from these people, this group who disagreed with them, they had actually built a wall between them, these the group of people who were fishing, but then this group

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they divided into two. And the reason why this has so much relevant for us today is because you know sometimes when you're doing the work of data you have these people who are always pessimistic, always negative going to do a march are nothing ever changed. The March is going to give down nothing ever changed our going to do charity, why are you giving for charity? There's so pessimistic. The progress on religion. You don't want to lie he defined these people so beautiful 1400 years ago, he said marathahalli cannot for who

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he who says that the people are destroyed is the one who's destroyed.

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That person is the one who destroyed. Why? Because he's created negativity in the community. He's created people who are pessimistic in the community know the role is on the line he was said that Allah says in a hurry so I could see Anna in the name of dB. The way that you perceive me to be that's how I am. If you are positive towards me, I am positive towards you. And then at the end of the Hadith the Prophet Allah Subhana Allah says that man can think of me how he likes, if you think positive of Allah, that Allah poudel Allah will assist you. And if you think negative one last month, Allah and then that will be your outcome. The final outcome of these people who played games

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with the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala was this,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala turned them into monkeys and turn them into swine. He transfigured them

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Why? Because they played games with the calm the Shetty of a lost pound Allah, Allah they found loopholes to justify the harm that they were doing. The narrations mentioned that the next day.

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The group they believe is they come from behind

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Hi in the walls, the tos to these people go during the day they would intermingle. And then at nighttime, they would separate. And they found these people, they were all transfigured. They were all transformed into monkeys, apes and into swine.

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And Subhan Allah, you know, the ratio mentioned that they will say to Didn't we tell you not to do this?

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Didn't we tell you not to do this, then we tell you not to play games with the Lord of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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But now it's too late.

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And they lived for approximately cogeneration is about six days, I'm generation mentioned they were up to 70,000, who actually were transformed into monkeys and apes,

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if their boss or the Allah and who would remember this, and if your boss or the landlord remember this story,

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and he would cry.

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He would say if this is the outcome of a person or group of people who flow to one law of loss parent of a toddler, what about us today? So brothers and sisters, the thing that I want to take away from this story are two main things. One, don't look for loopholes in the Sharia. Because you will find some Mufti, some scholar for $1, who will give you a fatwa which suits your whims and desires. Remember,

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technically, these people were not fishing on a Saturday, they weren't taking the fish out on a Saturday, they were taking them out on a Sunday. But even then, this was so despised to Allah subhanaw taala, that last $1 transfigured the faces set. The second thing I want you to also understand is that we as believers never, ever become pessimistic. We never give up on people, we make the effort and the results are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, it is an obligation upon this ummah, to do the Tao. And the story is a great story for us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam given the parable of a group of people who are on a ship, you have two

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decks of the ship, the ones who are at the bottom, they have to climb up and fetch the water over a period of time, they say, Oh, it's too difficult to go up and fetch the water is easy for those on top. So what they decided to do is they decided to drill holes in the bottom of the ship, so they can take the water directly. The problem is on the law, it was sort of said, if the one on top do not stop the ones on the bottom, they will both drown, both of them will finish. today. This is really the reality of this story for us, that if we allow evil to provide allowance, it will sooner or later seep into our homes and into our lives. And therefore I really want to take from this

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lesson that believers of positive believers carry on the dour field leave their results in the hands of a last panel, Darla and this is the great son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam, the Messenger of Allah was shunned from Makkah. Alone family shunned him, his own family turned against him, but he came back after the 23 years of tower back into maca, or slightly before that he came back into McCann, Fatima and Subhan Allah all those who now opposed him embraced all the people of the Hejaz who used to call him gah hain Mirage known Sha a sa here all the names under the sun. Now they were saying I should learn ilaha illa Allah or a shadow under Mohammed Abdul waters with a

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bottle of ECAM zachman Mohammed last panel data view is the ability to act upon the storage of the poor Arctic aprotic lessons from them will also have got to keep us united engineer reunite is all engendered from those sama aleikum wa rahmatullah.