How did Mary (pbuh) give Birth to Jesus (pbuh) According to the Quran?

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My name is Bobby Bonilla. I'm a Filipino and a Christian. I just want to ask doctor regarding this.

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Maryam, Maryam, gave birth to Jesus, right?

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I just want to know if it is mentioned in Quran, how was Jesus give it to Maryam. It mentioned in Quran

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that your doctor,

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our Christian Filipina brother, had asked her a good question he wants to know about Maria Maria Salaam, how did she give birth to his Ali Salaam. And what does the Quran speak about that? Yeah, brother. If read the Quran, there is a full chapter called as Surah Maryam chapter by the name of Mary. Mary was the mother of Jesus cast peace be upon him. If you read the Bible, out of the 73 books of the Bible, out of all the 60 books of the Bible, there is no book by the name of Mary or Maria.

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Yes, yes.

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There is no but if you read the Quran,

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if you read the Quran, there is a chapter by the name of Maria that is Mary, the mother of a Salah Salaam. And the Quran says in Surah Al Imran chop number three Watson 42 it says, Why skeletal melodica mariemont behold the angel sort of marry in the last faki what the hierarchy was,

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that we have choose in D and purified the and chosen the above the woman of all nations. Imagine this verse of the Quran was revealed to an Arab

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masala salam, we say that Allah subhana wa Taala has chosen a Jewish woman

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a woman above all the other woman

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and purify them

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in actually it is bad marketing. The Jews volcanes Arabs and the audience of oma Salah Salma Arabs. Now mama Salah Selma saying that Almighty God has chosen a Jewish woman, Maria Maria Salaam, Mother Mary, as a woman above all the other woman,

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woman above your nations, but this is a revelation from Allah subhanaw taala mama Salah Selma new option, it is not his words, it is the word of Allah subhanaw taala that whatever is revealed to him, he has to believe. Furthermore freedom so lamb Ranch, chapter three verse number 4344 45. You come to verse number 47. It says, the main question that you ask, what does it speak about the birth of a salesianum it says that when archangel gabriel

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in slemrod chapter 347 comes to my neighbor someone says that you shall give birth to a son. He says that How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?

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Similarly for reading the Bible,

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a similar incident says that How shall I have a son when I know it? No man. No No man mission does not know any man. Know It. No man here means not knowing. It means knowing sexually. You understand the language of the Bible. When Maria Melissa lamb says in the Bible, I know it No man is does not know any man sexually. When the Quran says man, no man has touched me. It doesn't mean physical touch. It means sexual touch.

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that no man has touched me. But then the Quran continues exactly the Omron. The logic is a matter for no matter who can fire Kuhn. Allah says Be and it is when Allah decree the matter. He says Be additive. So Allah says, When Almighty God willed that she should give birth to a son, it takes place confiar can be additive to the birth of Jesus Christ peace be upon him was a miraculous birth.

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It was a miraculous birth there was no male intervention

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that's why we believe that he Salah Salaam was born miraculously without any human intervention. Further when you go

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and ammonium chapter number 19, verse number 28 to 32 onwards. When Mary Mary Salaam when she has the child, the newborn is LFM in the hand, people start allergy

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they start insulating her

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and the tell her that How come you have the sun?

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You come from the family of Haruna Salaam, from Aaron. How can you do such a low thing trying to insinuate her that she did adultery.

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The people started insinuating that this woman without marriage, she had a child insinuating that she's adultery. She was speechless. She could not apply immediately.

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If Allah Salam from the arms of his mother, he replies and face that I am a messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he protects his mother and he replies I've been sent as a messenger Allah subhanaw taala to give glad tidings on you.

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Now the first miracle done by Sally Salaam in the Quran is he speaks when you are the infant, few days old, he speaks from the mother's arm. The first miracle done in the Bible is if you read your Bible, that when there was a party and all the wine gets over, so the host is valid, there is no mind for the people. So he said Salaam says, Get water, and you convert water into wine. That was the first miracle in the current first miracle was he protects his mother

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and he supports his mother and speaks on behalf of the mother when he was in the arm of his mother just when he was born. So this is how the Quran respects my family Salaam and uplift sir, and causa as the best woman amongst all the nations. No such title is given in the Bible that there is an I say, we respect and love maremma salaam more than the Christian we love and respect if Allah salam, Jesus Christ more than the Christians.

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Thank you