Karim Abuzaid – Belief in The Messengers Part 5

Karim Abuzaid
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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned 25 names in the front of the messengers 18 of them in one Surah Surah Al Anam

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what will Kappa tuna tuna? Hey Rahim Allah tominaga fossati, Manisha LA. Or Atlanta who is harkaway aku Isaac and Jacob kulana one ohana dynamin cardno woman Daria. David was Suleiman Suleiman What are you job? What

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do you use of wamu? Sir? Moses?

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Maxine was a carrier Zechariah wire here john the baptist. Ye sir Jesus, what le s le s. Lisa wakulla

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le s, Minnesota. What is my ILA? Well, yes, our use our loofah.

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In other places, Allah mentioned the names of these prophets. The Sunnah name some of these prophets, such as your Shah,

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even known

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the one who led Benny is thrown in to

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the promised land.

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We come to the question, can we say this prophet is better than this prophet?

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What do you mean? Allah subhana wa Taala said till Kuru, Sulu, for

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whom Allah.

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Allah is Allah tells you and I say

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don't do it in a boastful way.

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fee Sahil Buhari

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as you and a Muslim got in a fight.

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got in a fight. Why? They do told the Muslim Moosa is the best

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and the Muslim got upset and he said Mohammed is the best

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and they came to Mohammed Salama while he was

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the one who taught humanity manners.

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Look what he said. Learn to hi Rooney Hamza.

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don't prefer me over Moosa

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will lie by Allah when Allah subhana wa Taala commands the angel is for our field to blow in the trumpet, the second law,

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I will rise I will be the first person to rise from the dead. And I will find Moosa holding the throne of Allah.

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And I don't know was he exempt?

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Or did Allah subhana wa tada

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spared him because he was shocked.

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You know that Prophet Musa

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he asked Allah to make him see Allah

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you know, the children visited Israel they use the old was still him. Walker Lula, da da da da da da da we will not believe until we see Allah.

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So while I measure Mussolini Cortina waka Lana hora boo, and when Musa came to our appointment and Allah spoke to him,

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be Eleni under la Oh Allah made me see you. This is Surah Allah in the Quran.

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Allah subhana wa Taala told him a letter Len Toronto, Toronto you will not be able to see Allah brothers and sisters in Islam if you are living in this dunya and hoping that you will see Allah get a life

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and no come lento Nora

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rest assured that you will not be able to see Allah until you die. And this is by the way one of the first argument that you use against the jail once he comes to Earth at the jail is gonna is gonna come and say well, I am walked

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beside the fact that he had one eye

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and if you really Allah and he given me two eyes, go fix your eyes man.

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Give me a break he gives me two eyes and you just have one there's something wrong with you.

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Besides the fact that I'm not going to be able to see you in this life if you're really Allah

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Cena who says Allah subhanaw taala to make him see Allah Carlin torani you will not be able to see me what I can do a little Jasmine. I will descend Don't try to visualize how Allah distance lay second Kenneth Lee

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kulu Allahu Allahu Samad Lamia mula Listen, while I'm Nicola huka when he descends in a way

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That fits him. Fundamental Boolean algebra Allah who,

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when Allah descended in this mountain in a way that fits Allah subhana wa Tada. The mountain crushed turned into this, what happened to Muslim?

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shocked. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying Moosa will be holding the throne, May May Allah already shocked him in this dunya and that's why he did not get shot in the hereafter

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for them.

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Don't say Moosa is better than me, don't. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and listen to this beautiful Hadith. Al Bukhari Hadith. Allah and Allah nurse even

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if there is a prophet that I am so close to is Jesus the son of Miriam, why

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lace Avenida hoonah be

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there is no profit between me and him.

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Maybe Salam came after as I look at this as I will come to be a follower.

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Look at this statement.

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Will MBA do I let

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and the prophets

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are children of different mothers

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Dean whom why

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the dean is one which is what in Medina in the law he says in Edina and de la Hill Islam

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Islam Medina and fellow

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Filipino classical Islam Deen Houma

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and the result of La Jolla Salaam

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look at this layer Colin harden, Anna

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Cena Eunice,

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Gianna and the wheel. I was telling the children the story today What a beautiful story.

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Because he decided to basically leave his people without the permission of Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah made him basically be thrown in the river and swallowed by a whale. and so forth. We know the story. Don't you dare Muslim say that I am Mohammed better than us because of this. Don't say that about a prophet. We honor all of them brothers and sisters in Islam. Who are the best so

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all as

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like our brother mentioned

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last who are allies. First bill came out sobre la olas. demeanor Bruce will be patient Oh Mohammed like the prophets and the messengers was strong will Who are those?

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Shara laka laka Mina De Lima wa sahbihi wa no hon. No, no. One la de la Muhammad, WA hyena Ella, Ibrahima wa Moosa wises was five

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No, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed

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