3 Tips to Increase Ones Iman

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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AI: Summary © The speaker gives three tips for increasing email engagement. The first tip is to be proactive by trying Hello class, being that good company, and constantly reciting the Quran. The second tip is to have a daily program where you strengthen yourself by praying and reciting the Quran. The third tip is to seeking knowledge and being mindful of one's workload.
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What is your top three tips for increasing your email? Okay, so my top three tips. First of all I want to say in this time we're living in, there's so many people struggling with keeping trying to keep themselves steadfast, you really need to be proactive, you can no longer you know, rely on being passive about your day. So number one, My top tip is to always try to get to Hello class, try to go to lessons and being that good company, you really need to keep on nourishing your soul at least once a week through lessons. And baby people who motivate you baby people who are you know, not pulling you backwards, but they pushing you forward, they encourage you to, and they remind you

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about you know, a lot in the next life. So that's, that's my number one tip. Then, number two, you do need to have that that daily program where you're strengthening yourself, always especially of course number The most important thing is your prayers, you know, praying you have to be diligent about praying your prayers on time, it looks like your income. It's like your foundation for your whole Deen. So it's very important that you hold your prayers together. And then besides that, you know, you need to constantly be reciting the Quran. During the COVID Lhasa pantalla, remembering Allah day and night to keep yourself you know, strong and focused on your purpose in this life. And

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then lastly, seeking knowledge, you can never go wrong and shouldered seeking knowledge awaiting a time when we are overwhelmed with doubts. And if we're not seeking knowledge and seeking the answers to the questions that are worrying us, then this is this is like the George shaped on he had come to us. So knowledge is one of the greatest weapons against you know, protecting yourself against those depths that shaytaan will try to plant in your heart. Does that glow does that