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The customer discusses how they were impressed with the worship of God in Islam, and how they found it fascinating to pursue Islam. They also mention that while they were previously on a Christian faith, they now find it fascinating to pursue Islam, especially with the new founders. The customer believes that Islam is about "mon airplane" and that finding out about Jesus' family structure is the biggest positive for those interested in pursuing the religion.

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What impressed me about Islam? That's a very good question I would have to answer what impressed me about Islam is what I expected to find within my own faith, the worship of one God that is maybe surprising to the Muslim viewers because they surely know that they worship one God and they know that Islam is about pure monotheism. However, I growing up as a Christian, I thought that we are all monotheists in the purest sense, the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. I thought there is no main difference in worship of God. Other than that, we have our guy, Jesus, and the Muslims have their prophets, which was Muhammad, I thought, that's the main difference. And of course, I thought

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that the Muslims are the bad guys because they do not accept Jesus. That was my perception, right? So then finding out about Islam, finding out that Jesus is a big part of Islam as well and finding out about total heat the pure monotheism that is found within Islam. And right now in my research, I would have to say probably only found within Islam, I got quite impressed with that. So there'll be the biggest positive if you want to call it that within the religion other than that, what is extremely impressive is that Islam still has the family structure intact like no other faith.