What I Love Most About Allah – Brother Umar

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Just, it's

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what everything created, you know, like, created, created everything is the creator of the universe, everything and it's just mind boggling to know that to know that we have this perfect deity, you know, we're human words can't describe our lives, phenomenon, you know magnificence limitless, you know that that belongs to Allah You know nothing nothing is magnificent besides Allah nothing is phenomenal besides Allah, nothing is greater. But Allah like the word great, you know belongs to Allah.

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And, and you know,

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we have a creator, you know, and it's like it's in the goal is to meet the creator, you know, like it's in you know, and we can't imagine how you can imagine the the descriptions you know what Allah is. But that's that's just the mystery. I mean, that's that's the goal, you know, it's just amazing. I love how Allah didn't just leave us, right didn't create us and just left us in the sent messengers. Right? And like,

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you know, I never really knew about any of the prophets, you know, Islam really teaches everything. You know, like growing up as a Catholic, I didn't really know anything. I read the Koran and kind of teach stuff like God didn't know anything. You know, I was I didn't really know much so I just thought that's what I love most about law, you know, they'd be sent messengers and prophets and messengers to explain the truth in a way