SubhanAllah! Thousands attend ‘s Friday Prayers in Ghana! – Unplugged

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people trying to greet boss boss boss boss boss and convince him to stop drinking alcohol. They express their hope that boss boss will allow them to fine tune their businesses and not cause harm. The group is excited and excited to create a stampede in the area.
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yeah let's get green for July insha Allah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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what's a beautiful place mashallah, this must be the most beautiful machine gun

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no blessings in our families, we have no blessings in our sustenance, no blessings in our clothing, in our homes, in our businesses, because we need to fine tune the relationship with our maker.

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Find unit 10 back to him. Promise Allah to quit the sin and see the blessings that Allah Almighty will grant you

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my brothers, my sisters if we continue to involve in sin, there comes a time when if we were to call out to Allah and ask him something he will not give us

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we don't have shoes my shoes are somewhere in the masjid. I'm sure they'll bring it back. We had quite a bit of a stampede on the way out from the masjid with 1000s of people trying to greet and Malay Kusama Allah, how are you?

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1000s of people trying to greet but we couldn't really create because it was really difficult.

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It's humanly impossible but the excitement of the people's lives. The excitement of the people is such that

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we just have to keep going Mashallah.

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Sit here for a bit