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Ammar Alshukry
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages and welcome to another episode of the 99 names tagging along the width on moto shokri and yours truly belongs on. And in this episode we are covering that we are cutting covering three names that come from the root, CA da da, da da, da. Okay, first name is an idea. Okay, but the idea the second name is there. So I'll just call it No idea. Okay, also the idea. The second name is there a color?

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Yes. And the third is a teddy

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bear. teddy bear. Okay, meme off that.

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dead deer.

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The deer that's a T Yeah. So MUQ ta dir Yep. So I looked at it now alpha d alpha there and then moqtada this all all come from so alpha d comes from two roots okay.

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Or it has two meanings rather more precisely one it comes from the word potara which means ability okay. potara which means ability and the second is a duck deer which means

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designing which is similar to this other similar to this concept of other right destiny that which is planned or oh that's what it means.

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Something that which is not doesn't mean fate. It doesn't mean fate. No, okay. It means that which is planned coming from that okay, what that which is already well thought that has a lot of meanings. Okay.

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divine design. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So ask for the PDF

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or ask for Ltd if

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there are over, I think 30 verses in the Quran and 30 verses in the Quran, where Allah azza wa jal mentions in various forms, this concept that a lot is Able to do all things

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that Allah is Able to do all things. Okay. I look at it as mentioned 45 times in the

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past it is mentioned 12 times in the whole on

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a mock test it is mentioned

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in one verse in the Quran

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where Allah says at the end of Sora, and come up FEMA pidc team speaking about the people of Paradise, they are in Janata not there they are in gardens and rivers, okay. And then he says FEMA discipline in the mullikin moqtada. In a macaque in a place or in a sea Tink of sick, a seeking of truth, okay. And in the company of may leak, a kink that is mocked at it, that is able and evoking in a position so that people of Paradise are in the gardens and rivers, FEMA it sits in a seating of truth in the presence of an evil king. Okay. Now,

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this word and this name has been able to be an appropriate synonym for say competent. Yes. Okay. Because he's able in every sense, okay. So whether it's because of his competency, whether it's because of his power, and that's really why this name idea, some of the scholars have mentioned, this is one of the keys have access to all of the other names, okay? Because for you to call upon a lot as being a bar for you to call upon a lot being a rock miner, for you to call upon a lot being mean, or all of these other names that we're talking about. You have to believe that he's an idiot.

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Okay? You don't call upon someone who you don't think is able to help you. Okay? Right. Every single person who you call on the phone, when you need something to be done for you, you are doing it because you believe to some degree that this person is able to help you. Okay, that is the reason why you do it. And so the power of this name comes to play and the belief of a person in this name comes to play.

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Sometimes what you want is becoming so distant, and it's glimmers becoming so faint. Yeah, that you're hoping what you want, you stop asking a lot for it. Okay. And sometimes what you hate, you know, the sickness or the poverty or the fear becomes so prevalent and so present, you start to think that it's never going to go away. And so you stopped calling on a law

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This name is a reminder to, yes, that no matter how faint your thing is that you feel like it is still possible for you. And no matter how difficult and prevalent that harm is, a lot can still remove it. You need to believe in unclouded. And when you look at the stories of the prophets, you find, Zachary is asking for a child, not five years into his marriage, he still hasn't had a kid 10 years into his marriage, he still hasn't had a kid 20 years into his marriage, he still hasn't had a kid. So many people, right would give up within that period. And Zachary is saying is different than say, Abraham and

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Abraham, I said, I had a delayed process as well. Very, very delayed. And so again, in the profits, you find, you know,

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examples, yeah, because the courteous thing will be in your hand and boom, in, my bones have become weak, and my hair is white, and my wife is barren. All of these are X marks, you're never going to have a kit. And then he says, What can we do? I got a bishop, he is I don't, I don't lose. When I call out on you. It's never happened before. It's not gonna happen. Now, I want a child, I still want the child. And so people ask, and they say, well, when should I stop making it?

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You shouldn't,

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you know, you shouldn't as long as you want it. And, you know, I know you and I know stories of people

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who, you know, they wanted a child and they didn't have a child for many, many years. And they just decided, Well, I'm not going to live like this, I'm going to continue to make a lasagna. Yeah. And they ended up being blessed. The point here is not just the example of the child. But the point here is, whatever it is that you want, that you recognize that a lot.

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Or just kind of also reminds me of the like, one of the things that's common today, people aspire to, as part of the American dream and success is entrepreneurship. Right? And if you think about it, like some people think, well, if you're in your 20s, or if maybe, maybe if you're in the 30s, that's a prime time for entrepreneurship. But people forget, there's so many. There's so many success stories about people in their post retirement. They started businesses and were successful. I mean, KFC, for example, that was what 70 years old, when he started that Colonel Sanders. Yeah, yes. And even

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when I was in college, one of my professors, he started a company with a bunch of some of his partners. And their whole thing was, yeah, we would buy companies from people who were late in their career started a business all of a sudden and took off, but then now they want to sell it as like so many of them are just older people, and they just don't want to manage it. They just want to share profit or whatever. The fact that people were seeking this kind of success, it's Yeah, it's nearby just was able to do all things. Allah is Able to do all things. And so a person recognizing that and committing to do and that's why I do it. opens up the door for all of the other names. Yeah. And

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here in Sharla, sublicense, I'ma do it. This is interesting.

In this 39th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the names of Allah – Alqadeer / Alqaadir / Almuqtadir


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