The Quranic Call (Part 14)

Abdullah Oduro


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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah to a bit of Khartoum in the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, Abdullah withdrew from the religion of Islam the methodology of seeking knowledge of Islam is strong. Why? Because there is a precedent that has been set from the previous prophets. As a matter of fact in the 14th just chapter number 16 verse 43, a lawsuit kinda what Allah mentions after are the belemnite shipped on regime woman or selling them in public in Larry Jalan Nuri Elaine, first Allah Allah decree in contumely palemoon Allah says, and we have not sent before you accept men that we have sent you sent them the revelation. So ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know.

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So firstly, he confirms that we have not sent except before you O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam men that we have given them the revelation further further confirming that there were people that receive the message of Allah that were messengers before you, and that message was the knowledge of Islam. It was the knowledge of Islam. So if there is something you do not know, ask the people of Victor, and Vicar here is particularly the message that was the revelation being an bayonets was Zuber, the ones that received the books the previous scriptures from before you, and that is a becomes to a generalized message for you and me, that we should ask the people of knowledge of Islam

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if we don't know Allah, Vicar, and Vicar has been termed in the Quran also,

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as the Quran itself, as it says, oh, as the machine can you say? Oh, you who the vicar has been descended upon him? Yeah, you enter the New Zealand a vicar, Yanni the vicar, or the remembrance of Allah has been descended upon you, even though they were mentioning it in a ridiculing fashion. But the vicar here is what scholars had mentioned is the message of Allah being the Koran or if it's the previous scriptures from before that the other scriptures, in any case, the revelation of the Quran, so ask the people of knowledge, the scholars of Islam, if you do not know, and in general, if we were to generalize this verse, Then we ask that people have knowledge of Islam or any science in and

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of itself for for instance of the COVID-19. We asked the people that have knowledge of virology of immunology, immunology, and any science that deals with viruses and bacteria in particular, and knowledge of the immune system of what can protect them or protect us from any form of sickness, ultimately, a lawsuit kinda with Donna but the mechanisms that he's sent, and having knowledge of that we should ask them and not ask a mechanic or ask anyone that is not specialized in that science. And that is an Islamic precedent, precedent for us to ask the people of knowledge in any science if we don't know further maintaining the respect of those that have made the effort to study

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and maintaining the integrity of application of the Islamic objectives in our religion. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all in seeking knowledge for his sake. I said I'm wanting to learn even better cats. Thank you.