Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #560 Remembrance Of Allah

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The importance of facing one's way and not just saying "we" to the Prophet is emphasized in the Bible and a series of videos and interviews. The importance of staying true to Islam is emphasized, as well as the need for people to be present during peace and blessings events. The Hadith and the upcoming events are discussed, as well as the importance of asking for opinion during Zoom programs and protecting against diseases. The speakers also mention the use of black seeds for diseases and the importance of not drinking alcohol in crowded areas.
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love our God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He

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has to be the best and give his best religion to allah God has been greatest, the one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best and give his best religion

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to another live edition of gardens of the pious hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and Avi almost affair. We praise is due to Allah alone, we will praise Him and we seek His help. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but the Almighty Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger and prophet. In today's episode brothers and sisters, we're going to study a new chapter still under the 15th Book of Guardians of the pious by Imam nawawi, the book of altcar, or the remembrance of Allah, today's chapter

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today's chapter is shutter number 247 barebow fogli Haylock Zicree and today's episode is number 560 560. And it will be the first in chapter 247. The chapter which discusses the excellence of getting together to remember the Almighty Allah and the recommendation of hanging around those who remember the Almighty Allah.

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And today's chapter begins with an idea.

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I am number 28

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of Surah LKF

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in which Allah Almighty says after I will be live in a shell upon a regime was big enough second i Levine I had a rune out there who Bill order 31 Lushy UUT do now.

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While Aina Karen to read was in Atul hayati, duniya, while at a man fell in

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the green tab where who can move forward or

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in this area Allah is addressing his most beloved, he's addressing Muhammad peace be upon him by saying, Oh Muhammad, this burden of second, give yourself patient with those who call on the Lord, whether in the prayer, whether through the remembrance of Allah, whether through supplicating, the Almighty Allah, or whether through getting together to learn about Allah, and about the acts of worship, and these are all forms of Zick remembrance of Allah. And those people are very regular. Do you do that in the morning, and in the evening? The execution of Ella Dotty and Allah she refers to the fact that they are

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regular, very regular in the remembrance of the Almighty Allah. And why do they do that you read through and I watched her who seeking His countenance.

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What a third why NACA and home to redo the natural hierarchy dunya and let not your eyes overlook them. Desire in the glitter of the life who this world and obey not those whose hearts have made heedless of Allah's remembrance, and one who follows his own lust and whose affair has been lost this higher the reason behind its revelation, and the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala cannot be separated from a number 52 of Surah Al Anam chapter number six in which Allah Almighty says well a total Rudy lady in the room or a bedroom below that you allow she, you redo and our job

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is to kick out when you have a guest and he said get out

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or in

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Never you are a she, a teacher, a professor, and one of the students is making troubles you ask him to leave please get out. So kicking out somebody or dismissing somebody, okay, that's called toward well talk to Rudy Latina so there is not a negation. Don't you expel? Don't you dismiss those who call upon the Lord believer that you will actually we just spoke about Allah to Allah she in and number 28 of Surah LKF and in a number 52 Surah Al Anon chapter number six. The Almighty Allah again says to the Prophet salallahu Salam Labtop rodilla Do you know when are bound below that you will actually they are doing so to see his countenance we have many things to discuss in these two ayat,

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the first fact that this idea was revealed first before a number 28 or Surah Alkaff second fact that they were cut off right after each other even though this is in surah Al Anon and this isn't sort of recap mini chapters in between from six to 18 mini mini chapters but

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the reason behind the relation begins with a number 52 shutdown number six will rattle Anna sadden Abby will cost me a lot to please with him narrated that, that Abdullah had numerous root rot believe Narada Sahaba Romae. Our we are talking about the poor, poor, very poor companions. Were sitting with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in Makkah,

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where they will learn from him. This is called halka.

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halka is a circle. Okay. halacha is an episode in a series. But halka is a circle. So when we sit like this table when we sit around it, it's called halka.

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Whether we're sitting on the chairs or sitting on the floor, on the couches, so we are making a halka a circle, a circle of study, a circle of the remembrance of Allah. So they will learn from the Messenger of Allah. That came some of the American chieftains like Omega Hala

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Abuja, Abu Sufyan, darkness initial, those chieftains they were interested in learning. But their problem was that how do invite us to sit with the low class people, those people are our servants. And our slaves, even though you purchase some of them and you free them, but they still perceive them. They're colored. You know how the Trump supporters

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the white when they look at the color people as lower class people. So people before Islam were like that, exactly. We're very racist.

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And people who happen to be Muslims,

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and they still have this racist belief, or inclination, they have some traces of J Helia.

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Ignorance. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam called it ignorance.

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When one of the Sahaba made a racist remark,

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even though the sahabi was loved, by prophet Mohamed Salah Salem, you all know him, I was really very whom the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said to him once in new hymnbook I love you. But in this incident, when he made this racist remark while addressing beloved naraba, because of his color, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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pulled him off. And he said, in a camera on FIFA Jaya Helia

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you're a man who still maintain some of the traces of ignorance.

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So those people who believe themselves superior to others because of their complexion, because of the race are ignorant

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and stupid.

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In that I'm wrong. Pekerja Haley. So those ignorant people, despite the fact that they were the chieftains of Makkah, they said to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam,

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they expect us to sit with our servants, kick them out so that we can sit and talk to you. We want to hear from you but we cannot sit with those guys. You keeping yourself busy with them all the time.

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If you have a message to deliver, if you're a salesperson, if you're a marketing

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In person, and you have somebody who's going to take all your goods, wholesale. And you're spending some time explaining to people you know that therefore, no matter how much they can afford, they're not gonna take the whole thing. So what are you gonna do?

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Business mentality, you're going to ignore those or the retailer, and you will focus on those who are interested in buying the whole thing that chieftains

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and when the thought crossed Prophet Muhammad's mind, like you guys had enough we can now spend some time with the chieftains. If this is what they want to learn by themselves, I can give you some time. Before even the thought would cross Prophet Muhammad's mind, the Almighty Allah responded to the demand of the American chieftains, DJ Hillary in the ignorant by saying home hammered later through the Latina drone or a bone builder that you will ashy. So couple things. He commanded him not to dismiss those righteous people.

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And the second he admire the bison because they are invoking the Lord, on regular basis in the morning and the evening, you know, how do you say 24/7?

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And why do they do that? Allah informed us about the hidden intention and their sincerity. So you said you read on our whole, wanting and seeking His countenance, but what does it mean you really don't know what to do. And also in sort of carefree 28 He said, You're the owner of BIM below that you will or she you read on our channel will the same face seek in his countenance, wanting his pleasure? And what means the face and Allah the Almighty refer to his watch and his face in the Quran multiple times.

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He says, Cool Russia in Harlequin, Illa wotja Everything shall perish except him. So the wedge is the face. And in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, Will we ever get to see our Lord anytime? So when they were sitting again in a halka and the night was a full moon night, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam brought to his companions attention, the fact that look at the beautiful moon. Isn't it so bright? Yes. Can everyone see clearly crystal clear? He says, Do you have any problem seeing him during the clear skies? This is of course not. Is it I swear to Allah,

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Salford Arona belco Mielle Malkia Amma he shall see you, Lord, on the Day of Judgment when you enter Paradise, as clear as seeing the moon on a full moon night on clear skies.

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So that is the greatest through word a believer will ever obtain. Upon entering and Jannah the Almighty Allah will ask the residence, my servants. Do you need anything else? Shall I give you anything else? Can I give you anything more? They said, What could be more than that? You forgive us our sins. You have remitted our sins. You have mercy on us and you admitted us to your paradise. What could be better than that? What will we ever want. Beyond that? He said it Avaya fellow as hotwire la comida My pleasure. So you will never ever earn any wrath or anger for me afterward. Then the Almighty Allah will remove the veil and they will get to see the knower of the Almighty Allah.

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That is the meaning of the area of Surah tunas Lin Lavina someone who's now was in yada

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those who did good, they will get paradise was here add an extra and they will get more. And the other area LA home

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mozzie insha Allah when you enter Paradise, and you make it safely to agenda, you get what you want.

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Whatever you desire, and then after exhausting all the desires, all the wantings in anumber 35 Shipka number 50 Surah Kahf Allah Almighty says while a Danann Masood no even have more for them.

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that more and zyada in Surah Kjos refers to see the Almighty Allah that is the meaning of words, who you really do not want to have who if the word he had inserted inserted in nanoclay will come the word he

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will only feed you seeking the countenance of Allah. So by now you know whenever the word what is mentioned what it means. So the idea of Surah Al Anam 52 Chapter number six was revealed first, hey Mohammed, don't you ever listen to those arrogant ignorant makin chieftains and the incident was repeated again, by the way in Medina, when the moon of Ukraine requested from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to dismiss the poor companion said, Man above and below so that we can sit and listen to you. And that was refused. And then

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the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, obviously, it would cross his mind or at least Okay you guys, you don't have to leave. I am leaving. Why? I'm going to have a chat with those guys. But Allah Almighty said no.

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So neither you are dismissing them, nor are you leaving. So what do you need to do? Oh Allah. Hang on. They'll spit enough setter, man I love you and I adore Runa boom Bill Radha to Allah. ashy, you read on our Jabu the patient, sit tight, and patiently hang around those who invoke the Lord in the morning and in the evening. Seeking His pleasure. Well, Tara, do I in Africa and whom I let mouth your eyes turn away from them or overlook them, make you focus on them? Those are the people who Allah loves. So what do we learn? We learn that whenever there is a healthcare and there is a dip, Eartha. Oh, the prophets Allah Allah, Allah selama save either Murata Maria del Jannetty foretell,

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if you ever pass by the gardens of paradise on earth, then hang around, sit, receive the proper hospitality, eat and drink, but do we have genuine Earth? Yes. And the herbal Jannetty on Earth Haylock was the gatherings during which people are celebrating the praise of the Almighty Allah, through reading Quran or learning its meaning or glorifying and praising the Almighty Allah or supplicating or teaching either the word of Allah or the guidance which he has delivered to His Prophet, which is known as the Sunnah. All of that

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is considered zyk and invoking Allah Almighty. Below that you will achieve the two ends of the day morning and evening. Then he says, Well, today our men our fellow caliber who has a Karina whatever Hawa who, again, who for those makin chieftains in Mecca, and those who never clean in Medina after Hydra, their hearts have become negligent and they have become negligent because Allah did not invite them for guidance. The guidance is from Allah and He grants it to ever he wills in Nicoletta demon bapta wala kin Allah Yeah, de mania Chateau Wahoo, lemon winmore Teddy. So if this is the case, forget about those guys. Rub them

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lose them. Because there is nothing good that will come out of from it Deborah Hawa, they follow the wounds while caring for Otto and such person. His affairs his deeds are a loss. Paul had known a bucum bill of serene mana Alladhina Walesa you on Finn hieratic? Dunya we're home Yes sir. Guna unknown Yossi Munna Sona. They use the thing that they're doing great, while in reality, they are the greatest losers. May the Almighty Allah protect us again is that so what do we learn from that? Hang around the good people hang around the good company. Whenever there is a healthcare whenever there is a sacred whenever there is still very tender praise of Allah properly. Take your share, sit

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tight, surround yourself with the good people in normal Sheffy may Allah have mercy on him said is that Firo means better Salah he'd try to have good companions as much as you can. Good friends. Why? Because those good can pay

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Indians on the Day of Judgment, whenever any form makes it to heaven, he will remember and mess those who used to sit with them in the halka in the gathering, and he will say, Oh Allah, what happened to so and so I don't see him here. Where is he? Well, he's in a lower grade, maybe what unfortunately, he didn't make it. So this person will intercede for those who didn't make it, or in a lesser grade to be upgraded, so that they will be together in Jannah. As they were together in doing what is good in the dunya is tax zero means better solid. The first Hadith in the chapter is a long Hadith. I want to hear from you if you're willing to bear with me, and sit tight, and be

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patient because it's a long Hadith. And based on your recommendation since we started this program 12 years ago, and when I asked you, would you like to learn the Arabic text as well? And the vast majority of the audience said, Yes, we like to hear the Arabic text of the Hadith. So sometimes we'll come across Lindsey ahaadeeth, this is one of them. So sit tight, and listen to the Arabic text, then in sha Allah to the English meaning, then the short and hopefully we'll have time in this episode to cover all of that. This is a sound Hadith, Hadith number 14 147.

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And it's sellin Hadith agreed upon its authenticity. So, we have two different durations. Maybe you can take just one for the sake of time, as I said, because it's a lengthy Hadith and Ebihara irata Radi Allahu Anhu in Hadith number 14 147, Col. Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in an ally to Allah mela Eternia to foreigners your total PL Tammy sunnah Ella zyk for either wotja Do ko many of Quran Allah azza wa jal Latin Edo Hello mo ILAHA tickle via phone at home we urgently had in a summer it dunya

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first Alohomora boom Wahoo alum

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Maria Kulu a baddie.

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Kala ko Luna you said before NACA why you kept below NACA. Well, yeah. Madona aka where you met do do NACA Fairhall Hara oni Fairhall Luna la wala Hemara

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Fairhall que Fela or Avnei

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kala Kowloon la hora Alka can we share the locker event data? What I shared the like atom G then we're Xsara look at SB

00:22:55 --> 00:22:58

for pool for murder yes alone.

00:22:59 --> 00:23:05

Paula who noon yes Aluna Cal Jana. Called a cool

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whoo ha ha.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:12

Jaco Luna hola hola. Here Rob. Bhima I

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your Hulu fuck a fella

00:23:23 --> 00:23:23


00:23:24 --> 00:23:29

fo Luna Hello Anna hombre haha can we shut Dahlia hellsten.

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WaterShed telehealth 11

00:23:35 --> 00:23:37

What are the MFI how Roberton

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color for me met I was

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Yahoo Luna yet I was on Amina now.

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Fall fair Kulu Hora

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con fo Luna coluna level lahi mera Hua fer Kulu cave Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Hakuna Allah Allah can we shed them in half era

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or a shed della Maha fatten.

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CallFire, Cordova oshi to come and near Cordova for Tula.

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Kala Kuru

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Melaka Mina mela Iike

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fee him for LAN. Lay some in home in America alhaja

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Karla Homolka Julissa, hola Yashka be him jelly Su

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Mei this peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, Salah Allah Allah yourself

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this hadith mighty view

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without exaggeration, is the dearest Hadith to my heart.

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Again, this hadith is the deepest Hadith to my heart.

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I mean, it takes me to another world. And I get really emotional. When I read this hadith. It's so beautiful. The Prophet sallallahu Ohanian said lemma says

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that Allah Almighty created some angels

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their job is to travel across the globe, across Earth.

00:25:42 --> 00:25:46

Seeking one thing, looking for one thing,

00:25:48 --> 00:26:03

looking for people who are sitting to remember Allah for gatherings, during which people celebrate the peace of Allah LTM is sunnah allopathic and once they find some tannadice,

00:26:04 --> 00:26:29

so those troops or groups of angels are traveling here and there and once they locate a group of Muslims sitting to celebrate the praise of Allah, then immediately they call on one another, they call the rest of the angels and they said hello Moya Hagerty come we found them we found them. Those are the people whom you're looking for.

00:26:30 --> 00:27:00

Fair who for whom be as near hottie him in a summer it dunya so they will surround them and spread the wings on top of each other. They fill the space between them, and the Wardley sky. That space will be fully covered by the angels spreading the wings yoga owner as new Hattah Humla, homeriver and B mass now out of pleasure of what they do, Allahu Akbar

00:27:03 --> 00:27:23

first l humara. Boomer who alum and when that happens, the Lord the Almighty, Allah will ask them will ask the angels who are now surrounding the * out of the deck on top of each other spreading their wings until the only heaven Allah will ask them and he knows best.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:36

What are they saying? What are those people talking about? So they say they are glorifying You magnifying you, praising you, exalting you,

00:27:37 --> 00:28:07

Allah Almighty will say and he knows best Farah oni Have you ever seen me? The angels will answer in the negative love Allah Hemara. Oka. They've never seen you. Then the Almighty Allah will say if this is the case. There are glorifying prayers in magnifying and exalting me even though they haven't seen me What if they have seen me? Can you for lower Elmi?

00:28:08 --> 00:28:29

The angels will say, Well, Laura Oka caribou Asha de la Kariba. Dutton. Most definitely have they seen you, they would have been more engaged in a burger than ever, they will double and triple their effort if they're doing so, even though they haven't seen you.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:47

What if they have laid their eyes, on your nor on your countenance? The most definitely they would not waste a minute they will be more active in worship than before. Then the Almighty Allah will ask them

00:28:49 --> 00:28:50

for Medeus alone.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:22

And what do they need? What are they asking for? After praising, magnifying, glorifying and exalting me? What are they asking for? So the angels will say you will report what they heard and what they saw in the healthcare. They're asking you for Jana. They want to enter a Jana to enter Paradise, the Almighty Allah will as the angels and he knows best. What How long

00:29:24 --> 00:29:43

have they seen it? I mean, you can ask for something and you desire something which you have seen. The angels would answer in the negative? No, they haven't. So Allah Almighty will say and what they have seen it, what if they have seen it? So the angels will say

00:29:44 --> 00:29:48

they would even be more keen to interact,

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

worthy to see it. They will be more intensely eager for it. They will double and triple the DUA to enter it. So Allah Allah

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

Mighty will say

00:30:03 --> 00:30:05

for me mayor to her word rune.

00:30:07 --> 00:31:04

So two things, the ask for agenda and the seek refuge with Allah against a narc. Femi Mehta was one. What are they seeking refuge and protection against? The angels will say, when we heard them seeking protection with you against hellfire, the Almighty Allah will say, and have the scene it will He created us. And he knows that we have neither saw the Almighty Allah, nor Elgin, nor and not know the angels who are surrounding us right now. But those questions and this dialogue in order to transmit it to us so we know what is happening, or otherwise, Allah, the Almighty Allah was several Alpha Yalung mattock, for pseudo he knows what is hidden in the chest. But those questions so that

00:31:04 --> 00:31:12

we know what is going on. Allah will ask the angels, they are seeking refuge with me against hellfire. Have you seen it?

00:31:14 --> 00:31:39

The answer will be in the negative. The angels will say, No, of course not. They haven't seen Hellfire yet. So the Almighty Allah will ask again. For K for lower Aha. What will be their condition? If they have seen hellfire? The angels will say most definitely, they will be more eager to run away from it and seek refuge and protection in you. Again, is that

00:31:42 --> 00:31:43

the conclusion?

00:31:44 --> 00:32:03

The Almighty Allah will say for oshi LUCAM Annie Cordova $40 home so my angels bear witness that I have forgiven them. The word I have forgiven them is an absolute, I forgiven them all the sense

00:32:05 --> 00:32:07

for koulamallah criminal mela Iike.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:24

So one of those angels will say, Oh Allah. But the fact of the matter is that there was one person attending the meeting. He never intended to attend it.

00:32:25 --> 00:33:18

He just simply happened to be there. Somebody invited him. He had an appointment or somebody to give him something to take something from him. So he said, let's meet in the machine. Let's meet in the healthcare. So he showed up. He never intended to come and attend in order to seek your pleasure or to seek Your protection against hellfire. He just happened to be there. He's not one of them. The angels say for him fallen less I mean home in America and he had so the Almighty Allah will reply, saying Holman Julissa will hire Scobie him jelly. So such company, everyone and anyone who's sitting with them, as long as he's associated with them will never be unfortunate, just simply for hanging

00:33:18 --> 00:33:21

around the good people. You will be fortunate.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:48

You will receive the pleasure of Allah, even if you're not doing anything, for just hanging around and sitting with the good people with the good company. Now we know brothers and sisters, why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mammon comin here's the Sunnah match this and lairs Quran Allah fie in Cana, Allah him yo Malkia Mati Tara,

00:33:49 --> 00:34:45

if any people, even Muslims, have any meeting, business meeting, a class studying science, math, English, Spanish, accounting, pharmacology, if this gathering was void from the remembrance of Allah, on the Day of Judgment, it will be a cause of regret the digger together and they sat for an hour or two or more or less, and they never celebrated the praise of Allah. In this gathering, what a loss. There is another narration says, even if the entire agenda so when they enter agenda, they will say, Oh my god, I could have done better. I could have risen myself to a higher category in agenda. I wasted that by wasting some time, not celebrating the praise of Allah fell Hamdulillah I

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

feel all our Ohara Alhamdulillah for high for having such Lord, who is most Merciful Alhamdulillah for learning this guidance from Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and for being rightly guided and we ask

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

In the Almighty Allah to keep us steadfast on his straight path and rightly guided me, it's time to take a short break. And meanwhile, ponder over the meaning of this fascinating Hadith. We'll be back in sha Allah in a couple of minutes please stay tuned

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back our phone numbers Area code 002 Then 0238, treble 5131 and Area code 002, then zero and double 05469323 and the WhatsApp numbers Area code 00134780600 to five and finally a code 0013614891503 The hadith which we just discussed, my favorite Hadith, which I love most has also another narration collected by Imam Muslim with a slight difference but these slight differences is very important for us to learn so that we have a full picture of the Hadith and its entire meaning in sha Allah we'll discuss it briefly after this call a Salah Monaco

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filbur from India salaam aleikum

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Wa alaykum wa salam O Allah.

00:36:48 --> 00:36:50

I just had one question for today.

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Hello, I'm listening.

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yes, basically, our family for the most part, you could say or myself only the trip, we have sort of a group of three of whom we think are very knowledgeable and you know, trustworthy and so on, so forth. And we ask them any masala that we have. And if there is a difference of opinion, we try to you know, stay with choose between the opinions of them only so that we are not introducing any, like any other person from outside, we keep it to the rope basically.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:02

Now, the thing is, this might sound a little awkward, but I really have to ask you this. I've heard about a couple of scholars from authentic sources. Certain you know, you could say not so nice things, but I personally and my whole family you could say trust them and we think that they are knowledgeable so I wanted to get your opinion about them if you have any knowledge about their Institute and they're working and

00:38:04 --> 00:38:14

it was you I would request you not to declare names in public you can ask this question in private or after the program or in the control you can leave the names of the Institute

00:38:16 --> 00:38:24

and the shoot so I should I ask around 15 minutes after the show, after the show. Insha Allah not during the show.

00:38:25 --> 00:38:26

Baraka love you.

00:38:29 --> 00:38:30

I want to share something

00:38:32 --> 00:38:36

with you. It's very important, but after we take this call as well, salaam alaikum.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:59

Hanif from Bangladesh, Salam Alikum. As salam o alaikum. Yah, Hanif, welcome to the program Alaikum, salaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Anand wa sallam, how are you doing? How are you doing? My beloved? Shaykh Saalih and hamdulillah thank you for asking a few Honey, if and how are you? And how is your

00:39:01 --> 00:39:35

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah? I'm calling all the way from Bangladesh. I have a I have a very important question regarding a neighbor of mine. I have a neighbor named him Talukdar, who is a very generous person who prays five times a day but but but but the problem is he is in bad terms with his neighbor. Now my question is, will it be simple as he is in bad terms with his neighbor considering the fact that he prays five times a day?

00:39:36 --> 00:39:42

This isn't a question. Well, I figured that you're asking about a neighbor, correct?

00:39:43 --> 00:39:47

Yeah. And you said that he prays five times a day then what?

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

You Yeah, yeah, but he is in bad terms with his niver Oh, he is bad to his neighbors. What will it be? Will it be simple as he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

In bad times, considering the fact that he prays five times a day. Okay, thank you,

00:40:06 --> 00:40:44

Brother honey from Bangladesh. Well, as a matter of fact, when it comes to the acts of worship between you and your Lord, if you're good in that it should reflect on your relationship with people. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, in the hadith of Maha diminisher well, and I will refer at it tequila High School Makonde at VSAe at that has an athame who have a harlequin study hall, Lachlan Hassan, so he commanded PSP upon him all Muslims to be well mannered in the relationship with people. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:40:46 --> 00:41:39

was told about a woman who observes fasting very oftenly and much prayer. But exactly as you just stayed in bad terms with her neighbors, she was very annoying to her neighbors, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said she would be in *. Why? Because if the acts of worship without the prayers or fasting, did not improve her manners in She doesn't deserve to enter paradise. What matters is besides your relationship with Allah, how do you deal with people and this is a divine command in the Quran. Where allah how Allah to Shrek will be a shade will work today in Santa will be the core bear with the aterna on Misaki annual Jerry the Corbera Well, Jerry in June will be your Sahibi

00:41:39 --> 00:42:29

bill, Jim, the three different types of neighbors, whether he's just a neighbor, or a neighbor, and a Muslim or a neighbor and Muslim and a family member. So all of them do have rights upon you, as a neighbor, when Abdullah if not Omar cooktop, cooked food, and he sent his servant to deliver son to the Jewish neighbor in the Muslim state. So the servant said, but he's a Jew. You know, he said, So, I have heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him saying that Gibreel Angel do bring peace be upon him, commanded me to be kind to the neighbor. So many times very often lead to the extent that I thought he's gonna be one of the ears, he will get to inherit from me. After I die, May Allah

00:42:29 --> 00:43:25

guide us toward his best sister tuber from India talking about other scholars. No one is free from sins, after Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has died, whether the Sahaba what are the aroma that appear in the predecessors, no matter how riotous a person is, or maybe, but every human being could have any other Nahata we make mistakes and errors, some make mistakes, the respect of committing sins minor even measure and some make mistakes in knowledge due to sue will miss interpreting, even though he's on him. So I want to share with you a very interesting story quickly. You know, I'll Kasai was a great scholar, and he was during the era of her own Rashid, the OMA yes philosopher. And

00:43:25 --> 00:43:53

he was made very near and he was brought near to her own Rashid, the Khalifa, to the extent that he used to lead the prayer in his palace. So once while he was leading the prayer, and the Khalifa is praying behind them, he's a great candidate knows the different dialects of the Quran. He says, while I was leaving the prayer, leading the prayer, I kind of like my re citation.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:34

You know how you sometimes admire yourself? I guess I'm recited beautifully. I'm sure people would like it. So he says, while I was so happy with my performance with my dissertation in the prayer, I came to an idea where it says La La whom Yoji Rouen and then I said la la me Oh Jean, there is no Arabic word Cooley of jurien. And this is not a mistake a Pakistani kid will memorize the Quran made today, or a kid from Mecca or Medina or Egypt. This is after say, he made this huge error.

00:44:35 --> 00:44:36

And who's attending

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

the Khalifa, the ministers, the deputies, the big shots. So after the prayer, Harun Rashid used to pay a great deal of respect for a such a great scholar. He didn't even dare to say that you made a mistake. So he asked him in the city said you gotta say, Is this a different

00:45:00 --> 00:45:05

dialect is this how it is recited in a different dialect different karate.

00:45:06 --> 00:45:47

So okay say, put his face down he said no your Amira meaning definitely there is no such word. But equally the word in kubwa every horse sometimes gets doubled. So I made a mistake, sir, let me slide. He said Mr. hodda. phenom, when it comes to making a mistake here, right, I will let you slide. But there is no such word. Sometimes the person, the day, the scholar, the preacher, may assume himself or his Hawa, his way or desire or the people around him, may make him seem or think that he is genius.

00:45:48 --> 00:46:02

He's unprecedented. I have 10 million followers, all those people trust me, all those people listen to me look at the commence. So it drives people crazy, even their own map.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:36

And you find one, or two or more, they come up with some weed ideas. Some of us maybe approach by some intelligences, FBI, CIA, mi five, Nam, I'm saying it in public on air, why we want you to make this statement or that statement or you know, that we want people to, you know, understand what Islam is correctly and you will be the best person to do it. Never listen to such people.

00:46:37 --> 00:46:56

They will make a mockery out of you. They ask you to make a statement about homosexuality, about arbitrary about gambling, about whatever. You made the statement of Allah as is, but people will be upset with you. I don't care the least.

00:46:58 --> 00:47:52

I don't care the least. This is I which was studied in the beginning. Well, I thought I meant elfin carbon was the cleaner, whatever I wear, who again, I'm rooting for alta. Okay. So if you're a if you're a scholar, you're in your ultimate goal should be seeking what hat who his countenance that said, if this is the case, we also still, you know, slip, make mistakes and errors, we get to forgive one another, and our role as do our scholars and preachers to approach each other and say, bro, share so and so. I heard you making the statement. And now I don't have to be attending your lecture. It's all on the YouTube. It's all over the social media. But habibi. You know, you and I

00:47:52 --> 00:48:05

studied otherwise. OSHA. I'm sorry, I don't know how we I did how I did that. I don't know how that word came out of my mouth. Okay. Sara Marie from brothers and sisters. The other day I made a mistake. And I correct myself.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:20

When somebody comes out nowadays and say, Well, according to the investigations, and the studies, do orientalist, the Quran may not be the word of Allah, brother, you made a mistake.

00:48:21 --> 00:48:43

And it's a fatal mistake. So do you please come out in public and correct it? Well, this is my view, then * with you. I'm going to come out in public and say, This guy has said the word of disbelief to warn people against listening to him. So you see the difference? You see the difference between somebody who made a mistake needs a correction and a reminder.

00:48:44 --> 00:48:50

Allah corrected his prophets Allah who it is seldom in the Quran you see that? Either. So what?

00:48:53 --> 00:49:23

And the difference between this and somebody who is so arrogant, he looks at the number of the followers and he's not listening to anyone he thinks is unprecedented. So he starts coming up with some odd views on ideas. Well, we'll have to say be careful of this institute. Be careful of this academy, because it is spreading corrupt belief. May Allah guide us to a dismissed Santa Monica.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:26

Fifth from Italy.

00:49:28 --> 00:49:30

Solomonic come check

00:49:32 --> 00:49:33

Hola Hola, Catherine.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:35

How are you shake?

00:49:36 --> 00:49:37

Go ahead.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:57

Yes, shake. I have two questions and how can we use the black seeds as a cure for diseases and then the other one? Is it okay for a Muslim to drink coffee from from a coffee shop with that serves wine

00:50:02 --> 00:50:43

Thank you from Italy, wood with regards to the black seeds, it can be utilized through taking the oil the extract, okay, and the cold squeeze of the seeds, the oil that comes out of that I think I posted a video where I was making the purse, the cold press of the black seeds so the oil is very useful also by adding the seeds to the bakery, the bread so you eat it along with the food or adding it to other condiments and eating it with olive oil. All of that is very healthy.

00:50:45 --> 00:51:35

Going into a coffee shop which serves alcohol. I mean if I am in a country where there is the halal and there is a mixed halal and haram, my choice is right away the halal when I have the choice. When I'm somewhere I'm traveling and I am stuck. Okay, even the pizza shops, they have alcohol, they have pepperoni they have pork, so I will take the vegetarian pizza from that same shop from that same restaurant. Is it Hello, it's Helen. I'm in America. I'm in the UK. I'm in Sweden. So all the shops are like that. So I pick up my halal product. And that's it. Before we wrap it up the difference between this hadith which we have and the previous narration is number one here, Abu Hurayrah

00:51:35 --> 00:51:54

narrated that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in many many mela Aykut and sejahtera football and yet W rune and he says yet attempt by Runa Majelis zyk so Allah have some angels who are traveling in squads and groups.

00:51:55 --> 00:52:20

Football and means they have no other job. Then just traveling seeking the gatherings and the assemblies where people are celebrating the peace of Allah. So once they find one that Guru, magician fee the Quran, CA do now once you find a gathering or an assembly in which people are celebrating the praise of Allah, they hang on they sit with them,

00:52:21 --> 00:52:26

they start building up on top of each other spreading their wings

00:52:27 --> 00:52:37

until they climb on top of each other filling the space between the Earth between this halka and the gathering and the first sky or the holy heaven.

00:52:38 --> 00:52:47

And then when the assembly is dismissed and concluded the send the macros to Asana are Raju asado, Illa sama.

00:52:48 --> 00:53:38

Then the Almighty Allah will ask them the same questions same format which was studied in the previous narration which is agreed upon its authenticity while the end when Allah says to them by the VA for Tula home we're out to Mercer Liu to whom Mr. Darrow and that's another edition Yanni bear witness My angels I have forgiven them the sense I have granted them whatever they asked for and I have granted them protection against what they sought protection against switches a nod or Hellfire call so one of the angels will say Rob beefy him for LAN on AvoDerm haka on in Nana ma Rafa jealous and now but so and so he's a sinner. He was passing by not intending to attend but he just

00:53:38 --> 00:54:29

happened to attend with them. They are Paulo Allahu Allahu wa fourth will como la yesh kabhi him jelly Sumo, and indeed I have forgiven him to his sins. Such gathering anyone who would be with them should not be unfortunate. The other narration is as amazing as well. So I recommend that we study the two relations as well. The one which is agreed upon between Bukhari and Muslim and the one which is narrated only by a Muslim before we wrap it up brothers and sisters now we learned that those who say I worship Allah only because I love him. I'm not interested in inter in his Jana nor am I afraid of his hellfire. That's a plain lie. And this is totally on Islamic. Look what makes Allah happy.

00:54:29 --> 00:54:59

Why are sitting guys here? Why are we sitting? The angels will answer Allah will celebrate in your Prayers Glorifying praise in thanking you and exalting you. And what are they asking for? They're asking you to enter Jana, Jana. Okay, and what are they seeking refuge against? They're seeking protection with you against Allah. So Allah Almighty is pleased with them because of that, and he says, I'll tell you tomorrow

00:55:00 --> 00:55:28

So I shall grant them what they asked for and they shall protect him against what they sought protection against stick. Follow and do not innovate it w well accepted you may the Almighty Allah make us among as Corinne Allah Catherine was accurate. Who have I stopped for like the Walla wa salam ala ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam wa salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah.

00:55:30 --> 00:56:00

To be and give his best religion to Allah, Allah God is the greatest, the one and only glory to Him, only used to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about and in paradise, worshipping comes first fire and stones sending letters to the cheapest

00:56:01 --> 00:56:12

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys are shipping cause fire and stores selling their best were the cheapest

00:56:16 --> 00:56:17


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