When did you start taking Islam seriously

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Well, as a convert to, to Islam, I probably took Islam seriously. Once I converted, you know, more than a lot of people who are kind of maybe even born into a Muslim family, but it really started to be a really serious thing for me. I like my commitment when I started sacrificing things for my faith, right? Because what's, what's easy in life always isn't always right. And what's right isn't always easy. So I had some choices to make, whether it was what what kind of job I was involved in how I was going to make my, my livelihood and things like that. And sometimes there was an easy route that was kind of already lined up. But it wasn't, it wasn't the right way. Like it was based

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off of something that either it wasn't becoming for somebody who wanted to be a righteous person, or it involves some things that kind of, you know, that people shouldn't be involved in. And so what I found was the more and more that I sacrificed for my faith, like those decisions, when I chose okay, I'm not going to do the easy thing. I'm going to do the right thing I'm going to do the thing that I believe you know, God will be more pleased by that's when I started taking it more seriously because, you know, now, I've made sacrifices for this faith. And now it means more to me, and I'm less likely to backtrack and I'm more likely to take it seriously