Tom Facchine – When Allah Revealed This Verse – Repentance

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a group of idutelerated people who committed horrible deeds and caused deaths. They express confusion and fear, and encourage forgiveness to stop people from inaccurate statements. The speaker also talks about people who claim Jesus is their god and wishes everyone wins.
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If I understood that right that there was a group of idolaters, who had killed many people, and they committed other horrible deeds, and they came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and said to him, What do you say? What do you say what you give the message of this man is beautiful. It's excellent. If only you would tell us that our past deeds will be wiped away. So a lot has been revealed this verse, bother me because I'm on the VOD videographer the other day and so forth and we'll see him

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in the Lafayette

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get a Honda Honda Allah Who gave them a filthy he madness see how hula woman's see how Coppola momenta and museum la woman's arm and Allah have eaten

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yet along as well.

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Yeah football Oh Johnny, how old I guess I

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will not go forward. Even continue right there. Otherwise when I first set it up this Chris Hello. So how's our invites to forgiveness? Those who claim that Jesus is Allah and those who claim that Jesus is the son of Allah, and those who claim that it is the son of Allah and those who claim that Allah is poor, and those who claim that all those hands are tied and those who claim that alive part of the Trinity Allah He makes all of them to forgiveness and he says this was as a plan to

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stop people

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from electrocuting men who

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went on to work on now I need, I need to let go in here and then Allah azza wa jal invites the forgiveness people even worse than that fear on. You said, I'm your Lord Most High. And who said I don't know. Oh, my God for you other than me,

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I asked

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him. What's he gotta have this up on Jeff and if you tell him, then you can pass around him. I said, Whoever loses hope bill allows repentance after this has been not alone.

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